29 Best Productivity Apps 2024 (Free & Paid Software Tools)

Last Updated:Thursday, February 22, 2024

Are you a busy professional looking for ways to boost productivity and get more done in less time? Or are you a manager searching for productivity software tools to help your team stay organized and efficient? 

Look no further! 

In this blog post, we've compiled the 29 best productivity apps of 2024 (both free and paid) that are perfect for individuals and businesses alike. Whether you're trying to streamline your own workflow or looking for tools to help your team collaborate and stay on track, these software tools will make your life a whole lot easier. 

So let's jump in and explore the world of productivity software tools that will revolutionize the way you work!


Best productivity software comparison chart (top 10 highest rated productivity tools)

Your search for productivity apps is over! While our post covers 29 of the best mobile and web productivity tools, this table gives you a quick overview of the 10 most highly recommended apps. You'll find the pricing plans and what each app is best for, making it easy for you to find the perfect app for your needs. 



Best for



Google Workspace

Best overall 

Free plan; $6/user/month




Free plan; $8/month



To-do lists

Free plan; $4/month



Personal productivity

Free plan; $5/user/month



Work productivity app 

Free plan; $10.99/user/month



Business productivity app

Free plan; $19.99/month



Best free




Time tracking 

Free plan; $6.50/month



Productive online meetings

Free plan; $149.90/year/user



Appointment scheduling 

Free plan; $8/seat/month



What are the best productivity apps 2024? Here’s our top 29 list:

When it comes to staying productive, having the top tools at your fingertips is essential. And in 2024, there's no shortage of best productivity apps to choose from. From online meetings and time tracking to project management and mind mapping, there's an app for every need. 

In this section, we've put together a comprehensive list of the 29 best productivity apps for 2024. We'll be reviewing each app's pros and cons and pricing plans, as well as highlight what they're best for. Also, we’ll give you examples of productivity software usage for different purposes and teams.

Let’s dive in!

1. Google Workspace (best productivity app overall)

google workspace productivity app

Google Workspace is a cloud-based productivity suite that offers a range of powerful tools for creating, sharing, and collaborating on documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and more. It includes popular apps such as Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, and Google Meet. 

This best productivity app is designed to help businesses and organizations work more efficiently and collaboratively, regardless of location. 


  • Generous free plan

  • Supports team collaboration from anywhere

  • Easy access to data from any device 

  • Offers a wide range of integrations and third-party tools

  • Robust security measures 

  • Suitable for individuals and teams


  • Limited offline functionality

  • Expensive higher plans


  • Free plan, $0/user

  • Business Starter, $6/user/month

  • Business Standard, $12/user/month

  • Business Plus, $18/user/month

  • Enterprise, contact sales for pricing 

Visit Google Workspace

2. Evernote (one of the top productivity apps for note-taking)

evernote productivity app


Evernote is a cross-platform note-taking app that allows users to create, organize, and access notes, files, and other data across multiple devices. It features a range of tools for capturing and organizing information, including text, images, audio recordings, and more.

If you think Evernote won’t meet your needs, explore alternatives, such as Notion. We strongly recommend reading our Notion vs Evernote comparison to make a well-informed decision.


  • Easily capture and organize notes in one place

  • Access notes and data from any device 

  • Integrates with a wide range of productivity apps and tools

  • Powerful search feature to quickly find notes and data

  • Create custom notebooks, tags, and labels to organize notes


  • Expensive paid plans

  • Not the most lightweight app


  • Evernote Free

  • Evernote Personal, $8/month

  • Evernote Professional, $10/month

  • Evernote Teams, $14/user/month

Evernote review

Visit Evernote

3. Todoist (great app for creating to-do lists)

todoist productivity app

Todoist is a cross-platform to-do list app that supports the creation and management of to-do lists, tasks, and projects. It offers features such as reminders, labels, filters, and collaboration tools, and can be accessed across multiple devices. 

If you’re looking for the best app to track your to-dos and accomplish more in your personal life or at work, this is the app you need. 


