FreeAgent CRM Review 2023: Features, Pricing, Pros & Cons

Last Updated:Tuesday, November 28, 2023

In today's fast-paced business landscape, customer relationship management (CRM) software has become an indispensable tool for companies of all sizes. One CRM solution that has been gaining attention is FreeAgent CRM.

Our FreeAgent CRM review will show you how this tool can help your business effectively manage and nurture their relationships with customers, streamline sales processes, and gain valuable insights to drive growth and profitability.

Whether you're a small startup or a well-established enterprise, join us as we take an in-depth look at the tool’s features, pricing options, as well as its pros and cons. 


FreeAgent CRM review 2023: Is FreeAgent CRM any good?

FreeAgent CRM is a very good customer relationship management software solution. It includes a lot of key CRM features for marketing, sales and customer support. Any FreeAgent CRM review will be sure to also mention its phone, email and SMS communication tools that include automatic logging. 

Just because you can’t always find FreeAgent in every CRM comparison chart does not mean that it does not deserve a spot there. We’re sure down the line, FreeAgent will be a regular top ten CRM and sales software solution. 


FreeAgent CRM pricing plans

First of all, how much does FreeAgent CRM cost? Let’s first review FreeAgent CRM prices:

FreeAgent CRM plans

Monthly price

Annual price

Check current FreeAgent CRM price


$45 per user per month 

$35 per user per month billed annually 



$90 per user per month 

$75 per user per month billed annually 



$120 per user per month 

$100 per user per month billed annually 



How much does FreeAgent CRM cost for nonprofits?

FreeAgent CRM does offer special prices to nonprofits, however they are not listed on the website so be sure to contact them directly.

Are there any FreeAgent CRM coupon codes or promo discount vouchers?

After some research it appears that there are no FreeAgent CRM coupon codes or discount vouchers right now. Check back with them frequently to see if they have any upcoming promotions.


FreeAgent CRM free vs paid: what’s the difference?

There is no free version of FreeAgent. However, there is a free trial.


FreeAgent CRM overview: what is FreeAgent CRM & what is it used for?

In short, FreeAgent is used to organize all your contacts into accounts and deals, and keep track of all interactions with contacts in various stages of the customer lifecycle, from marketing, sales to customer support. FreeAgent is also useful for offering communication channels across the board, including phone, email and SMS. 

The tool is versatile and can be used in various industries and companies. As a matter of fact, it is so versatile that people recommend it as a great CRM for higher education!


FreeAgent CRM features list

The main features of FreeAgent CRM are:

  • CRM tools

  • Task management

  • Phone tools

  • Email features

  • SMS tools

  • Meeting planner

  • Automations

  • Analytics

  • Integrations

1. CRM tools

Of course we must begin this review with FreeAgent's customer relationship management features. This CRM software lets you collect and organize all of your contacts in a single platform, and from there track them across a customer activity timeline. You can also group them by accounts. 

Marketing and sales teams can count on a smooth handoff of open leads and deals, with sales getting a nice feature for making quotes. Customer service also gets some key features here, using contact data to help with issues and open case tickets. Finally, there is basic project management that runs on CRM data.

Almost all of the main CRM key tools are included in every single FreeAgent package, and this means that you get unlimited custom apps to beef up this product.

2. Task management

A CRM system does not always include task management features, but FreeAgent does. This software provides users with a personalized homepage that displays to-do items, sends notifications, and has a calendar that functions on a drag-and-drop interface. 

Alongside this overview, it can automatically send reminders, turn notifications into tasks, and even assign tasks to specific users based on triggers. 

FreeAgent's task and workload interface is based on a real-time live feed of all current work activity. There are advanced tools like automatic escalation reminders for overdue tasks, and snooze reminders.

3. Phone tools

Some might say that the telephone is still the best way to reach out to contacts and build a relationship. Whether you agree or not, FreeAgent makes sure to offer your business a robust set of phone features. This starts off with fully-integrated outbound calling available on all plans. 

More professional telephony tools let you auto-log calls and add the data to contacts, accounts or open deals. It can track and log call durations and use this information for outcome reporting. Finally, there is advanced call recording and from there you get searchable call transcripts.  

4. Email features

Email is really overtaking the phone as a CRM and sales channel. FreeAgent's email tools include an auto-log feature to add data from emails to contacts and deals.

You also get great email templates that you can customize with a drag-and-drop interface and create custom fields, and these you can share as well. There is bulk email blasting with personalization and automated email sequence workflows.  

FreeAgent enables users to sync the email platform with their regular email system, like Gmail, Outlook and Exchange. Another great advanced feature are email open and email click-through notifications. Reporting can also tell you how effective each email template has been.

