Digital Tools

Digital tools for growing your business and streamlining work. From automation to analytics, from marketing to mindmapping.

Station does a great job of bundling all of your SaaS and web-based applications together into one sleek and easy to use dashboard.

Segment helps companies organize and understand customer data, allowing them to make informed decisions and provide relevant content where it matters most.

Behind every site visit is a story. FullStory records each one to resolve all the bugs, help customers, and reveal crucial analytics.

Outreach is a sales engagement platform that works alongside CRM to engage, execute, and optimize information all the while mega-boosting your revenue.

The sales and support tool aims to “de-frictionize” messaging and real-time chat. How? By engaging customers wherever they may be.

Stop making blind guesses about your website and drive growth with data-driven decisions. Go GoSquared!

Carrot recognizes the usefulness of having noise-free communication channels where team leaders can be sure their messages are efficiently received.

Every single audible syllable has the power to store and transmit valuable information. With voice note app Otter, audio transcription gets first-class AI treatment.