  • Create and manage tasks in one place

  • Supports collaboration

  • Reminders and notifications to ensure tasks are completed on time

  • Integrates with a wide range of productivity apps and tools

  • Create custom projects, labels, and filters to organize tasks


  • Some advanced features are only available with the paid version

  • Requires some training or onboarding for some users

  • Some users have reported issues with syncing tasks across multiple devices


  • Free, $0/month

  • Pro, $4/month, billed annually 

  • Business, $6/user/month, billed annually 

Todoist review

Visit Todoist

4. Trello (best personal productivity app)

trello productivity app

Trello is a personal productivity tool and task management app that allows users to create and organize tasks and projects using boards, lists, and cards. It provides a visual and collaborative approach to task management, and includes features such as labels, due dates, and checklists. 

Trello offers a great free plan and is widely used as a productivity application for individuals that want to get more done in their day. It can also be a suitable option for small teams and businesses that need to track tasks for more lightweight projects. 


  • Automation is available with the free plan

  • Generous free plan 

  • Suitable for beginners 

  • Extended functionality options 

  • Good mobile apps

  • Team collaboration and communication tools 

  • Great option for freelancers that need to manage multiple projects 


  • Not suitable for large-scale projects

  • The more advanced features are only available with a paid plan

  • There is a storage limit


  • Free plan, $0/month

  • Standard, $5/user/month, billed annually

  • Premium, $10/user/month, billed annually 

  • Enterprise, $17.50/user/month, billed annually

Trello review

Visit Trello 

5. Asana (best work app for team collaboration)

asana productivity app

Asana is a project and task management tool designed for team collaboration. It provides a range of features, including task tracking, project management, team communication, and more. Asana is considered the best app for work when it comes to team collaboration. 

This tool is used by teams of all sizes to improve productivity and efficiency. It’s continually been voted as one of the best project management software for businesses across all industries. 


  • Generous free plan

  • Good selection of features

  • Intuitive Kanban boards

  • Integrates with 200+ tools

  • Powerful automation features 

  • Team collaboration features 

  • Great choice for businesses across different industries


  • Too many email notifications

  • Limited mobile apps

  • Task can’t be assigned to multiple users


  • Free plan for up to 15 users

  • Premium, $10.99/user/month, billed annually

  • Business, $24.99/user/month, billed annually

  • Contact Asana for Enterprise plan prices

Asana review

Visit Asana 

6. Zapier (great business and productivity software)

zapier productivity app

Zapier is a web-based automation tool that connects different business productivity software and services together, enabling users to automate workflows and increase productivity. It provides a range of integrations and features, including triggers, actions, and filters. 

The app is considered a great business productivity software and is used by teams to streamline tasks and save time.


  • Automates repetitive tasks across different apps and services

  • Allows users to create custom workflows to suit their needs

  • Frees up time to focus on more high-value tasks

  • Can be used to manage tasks and projects at scale

  • Supports a wide range of apps


  • No mobile apps


  • Free plan, up to 100 tasks/month

  • Starter, $19.99/month, billed annually

  • Professional, $49/month, billed annually

  • Team, $399/month, billed annually

  • Company, $799/month, billed annually

Visit Zapier

7. Pomofocus (best free productivity app)

pomofocus productivity app

Pomofocus is a personal productivity tool that was built with the Pomodoro Technique in mind. In short, it helps users break down their work into smaller, focused intervals known as Pomodoros. It involves working for 25 minutes followed by a short break, and then repeating the cycle. 

The Pomodoro Timer is considered one of the best efficiency apps and is used by individuals to improve focus, manage time, and increase productivity.


  • Desktop apps for Mac and Windows

  • Free to use

  • Responsive design 

  • Audio notification at the end of a timer period

  • Customizable timer intervals to suit your preference


  • Might be too limited for some users


  • Free to use

Visit Pomofocus

8. RescueTime (one of the best apps to track productivity)

rescuetime productivity app

RescueTime is a time management and productivity tracking tool that monitors how users spend their time on the computer and mobile devices. It provides detailed reports and insights on app and website usage, helping users identify time-wasting activities and improve productivity.

