Best CRM Certification: 10 Leading CRM Training Certification

Date:Thursday, April 18, 2024

Are you a sales or customer service representative who deals with CRM systems daily? Or perhaps you're eyeing a role where CRM is the backbone of operations? If that's the case, you probably think a CRM certification is nice to have, right? Nope. For you, it's a must-have.

A CRM software certification will not only make your workdays easier and help you close more deals or have more satisfied customers, but it will also prove you can handle any CRM. This will make you indispensable to your team and magnetic to potential employers.

After all, everyone knows the basics of CRM software. But, only a few people know how to use it to their advantage.

Our article breaks it all down. We tell you what are the top CRM training courses and certifications, how to get them, and why they're game-changers for your career.


What is CRM Certification?

CRM certification is the gold standard for demonstrating mastery in customer relationship management systems. In other words, it means you can convey CRM meaning and CRM practicality for daily operations. 

In general, in order to get a CRM certification, it is not enough to just complete the training. You need to register for an exam as well, which most often comes with a price tag. Passing the exam is like passing a driver’s license test - it officially recognizes you as an expert.


How to Get CRM Certification?

Well, it’s quite simple nowadays. Find the right CRM certification course (we’ll help you with this step), register, complete the training, and take the certification exam. Everything can be done online and most of the CRM courses can be completed at your own pace.

It typically takes six to 12 weeks to complete most of the courses. Some may require more time, depending on complexity. But we’ll give you more details on how long does it take to get CRM certification for each one we cover.

As for the pricing, crm certification cost certainly varies. Some certifications can be obtained free of charge, while the most expensive one on our lists costs $350.


What is the best Microsoft Dynamics CRM certification? Here’s our top 10 list:

From a range of MS Dynamics CRM certification courses to a sampling of alternative CRM training courses, we’re ready to get our comparison going. So grab your notepad and reading glasses and get ready for these reviews of Microsoft exams and other certificate modules. Let’s do this!


1. Microsoft Certified: Dynamics 365 Fundamentals (Best CRM certification course overall)

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fundamentals badge

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM certification is designed to build foundational knowledge of CRM principles and Dynamics 365's integrated capabilities. It helps you develop core skills in managing customer relationships, sales, and marketing within the Dynamics platform. 

This certification is particularly useful for enhancing project management skills in a CRM context. 

Course Level: Beginner to advanced

Topics Covered: Sales, customer service, field service, customer insights

Price: $99

Certification validity: 12 months


  • Covers broad Microsoft 365 skills across sales, marketing, field service, and customer service

  • Includes basics of project management and project operations

  • Offers free online courses or paid instructor-led training


  • Fundamentals course, covers only the basics

  • Complex skills, such as advanced automation workflows, require additional certifications

Visit Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fundamentals


2. Salesforce Certified Administrator (CRM Software Certification for Aspiring Salesforce Professionals)

Salesforce Administrator badge

The CRM certification Salesforce Certified Administrator is best for individuals seeking to gain foundational knowledge and practical skills in Salesforce administration. 

This certification equips you to manage Salesforce applications effectively, customize the platform to meet business needs, and support users in maximizing their Salesforce experience. It's ideal for aspiring Salesforce administrators, business analysts, and professionals looking to enhance their career prospects in the Salesforce ecosystem.

Course Level: Beginner to advanced

Topics Covered: Mastering using Salesforce applications

Price: $200 + taxes; free with a Salesforce CRM subscription

Certification validity: 12 months


  • Tailored for IT specialists and administrators to optimize data for actionable insights and strategies.

  • Superior interactive tools and practice tests enhance the learning experience.


  • Salesforce CRM tests are often deemed challenging and difficult to pass by users.

  • Navigation through Salesforce Trails, Trailmixes, and Trailhead Academy modules may be confusing for some learners.

Visit Salesforce Administrator


3. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service Functional Consultant Associate (Top MS Dynamics Certification for Customer Support)

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service Functional Consultant Associate badge

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service Functional Consultant Associate certification is designed specifically for those focusing on customer support within the Dynamics 365 environment. 

This certification equips you with the necessary skills to implement and manage customer service solutions, helping businesses enhance their customer support operations.

Course Level: Intermediate

Topics Covered: Customer service, case management, service level agreements, and customer engagement strategies.

Price: $165

Certification Validity: 12 months


  • Comprehensive modules on business rules and automations.

