Best Gmail CRM Integrations (G Suite/Gmail Plugins & Apps)

Last Updated:Thursday, March 28, 2024

Quick Summary:

Gmail CRM integrations connect Gmail with CRM systems, letting you manage client relationships directly from your inbox.

In this article, we review the top 11 CRM integrations for Gmail and G Suite, offering seamless inbox integration to boost productivity and manage customer relationships efficiently.

Gmail and G Suite apps are very popular. They are more than personal tools but many businesses use them too. That’s why they integrate with so many customer relationship management tools. So what are the best Gmail CRMs out there?


To answer this you need to know something about Google CRM systems and Gmail CRM extensions. Whether via plugin, add-on, extension or total integration, the top CRM for Gmail tools get the full review treatment here.



Best Gmail CRM Integration Comparison Chart (Top 10 Highest Rated)


Best for

Pricing starts at

Free version


Pipedrive Gmail Plugin

Best CRM for Gmail overall



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Streak Full Gmail Integration

Best free CRM for Gmail



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Nethunt Full Gmail Integration

Great CRM add-on for G Suite



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HubSpot CRM Gmail Sidebar Integration

Top Gmail CRM plugin for small teams



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Copper Gmail Sidebar Integration

Good Gmail CRM extension for contact management



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Agile CRM Chrome Extension

Good CRM add-on for Google Chrome



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FollowUp for Email

Good simple Gmail CRM app



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Capsule CRM Gmail Sidebar Integration

Top Gmail CRM extension for small business



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Zoho CRM Gmail Sidebar Integration

Good Gmail CRM plugin for startups



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Nutshell Gmail  and Google Calendar Integration

Great CRM for G Suite for large business



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Why Google CRM Integrations for Gmail & G Suite Are Popular

Let’s be real. CRM doesn’t seem so crazy if it lives inside your Gmail, right? The Gmail CRM platform is user-friendly. Whether it’s an extension, a plugin, or an add-on, having a G Suite CRM is a great solution.

Google apps are currently used by 4 million paying enterprises worldwide. Most of the large and small business world is using the Gmail inbox already. You probably are too.

It’s safe to say Gmail probably isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. So CRM companies have latched on to the popularity and started to consider, why not bring CRM software to the people?

Google’s focus on design simplicity and experience appeals to every user. The user benefits of a CRM system for Gmail involve a minimal learning curve and well-designed productivity tools like G Suite and Google Drive.

Whether we like to admit it or not, Gmail is where we live. It’s where we communicate, book appointments, organize meetings, store contacts, maintain relationships, build opportunities, plan new projects, and set reminders for all the essential action items of life and work.


How Do You Add CRM in Gmail or G Suite?

There are many ways a CRM solution can be integrated into a Google Workspace. It could be right inside a Gmail account. Or it could have functionality with a wider set of Google apps.

Chrome Plugin

Adding a CRM solution to Chrome is one of the main ways to integrate contact information into your workspace. You can find these add-ons at the Chrome web store. This will give you buttons and other functionalities inside the Chrome web browser.

Gmail Sidebar Integration

As one of the best email client tools, Gmail is also equipped with the Gmail sidebar CRM plugin. This places a series of CRM tools inside your Gmail dashboard, like mail merge and email templates. It can help with real-time task management whenever you want to transform an email from a Google contact into something on your to-do list.

Full G Suite Integration

This is the most robust way you can have a CRM system work with all your Google tools and apps. While there is often an API that allows developers to make their own tools, many CRMs make it easy to integrate with Gmail, Google Calendars, Google Contacts, and more.


What Are the Best CRMs for Gmail? Here’s Our Top 11 List:

You now know a bit more about the world of G Suite CRM and CRMs in Gmail. Excited about the breakdown of the best CRM for Gmail? We hope so because we’ve got some great vendors. These even include some amazing free CRM for Gmail.


1. Pipedrive Gmail Plugin (Best CRM for Gmail Overall)

pipedrive gmail plugin

Why We Chose It:

For the number one on our list, we decided to go with Pipedrive. Out of all the plugins we tested, it proved to be the best as it was specifically designed to bolster sales processes, ensuring teams remain in sync.

Pipedrive’s Gmail Chrome extension exists as a sidebar application that allows you to schedule sales activities, make notes, and quickly add contacts from Gmail to Pipedrive. Once you have installed the add-on, you can instantly see all sales history with each contact whenever you open an email communication thread with them.

