Created by trend-casting designers, is a cultural media platform for idea-sharing and knowledge-building without wasteful social network features.

Gamified task management app, Habitica elegantly combines a nuanced, feature-packed habit tracker and to-do list with engaging retro gaming elements.

FIO’s slick-looking web app is a quick, free, and easy way to keep organized when working across multiple time zones.  

For new businesses looking to get banked on low budgets, Mercury has got savings, checkings, transfers, analytics and more in one modern platform.

Freelancers, contractors, and startups need inexpensive professional money management, so Albert brings algorithmic and human expertise right to their mobile.    

Breeze assembles the best project management and progress tracking tools for a free-flowing teamwork experience.

Enough extra platforms, dashboards, and profiles, is a powerful office assistant working directly as a chat contact to free you from mundane tasks.

Paste’s intuitive slideshow and storyboard app keeps your team creatively glued together.