Adopt a growth mindset and find more human ways of working, living, and finding success.

Neuroplasticity-enhancing headphones, Halo Sport promise faster, better learning. Are they legit or quackery?

According to Clayton Christensen, when you bought a coffee this morning, you hired that beverage to help with the important task of waking up. Christensen's Jobs-to-Be-Done theory was unleashed nearly 30 years ago, yet its relevance is arguably even more significant today. 

In order to create a product that scales, you first need to master a product that can’t scale. For Airbnb, that product is Trips—the perfectly curated experience.

An increasing amount of research points towards utilizing stress to combat stress. It’s all about perspective and ok, some balance and good health too. 

Acclaimed French filmmaker Claire Denis has spent her career quietly upending convention. She offers us food for thought on chance, achievement, and authenticity.

To scrum or not to scrum? The saga of a liminal stand-up history. 
But as more and more work becomes remote, does scrum even make sense anymore?

Can a balance between intuition and analytics provide a happier, more productive life? Daniel Kahneman uncovers the secrets behind our thinking and reaction patterns.

Ari Meisel runs a 7 figure business on 5.5 hours of work a day, oh yeah, and he also beat Crohn's Disease. How? With the Art of Less Doing.