  • Includes analytics and business intelligence training.

  • Teaches case management, scheduling, and omnichannel support configuration.


  • Heavy emphasis on mastering Microsoft Dataverse.

  • Requires 1-3 years of experience for certification eligibility.

Visit The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service Functional Consultant Associate


4. Microsoft Certified: Dynamics 365 Sales Functional Consultant Associate (Excellent for Learning Microsoft 365 Sales Software)

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Functional Consultant Associate badge

Microsoft’s Sales Functional Consultant Associate certification suits IT professionals serving their sales teams or anyone seeking to specialize in sales functionality within the Dynamics 365 ecosystem.

This Microsoft CRM certification will teach you to configure the sales application, manage leads and opportunities, automate sales processes, and analyze sales data for improved decision-making.

Course Level: Intermediate

Topics Covered: Lead management, opportunity handling, quoting, order processing, configuring pricing lists, product catalogs, data management

Price: $165

Certification Validity: 12 months


  • Comprehensive training on lead management, opportunity handling, quoting, and order processing.

  • Instruction on configuring pricing lists and product catalogs.

  • In-depth coverage of data management aspects.


  • Requirement to learn about Microsoft Power Platform to maximize the benefits of the certification.

  • Learning curve associated with mastering Microsoft Power Apps for app development.

Visit Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Sales Functional Consultant Associate


5. Zendesk Support Administrator (Top CRM Training for Support Professionals)

Zendesk Support Administrator badge

The Zendesk Support Administrator certification is tailored for IT professionals and support staff who manage and operate the Zendesk support environment. 

This certification confirms your ability to configure, manage, and optimize Zendesk tools to improve customer service efficiency and effectiveness.

Course Level: Intermediate

Topics Covered: Zendesk Support configurations, ticket system management, user and organization management, automation and workflows, reporting and analytics.

Price: $350

Certification Validity: Does not expire but may require continuing education to stay current


  • Offers various certification modules, including omnichannel communication and support administration expertise.

  • Mastery of Zendesk’s ticketing solution software.

  • Training on setting up communication channels across multiple platforms.

  • Access to the Zendesk Certified community on LinkedIn.


  • Among the more expensive training programs available.

  • Preparation paths and practice certification exams are available to maximize the value of the investment.

Visit Zendesk Support Administrator


6. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing Functional Consultant Associate (Top marketing certification program for Dynamics 365)

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing Functional Consultant Associate badge

Dynamics 365 is as good a marketing platform as it is for sales or support, so of course, the Microsoft training and certification programs for their marketing features are just as crucial to other departments.

Course Level: Intermediate

Topics Covered: Configuration of marketing applications, management of segments and lists, marketing forms and pages, lead management, and customer journey management.

Price: $165

Certification Validity: Requires periodic recertification to stay current with updates.


  • Comprehensive training on email marketing and marketing automation tools.

  • Instruction on audience segmentation, list creation, marketing forms, web pages, lead and contact management, and marketing events/webinars.


  • Some overlap between marketing, sales, and support modules.

  • Basic Microsoft Dataverse instructions may be redundant.

  • Marketing application components constitute only a quarter of the entire certification program.

Visit Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Marketing Functional Consultant Associate


7. Microsoft Customer Data Platform Specialty (Good Microsoft Dynamics certification course for data management)

Microsoft Customer Data Platform Specialty badge

Data platform specialists are the ones you turn to set up workflows meant to constantly reveal new insights into your contact network or marketing and sales engagement activities. 

This certification offers in-depth knowledge and skills necessary to effectively configure, manage, and utilize Microsoft's Customer Data Platform to drive better business decisions through data-driven insights.

Course Level: Intermediate

Topics Covered: Data integration, analytics, customer insights, personalized customer experiences.

Price: $165

Certification Validity: 12 months


  • Learn to organize and manage KPIs for data retention, visualization, and validation.

  • Gain skills in preparing, matching, and segmenting contact profile data.

  • Training includes advanced data enrichment techniques.

  • Learn how to use AI for predictions and forecasting.


  • The certification program is challenging to complete and pass.

  • Requires a solid understanding of Microsoft Dataverse, Azure, and Power Platforms.

Visit Microsoft Customer Data Platform Specialty


8. HubSpot CRM Certification (Best free CRM certification course)

HubSpot CRM Academy logo

The HubSpot CRM Academy is renowned for offering comprehensive, free certification courses tailored for professionals looking to master CRM strategies and tools. 