The Pipedrive add-on for Gmail is all about providing you with context throughout all the stages of the sales process. With its deep integration, users can automatically sync contacts, emails, and tasks between Gmail and Pipedrive, eliminating manual data entry.

According to various industry benchmarks, companies using Pipedrive have seen an average of a 28% increase in close rate after their first year.

If you’d like to learn more about our top pick, make sure to check out our Pipedrive review.


While the Pipedrive Gmail Chrome extension isn’t a full integration, its sidebar access is very handy for companies who are looking for a top-rated platform with more robust sales features like prospect and lead management, pipeline overview, closing deals, and all that jazz. 


The main drawback users cite is an issue with Pipedrive being on the high end of the pricing structure. Customer service is always live but frequently slow with response times. 


  • The Essential plan is $14 per user/per month billed annually

  • The Advanced plan is $29 per user/per month billed annually

  • The Professional plan is $49 per user/per month billed annually

  • The Power plan is $64 per user/per month billed annually

  • The Enterprise plan is $99 per user/per month, billed annually

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2. Streak Full Gmail Integration (Best Free CRM for Gmail)

stream full gmail integration

Why We Chose It:

Streak is one of the only fully integrated Gmail CRM, meaning this bad boy lives directly inside your Gmail inbox for desktop or mobile. That comes with all the G Suite integrations, too.

The idea behind Streak is to provide an organic extension of your existing workflow. While this CRM is more of a lightweight option, Streak still has all those juicy CRM details like pipeline and lead generation features.

One of its standout features is the "Magic Columns," which automatically populates data about your contacts without any manual input, pulling relevant details straight from emails. 

Streak also boasts a unique email tracking capability, letting users know when their emails are read and providing valuable insights into recipient engagement.

To find out more about the features, read our Streak CRM review.


Streak built their CRM inside Gmail to make it accessible to everyone. It’s a simple CRM that is easy to get started with the basics. The ability to track and move emails through the pipeline is a plus for budding businesses.

Streak has a broad selection of industry customers ranging from project management, media, and creative agencies, to customer support, recruitment, real estate, fundraising, and more. 


Streak is a lightweight CRM meaning its features are fairly primitive in comparison to other CRM options that have Gmail plugins. Despite Streak living entirely in your Gmail inbox, some users find the interface to be overcomplicated with slow loading times.


  • Streak offers a free version with basic CRM features 

  • Solo is $15 per user/per month, billed annually

  • Professional is $49 per user/per month, billed annually 

  • Enterprise is $129 per user/per month, billed annually

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3. Nethunt Full Gmail Integration (Great CRM Add-on for G Suite)

nethunt full gmail integration

Why We Chose It:

The reason why we recommend NetHunt is because it is a fully integrated CRM for Gmail. We’re not talking Chrome Extension or sidebars here. The familiar Gmail dashboard that sits on the left of your inbox comes with a second tab, transformed into all the CRM capabilities you could possibly desire.

One distinctive feature of NetHunt is its capability to transform emails into actionable records, which means every email can be turned into a task, lead, or follow-up reminder. Moreover, it offers a fully customizable interface allowing businesses to tailor their CRM to specific needs, providing a personalized user experience. 

NetHunt is special because it’s geared towards sales, marketing, and support. 


Full integration means all CRM capabilities are readily accessible from the familiar Gmail dashboard directly inside your inbox. No tab-switching, no window minimizing.

The CRM also offers a Zapier integration allowing you to connect with over 1,000 other favorite app combos. There’s a mobile app as well.


NetHunt is a simple and flexible platform, however, this can be both a pro and con. It’s not the most visually pleasing interface, and its customizable features may take some time to set up. There are currently limited native integrations; you will have to use Zapier to connect to other apps.


  • Basic plan is $24 per user/per month, paid annually 

  • Business Plus is $48 per user/per month, paid annually 

  • Advanced is $96 per user/per month, paid annually

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4. HubSpot CRM Gmail Sidebar Integration (Top Gmail CRM Plugin for Small Teams)

hubspot crm gmail sidebar integration

Why We Chose It:

HubSpot is a big name, up there with Salesforce in the CRM industry, so it’s only natural it offers a Gmail Chrome extension to help streamline its user’s workflow.

One of HubSpot's unique offerings within its Gmail plugin is its real-time email tracking, which notifies users the moment a recipient opens an email, offering timely insights into engagement. Beyond simple tracking, it allows for immediate scheduling of follow-ups right from the Gmail interface.

