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With the launch of their CRM, Teamwork provides customers the ‘missing link’ in their otherwise comprehensive work management suite. 

With Gmelius, you can share inboxes, manage projects, send email campaigns, and handle support tickets all within Gmail.

Today, Nimble CRM rolled out a total revamp of its browser extension. Nimble Prospector 2.0 is designed to quickly capture contacts and leads, wherever you find them.

With top speeds, AI and powerful organizational tools, Superhuman is the premium alternative to free email platforms. 

Formerly bpm’online, the freshly rebranded Creatio leverages no-code or low-code management tools for CRM and BPM automation.

Adobe’s Marketo is a fat stack of AI-driven marketing and sales automation tools that goes beyond basic CRM with deeper lead engagement.

SugarCRM’s marketing, sales, and customer service platform takes a “time-aware” approach to each stage of a prospect’s sales journey and suggests the next best actions for closing the deal.

From planning that first post to gauging the success of entire campaigns, Falcon is a multipurpose social media management and marketing powerhouse.