CRM Land

CRM Land is anything CRM. Have you asked yourself “What is a CRM?” We walk through CRM 101, Types of CRM, and the Current State of CRM to get you to speed.

There’s a CRM for every sales department need, niche or not. Manage the entire sales cycle in one place and sell smarter—check out our top 15 sales CRM. 

CRM solutions are one of the most useful business applications ever. No industry should go without a CRM platform. The healthcare industry is no exception. We mean everything from hospitals to tiny private clinics.

Social CRM invites businesses into spaces of open conversation, colloquia of opinion, and thunderdomes of debate—aka your customer's familiar turf. Check out our top 7 CRM for improved social engagement.

Here’s our list of the 15 best financial service CRM on the market to upgrade your customer relationships. 

CRMs make work better by increasing sales, building better client relationships, and centralizing business processes and data for your business. 

Every startup can benefit from CRM. Why? Because CRM de-clutters the non-linear working life, so you can concentrate and scale.

Contemporary CRMs are iOS-friendly, with UX made for tablets. We identify some of the top platforms and show the benefits of iPad CRM for your business.

Customer information is king. Contact management software centralizes lead and customer data—key for relationships, sales, and business growth.