These certifications are ideal for marketers, salespeople, customer service teams, and small businesses seeking to leverage HubSpot's powerful CRM platform to enhance their customer interactions and drive business growth.

Course Level: Beginner to Advanced

Topics Covered: Inbound marketing, sales software, content marketing, customer service management, and email marketing.

Price: Free

Certification Validity: Generally 2 years, with a need to recertify to stay current


  • Wide range of courses available from foundational to advanced topics.

  • Educational resources include videos, workbooks, and quizzes to enhance learning.

  • Access to practical exercises and real-world applications for hands-on learning.


  • Advanced practical exams require a premium HubSpot subscription, limiting access to some content.

Visit HubSpot Academy


9. Zoho Spark (Essential CRM Certification for Zoho Users)

Zoho Spark logo

The Zoho Spark certification is designed to equip professionals with comprehensive skills in managing and optimizing Zoho CRM to enhance customer relationships and drive sales performance. 

This program is ideal for sales managers, CRM administrators, and business owners who use Zoho CRM as a central tool in their customer engagement strategy.


  • Offers both virtual classroom and one-on-one training options.

  • Expert instructors can be arranged to provide onsite training directly.

  • Broad course offerings across various domains including sales, marketing, project management, helpdesk, finance, HR, IT, business intelligence, and analytics.

  • Access to a large database of third-party consulting partners for additional support with CRM and sales management tools.


  • Lacks the perceived prestige of some other certification programs

  • Pricing information for the certification and training services is not clearly outlined

Visit Zoho Spark


Oracle NetSuite Administrator (Good certificate courses in CRM and ERP)

Oracle NetSuite Administrator badge

Oracle NetSuite Administrator is one of the most demanded certifications out there right now, with certified admins commanding impressive salaries. 

This certification is ideal for system administrators, IT professionals, and those involved in the ongoing management of NetSuite configurations.

Course Level: Intermediate

Topics Covered: NetSuite setup and configuration, user roles and permissions, data security management, customization of the ERP system, workflow automation, and performance optimization.

Price: $250

Certification Validity: Does not expire


  • The certification enhances proficiency in utilizing NetSuite’s complex functionalities.

  • Allows display of NetSuite certificate logos on business cards or websites.

  • Program includes certifications, study guides, and sample tests.


  • Pricing is complex, with most programs starting at $250, and details are sparse online.

  • Exams are challenging and typically require fulfilling several prerequisites.

  • Diligent study of training courses is essential for success.

Visit Oracle NetSuite Administrator


What is the best CRM software training for me? Our conclusion

Choosing the right CRM certification requires a clear understanding of your career direction and the tools your organization utilizes. For those in customer-focused roles, Microsoft Dynamics offers depth, whereas Salesforce excels in cloud-based CRM capabilities, important for tech-driven companies. 

We suggest that you start with a foundational course to build your basic skills, then select a specialized certification based on your role, such as sales or marketing. Plan your training schedule and budget accordingly, and remember to include time and resources for recertification to keep your credentials current. 

Hopefully, you’ve found out exactly which course or program best suits your needs if you are looking to become a CRM expert and command those ever-increasing salaries.

Happy learning!


CRM Training & Certification FAQs

What can I do with a CRM certificate?

A CRM certificate can enhance your ability to manage and analyze customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle. This qualification can lead to roles such as CRM Manager, Sales Manager, Marketing Specialist, Customer Service Representative, or Business Analyst.


What is a CRM qualification?

A CRM qualification typically refers to certification or formal training in the use of CRM software and strategies. This qualification demonstrates a thorough understanding of CRM tools and practices to manage customer relationships effectively. It often covers topics like CRM software utilization, customer data analytics, sales management, and customer engagement strategies. 


Can you teach yourself CRM?

Yes, you can teach yourself CRM. Many online resources, including tutorials, webinars, and courses, are available that can help you learn CRM at your own pace. Platforms like Salesforce Trailhead, Microsoft Learn, or HubSpot Academy offer extensive self-guided learning paths including theoretical knowledge and practical exercises.


Can you get Microsoft CRM certification with CRM courses online?

It is possible to get Microsoft CRM certified by taking online courses, however this is not a guaranteed way of becoming certified. The best way to pass the Microsoft CRM certification tests and become an expert is by utilizing materials provided on the official website.