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Success, Habits & Productivity

The Microsoft founder barred his kids from using technology till they reached a certain age. And he is not the only tech guru to have done so. Steve Jobs did the same.

Work Health / Employee Care

Ceaseless exposure to sound stimuli is part of everyday life in modern technological society. Cultivating silence may yet have several overlooked benefits that can extend to professional life.

Teamwork & Personalities

A recent study found that people who swear are more trustworthy and honest. In fact, various studies have revealed that a little cursing could actually be food for the soul and indicate authenticity.


Google applied several scientific methods to analyze what makes an effective manager and created a series of eight commandments called “The Eight Habits of Highly Effective Google Managers.”

Teamwork & Personalities

In today's pluralistic and complex society, open-mindedness is depicted as a virtuous quality that one must seek to acquire. With globalization and the constant progress of communication technologies, people increasingly open themselves to different cultures, norms, and beliefs.


But is the threat of automation in the workplace real? And how would UBI help us to prevent the breakdown of our traditional economy? Could Elon Musk be right?

Success, Habits & Productivity

We indeed live in a society and culture that is very forward-driven. Everything we do is directed towards our desire to better our future, including working hard towards our ideal careers. 

Teamwork & Personalities

People considered as “likeable” exhibit specific traits, and are able to avoid certain behaviors to maintain good relationships.