RescueTime is considered one of the best work productivity tools and it is even voted the best time tracking app by some reviews. The tool is used by individuals and businesses to track productivity, manage distractions, and optimize their workday.


  • Automatically tracks time spent on different apps and websites

  • Detailed reports and insights on time usage and productivity

  • Allows you to set goals and receive notifications to stay on track

  • Focus mode available 


  • Limited mobile app


  • Lite, $0/month

  • Premium, starts at $6.50/month

Visit RescueTime

9. Zoom (best online meetings software)

zoom online meetings software

Zoom Meetings is a cloud-based video conferencing and collaboration platform that allows users to host and join online meetings, video calls, webinars, and virtual events. It features a range of tools for video, audio, and screen sharing, as well as collaboration features such as breakout rooms, whiteboards, and chat. 

The platform is considered one of the best online meetings software and is used by individuals, businesses, and organizations worldwide.


  • Recording features

  • Intuitive design

  • Supports large audiences

  • Fully scalable


  • Poor customer support 


  • Basic, $0/user

  • Pro, $149.90/year/user

  • Business, $199.90/year/user

  • Enterprise, contact sales

Visit Zoom

10. Calendly (one of the best apps for managers)

calendly app for managers

Calendly is an online appointment scheduling software for scheduling and managing meetings and appointments. It integrates with calendar apps such as Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook, and provides a range of customization options, including availability settings, reminder notifications, and more.


  • Generous free plan

  • Multiple monthly plans to choose from

  • Great for setting up appointments with multiple people

  • Great deal of automation available


  • Limited customer support

  • Free version doesn’t support email reminders and only allows for one type of meeting


  • Basic, $0/month

  • Essentials, $8/seat/month

  • Professional, $12/seat/month

  • Teams, $16/seat/month

  • Enterprise, contact support 

Visit Calendly 

11. Forest (best distraction blocker app)

forest distraction blocker app

The Forest app is a mobile and desktop app designed to help users stay focused and productive by blocking distractions. 

It uses a gamified approach, allowing users to grow a virtual tree for the duration of their focus session. If the user leaves the app before the session is complete, the tree "dies". Overall, it’s a great app for improving focus, reducing distractions, and increasing productivity.


  • 90+ tree species and white noises

  • Compete with friends and users around the world

  • Plant real trees on Earth and protect the environment with tree-planting organization Trees for the Future

  • Track your daily phone usage and screen time


  • The free version is only available to Android users


  • Free plan

  • $3.99/month

Visit Forest 

12. IFTTT (solid option to automate web-based tasks)

ifttt automate web based tasks

IFTTT (If This Then That) is a web-based service that allows users to create conditional statements, or "applets," that connect different web applications and services. These applets automate tasks and enable data to be shared between services, such as posting new Instagram photos to Twitter or automatically backing up new contacts to a Google Spreadsheet.


  • Automate repetitive tasks 

  • Generous free option

  • Works with digital voice assistants and smart home devices

  • Android and iOS apps


  • Limited free plan


  • Free,

  • Pro, $3/month

  • Pro Plus, $5/month


13. Microsoft 365 (best Windows productivity apps)

microsoft 365 windows productivity app

Microsoft 365 is a cloud-based productivity suite that includes a range of tools such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, and more. And, it is known as one of the best productivity apps for Windows. This software is designed to help individuals and businesses work more efficiently and collaboratively across Windows devices. 

Microsoft 365 is considered the best productivity app for Windows, offering a range of features and integrations with other productivity apps. It is widely used by individuals and businesses to create, edit, and share documents, and to manage email and calendars.


