10 Best Insurance CRM Software in 2024

Last Updated:Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Quick Summary

The right insurance CRM can make or break your ability to manage client relationships, optimize sales processes, and cut through administrative chaos. Find out which CRM systems stand out for the insurance industry and why, ensuring your agency's choice leads to real growth and client satisfaction.

In the high-stakes, high-competition insurance world, client trust is your currency, and timing is everything. And there is only one tool that can help you thrive - the best insurance agent CRM.

But, navigating the market and finding the best tool can be tricky. Just like many insurance agencies out there, there are CRM vendors that promise a lot and deliver little.

The right CRM isn't merely about organizing client data or automating tasks—it's about forging deeper connections, personalizing every interaction, and ensuring no client feels overlooked or undervalued.

So, we narrowed down the choices for you and wrote this guide to help you find the insurance agent CRM for your needs!

Best CRM Software for Insurance Agents:

  • HubSpot CRM – Best Insurance CRM Software Overall
  • Pipedrive – Best CRM for Simplifying Sales
  • Insureio – Specialized CRM Insurance Software for Agencies
  • Zoho CRM – Top Pick for Customization and Scalability
  • Zendesk Sell – Excellent Insurance CRM for Active Sales Engagement
  • NexJ – Best CRM for Financial Professionals
  • AgencyBloc – CRM Insurance Agencies Use for Streamlining Operations
  • AgentCubed – Best Insurance CRM for Lead Management
  • Radius – Great Insurance Agent CRM for Marketing Automation
  • Salesforce – Best for Large Agencies and Enterprises

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What is CRM Insurance Software?

CRM insurance software is a specialized tool designed to enhance customer relationship management in the insurance sector. This software integrates client data management, policy handling, lead tracking, and personalized communication strategies into a single platform. 

With CRM software for insurance agents, businesses can organize prospects, track opportunities, and automate activities. By doing so, insurance agents and agencies can provide tailored customer interactions, fostering stronger relationships and driving business growth. 


Why Insurance Agents Must Adopt CRM?

How many times have you experienced any of the following:

  • Regret after realizing a crucial follow-up slipped through the cracks?

  • Frustration after being unable to find all the client information you need?

  • The burden of doing repetitive administrative tasks?

These aren't just minor nuisances; they're significant barriers that can lead to lost clients. After all, in the insurance industry, the competition is fierce, and you need to work hard to earn the trust of your clients.

Imagine if you had a tool where all your customer data is neatly organized, no follow-up is ever missed, and administrative tasks are brought to a minimum… That’s what CRM software can do for you. 

A CRM for insurance agents is like having a secret strategy against your competition. It digs into what your customers like, how they behave, and what grabs their attention

This goldmine of info means you can tweak your game to make each client feel like you’ve got them figured out. And when clients feel special, they're not just happy; they tell their friends about you.

In this sea of businesses where everyone’s trying to shout the loudest, it’s the little things that make you stand out. Excellent customer relationship management allows you to craft experiences that make your clients feel like VIPs. That’s how you leave your competition eating your dust.


Best Insurance CRM: We Review 10 Insurance Agent CRM Features & Pricing

Now, we get to the sweet part! We've tested and reviewed dozens of CRMs and narrowed the list down to 10 top insurance agent CRMs. We made sure to assess their features, usability, and how they cater to the unique needs of the insurance industry. 

Our goal is to provide you with clear insights and recommendations to help you choose the CRM that best fits your agency's needs, enhancing client management, sales efficiency, and overall business growth.


1. HubSpot CRM (Best Insurance CRM Software Overall)

HubSpot CRM review

Why we chose it:

HubSpot emerges as our prime choice for CRM for insurance agents, especially for those navigating the intricacies of client management and sales in the digital age. We believe that the comprehensive suite of features and unparalleled user-friendliness place HubSpot at the forefront of CRM solutions tailored to the evolving insurance sector needs.

Why HubSpot CRM Stands Out:

  • Advanced features: Offers comprehensive tools for lead generation, deal management, and workflow automation, all while being user-friendly.

  • Integrated communication: Merges email, social media, and phone interactions in one platform for complete interaction tracking.

