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Work Health / Employee Care

Setting high standards for ourselves is essential to earn the respect and trust of others and to create a quality life. However, in recent years, we may have become too obsessed with making every single aspect of our lives perfect.

Brain Power & Intelligence

Having information does not necessarily dictate understanding. Your quality of thinking and how deep of a thinker you are does.

Success, Habits & Productivity

At some point in your career, you have received feedback on your performance, be it negative or positive. But you work hard so you it’s understandable that you want nothing but the latter, positive feedback.

Teamwork & Personalities

Are you reaching 30, and realize you have not accomplished much? Many top psychologists warn today's 20-somethings to stop damaging their future career and relationships by treating critical years as “downtime”  before real life begins.


Digital Tools

The two-day event will offer a number of workshop options for attendees to choose from, such as “Mastering Customer Service for Your Business”, “Building Your Online Influence & E-Marketing Strategy ”.

Digital Tools

It is a visual representation of all steps of the sales process. An opportunity moves from stage to stage of the pipeline based on concrete actions, like presenting a proposal or negotiating.

Digital Tools

Users can access related contact data from Capsule directly inside Zendesk, and can have a complete view of interactions that customers have had with their business across sales and support activity.

Digital Tools

Multinational software developer Zoho just released a new feature for its Zoho Sprints application. Users can now plan and track their work in a more structured way by employing Epics.