  • Access to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook

  • Collaborate and share files in real-time with colleagues and clients

  • Integration with cloud storage and other Microsoft products such as OneDrive and Teams 

  • Available on multiple devices and platforms


  • Subscription-based pricing can be costly for some users

  • Limited offline capabilities 


  • Free plan, $0/month

  • Microsoft 365 Personal, $6.99/month

  • Microsoft 365 Family, $9.99/month

  • Microsoft Teams Essentials, $4.00/user/month

  • Microsoft 365 Business Basic, $6.00/user/month

  • Microsoft 365 Business Standard, $12.50/user/month

  • Microsoft 365 Business Premium, 22.00 user/month

Visit Microsoft 365

14. Dropbox (best data storage tool) 

dropbox data storage tool


Dropbox is a cloud-based file storage and sharing service that lets users access and share files across multiple devices. It provides features such as file syncing, file sharing, collaboration tools, and version control.

Dropbox is considered the best data storage tool for its ease of use, security, and flexibility. It’s widely used by individuals and businesses to store and share files, collaborate on projects, and improve productivity.


  • Free plan 

  • Integrations with thousands of applications

  • Fast upload speeds

  • Good selection of file-sharing features

  • Advanced selective sync options

  • Powerful mobile apps


  • Expensive

  • Poor privacy


  • Free plan with 2GB storage

  • Plus, $9.99/month

  • Family, $16.99/month

  • Professional, $16.58/month

  • Standard, $15/user/month

  • Advanced, $24/user/month

  • Enterprise, contact sales for pricing

Visit Dropbox 

15. Slack (leading instant messaging platform)

slack instant messaging platform

Slack is a cloud-based instant messaging and collaboration platform that supports real-time communication and collaboration. It comes packed with features such as direct messaging, group messaging, file sharing, and integration with other productivity tools. 

Slack is considered the best instant messaging platform for its ease of use, flexibility, and robust integrations.


  • Access to previous conversations

  • Highly customizable

  • Easy file sharing

  • Good integration options

  • Generous free plan

  • Great tool for remote team collaboration


  • Expensive monthly plans 

  • Issues with call quality 


  • Free, $0/month

  • Pro, $7.25/user/month billed annually 

  • Business+, $12.50/user/month billed annually 

  • Enterprise Grid, contact sales

Visit Slack

16. 1Password (best password manager)

1password password manager

1Password is a password management app that lets you store and manage login credentials for various websites and applications in a secure and convenient way. It uses end-to-end encryption to protect user data and offers features such as strong password generation, two-factor authentication, and secure sharing. 

1Password is considered one of the best password manager apps due to its robust security features and user-friendly interface.


  • Secure storage and management of login credentials and other sensitive information

  • Generates strong, unique passwords for each account 

  • Supports two-factor authentication

  • Easy access to stored information across multiple devices

  • User-friendly interface with customization options

  • Good selection of features such as form filling and password sharing


  • No free plan

  • Lacks password inheritance feature


  • Personal, $2.99/month, billed annually 

  • Families, $4.99/month for 5 users, billed annually 

  • Business, $7.99/user/month, billed annually 

  • Teams Starter Pack, $19.95/month for 10 users, billed annually 

  • Enterprise, contact support for a quote

Visit 1Password

17. Pocket (top bookmarking service)

pocket bookmarking service

The Pocket app is a bookmarking service for saving articles, videos, and other online content for later reading or viewing. It provides a range of features, including tagging, search, and integration with other apps such as Evernote and Slack. 

Pocket is considered a top bookmarking service and is used by individuals and businesses to save and organize online content, improve productivity, and reduce distractions. You can even install a browser extension that will let you save items with one click.


  • Streamlined and user-friendly interface 

  • Access saved content across multiple devices, even when offline

  • Integrates with many popular apps and services

  • Customization options such as tagging, favoriting, and archiving

  • Recommended articles feature based on users' interests and reading habits

  • Chrome extension to capture articles, videos, and anything else fast


  • May not offer as many advanced features as some other bookmarking apps

  • Requires a premium subscription for some advanced features such as advanced search and suggested tags


  • Free plan, $0/month

  • Monthly plan, $4.99/month 

  • Annual plan, $44.99/year

Visit Pocket

18. Habitica (one of the best habit tracker apps)

habitica habit tracker app

Habitica is a habit tracking and productivity app that uses a gamified approach to help users develop and maintain positive habits. You can track daily habits, set goals, and earn rewards for completing tasks. 