Furthermore, HubSpot's plugin provides detailed contact profiles alongside each email, so users are equipped with critical context during communications.

Oh yeah, did we mention that it’s also FREE?!

To find out more about the pricing and features, make sure to check out our HubSpot CRM review.


HubSpot is a household name in the CRM world and for a reason: Besides the fact that it’s free, it’s also a comprehensive package that includes the ability to assign and track leads, record customer interactions across several channels, easy-to-use email marketing and inbound marketing tools, and much more. 


The free version has many features, but a lot of them aren’t that robust, which means you may find yourself having to shell out for Marketing, Sales, or Service Hub products, especially as your company scales. 


  • HubSpot offers a free CRM

  • Starter CRM bundle with sales, marketing and service starts at $45 per month billed annually

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Go to HubSpot CRM’s official website


5. Copper Gmail Sidebar Integration (Good Gmail CRM Extension for Contact Management)

copper gmail sidebar integration

Why We Chose It:

The one tool that reminded us of all things Google is this one. Copper is built with Google Material Design, meaning that even within the CRM platform, all the contact management things you need to do, like email tracking, call logs, and contact management, will look and feel like G Suite.

Copper’s Chrome extension sidebar gives you a quick access overview of all your important contact details. Powerful AI-driven capabilities are extra helpful for automating tedious and time-consuming tasks.

A unique feature of Copper is its "zero-input" approach; the plugin automatically populates CRM entries by pulling details directly from Gmail emails, calendar events, and other G Suite apps, minimizing manual data input. 

We have a Copper CRM review where you can read more details about this tool.


Copper is one of the first to connect the CRM and Gmail dots beyond sidebar status, and this isn’t some minor integration; Copper’s Chrome Extension lives in Gmail the same way you do.

Google itself uses and recommends Copper for its millions of users. 


Copper is quick to broadcast its built-for-Gmail product. However, it’s important to note that the CRM is a Chrome extension and not fully integrated. Therefore, there will be some tab-switching for a full data overview. While the CRM boasts its easy usability, be forewarned there is definitely still a bit of a learning curve.   


  • Basic plan is $25 per user/per month, billed annually 

  • Professional plan is $59 per user/per month, billed annually 

  • Business plan is $119 per user/per month, billed annually

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6. Agile CRM Chrome Extension (Good CRM Add-on for Google Chrome)

agile crm chrome extension

Why We Chose It:

Agile CRM’s Chrome extension for Gmail is designed for streamlined communication between the CRM platform and your Gmail inbox. 

A distinct feature of Agile CRM's plugin is its 360-degree contact view right inside Gmail, granting users a comprehensive snapshot of a contact's details, communication history, and tasks without needing to exit their inbox. This means quicker, more informed interactions at every touchpoint. 

The plugin also integrates smoothly with Agile CRM’s marketing automation tools, allowing for campaign tracking and lead scoring directly from Gmail. For example, you can check in on campaigns your contacts are a part of, add new campaigns, and remove contacts from existing campaigns. 

Read more about this tool’s features in our Agile CRM review.


Agile CRM is chock-full of great automation features; this, combined with their Gmail Chrome extension, makes the platform very useful for eliminating any unnecessary admin minutes (or hours) in your workday. 


Agile offers a lot of robust features, but its Gmail integration is minimal, and the platform itself is not exactly a ‘ready to go right out of the box’ kind of CRM. It will take some effort to learn. 


  • Agile CRM offers a free version

  • Starter is $9.99 per user/per month, billed annually

  • Regular is $39.99 per user/per month, billed annually 

  • Enterprise is $64.99 per user/per month, billed annually

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7. FollowUp for Email (Good Simple Gmail CRM App)

followup for email

Why We Chose It:

For all businesses that value timely and consistent communication with clients and leads, we recommend FollowUp.

We found the 'Send Later' function quite handy, as it allows you to draft an email and schedule it for an optimal time, ensuring it reaches recipients when they're most likely to engage.

This plugin, rather than being a full-fledged CRM, specializes in automating follow-up reminders, ensuring that no potential lead or critical task falls through the cracks. Integration with Gmail makes these reminders deeply contextual, linked directly to email threads. 


As a personal CRM, it’s particularly handy to work within a familiar space. FollowUp notifications are extremely helpful in a professional setting.

FollowUp CRM is by no means over-complicated; the Chrome extension really exists solely to improve your workflow and to progress your personal or professional relationships. 


