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Zendesk Relate 2020 became Zendesk Relater, a two-hour virtual conference packed with CRM insights, inspiring speakers, and exciting new product updates.

Digital workspace, MURAL is a compelling entry into the “digital whiteboard” genre, placing a strong emphasis on human-centered design.

Nutshell is designed to save your sales team time so they can focus on the more important things like building outstanding customer relationships and closing more deals.

NetSuite brings a stack of web-based business solutions to SMBs, helping parent company Oracle compete in that large market of smaller firms.

With UX tailored for great CX, Insightly helps you meet and beat customer expectations. That’s key because strong client relationships survive disruption.

The company just released Zendesk Sales Suite and Zendesk Support Suite, as well as big updates to Zendesk Sunshine CRM.

Pipedrive helped pioneer UX-first CRM. With its signature visual sales pipeline, the platform provides tools to improve the productivity of salespeople and drive sales. 



Miro, the visual project management app provides a space to cooperate and build things in real-time. Share multimedia and make remote work better.