Habitica is considered one of the best habit tracker apps and is used by individuals to improve productivity, develop positive habits, and achieve personal and professional goals.


  • Free to use

  • Great for people who love games

  • Task completion rewards

  • Active community

  • Plenty of customization options for avatars, tasks, and rewards


  • Steep learning curve 

  • No desktop apps, only mobile apps

  • Might not be a good option for users who don’t like gamification 


  • Free to use

Visit Habitica

19. Hootsuite (best productivity software for social scheduling)

hootsuite productivity software

Hootsuite is a social media management platform that supports the management and scheduling of social media posts across multiple networks from a single dashboard. It provides a range of features, including content curation, analytics, team collaboration, and more. 

Hootsuite is considered the best productivity software for social scheduling and is used by businesses and individuals to improve social media productivity and performance.


  • Manage multiple social media accounts and platforms in one place

  • Wide range of social media scheduling and publishing features

  • Social media analytics and reporting features 

  • Team collaboration features

  • Integrates with many popular social media platforms and third-party apps and services


  • Requires a subscription fee to access some advanced features

  • May not be ideal for users who only need to manage a small number of social media accounts or platforms

  • Limitations on the number of social media accounts and scheduled posts depending on the subscription plan


  • Professional, $99/month for 1 user

  • Team, $249/month for 3 users

  • Business, $739/month for 5 users

  • Enterprise, contact customer support

Visit Hootsuite 

20. Loom (top screen recording app)

loom screen recording appLoom is a video messaging and screen recording app for creating and sharing video content. It comes with features such as screen recording, webcam recording, and editing tools. 

Loom is considered one of the best screen recording software for its ease of use, flexibility, and robust integrations with other productivity tools. You can use it to create video tutorials, demos, and presentations and to improve communication and collaboration.


  • Good deal of customization options

  • User-friendly interface and easy-to-use tools for recording 

  • Integrates with popular apps and services 

  • Supports real-time recording and live streaming options for remote collaboration and communication

  • Provides detailed analytics and metrics


  • Has limitations on the length of recordings and the amount of storage available depending on the subscription plan

  • Requires a subscription fee to access some advanced features 


  • Free, $0/month

  • Business, $8/creator/month, billed annually 

  • Enterprise, contact support 

Visit Loom 

21. Grammarly (great writing assistant app)

grammarly writing assistant app

Grammarly is a writing assistant app that uses advanced AI technology to help users improve their writing. It provides features such as grammar and spelling checks, tone detection, and style suggestions. 

Grammarly is one of the best apps for improving writing quality, reducing errors, and saving time. It’s widely used across a range of industries, including journalism, marketing, and academia.


  • 400+ different types of checks and features 

  • Real-time grammar correction 

  • Clear explanations for corrections

  • Good deal of customization 

  • Offers seamless usability

  • Well-designed UI


  • The free plan is very limited

  • Not every correction is accurate


  • Free, $0/month

  • Premium, $12/month, billed annually 

  • Business, $15/member/month, billed annually 

Visit Grammarly 

22. ChatGPT by OpenAI (powerful AI software)

chatgpt openai ai software

ChatGPT is an AI-based conversational agent developed by OpenAI that uses natural language processing to generate human-like responses to text-based inputs. It’s currently one of the best AI software that can help users with a variety of tasks, including answering questions, providing recommendations, generating text, and more. 

ChatGPT is widely used in a range of industries, including customer service, education, and entertainment, and has the potential to revolutionize how people interact with technology.