  • Comprehensive contact management: Makes it easy to track client details, history, and preferences, supporting personalized interactions.

  • Additional highlights: Includes customizable reporting, dashboards, and over 1000 app integrations for greater flexibility.


  • Generous free forever plan

  • Scalable & designed for businesses of all sizes

  • Excellent customer support

  • Superb customization includes custom fields, tailored dashboards, etc.


  • The sheer breadth of features means a learning curve.

  • Paid plans are very pricey.


  • Free forever plan available

  • Starter plan: $15/month, billed annually.

  • Professional plan: $1,080/month, billed annually.

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2. Pipedrive (Best CRM for Simplifying Sales)

Pipedrive CRM review

If you’re looking for a CRM that is simple to use yet has powerful features, Pipedrive is the way to go. This tool will masterfully streamline lead capture and deal management, making it easier to turn prospects into customers.

We just love the simplicity in design that ensures your focus stays on closing deals and nurturing client relationships, not wrestling with software complexities.

Why Pipedrive Stands Out:

  • Lead capture: The LeadBooster feature allows for efficient lead capture via web forms, live chat, and chatbots, directly feeding into your sales pipeline.

  • Seamless contact management: Offers detailed profiles with custom fields and an activity feed, making every client interaction informative and actionable.

  • Deal management: Its Kanban view visualizes your sales funnel, enhanced with custom filters and fields.

  • Sales assistant: Leverages AI for sales insights, offering personalized tips and follow-up reminders to advance deals in the pipeline.

  • Workflow automation: Streamlines operations with triggered events for actions like deal assignment, task creation, and email automation, simplifying repetitive tasks.


  • User-friendly interface for ease of use

  • Effective contact storage and organization

  • Customizable to fit specific insurance sales processes

  • Sales Inbox for integrated email management


  • Advanced features like LeadBooster incur additional costs

  • Limited to basic communication channels (email and phone)

  • Task management could be cumbersome for larger teams


  • Essential: $14.90/user/month, billed annually

  • Advanced: $27.90/user/month, billed annually

  • Professional: $49.90/user/month, billed annually

  • Power: $64.90/user/month, billed annually

  • Enterprise: $99/user/month, billed annually

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3. Insureio (Specialized CRM Insurance Software for Agencies)

Insureio CRM Insurance

Image Source: LinkedIn

Insureio is ideal for insurance agencies looking for a CRM that helps manage client relationships and streamlines agency operations, from marketing campaigns to policy management. It's designed from the ground up to address the unique challenges insurance agents and agencies face.

The industry-specific focus ensures that every feature is designed with the needs of insurance professionals in mind, providing a cohesive and efficient marketing and operational efficiency platform.

Why Insureio Stands Out:

  • Specialized for insurance: Insureio is explicitly built for the insurance industry, offering tools that cater directly to insurance agents' needs.

  • Policy management: Streamlines the entire policy lifecycle with electronic delivery options, from application to issuance.

  • Marketing tools: Marketing automation tools include customizable email campaigns to keep your agency in front of clients and prospects.

  • Agent recruiting and management: Offers unique tools for recruiting agents, managing hierarchies, and assigning agent brands, making it easier to scale your agency.

  • Lead routing: Enhances lead distribution efficiency, ensuring prospects are matched with the most suitable agents.


  • A comprehensive set of features covering marketing, sales, and policy management

  • Simplifies complex agency management tasks

  • Robust automations for the customer journey

  • Insurance application fulfillment features

  • Deep analytics and real-time reporting


  • It may require a learning curve to leverage all its features thoroughly.

  • Integration capabilities could be limited, affecting workflow with non-native tools.


  • Basic: $25/month

  • Marketing: $50/month

  • Agency Management: $50/month

  • Marketing & Agency Management: $75/month

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4. Zoho CRM (Top Pick for Customization and Scalability)

Zoho CRM dashboard showing accounts overview

Zoho CRM delivers a highly scalable CRM solution for insurance agents, offering unparalleled dashboard and report customization flexibility. This CRM focuses on in-depth analytics, efficient lead management, and innovative AI support to streamline operations and enhance client relationships.