If you’re looking for a CRM with more robust reporting insights or advanced methods for categorizing your network, FollowUp might not be your first pick. But if what you’re craving is relationship management simplified, this just might be the CRM for you. 


  • Starter plan is $18 per month, billed annually

  • Professional plan is $29 per month, billed annually

  • Salesforce Edition plan is $40 per month, billed annually

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8. Capsule CRM Gmail Sidebar Integration (Top Gmail CRM extension for Small Business)

capsule crm gmail sidebar integration

Why We Chose It:

Capsule offers a Gmail add-on integration, which gives you an inbox sidebar host to several helpful features like storing conversation threads and customer details, linking sales opportunities and cases, and adding follow-up tasks.

One feature of the Capsule plugin that we liked is its ability to capture emails directly into the CRM, ensuring all relevant communications are instantly stored and categorized within a client's record. This feature ensures a comprehensive view of the client relationship directly from the Gmail interface.

Furthermore, Capsule boasts a user-friendly task management system that keeps users updated on impending activities and follow-ups. To find out how this tool works, check out our Capsule CRM review.


Capsule is catered towards startup and small business culture and offers a free plan for up to two users. The Professional plan has several handy integrations for growing your business like Zapier, Zendesk, Twitter, and Mailchimp. A dedicated customer support system is another major plus. 


While the CRM is very new and business-friendly, the free version is capped at 250 contacts, so if you’re looking to expand beyond that, you’ll have to upgrade pretty quickly. Users have reported issues with categorization and record management. 


  • Capsule CRM offers a free version

  • Professional is priced at $18 per user/ per month

  • Teams is priced at $36 per user/per month

  • Enterprise is $54 per user/per month

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9. Zoho CRM Gmail Sidebar Integration (Good Gmail CRM Plugin for Startups)

zoho crm gmail sidebar integration

Why We Chose It:

So, if you're on the hunt for a CRM that feels like it's just part of your Gmail, Zoho's got your back.

One cool thing about their Gmail plugin is the 'Contextual Gadget.' Basically, it lets you see CRM info right next to your emails, so you're always clued in. No need to switch tabs or apps; you can add leads, update records, and set tasks directly from Gmail. 

Additionally, the plugin offers automated data syncing, ensuring that your CRM records remain up-to-date with the latest email interactions.

We have a Zoho CRM review, so make sure to check it out for more details.


If you’re just starting out and shopping for a CRM, two words might sound appealing to you: free and Gmail. Zoho CRM has got you covered with its Chrome extension and free CRM plan for up to three users. 


A lot of companies start out using Gmail, and since Zoho CRM is designed for budding businesses, the addition of its Chrome extension is very appealing.

Although it’s good to keep in mind that all of Zoho’s free and standard plans have limited features, and its add-on modules will cost ya, so as your team and feature needs grow, so will your monthly rate. 


  • Zoho CRM offers a free version

  • Standard version is $14 per user/per month, billed annually

  • Professional is $23 per user/per month, billed annually

  • Enterprise version is $40 per user/per month, billed annually

  • Ultimate is $52 per user/per month, billed annually

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10. Nutshell Gmail and Google Calendar Integration (Great CRM for G Suite for Large Business)

nutshell gmail and google calendar integration

Why we chose it:

Nutshell is a powerful CRM known for its simple and intuitive interface.

The feature that impressed us the most is the "Live Feed," which is essentially a pulse on customer interactions, delivering timely updates and keeping teams in the loop about customer touchpoints.

Beyond this real-time feature, Nutshell is known for its rich contact management. You can swiftly create leads and contacts directly from your emails, ensuring no potential client or lead gets overlooked.

But it's not just about adding names and emails; the plugin pulls comprehensive details, giving you a holistic view of each contact, including their interaction history, deals in progress, and more.


It seamlessly connects your Google and Nutshell contacts and emails, plus syncs and automatically updates Google events with Nutshell activities. To seal that ease of use feel, you can use a single sign-in with Google credentials.

In a nutshell, if you’re used to legacy CRM and inbox situations, this platform will feel like a breeze.


The lack of automated integrations and customizability capabilities is a bit of a bummer. But depending on your situation, Nutshell’s easy-to-setup interface and third-party integrations through Zapier may make up for that. 


  • Starter plan is $19 per user/per month, billed annually. 

