Salesflare Review 2024: Features, Pricing, Pros & Cons

Last Updated:Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Ever heard of the CRM and sales platform called Salesflare? Well, you have come to the right place if you want the most in-depth Salesflare review.

In this well-researched article, we plan on covering all things Salesflare. This begins with a breakdown of the pricing structure. It moves on to the various CRM, marketing, and sales features offered by Salesflare. After that, we'll look at the advantages and drawbacks of this software solution. Then, we go over its customer support options. Finally, we deliver a rating.

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Salesflare review 2024: Is Salesflare any good?

As you read up on this Salesflare review, you will immediately realize that Salesflare does indeed have a great reputation. This is a good CRM for small businesses and startups in the B2B sector, which means business to business. However, it can be useful as well for B2C purposes, which is business to customer. 

Of course, there are many great options if you are looking for the best value CRM for small business. Some users may be tempted to compare Salesflare to other big names like Salesforce. This is not a bad comparison; in some ways, these two platforms can go head to head. Ultimately, when it comes to getting a good handle on the natural flow of the sales process, most of these SaaS will do the trick. 

But today, we are all about touting the ins and outs of Salesflare.


Salesflare pricing plans

First of all, how much does Salesflare cost? Let’s first review Salesflare prices:

Salesflare plans

Monthly price

Annual price

Check current Salesflare price

Salesflare Growth plan

$35 per user per month 

$29 per user per month billed annually 


Salesflare Pro plan

$55 per user per month 

$49 per user per month billed annually 


Salesflare Enterprise plan

Not available

$99 per user per month billed annually 



How much does Salesflare cost for nonprofits?

Unfortunately, Salesflare does not offer any special discounts for nonprofits, nor for students or academics either. This is a shame, but what can you do? At least the Grow plan is not that expensive.

Are there any Salesflare coupon codes or promo discount vouchers?

Our team has done extensive online research in search of promo codes or coupon vouchers. So far, no luck in finding anything. It is likely they do not exist at all. If you do come across something from a third-party site, double check directly with Salesflare that it is real, legit, and still valid.


Salesflare free vs paid: what’s the difference?

As you can see when you look at the pricing table, there is no free version of Salesflare. There is a free trial, which we recommend you to use to get familiar with the platform.

The Salesflare free trial is easy to sign up for using Google or Microsoft, or just an email address. You also do not need to insert any credit card information to run the free trial.


Salesflare overview: what is Salesflare and what is it used for?

Salesflare is a software solution to help organize your contacts, expand your CRM database with new leads, plan and execute email marketing campaigns, and track opportunities through your sales pipeline.

Teams use Salesflare to facilitate communication and collaboration, help one another close deals, and share important documents and information. 

Overall, Salesflare is used to sell more of your goods or services, whether as a B2B or B2C, and to increase revenue and boost profits.


Salesflare features list

The main features of Salesflare are:

  • Basic CRM system

  • Automated data entry

  • Contact connections

  • Marketing campaigns

  • Email workflows

  • Engagement tracking

  • Phone and meeting logging

  • Sales pipeline management

  • Team collaboration

  • Document management

  • User permissions

  • Custom dashboards

  • Mobile apps

  • Sidebars

  • Integrations

1. Basic CRM system

First off, people use Salesflare CRM for all the basic customer management needs. Salesflare provides an easy-to-use database of all your contacts. This includes useful contact data like company, position, and contact information. 

The Salesflare CRM software also lets you get access to all your customer interactions and the history of contact engagements. This means you can see each time any team member has had any contact and via which channels, like email, phone, or live chat.

Overall, Salesflare offers a sophisticated address book to streamline all your contact management, as well as larger company account management.

2. Automated data entry

Our next important Salesflare CRM tool is the automatic data log and address book feature. Using automation, Salesflare allows its users to find information on any potential contact. This includes data like email address, post address, electronic signature, and social media profiles.

Salesflare works this way by simply letting you plug in a potential contact's name. Then, the CRM system automatically scans online data to fill in the blanks on your CRM database. You can even use this to see the last time a contact made any social media post, like a LinkedIn article or a tweet.

The number of emails you can search for per month depends on your subscription package. For example, in the basic Grow plan, you get 25 email finding credits. You can also purchase more; for example, for $79, you get 5,000 email-finding credits.

3. Contact connections

Salesflare is a CRM that aims to help you sell by expanding your network. One neat way you can do this is by finding new connections to your old contacts because they might work in the same company or are connected for other reasons.

Salesflare takes a name in your contact and can run it through their scanning protocol to show you the total network of a team at each company. This is a fantastic feature if you need an introduction. Or if you need to connect with colleagues at different organizations.

Salesflare is certainly leading the way with advanced features like this as a customer relationship management system. Especially if you want to populate your sales funnel.

