A Growing Digital Workspace for Creative Minds

Saturday, May 19, 2018
Catherine Morin

With 260 subscribed companies and over 280,000 individual users, CreativeGuild network becomes the biggest online community of creative brands, people and jobs a month after launching.

This membership-based professional network for creative enterprises and people allows companies to showcase their work and their personality by building their own promotional pages. It also includes a global job board where members can post unlimited job offers.

CreativeGuild is an initiative by CreativeMornings, a community that puts on inspiring global lectures over breakfast on a Friday each month. CreativeMornings founder Tina Roth Eisenberg wanted to build a social network that would better meet creative individuals' needs. “Where other social networks are leaving us wanting more; more connection, more inspiration, more control over our data ─ we're creating a more human experience,” she explains.

Eisenberg and her team want to help members of the artistic community collaborate and get more visibility. One of their main goals is to promote fruitful interactions between artists and creators from all backgrounds.

“We hope to create a space where small studios get discovered for big gigs, where creative companies can uncover the hidden talent in their city, and where everyone can see a snapshot of the best, most creative work coming out of their city,” CreativeGuild website mentions.

Eisenberg and her associates are currently working on an “inspiration feed” that users will be able to curate and filter to their own tastes.

The network also helps artists discover convenient software. Milanote, a tool for planning creative projects, launched its CreativeGuild page a few weeks ago.

This application allows users to collect notes onto cards that can be placed anywhere on a board. The notes can include text, images and links. Subscribers can use the cards to display a grouping of ideas, create brainstorming maps or build an inspiration library.

It is especially useful for marketers and designers, but it can help anyone generate ideas and organize research data.

Boards can be shared so groups can collaborate and view updates across a project without having all their ideas scattered across hundreds of emails. Milanote also includes a to-do list feature.

The company offers a basic version in which people can create up to 100 notes for free. Users have to upgrade to a paid subscription plan to unlock unlimited storage.

Milanote started as an internal tool for the founders’ other business (a user experience design agency), but they decided to expand it and launch it as an application in 2017. Cofounded by Ollie Campbell who introduced quietness to the work schedule and made his compnay 23% more productive in doing so. There are currently over 35,000 registered Milanote users.