To scrum or not to scrum?
The saga of a liminal stand-up history. 
But as more and more work becomes remote, does scrum even make sense anymore?

Ari Meisel runs a 7 figure business on 5.5 hours of work a day, oh yeah, and he also beat Crohn's Disease. How? With the Art of Less Doing. 

Founder and CTO of Hubspot, Dharmesh Shah, had dinner with Elon Musk and received some highly mathematical, yet essential advice on how to grow and maintain a business. 

Think of your career as an epic journey. It’s never too late to learn essential career lessons most people don’t learn until too late in life.

Familiar faces within a company signify a happy workplace. The key to retaining top talent involves understanding and preventing four simple tips. 

Although most R&D initiatives don’t culminate in a new service or product, seasoned tech companies understand that a strong R&D department is critical to staying afloat in an industry that moves at a rapid pace.

How do you make the right decisions? Jeff Bezos relates decisions to doors. Richard Branson advises to uncover and remove any decisions' "hidden warts", and Sachin Gupta, CEO of HackerEarth, believes there are three key attributes of good decision-making: impact, complexity, and reversibility. 

They are both one of the richest men in the world but the former uses a risk-averse investment philosophy while the other has a high tolerance for risk.