As your agency grows, Zoho CRM adapts, supporting everything from lead management to complex analytics without missing a beat. This makes it ideal for insurance agents looking for a CRM that can evolve with their business.

Why Zoho CRM Stands Out:

  • Fully customizable home screen: Tailor your dashboard with vital stats like open tasks, upcoming meetings, and deal statuses for a personalized overview upon login.

  • Robust lead management: From capturing new leads via web forms to automatic lead assignment, Zoho streamlines lead management.

  • Advanced analytics & dashboard: Craft customized dashboards to visualize sales trends and activities, enabling data-driven decisions with visually appealing reports.

  • Zia, the AI assistant: Offers predictive sales insights, workflow automation suggestions, and next-best-action recommendations to enhance sales strategies.


  • High customization level for dashboards and reports 

  • Robust analytics for deep business insights 

  • Comprehensive reporting tools 

  • Predictive insights and automation with Zia AI


  • Lower plans lack advanced features

  • Zia AI requires a significant amount of data

  • The initial setup can be complex


  • Standard: $14/user/month, billed annually

  • Professional: $23/user/month, billed annually

  • Enterprise: $40/user/month, billed annually

  • Ultimate: $52/user/month, billed annually

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5. Zendesk Sell (Excellent Insurance CRM for Active Sales Engagement)

Zendesk Sell as Insurance CRM

Zendesk Sell provides a rich suite of tools designed to enhance sales processes, from lead capture to closing deals, and is backed by data-driven insights. It makes talking to leads and clients smooth with built-in calls and emails. It's all about keeping agents selling actively and effectively.

Why Zendesk Sell Stands Out:

  • Prospecting tool: A standout feature for identifying and importing potential leads based on specific criteria.

  • Smart lists: Offers real-time, dynamic lists for targeted follow-ups and engagement analysis.

  • Detailed contact management: Insights into each contact with communication history, deal info, and activity feed.

  • Task management: Direct link from tasks to detailed lead information, facilitating immediate action.

  • Robust reporting: Insights into pipeline bottlenecks and stage-specific performance, aiding strategy refinement.


  • Communication tools include messaging, social media, and call center features

  • Insurance agents making phone calls get script suggestions

  • Email marketing automation tools to help lead generation

  • Track sales goals and individual salesperson performance 

  • Sales automation tools


  • The learning curve for full feature utilization

  • Some advanced functionalities may add to the cost


  • Team: $19/user/month, billed annually
  • Growth: $55/user/month, billed annually
  • Professional: $115/user/month, billed annually

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6. NexJ (Best CRM for Financial Professionals)

nexj financial advisor crm insuranceNexJ offers specialized CRM capabilities for financial and insurance professionals, prioritizing client relationships and operational efficiency. Its advanced features, however, may require a period of acclimatization.

NexJ shines for its deep financial industry insight, especially for insurance agents. Its "Customer-Centric View" dashboard aggregates client data, policy details, and interaction histories, ensuring agents quickly access essential information. 

Why NexJ Stands Out:

  • Customer-centric dashboard: Centralizes all client data for easy access.

  • Intelligent customer segmentation: Utilizes AI for precise marketing and policy guidance.

  • Comprehensive communication: Ensures seamless interaction across all channels.

  • Efficiency tools: Streamlines policy management with specialized insurance features.

  • Integration ease: Simplifies call center operations with direct integration.


  • Tailored CRM for complex financial and insurance needs

  • Advanced AI for client segmentation

  • Integrates well with back-office systems

  • Offers Customer Success Managers for continuous assistance.


  • There is a learning curve for new users

  • Integration limits with some platforms


  • Pricing is available upon request only. 

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7. AgencyBloc (CRM Insurance Agencies Use for Streamlining Operations)

AgencyBloc CRM Insurance

AgencyBloc is a specialized CRM  for insurance brokers and agents. It addresses the specific challenges faced by insurance professionals, offering solutions that streamline operations, enhance client engagement, and drive agency growth. This CRM platform combines policy management, workflow automation, client relationship management, and marketing tools in one platform. 

Why AgencyBloc Stands Out:

  • Industry-specific design: Directly caters to insurance business needs for enhanced efficiency.

