Digital Tools

Digital tools for growing your business and streamlining work. From automation to analytics, from marketing to mindmapping.

FIO’s slick-looking web app is a quick, free, and easy way to keep organized when working across multiple time zones.  

For new businesses looking to get banked on low budgets, Mercury has got savings, checkings, transfers, analytics and more in one modern platform.

Freelancers, contractors, and startups need inexpensive professional money management, so Albert brings algorithmic and human expertise right to their mobile.    

Enough extra platforms, dashboards, and profiles, is a powerful office assistant working directly as a chat contact to free you from mundane tasks.

Paste’s intuitive slideshow and storyboard app keeps your team creatively glued together. 

Has managing information scattered across multiple channels become overwhelming? Don't fret, Clariti is here to clear things up.

Spike enhances the traditional inbox with the immediacy and ease of use of chat messaging, making workplace communications more natural and efficient.

If you’re searching for an above average search tool, Algolia ranks right at the top.