Forget instructions and tutorials, Userlane lets you make onboarding and software training guides the interactive way.

AI assistant Evie lives in emails, does your scheduling, and is affordable too.

There’s no business too small or independent that can’t benefit from a clean online accounting platform like Xero.

User Inyerface is a painful lesson in how not to design a UI—brought to you by IoT firm Bagaar.

Siftrock has built three new email bots to work inside Drift, its parent company’s email marketing automation platform. 

Online accounting software doesn’t have to be complicated or dull. 

Write notes, clip ‘em from the web, and now, grab ‘em right from your Google inbox with note-taking app Evernote.

Snips, an open source, decentralized, Privacy by Design voice interface sets out to create the world’s first “ethical voice assistant.”