  • Policy management: Offers streamlined tracking and management of the policy lifecycle.

  • Workflow automation: Reduces manual tasks with automated email communications and reminders.

  • Client management: Simplifies lead tracking and personalizes client interactions.

  • Analytics and reporting: Delivers insightful performance data for strategic decision-making.

  • Marketing tools: Integrates marketing automation for effective client engagement and retention.


  • Intuitive interface for quick adoption and ease of use

  • Streamlines policy management

  • All client and policy information is accessible in one place

  • Automates key processes, reducing manual workload 

  • Enables setting up personalized notifications


  • Initial setup takes time

  • May be costly for smaller agencies

  • May require onboarding and training


  • Pricing is available upon request only.

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8. AgentCubed (Best Insurance CRM for Lead Management)

AgentCubed used as Insurance CRMImage Source: AgentCubed

AgentCubed is designed exclusively for the insurance industry. This CRM platform excels in streamlining operations, enhancing lead management, and improving customer experience. In addition, this CRM can ensure enhanced lead conversion thanks to lead management features that increase the efficiency of converting leads into policyholders.

AgentCubed provides a comprehensive suite of tools that simplify complex processes and empower agencies to focus on growth and client relationships.

Why AgentCubed Stands Out:

  • Insurance-specific features: From integration with insurance carriers and quote engines to commission tracking, this CRM was built with insurance agents in mind.

  • Integrated lead management: Offers robust lead capture, distribution, and tracking tools that ensure no opportunity slips through the cracks.

  • Efficient policy management: Simplifies the policy lifecycle management, from quote to renewal, enhancing operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

  • Comprehensive contact management: Centralizes contact information, policy details, and interaction history in one accessible location.

  • Automated workflow and task management: Automates routine tasks, reminders, and follow-ups, allowing agents to focus on high-value activities and client engagement.


  • Tailored solution, specifically designed for insurance agencies

  • Helps improve customer retention

  • Streamlines operations with automation and workflow optimization

  • Enhanced lead capturing, tracking, and management 


  • Learning curve for new users

  • Industry-specific focus can be limiting

  • Pricey for small agencies


  • Pricing is available upon request only. 

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9. Radius (Great Insurance Agent CRM for Marketing Automation)

Lead Management feature for Radius Insurance CRMImage Source: Radius

Radius is known for its targeted capabilities in lead management and marketing automation. Designed specifically for insurance agents and agencies, Radius offers a suite of tools that streamline the lead capture process, enhance marketing efforts, and improve overall agency efficiency. 

Its focus on optimizing the sales funnel and automating repetitive tasks makes it a powerful ally for insurance professionals looking to increase productivity and grow their client base.

Why Radius Stands Out:

  • Lead capture and distribution: Offers sophisticated tools for capturing leads from various channels and intelligently distributes them to agents based on customized rules.

  • Marketing automation: Equipped with automation features that allow for the creation and execution of targeted email campaigns, nurturing leads through personalized communication strategies.

  • Sales pipeline management: Provides a clear overview of the sales pipeline, enabling agents to track the progress of leads through different stages, from initial contact to policy issuance.

  • Client relationship management: Centralizes all client contact information, policy details, and interaction history, enabling personalized and timely communication to meet customer needs

  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics: Delivers insightful analytics and custom reports on sales activities, marketing campaign effectiveness, and overall performance metrics.

  • Integration with industry tools: Seamlessly integrates with a range of insurance-specific tools and applications.


  • Specifically for the insurance industry

  • Advanced lead management capabilities

  • Powerful marketing automation tools 

  • Facilitates personalized client interactions 

  • Ensures efficient policy management

  • Enhances operational efficiency with automation


  • Comprehensive functionality means there is a learning curve

  • Broader CRM functionalities are missing


  • Agent: $43/month

  • CSR: $86/month

  • Broker: $190/month

  • Agency: $380/month

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10. Salesforce (Best for Large Agencies and Enterprises)

Salesforce CRM review

Salesforce is a global leader in CRM solutions and it is tailored to meet the needs of various sectors, including insurance. It stands out for its ability to centralize customer contact information, streamline sales activities, and provide detailed insights into customer behavior.

