Digital Tools

What happens when a company that’s on a mission to make business transactions easier, faster and less costly, collaborates with another whose mission is to create an easy to use accounting software for small businesses?

On first glance, Milanote comes off as something like a cross between a mood board and a project management tool. Visually oriented and crazy flexible, it’s very much made with creatives in the crosshairs.

Advanced AI capabilities and real-sentiment analysis are just a couple reasons why Dialpad made Forbes Cloud 100 list. 

It's not crazy to talk to your computer, or at least Microsoft doesn't think so. Going one step beyond their Garage project, Dictate, Microsoft releases Office Dictate for all Office 365 users. 

Viral Loops ‘How to Grow like DropBox’ program helps every company build their own referral program success story. 

Dreadless form-filling platform, Typeform, announces the next generation of form-filling, Typeform Connect– a frictionless universe of form integrations with your favorite apps.

Atlassian 86s Stride and forms a strategic partnership with Slack, the hottest collaboration tool that everyone wants a piece of.  

Airtable does for the spreadsheet what the touchscreen did for mobile phones: streamlined and simplified work management tools in a visually stunning landscape that appeals to the human side of work.