Adopt a growth mindset and find more human ways of working, living, and finding success.

In the 21st century, disruptive technologies threatened the core business of both Kodak and Fujifilm. As both companies faced the change, different mindsets determined their ultimate fate.

CEO Bracken Darrell re-oriented Logitech’s mandate to become a design-centric company; focusing on human experience and big ideas executed perfectly.

We’re more irrational and less in control of our decisions than we think. But there’s hope—becoming aware of our thought processes can bring reflection and change.

Relationships define our era. More than ever, organizations need emotional intelligence to survive and thrive.

Follow the Ritz-Carlton's Gold Standards to deliver customer service that people will gush about. 

75 years on, the fingerprints of wartime research are still all over our lives. How one American wartime visionary predicted the internet, the cloud, and more.

Leadership and vulnerability aren’t mutually exclusive. Opening up can be powerful. Being present and courageous with your team can motivate and inspire.

Don’t rely on outdated, impractical legacy workflow models. Go Kanban, a lean and effective method for improving workflow.