Digital Tools

Redbooth takes teamwork to the next level by combining sophisticated live video collaboration tools, predictive task management, and timeline overview features for a user-friendly (and affordable) project management experience.

Conversion-rate-optimization software VWO helps online businesses get creative in thinking beyond short-term gains.  

Like a sommelier suggesting the optimal cheese pairing for wine, Guru’s new AI Voice Suggest serves up relevant knowledge to sales reps in real-time call conversations to provide the most palatable customer service. 

Best-in-class customer relations is possible with Amplitude, an analytics platform that builds a stellar offering based on the three most important ‘U’s’: user-friendly software, for a user-centered approach to user behavior. 

A successful marketing strategy stems from a healthy customer relationship; Autopilot helps you plan both. And that’s not all! The platform’s user-friendly interface makes the entire marketing automation process actually fun to use. 

Your business isn’t the center of the universe. That’s Zendesk’s philosophy. Harsh truth? Yes. But it’s working for Zendesk; it can work for you too.

Automation can be easy. Simple one and two-step automations save time and bring peace of mind. IFTTT links the digital and physical tools around you. Oh yeah, and it’s also free.

Optimizely was founded from four simple words of advice, "just run an experiment." The experimentation platform has now helped tailor over 700 billion customer experiences. Their secret weapon? Combining A/B testing with a platform where teams can ideate together.