#Inbound18 Alexa for Business: The Next UI for Work Apps

Wednesday, September 5, 2018
Jenni Stablein

Voice is rapidly becoming the next user interface.

For HubSpot’s INBOUND 2018, Sam Eniojukan, Partner Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services, discusses Alexa For Business as an intelligent assistant that will help make work better. 

Besides dimming the lights, setting reminders, and playing your favorite album, voice recognition and AI offers a lot of exciting ideas about the future. Alexa For Business markets the device with words like “empower” and “simplify”, to demonstrate how helpful voice can be in the workplace. 

But can Alexa actually become something useful at work? Will it uberize our workspaces? 

And what about the security risk at play with voice technology AI? 

Alexa For Business addresses the issue of security and offers both public and private skills, to help keep your corporate data private.  

And for a glimpse into the future, below is Amazon's voice enablement for work (in action):

According to Eniojukan’s vision, Alexa For Business will be so synced into daily office tasks that you will be using her even in the photocopy room where you’ll be able to say things like, “hey, you’re out of paper" and Alexa may actually do something about it. 

This type of device perhaps most appeals to places like WeWork, to help an independent crew of WeWorkers navigate the vast co-working space and office amenities. 

Alexa already functions with popular work apps like:

Google’s G Suite


Plus, some CRMs with Alexa integrations include:






Microsoft Dynamics (Microsoft CRM)

Microsoft Exchange

Alexa for voice and conference meeting apps:

Skype for Business