Types of CRM

Whatever your needs, there's a CRM. Centralize info, automate tasks, and analyze data. Grow your business on your own terms.

There’s a CRM for every sales department need, niche or not. Manage the entire sales cycle in one place, sell smarter, and grow your bottom line faster and easier.

The kernel of CRM may have been with sales, but its overflowing utility has popped well over into marketing departments. Marketing CRM helps the frontline generate higher quantity and better quality leads.

Service CRM holistically integrates customer service and support functions, creating a knowledge base accessible by each department for every stage of the customer experience. 

Social CRM invites businesses into spaces of open conversation, colloquia of opinion, and thunderdomes of debate—aka your customer's familiar turf. Check out top CRM for improved social engagement.

In the beginning, some CRM details are crucial for saving time, money and fostering sustainable growth—check out our top five CRM picks for startups and small businesses. 

Untether yourself from the desktop-o-sphere and invest in a mobile CRM, a convenient avenue for on-the-fly data entry that’s lighter than your laptop. We dig into the criteria required for the maximum convenience factor of a mobile CRM solution.


A Gmail CRM will change the way you look at your inbox—a place where you already live, communicate, build opportunities, and maintain relationships...why not let the CRM come to you? 

CRM software promises to save companies time and money, yet the reality is cost and adoption process might do the opposite. We discuss five free CRM options—so you can save on the initial investment.