Salesforce is renowned for its scalability and advanced features, which almost no other CRM on this list can beat. However, its complexity and pricing model may pose challenges for small businesses.

Why Salesforce Stands Out:

  • Industry-wide adaptability: Salesforce's platform is highly customizable, making it a suitable CRM for small businesses and large enterprises as well.

  • Comprehensive customer 360 view: It provides a holistic view of each customer, integrating data from sales, service, marketing, and more, enabling personalized interactions and service.

  • Advanced analytics with AI: Salesforce Einstein offers AI-powered insights, forecasting, and automation, enhancing decision-making and productivity.

  • Extensive integration capabilities: Salesforce seamlessly integrates with numerous third-party applications, ensuring flexibility in customizing the system.

  • Robust automation and workflow: Automate routine tasks, from customer follow-ups to complex operational workflows, freeing agents to focus on more strategic activities.


  • Adapts to insurance businesses of all sizes

  • Deep customization options 

  • Extensive app marketplace (AppExchange)

  • Continual updates and incorporation of the latest technologies 


  • Complexity and learning curve

  • More expensive than other CRMs

  • Implementation can be time-consuming


  • Starter plan: $25/user/month

  • Professional plan: $80/user/month

  • Enterprise plan: $165/user/month

  • Unlimited: $330/user/month

  • Unlimited+: $500/user/month

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Bonus Platform: Creatio (Excellent for Workflow & CRM Automation)

Creatio dashboardEven though it is not insurance CRM per se, like most of the tools on our list, Creatio is a standout platform that excels in automating workflows and customer relationship management in a variety of industries.

Creatio shines in creating efficient processes, enabling businesses to tailor complex operations to their unique needs. This tool is designed to adapt seamlessly to the specific needs of insurance professionals, aiming to automate repetitive tasks and facilitate a more personalized approach to customer management.

Why Creatio Stands Out:

  • No-code platform: Employs a visual development environment that enables even non-technical users to create applications and automate workflows without writing code. 

  • Customized solutions: Tailors complex operations to the unique needs of insurance agents, going beyond generic CRM functionalities.

  • Policy and claims automation: Streamlines policy management and claims processing, addressing common inefficiencies in the insurance sector.

  • Dynamic client profiles: Offers a comprehensive view of each client, enhancing service personalization and engagement.

  • Integration capabilities: Seamlessly connects with industry-specific tools, enriching the CRM ecosystem for insurance professionals.


  • Highly adaptable platform that can be customized for different business needs.

  • Automates and streamlines complex processes, saving time and resources.

  • Robust tools for automating the entire lead management process, 

  • Provides tools for deeper, more meaningful customer interactions.


  • The breadth of features means there is a learning curve.

  • Advanced features come with a price


Growth plan: $25/user/month

Enterprise plan: $55/user/month

Unlimited plan: $85/user/month

Additional features: $15/user/month per add-on (sales, marketing, or service platforms)

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Benefits of CRM for Insurance Agents: How Can CRM Help Your Business?

Everything we’ve said so far probably sounds great. But what can a CRM do for you? Can it improve your earnings, or is it just another investment in vain? We have some facts that will help you make up your mind.

Increase Your Sales by 45%

According to Salesmate, having the right CRM could mean increasing your sales team's productivity by 55%. Think about that—that’s more than half your time to focus on what matters. And labor costs? They could go down by 60%. That’s a lot of savings.

But here’s the kicker: your relationships with your customers could improve by up to 58%. That’s happier clients, which is always a good thing in our book.

And all these improvements? They’re not just for show. With a CRM system, businesses have seen their sales quotas increase by 45%. That’s almost half again as many sales!

The real question isn’t if you can afford a CRM but if you can afford not to have one.

Say Goodbye to Grunt Work

All those repetitive tasks you dread? CRM's got them covered. From sending out birthday wishes to keeping tabs on policy renewals, it's like having a personal assistant who's always on the ball, ensuring no client feels left out in the cold.

