2024 Copper CRM Review: Balancing Pros, Cons & Pricing

Last Updated:Thursday, February 8, 2024

Shopping for the best customer relationship management software and considering Copper? You arrived at the right place!

This easy-to-use-and-love tool can be an incredible addition to sales teams fed up with repetitive manual tasks and needing a less complex system to handle their sales processes. 

Is Copper the one?

Stay tuned as we dive into this Copper CRM review and give our two cents about whether it's the right pick for you and your team. 



Copper CRM review 2024: Is Copper CRM any good?

Absolutely! There are a few reasons why we believe Copper is a great CRM system. 

The first reason is that it's the only CRM software built for Google Workspace (formerly G Suite). While other CRMs can integrate with different Google Workspace tools and apps through add-ons and third-party integrations, it's basically impossible to integrate the entire Google suite into the system without hiring a developer. That's the difference between Copper and other CRMs: it integrates flawlessly with all Google Workspace products, including Gmail, Google Docs, and Google Sheets. 

Another reason why Copper is a great pick is that there are no hidden costs. Its pricing starts at $25 per user per month, no more, no less. Everything you need is already built-in, which is a big relief knowing you don't have to hire developers for add-ons or incorporating integrations. 

Moreover, Copper can be helpful in several different industries. It caters to solo entrepreneurs, startups, small businesses, growing medium-size businesses, and fast-moving enterprises. There's a plan for software companies, digital and creative agencies, consulting companies, real estate companies, and it’s even one of the best hotel CRM software available.

To top it off, it comes packed with all the features you would need to close deals. There's workflow automation, contact management, pipeline management, integrations with all kinds of apps, analytics tools, and more. 

To sum up, if you're a team that works with Google Workspace tools and wants a tool that's simple to use and intuitive, then Copper can be an excellent solution for your needs.


Copper CRM pricing plans

First of all, how much does Copper CRM cost? Let’s take a look at Copper CRM prices:

Copper CRM plan

Monthly price

Annual price



$29 per user per month

$25 per user per month



$69 per user per month

$59 per user per month



$129 per user per month

$119 per user per month




Are there any Copper CRM coupon codes or promo discount vouchers?

Currently, there are no Copper CRM coupon codes or promo discounts vouchers available for purchase. 

Make sure you do a quick Google search before making a purchase. 


Copper CRM free vs paid: what’s the difference?

Sadly, Copper CRM doesn't offer a free plan. However, there's a 14-day free trial that lets you experience the full capabilities of Copper. Signing up for the free trial gives you access to the Business plan. 

Regarding the paid plans, there are three: Basic, Professional, and Business.

The Basic plan stands at $25 per user per month paid annually, or $29 paid monthly. It's the best plan for companies trying their first CRM software and needing a lightweight solution. It supports up to three users and lets you add up to 2,500 contacts and leads. It supports project management, multiple pipelines, and team collaboration. The plan includes native Gmail integration, integration with Google calendar, and integration with all other Google apps.

The most popular plan is the Professional. It's the best plan for growing teams. It stands at $59 per user per month billed annually or $69 billed monthly. There's no limit to the number of users, and you can add up to 15,000 contacts and leads.

The Business plan caters to scaling organizations that need a more advanced solution. It costs $119 per user per month billed annually or $129 per user per month paid monthly. There's no limit to the number of users or how many contacts and leads you can add to the system. The plan supports a great amount of customization, but it lacks exclusive customer service benefits.


Copper CRM features list

The main features of Copper CRM are:

  • Contact and lead management

  • Workflow automation

  • Task management

  • Integrations and Open API

  • Email tracking

  • Sales analytics


Contact and lead management

Copper CRM contact management feature inside Gmail

You can say bye-bye to boring spreadsheets as Copper takes relationship management to the next level. 

Each of your contact's information will be held at one central place. Clicking on a contact profile will reveal all past interactions with that contact, from emails and calls to files and notes. 

And get this: if there's a contact you communicate with often, Copper will suggest you add that contact to your list so that no leads slip through the cracks.

