GreenRope CRM: The Complete Package

Last Updated:Sunday, February 18, 2024

GreenRope bills itself as the “only Complete CRM on the market,” a pretty big claim in today’s tightly packed CRM universe. 

greenrope crm

Yet, the platform has the toolbox to back up its title. Its “completeness” lies in the software’s ability to integrate sales, marketing, customer service, and other key business operations functions. 

Down to earth

GreenRope’s story starts not in the world of tech, but in the US Air Force, from which CEO Lars Helgeson was honorably discharged, ready to make a name for himself on the ground. One can assume that the Air Force taught him a thing or two about collaboration and communication.

Helgeson would take those lessons and apply them to his new dream of creating the best business software out there. The first thing he did was learn to code—self-taught—and in 2001 launched CoolerEmail, one of the world’s first email marketing platforms. That company was bootstrapped, a rarity in the modern technology world. Indeed, his dedication to serving his customers has been unwavering, and he believes he can best serve them without having to pay back investors.

greenrope crm features

In 2005, as a side project, Lars created MyTeamCaptain, a program to help manage his hockey team (another area where teamwork is crucial to success). In that project, he developed concepts and software focused on group collaboration, such as calendaring and project management. 

In 2008, he decided to take the program to the next level: the complete CRM package. Years of working with customers around the world in every industry brought to light the challenges almost every business faces - effective collection and use of client data. Through the lessons learned from MyTeamCaptain and CoolerEmail, a new platform was born.

It would be three years before GreenRope’s minimum viable product (MVP) launched. In that time, Helgeson worked with his existing clients to gather information on what kind of total business app would be superior to all the rest, resulting in “the world’s only fully integrated sales, marketing, and operations platform.” 

Let’s get operational 

GreenRope offers its users the confidence in relying on a total CRM package with minimal need to further integrate with (or pay for) additional apps. 

Not only does GreenRope cover the basics of general day-to-day planning but it also includes customer service tools, such as handling contact management and support ticketing issues; and collaborative tools, like wikis and integration with live chat.

Command and control

greenrope crm command and control

One of the unique features of GreenRoope’s operations module is its command center. This tool gives you a clear overview of everything going on in the business, updated constantly in real-time. 

Stats like website traffic, store purchases, project updates, as well as other CRM and ticketing activities are displayed by hovering over an interactive world map graphic to break down your company’s action by location.


greenrope crm marketing

GreenRope has all the solid standard CRM features for marketing and sales too.

For marketing, it offers automation tools, website and landing page builders, social networking aids, signup forms, email drip campaign editors, email trackers, and even surveys. A split campaign tester goes beyond simple A/B testing, allowing you to test up to five campaigns simultaneously. 


greenrope crm sales

GreenRope’s robust sales module works with data from the CRM manager shared with marketing and customer service. There’s also SMS communication to talk with leads, a booking and sales team calendar planning tool, features to help with ecommerce, digital document signing, and even an affiliate marketing and sales management tool. 

And while SMS may be all the rage these days, a great sales rep doesn’t limit him or herself to one medium of communication.


To help sales out with one of the original outreach pieces of comms tech — ie, the good ol’ telephone — GreenRope has a number of features. 

They offer click-to-call, which doesn’t force reps off the platform to ring somebody up; you can record phone conversations, which is great not only for keeping records but for agent evaluation as well as training purposes; and finally, there is voice broadcasting, where you can upload a voice message with text-to-speech or MP4 to send out to contacts via the telephone.

When it comes to number crunching, you get sales opportunity management features with drag-and-drop interactivity, lead-scoring, predictive analytics, and sales reporting. 


Taking things one step further, GreenRope has more professional services to be the one-and-only SaaS for SMEs: a set of creative features. 

Not only can you use GreenRope to help spread brand awareness among an ever-growing network of contacts and customers, you can also use the platform to build your branding.

Everything from brand name, logo, color palette, and tone of copy, the creative teams at GreenRope can offer their expertise. Once you’ve locked down your style (or if you already had your own branding), the platform offers website design, landing pages, emails, signup forms and more.

greenrope crm branding

More than a vendor

The idea that your CRM will also be your branding consultant and designer is not just one extra USP that the platform offers up. It is part of the greater GreenRope business ethos. It’s all about collaboration with your team. 

The platform unifies more than just the people inside your team or organization. GreenRope brings into the conversation your leads, clients, vendors, and suppliers, as well as third-party/outsourced/independent contractors. 

GreenRope as a SaaS provider becomes a part of your team. It doesn’t see itself as a company selling an app to its users, but as an ongoing partner, working together to simultaneously improve your business as well as their platform.

This stems from the company’s history and development— there would be no GreenRope as it is known today without the collaborative input of its users. 

The GreenRope path

Helgeson followed his own path: limiting the amount of outsourced coding and development and abstaining from taking money from outside investors, an unconventional trajectory for the tech industry. 

With all business decisions originating from Helgeson, his trusted team, and his loyal customers, no external interests could chime in with orders that were not fully in line with GreenRope and its users’ mission. 

In 2011, GreenRope had a tightly-controlled release. At first, GreenRope’s customer focus was SMEs, however today the platform has become increasingly confident in taking on larger customers as well. 

GreenRope’s pricing system has many tiers, directly reflecting their flexibility to help all sorts of companies big, medium or small. 

greenrope crm overview

The GreenRope payoff

With very robust and personalized onboarding help, a trove of other support avenues like video tutorials, cheat sheets, webinars, and their highly-praised one-on-one customer service, GreenRope has racked up an impressive client roster. Helgeson himself has even garnered the title of Most Admired CEO. 

The ongoing secret to GreenRope’s success is still its emphasis on partnership over ‘vendorship.’ Rather than seeing a sale as a terminus, GreenRope sees an opening to an ongoing relationship, constantly fielding clients for feedback, and always looking for ways to help improve their business. 

Which is excellent, because at the end of the day, what makes a CRM package “complete” is a genuine incentive to build long-lasting relationships.