  • Pro plan is $35 per user/per month, billed annually

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Go to Nutshell’s official website


11. Insightly Gmail Sidebar Integration (Good CRM Plugin for Gmail for Sales)

insightly gmail sidebar integration

Why We Chose It:

Insightly's Gmail plugin isn't just another add-on; it's a powerhouse tool designed to supercharge email-based CRM activities.

The "Link Email" feature, which is especially handy, goes beyond just associating emails with projects or opportunities. It creates a holistic view of customer interactions, ensuring that everyone on the team can trace back the genesis of a particular communication thread or understand the context behind a deal.

Insightly stands out for its relationship-tracking capabilities. Beyond just logging emails, the plugin enables users to map out how contacts are related to each other, which can be invaluable in understanding networks and influences within a business ecosystem.

We have an Insightly review, so make sure to hop over there and read more about this tool.


Insightly is a CRM built more for enterprise-size sales and relationship management; however, the company’s ‘free for 2 users’ option caters to startups as well. It is a reputable CRM with both desktop and mobile functions.

While this isn’t a robust Gmail integration, Insightly is a robust CRM with Kanban sales pipelines, custom reports, various dashboard options, and relationship maps to fuel your customer relationship fire. 


While Insightly promotes itself as the “#1 Gmail and G Suite CRM,” what it really means is that they are the #1 CRM that has a fairly convenient Gmail integration. There will still be some significant tab-switching between the two platforms. 


  • Insightly offers a free plan for up to two users

  • Plus is $29 per user/per month, billed annually

  • Professional is $49 per user/per month, billed annually

  • Enterprise is $99 per user/per month, billed annually

Visit site
Go to Insightly’s official website


CRM Gmail Integration Workflow

The workflow of a CRM user looks a lot like this. You open and read an email, identify an opportunity, assign an action item, follow up, and nurture a customer relationship. With a customer relationship management system built for Gmail, the user gets to maintain their workflow naturally and sometimes even in a single tab.

Most of the time, it all starts with an email in Gmail, so might as well get started with your very own CRM integration for Gmail. Do keep in mind that if you ever use another email client, we also have a list of the best Outlook CRM, so make sure to check it out.

And, if you’d like to learn more about CRMs in general, we suggest you check out our What is a CRM system article for the basics. From there, you can move on to the more advanced stuff. Good luck!


Gmail CRM FAQs

Does Gmail Have a CRM?

Unfortunately, Gmail doesn’t have a built-in CRM system. The good news? You can integrate third-party CRM tools with your Gmail account for better functionality. There’s a wide range of CRM platforms that offer Gmail integrations, such as HubSpot, Zoho CRM, and Salesforce, among many others.

These integrations can help you manage your customer interactions and track emails, among many other things, directly from your account.


Does Google Have a CRM Tool?

Unlike Gmail, Google has a dedicated CRM tool called Google Contacts. It’s not as robust and feature-rich as some standalone CRM platforms. However, it allows users to keep and manage their contacts, including email addresses, phone numbers, notes, etc. Moreover, it’s integrated with Gmail and Google Calendar. So, it’s convenient for people who already use these tools.

If you’re looking for something more advanced, consider integrating third-party CRM with Google services. These solutions offer features like lead management, analytics, sales tracking, and more.


What is Copper CRM for Gmail?

Copper (formerly known as ProperWorks) is a CRM tool designed with Gmail and other Google Workspace apps in mind. It’s made to integrate with Gmail smoothly, enabling you to control contacts, leads, and more without leaving your account. It provides email tracking, contact and lead management, reporting, sales automation, etc.

The goal of Copper is to streamline the workflow of sales and relationship management by using the familiarity of Gmail and other Google apps. So, if you’re looking for a CRM solution that integrates with Gmail and Google Workspace, look no further than Copper.


Is Google Streak a CRM?

Yes! Google Streak is a CRM tool. In fact, it’s specifically designed as a CRM system within Gmail. This popular tool allows people to control their sales pipelines, customer relationships, and more from their Gmail account. Main features include email tracking, collaboration tools, pipeline management, and integration with other apps.

Google Streak is mostly used by small and medium-sized businesses that use Gmail as their main email platform.


What is the Best CRM to Use With Gmail?

The best CRM for Gmail depends on your needs. HubSpot CRM has robust features, Zoho CRM caters to various aspects, Copper is designed for Gmail, and Pipedrive excels in visual pipeline management. Consider your business size, requirements, and budget when choosing. The best part? Most CRMs offer free trials!