5. SMS tools

Text messaging and SMS have their uses for CRM, marketing, sales and customer service. FreeAgent lets users send out SMS texts with images and receive them too. As is similar with the phone and email, you can auto-log text messages and include the data with contact files, accounts or deals. 

As for advanced SMS features, you can send out bulk texts in a single blast campaign, but with smart-field personalization to have every recipient's name. There are also automated text message sequences that are easy to set up and run.

6. Meeting planner

Use FreeAgent to plan, organize and keep track of your team's meetings. There is a team calendar feature that lets you add meeting details. You can also sync meeting details from Google Calendar or Office Calendar. There is a meeting scheduler tool that enables users to view and plan for upcoming meetings.

For post-meeting features, FreeAgent makes it easy to track meetings and report on their outcomes. At the high end of the software, you are able to create an email link that automatically schedules meetings.

7. Automations

Workflows are amazing SaaS tools that allow users to create automatic processes for simple but often repeated tasks. FreeAgent lets you automate your work in many ways with little advanced computer knowledge. 

We've already mentioned how it can automatically log interaction details from the phone, email or SMS. It can also automatically assign tasks or send reminders and followups based on the stage of a deal or other triggers.

To build your own workflows, FreeAgent has a no-code automation builder that is based on a visual drag and drop system. And if that's not advanced enough, the premium packages have more automation options. 

8. Analytics

As your marketing team markets and your sales team sells, you create a lot of useful business process data. FreeAgent offers analytics on your CRM activities and displays results and insights with great reporting capabilities. These reports are on nice custom dashboards.

You get reporting on sales activities, customer acquisition and retention rates, pipeline, revenue and cycle time reports, and more. You can even auto-schedule reports and have them sent out by email regularly.  

9. Integrations

Don't isolate your FreeAgent platform from the rest of the business SaaS ecosystem. Use integrations to get cross-platform operability. We've spoken about email integrations and calendar ones with Google and Microsoft tools, and there are also native integrations with Mailchimp, Quickbooks, Slack and more.

FreeAgent also integrates with Zapier, which is a connector app. With Zapier, you can connect many of your FreeAgent tools with ease to over 1,000 other software platforms. 


FreeAgent CRM pros and cons

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of FreeAgent CRM:

FreeAgent CRM advantages

The first FreeAgent benefit is the amazing phone, email and SMS features. These really empower your team to reach out and stay connected in the always optimal manner. Plus the auto-logging is very useful.

Another pro to FreeAgent is the design of the interface and dashboards. Not only do they look great, but they are very intuitive as well, giving FreeAgent the advantage of being very user friendly.

FreeAgent CRM disadvantages

One drawback to FreeAgent is that, while there are some basic tools to help with customer service, like a ticket tracker, you cannot really use this platform to replace a more robust support system. The same might be said for it as a marketing campaign builder.


FreeAgent CRM complaints & praise (FreeAgent CRM reviews from real customers)

If you scan most of the reviews of FreeAgent CRM, you’ll note that most of them are very positive. Generally, people like the ease of use, the good collection of basic key features, and the fair price tag.

Some specific tools people love to mention in online FreeAgent reviews are the email templates, the auto-log tool, and the visual workflow builder.

Now, when it comes to negative FreeAgent CRM reviews, they are fewer and farther in between. Some reviews of FreeAgent that are a bit negative focus on the fact that people want some of the advanced features in the more basic standard plans, like email and SMS sequences and advanced reminders.

Review of FreeAgent CRM support

All FreeAgent plans get you access to a ticket support portal, a help center with guides and video tutorials, and live customer webinars. They also offer onboarding services. 

If you want more professional customer service, you need to sign up for one of the more premium packages. 


Is FreeAgent CRM worth it? Our key takeaways

And so, is FreeAgent CRM worth it? Yes, it sure is. 

With its comprehensive features and user-friendly interface, FreeAgent CRM proves to be a valuable tool for effectively managing customer relationships, streamlining sales processes, and gaining insights. 

While it may lack advanced customer service and marketing campaign capabilities, it offers excellent phone, email, and SMS communication features, task management, and automation options. 

Users praise its ease of use and fair pricing, though some desire more advanced features in lower-tier plans. If you prioritize efficient customer engagement and productivity, FreeAgent CRM is worth considering for your business needs.

Ultimately, the decision of whether FreeAgent CRM is worth it for your business depends on your specific needs and priorities. If you value a comprehensive CRM tool with excellent communication capabilities and user-friendly design, FreeAgent CRM is certainly worth considering. But, if you’d like more options, make sure to check out our Freeagent alternatives.

Our final FreeAgent CRM rating

FreeAgent CRM gets a 4/5.