  • Available 24/7 to answer questions and provide information

  • Can process and analyze large amounts of data quickly

  • Provides consistent and objective responses

  • Offers a broad range of knowledge across various topics

  • Can communicate in multiple languages and adapt to the user's writing style


  • May not provide the same level of personalized interaction as a human expert in a specific field

  • Could potentially provide incorrect information or responses, especially if the information provided to it is incorrect or incomplete


  • Free plan, $0/month

  • Premium plan, $20/month 

Visit ChatGPT

23. MindMeister (best mind mapping software)

mindmeister mind mapping software

MindMeister is a web-based mind mapping software that allows you to visually organize and share your ideas. It offers a range of features, including brainstorming tools, collaboration, and integrations with other productivity apps. 

MindMeister is considered the best mind mapping software for its ease of use, flexibility, and robust features. You can use it to create mind maps, project plans, and flowcharts, and to improve creativity, productivity, and communication.


  • User-friendly interface and intuitive tools 

  • Customization options

  • Allows for collaboration and sharing of mind maps with multiple users

  • Real-time synchronization across devices and platforms

  • Variety of export options

  • Great for brainstorming, project management, and note-taking


  • Requires a subscription fee to access some advanced features 

  • Not ideal for users who prefer a more traditional or linear note-taking approach

  • Could potentially become cluttered and confusing with too many branches


  • Basic, $0/month

  • Personal, $2.49/month 

  • Pro, $4.19/month

  • Business, $6.29/month

Visit MindMeister 

24. DocuSign (top online system for managing contracts and other documents)

docusign online system for managing contracts

DocuSign is a cloud-based software that allows you to sign and send contracts and other documents electronically. It comes with a range of features, including document management, e-signature, and workflow automation. 

Overall, it’s a great app for signing contracts and other documents online, as it is secure, reliable, and legally binding. Both individuals and businesses can use it to streamline document signing and improve efficiency.


  • User-friendly interface and streamlined workflow

  • Secure and legally binding platform for electronic signatures

  • Integrates with popular apps and services such as Google Drive and Salesforce

  • Real-time tracking and status updates for documents

  • Customization options such as branding and templates


  • Requires a subscription fee to access some advanced features

  • May not be suitable for certain types of legal documents or industries that require specific signing requirements or formalities


  • Personal, $0/month 

  • Standard, $25 /month/seat

  • Business Pro, $40 /month/seat

  • Enhanced plan, contact sales 

Visit DocuSign

25. Basecamp (team productivity tool)

basecamp team productivity tool

Basecamp is a web-based project management and team productivity app for organizing and managing projects, tasks, and communication. It comes packed with features such as to-do lists, schedules, file sharing, and group chat. Basecamp is considered a great team productivity tool for its ease of use, flexibility, and robust integrations.


  • Good deal of communication and collaboration tools

  • Custom access settings for clients

  • Integrated calendar feature 

  • Automatic check-ins to eliminate meetings 

  • Good document sharing and file storage options 


  • Lacks a free plan

  • May not be suitable for teams that require more advanced features or customization options

  • The system can feel slightly siloed 


  • Basecamp, $15/user/month

  • Basecamp Pro Unlimited, $299/month for unlimited users, billed annually 

Basecamp review 

Visit Basecamp

26. Prezi (powerful presentation app)

prezi presentation app

Prezi is a cloud-based presentation software for creating dynamic, visually engaging presentations. It provides features such as zooming and panning, templates, and multimedia integration. 

Prezi is considered a powerful presentation app for its ability to create non-linear, interactive presentations, making it more engaging for the audience. Both individuals and businesses can use it to create presentations, pitches, and demos, and to improve communication and engagement.


