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CRM Land is anything CRM. Have you asked yourself “What is a CRM?” We walk through CRM 101, Types of CRM, and the Current State of CRM to get you to speed.

Customer service CRMs are meant to provide better service and build better relations with customers. Read this article, and explore everything about customer service CRMs.

Operational CRM: Streamline customer interaction with sales, marketing, & service automation. Check out this article to learn more about 15 Operational CRM.

Can’t afford a high priced CRM? We review and discuss the top 12 free CRM options—so you can save on the initial investment.

Thinking about investing in an Analytical CRM? Read this first to discover key features, components & examples of Analytical CRM.

Social CRM invites businesses into spaces of open conversation, colloquia of opinion, and thunderdomes of debate—aka your customer's familiar turf. Check out our top 7 CRM for improved social engagement.

There’s a CRM for every sales department need, niche or not. Manage the entire sales cycle in one place and sell smarter—check out our top 15 sales CRM. 

Whether it’s personal or business, having a personal CRM helps nurture new and existing relationships while balancing the ever-complicated work/life balance.

Untether yourself from the desktop-o-sphere and invest in a mobile CRM, a convenient avenue for on-the-fly data entry and communication that’s lighter than your laptop.