Team leadership and Zen are compatible after all. Mindful meditation can calm egos and spark success. Just ask Phil Jackson, the NBA’s winningest coach.

Human attention spans are dwindling. According to new research, that might not be a bad thing. Here’s how to work and chill in the multi-screen era.  


There’s a new word in the vocabulary of work and that is ‘remote.’ Office-less environments are a hot new trend but before you hop on to the work-from-bed bandwagon, consider the communication and productivity skills required for the lifestyle. 

Design can make or break your startup. Based on human empathy, user-centered design and human-centered design are key concepts that can truly change the game. 

Growth hacking is the new black. With cross-functional growth teams making revenue giants like Airbnb and Dropbox, the functional silo model is receding into history. It’s truly a time to get hacking.

Life moves fast and relaxin’ doesn’t come easy. With distracting devices cumulating a significant amount of stress who knew they could be a place for meditation and focus too? Over 1 million people supposedly – all subscribers of popular meditation app, Headspace. 

IRL problems need IRL solutions. Block out TVs and laptops with these anti-tech sunglasses. Inspired by filmmaker John Carpenter’s 1988 dystopian vision of media/society, which we might just be living. 

When you bought a coffee this morning, you hired that beverage to help with the important task of waking up. Clayton Christensen believes people hire products to get a job done. His Jobs-to-Be-Done theory was unleashed nearly 30 years ago, yet its relevance is arguably even more significant today.