  • Visually engaging and dynamic presentation style

  • Good selection of templates and customization options

  • Plenty of collaboration and sharing options 

  • Real-time access and syncing across devices and platforms

  • Great for business presentations, education, and storytelling


  • The constant zooming and movement might be distracting for some viewers

  • May not be suitable for more formal or traditional presentations


  • Basic, $0/month

  • Plus, $12/month

  • Individual Standard, $7/month

  • Individual Plus, $12/month

  • Individual Premium, $16/month

  • EDU Plus, $3/month

  • EDU Pro, $4/month

  • EDU Teams, contact sales

  • Business Plus, $12/month

  • Business Premium, $16/month

  • Business Teams, contact sales

Visit Prezi 

27. Airtable (robust spreadsheet-database tool)

airtable spreadsheet database tool

Airtable is a cloud-based spreadsheet-database tool for organizing and managing data in a flexible and visual way. Its features include bases, views, extensions, integrations, and more. 

The app is considered a robust spreadsheet-database tool for its ability to handle a wide range of data types and relationships, making it ideal for project management, CRM, and other applications. It has an application in a variety of industries, including creative, education, and finance.


  • Great tool for managing structured data

  • Supports the creation of extensive databases

  • Works great as a project management tool

  • Generous free plan

  • Good selection of team collaboration tools

  • Lots of project templates to choose from


  • Not very intuitive 


  • Free, $0/month

  • Plus, $10/seat /month, billed annually

  • Pro, $20/seat /month, billed annually

  • Enterprise, contact sales 

Airtable review

Visit Airtable

28. Shortcuts (iphone productivity app)

shortcuts iphone productivity app

Shortcuts is a productivity app for iPhone that lets you create custom automation sequences, called "shortcuts," that can be triggered with a tap, voice command, or time-based trigger. It provides features such as actions, variables, and integrations with other iPhone apps. Shortcuts is considered a great productivity app for iPhone for its ability to automate routine tasks and improve workflow. 


  • User-friendly interface

  • Wide range of pre-made shortcuts that can be easily customized

  • Saves time and effort by automating repetitive or time-consuming tasks

  • Integrates with other Apple tools and apps


  • May not offer as many advanced features or options as some other scripting or automation tools


  • Free plan 

Visit Shortcuts 

29. ClickUp (good productivity management software)

clickup productivity management software

ClickUp is a productivity management software that allows users to manage and track projects, tasks, and goals across teams and departments. It provides features such as customizable workflows, time tracking, and collaboration tools. Individuals and businesses consider it a good productivity management software for its flexibility, ease of use, and robust features.


  • Clean and elegant UI

  • Packed with features

  • Good selection of team collaboration tools (Whiteboard, Chat, Email, and Proofing)

  • Flexible and customizable

  • Generous free plan

  • Powerful reporting capabilities


  • It can feel bloated with too many features

  • Requires onboarding 


  • Free plan

  • Unlimited, $5/person/month, billed annually

  • Business, $12/user/month, billed annually

  • Business, $19/user/month

  • Enterprise plan

ClickUp review

Visit ClickUp


What are productivity apps used for?

Productivity apps are designed to help individuals and teams manage tasks, increase efficiency, and stay organized. They can be used for various purposes, including project management, time tracking, communication, document management, and automation. By using productivity apps, users can streamline their workflow and maximize their output.

Some people experience a lack of productivity because of burnout. If you think you’re burned out, consider using the Ivy Lee Method or other apps that can help you conquer burnout and prevent it in the future.


Which is the best productivity tool for me? Key takeaways

Our vote for the best business productivity app goes to Google Workspace for the simple fact that it’s a comprehensive suite of apps for everything from managing to-do lists and emails to scheduling online meetings and collaborating on documents. But is this the top productivity app for your business in particular?

There are many other great productivity tools available to suit specific needs. For example, if you're looking for a time tracking tool, RescueTime could be an excellent fit. And if you need an app that will help your team members collaborate more efficiently, Asana is definitely worth considering. 

One tool that didn’t make our list but is worth mentioning is Standuply for Slack and Teams. This tool can help automate team updates, increasing productivity and saving everyone precious time.

So, take some time to evaluate your specific needs and explore the many great productivity apps out there, and you're sure to find the perfect one to help you stay organized, efficient, and productive.