4. Marketing campaigns

The sales process goes nowhere without good lead generation. The best way to get new leads is through marketing. Salesflare has marketing tools like personalized email marketing campaigns.

You can use Salesflare or another email platform to create email marketing ads. From there, Salesflare automatically tracks the engagement in their dashboard. Marketing automation tools can help you remember to send follow-up replies.

Email campaigns are maybe the best way for small businesses and startups to rev up their sales efforts. This is because old-school cold calling or traditional ads are not as effective as personalized emails leveraging CRM data.

5. Email workflows

After you have planned, designed, and blasted out an email campaign, Salesflare lets you set up a series of email workflows. This is a fantastic tool for keeping your brand or product front-of-mind to your users.

You can create a series of emails that will be automatically sent out at designated times as part of a larger workflow. These emails can still be personalized and will create data you can track regarding responses you get.

You can set up these email workflows directly in Salesflare. Or, you can use one of the other major email platforms to run this feature. More on those below in the sidebar and integration sections.

6. Engagement tracking

Salesflare is best at using contact data to help increase the number of sales opportunities. For this purpose, advanced engagement monitoring is a key tool.

Your sales team can use Salesflare to know when someone opens an email or clicks a link in your email. You can also find out who visits your website and on which page they click links.

As a main CRM solution, this kind of data can help improve your marketing and your website design. What's more, you get automated real-time notifications when there is noteworthy customer engagement with your content. 

7. Phone and meeting logging

Salesflare doesn't shy away when it comes to data logging of important events between you and your customers and clients. As an automated contact data management system, you get data logging for all your phone calls and meetings.

Most easy-to-use CRM allows for some degree of note-taking after a meeting or phone call. However, Salesflare adds extra automation to the process so that it requires less time and effort on behalf of your sales team. This tool also identifies contacts from scheduled meetings.

Sales reps who are colleagues with one another find this tool very useful for assisting in closing deals or simply taking over an open opportunity.

8. Sales pipeline management

The whole point of any good CRM software is to forward leads and customers into the sales pipeline over and over again to increase that revenue. Salesflare offers opportunity management dashboards that help streamline the flow of the sales pipeline to achieve the best possible ROI.

You get two basic sales funnel views: 

The first is for sales stages: It works like a Kanban board. This gives an easy overview of all your open opportunities, their priority levels, and where they are in the sales pipeline. 

The next important sales funnel view is the timeline view: This one is similar to a Gantt chart. Here, you get sales data like deadlines and due dates. This is good for seeing if there are a lot of overlapping opportunities so that individual sales reps can work better together.

Sales funnel analytics provide invaluable insights into your sales performance based on their average activity. It collects data based on the average number of successful conversions or where your pipeline churn points are located. These features also allow you to monitor the value of opportunities.

9. Team collaboration

Any CRM and sales management software should provide some team communication and collaboration tools. It's important to make sure that colleagues at different levels or departments can still be on the same page.

Salesflare relies on collaboration as much as any other software solution. For example, the sales team can share accounts with one another. This even allows one sales rep to silently listen in and help without becoming an active partner in the deal. This means the contact does not need to know there is any collaboration going on.

Additional team collaboration tools include a shared address book feature. This serves as a centralized data log and address book. However, individual sales reps still have the ability to keep some of their contacts in their address book set to private.

10. Document management

Any fully automated contact data management platform should include document and file storage. In this regard, Salesflare does not disappoint.

You get a thorough document management module. Salesflare uses automation to organize your files and documents based on a number of metrics. This also goes for media like photos or spreadsheets. Documents are then very easy to sort through, search for, and filter down. 

It is a necessary feature for sales teams who need to keep a lot of docs tied to individual contacts or opportunities. This is more useful when leads must be shared or passed on from one rep to another. Also, it's great for repeat deals, even with modifications. 

11. User permissions

When you are working on a team, it is a great feature to be able to set up custom roles and permission levels. Salesflare really helps sales team managers to organize their teams with user permissions.

For example, team leaders can arrange for certain reps to be able to create new contacts or sales opportunities, delete them, or just edit existing ones. They can also be restricted to only being allowed to view the data.

Top-level managers can even assign lower-level managers to be in charge of specific sales pipelines or whole user accounts.

12. Custom dashboards

Being able to set up a dashboard the way you like is a great Salesflare feature. Managers and team leaders get a lot of customization options, however, not in the most affordable plan.

Prioritize your analytics to see the insights most important to you and your team prominently in your custom dashboard. From there, you can create custom reports and regularly share them with your team.

Custom dashboards are useful in many ways. Based on the natural flow of data, it helps with focusing on the most promising deals or sales reps, among other use cases. It can also show you insights based on the average number of customer interactions and how these relate to won or lost deals.