Automation: Your New Best Friend

With insurance CRM solutions, those days of manually entering data or tracking down leads are over. It's all about giving you more time to do what you do best—connecting with clients and closing deals. Whether it's scoring new leads so you know who's hot and who's not or automating follow-ups, CRM has your back.

Increase Customer Trust

Avoid spending a fortune on ads and reliably engage prospects using CRM software. It'll help you nurture better customer relationships, resulting in myriad benefits for your business. Creating a trusting relationship with potential customers doesn't have to break the bank; CRM is your cost-effective, relationship-building powerhouse.


Key Features to Look for in CRM for Insurance Agencies

Choosing the right CRM for life insurance agents or an insurance agency in general means looking for features that streamline operations, enhance client relationships, and boost sales process efficiency. Here's what to keep an eye out for:

Policy and Claims Management

An ideal CRM for insurance agencies should seamlessly integrate policy and claims management. This integration allows agents to handle everything from initial contact to insurance policy renewal and claims processing in one platform. It streamlines the agent’s workflow, making policy and claims handling more efficient and less prone to errors.

Automated Workflow and Task Management

Automation takes the grunt work out of your day-to-day. Look for a CRM that can automate follow-ups, policy renewals, and even lead nurturing. It's about giving you more time to focus on what matters: connecting with clients and growing your insurance business.

Lead Generation

A standout CRM tool does not only excel at lead management; it helps you capture them. From website visitors to social media interactions, the right CRM can automatically gather potential client information and funnel it into your sales pipeline. This ensures that no potential lead goes unnoticed and your database continually grows.

Lead Prioritization

Not all leads are created equal. The ability to prioritize leads based on their likelihood to convert or potential value is a game-changer. A CRM that offers lead scoring and prioritization helps agents focus their efforts on the most promising opportunities, improving efficiency and increasing the chances of conversion.

Analytics and Reporting

Customer data is gold, and your CRM should help you mine it. With robust analytics and reporting features, you can track performance, understand client needs, and make informed decisions that drive your agency forward.

Integration Capabilities

Your CRM should play well with others. Integration with email, calendar, marketing tools, and even social media ensures a seamless workflow and keeps all your tools in one place. This connectivity saves time and enhances efficiency across your operations.

Mobile App

In today's on-the-go world, accessing your CRM from anywhere is non-negotiable. Mobile app means you can update client records, check your sales pipeline, and stay on top of tasks in the office or the field.

Well, this is one lengthy list. Remember that these are the features of some of the best CRM software. However, not every CRM will have all these features—nor does it need to. The perfect CRM for your agency should align with your specific needs, priorities, and the unique challenges you face. 


How To Choose the Right Insurance CRM for Your Company

How many companies are using CRMs? Believe it or not, 91% of businesses with more than ten employees harness the power of CRM systems. And, with so much competition out there, it’s not good enough to just use a CRM - you need to use the right CRM.

Here's the deal: pinpoint what matters most—be it boosting sales, managing policies, or deepening customer bonds. Start by identifying your must-haves and the CRMs that have those features. 

Test drive options with demos or trials; feel what works for you. If you’re on a budget, remember - a lot of vendors offer free CRM plans, so make the most out of those. Shortlist, select with your team, and step into a new era of customer relationship management.



What CRM means?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It refers to strategies, practices, and technologies that companies use to manage and analyze customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle. The goal is to improve customer service relationships, assist in customer retention, and drive sales growth.


What is the CRM in insurance?

In insurance, CRM refers to the specific application of customer relationship management tools and practices tailored to the unique needs of the insurance sector. It involves managing detailed client information, policy details, claims management, lead tracking, and personalized communication strategies in one platform.


What is CRM software for insurance agents?

CRM software for insurance agents is a specialized tool designed to consolidate client data, policy information, lead management, and communication efforts into a single platform. This software supports agents in organizing prospects, tracking sales opportunities, automating routine tasks, and providing personalized customer interactions.


How do insurance companies use Salesforce?

Insurance companies use Salesforce to centralize customer data, streamline sales and customer service processes, and leverage analytics for deeper insights. It offers customizable tools for policy management, lead tracking, and customer engagement, enhancing efficiency and personalizing interactions in the competitive insurance landscape.