13. Mobile apps

If you want more accessibility to your CRM system beyond the desktop app, then Salesflare has solid mobile apps for iOS and Android devices. These are native apps, meaning the interface is more than just responsive to screen size; it is designed just for small screens. You can use them, for example, on iPhones and iPads. 

The Salesflare mobile apps let you have access to your contact database. You can use it to track open opportunities and manage your sales pipelines. It is also great for monitoring your email workflows.  

Of course, the Salesflare mobile apps are necessary tools for teams who need to communicate and share data and documents regularly. It is also highly effective to use mobile apps for instant notifications and alerts, so you never miss an opportunity. 

14. Sidebars

Sometimes, you don't want to use Salesflare directly inside the Salesflare platform. This is where Salesflare sidebars come into play, which work like third-party extensions with other platforms.

You can set up a Salesflare sidebar with your regular email provider, such as with Gmail and Outlook plugins. On top of that, there is even a Salesflare sidebar for LinkedIn. This is a nifty way to scan the online business world and find new contacts.

The Salesflare sidebar has an intuitive interface and does not clutter up your other windows.

15. Integrations

Every great SaaS gets even better if you let it integrate with the rest of your software stack. 

Salesflare integrates with thousands of other tools from other platforms. It achieves this with its integration into Zapier, a software that connects triggers and actions between systems. Zapier is great for custom integrations.

Some examples of Salesflare integrations include Slack, Quickbooks, Mailchimp, Facebook Lead Ads, and Microsoft Office 365. Plus, they are announcing new integrations all the time.

Finally, Salesflare has an open API. They allow developers to use their special REST API to share data and connect actions between this CRM and other CRM or ERP tools, offering advanced features for supporting enterprises.


Salesflare pros and cons

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of Salesflare:

Salesflare advantages

  • Data migration - Salesflare offers a lot of assistance when you are just getting started with the software. This includes data migration help. However, it should be mentioned that this is reserved for the premium package.

  • Team collaboration - With Salesflare, you get a lot of tools to help team members work together. For example, it is seamless for one rep to pick up an engagement conversation from another or just silently listen in to offer tips.

  • Meetings - Staying on top of things like scheduled meetings and email conversations is a smooth process when you use Salesflare's features for planning and logging meetings.

  • Emails - Whether you want to create nice email marketing campaigns, set up a workflow of follow-up emails to go out automatically, or use Salesflare to track email engagement, you got the right tools for the job.

  • Contact information - One of the biggest benefits of Salesflare is the automated contact data entry tool. Simply by using a name, Salesflare can fill in the online data like email, company, contact info, and social media presence.

Salesflare disadvantages

  • No free version - Not only does Salesflare not have a free plan, but even the cheapest plan is not going to feel like no big deal to your bank account. At least there is a free trial.

  • Omnichannel - Sadly, Salesflare's features for the sales pipeline doesn't effectively facilitate omnichannel campaigns. But for those focusing on email, this should not pose too big a problem.

  • Flexibility - While you can customize things like the dashboard and user permissions, Salesflare doesn't have the flexibility to personalize every aspect on this platform the way some alternatives offer.


Salesflare complaints & praise (Salesflare reviews from real customers)

Positive online reviews of Salesflare regularly argue that this is a CRM which is ideal for sales reps. 

There is less praise for the overall marketing tools. The one thing the good Salesflare reviews talk about a lot is how this system nearly guarantees that a rep never misses an opportunity and, therefore, rarely drops the ball on a sale.

Meanwhile, when looking at negative reviews of Salesflare, one thing to look out for is the criticism that most of the best Salesflare tools and features are only in the expensive package. These include the email workflow builder, custom dashboards, and user permissions. 

Overall, there are surely more positive reviews of Salesflare than negative Salesflare reviews online.

Review of Salesflare support

There is a pretty practical Salesflare blog. It has over 5,000 subscribers and is full of useful articles about Salesflare’s tools, CRM in general, and the art of selling.

As for more detailed customer support and service, Salesflare provides a knowledge base where you can seek out answers to specific questions and issues. There are also tutorial videos and live training webinars.

There is a live chat on weekdays during normal office hours if you wish to speak to a support agent, but perhaps this is for European Central time. You can also send them an email if you have more questions.


Is Salesflare worth it? Our final takeaway conclusion

We have made it to the end of this article. There is no long way to go if you are waiting for the answer to the question, is Salesflare worth it? The answer is, probably yes, it is worth it. Of course, it all depends on your needs and budget.

Now, surely you are familiar with a handful of Salesflare alternatives. If not, you can figure out how to read about those too. Doing your due diligence and comparing platforms is always wise.

But maybe you are done with all this reading and want to get your team all set up with a great selling machine. Then, by all means, consider Salesflare. 

Our final Salesflare rating

3.9 out of 5