The system reduces manual data entry. Since it integrates with Google Workspace, you can extract lead info from Gmail using Copper's Chrome extension, like email addresses, phone numbers, and social media. 

Once a contact is in the system, you can add more context to it with tags and custom fields. You can even set priority leads to make sure you're working on the hottest ones. You can sort and filter your leads by any parameter and send them important information in just a few clicks. 

Your entire team will have real-time visibility into any lead and access to productivity tools to move the lead to the next stage. The built-in dashboards give you insights into your leads. For instance, you can see lead conversion rate, leads by status, and even learn your best source of leads.


Workflow automation

Copper CRM workflow automation setup

Workflow automation in Copper lets you quickly create custom automations to take some of the manual efforts out of your action items. It's so simple to automate tasks that anyone can do it, regardless of their tech-savviness. 

Let's assume that you have a pipeline stage named "Follow up." You want to automatically create a task and assign it to one of your team members every time an opportunity is moved to that stage. 

To do so, you just need to define your trigger and your action and set any condition for each. You can make changes to your workflow at any time. A trigger tells Copper when to do something, and the action tells it what to do. Essentially, you're telling Copper: when an opportunity is moved to the "Follow Up" stage, assign the task to Jane Doe. 

Even better, a trigger can contain multiple criteria using "and" and "or" logic. You can set up a trigger to cause multiple actions at once. 

This functionality is available with the Professional and Business plan. 


Task management

Composing bulk email inside Copper CRM

The time-based tasks functionality automatically creates and assigns tasks when modifications are made to records of when a user has been inactive for a long time. The tool reminds you to make a phone call when there's been a change in the stage of an opportunity, send welcome emails when a lead has been converted to sales, or create an RFP each time a new lead is created.

What's more, you can use relative reminders to set alerts for incoming tasks. You can set an alert 30 minutes, 1 hour, one day, one week, or any amount of time before the task. This functionality ensures you stay on top of tasks and that nothing slips through the cracks.



List of Copper CRM integrations

Probably the most popular integration is the native integration with Google Workspace. 

But in addition to Google Workspace, there's a myriad of other business applications you can connect to Copper with a single click like Slack, Dropbox, DocuSign, MailChimp, Zendesk, RingCentral, and Hubspot. 

Good news: you can connect to over 3,000 other apps with Zapier like Facebook Leads App, Wufoo, Google Contacts, etc. All you need is a Zapier account. 

And if the integrations Copper provides out of the box don't work for you, you can build your own via the Open API.


Email tracking

With Copper's Chrome extension, you can track customer emails, calls, files, meetings, and more right from your Gmail inbox. Email conversations are auto-logged into the system so that you don't have to do anything manually. 

Another great functionality is the option to set alerts for email activities. For example, you can get notified when emails are clicked or opened. This can ensure your sales reps follow up with leads consistently and on time. 

And get this: you can send one personalized message to multiple recipients directly from your CRM without even opening your inbox. This makes it incredibly easier and faster to communicate with prospects and leads and maintain customer relationships. Manual work is further reduced with pre-made email templates and merge fields. 


Sales analytics

A preview of Copper CRM sales analytics feature

Copper comes packed with sales analytics and dashboards that help you understand your pipeline and identify gaps, roadblocks, and potential wins. You can track and monitor leads, pipelines, revenue, conversations, and the activities of your reps. Yes, that's right! Copper's built-in sales forecasting lets you see individual deals from each salesperson by stage, amount, and win probability. The system also gives you insights into the best investment options.


Copper CRM pros and cons

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of Copper CRM:

Copper CRM advantages

Copper's first big advantage is that this tool was built specifically as a CRM system. Copper is a pure CRM software, unlike other platforms, such as Hubspot, which is primarily a marketing automation tool. 

The second advantage is that it looks and feels like a Google product. If your team knows how to use Gmail, they'll know how to use Copper. The platform is simple, intuitive, and there's no need for extensive onboarding training. The user interface uses the same pleasantly simple material design as Google products. It's also fast, even when handling large data sets. 

And here's something else great: the system is responsive and robust. There's no need to invest additional time or resources into customizing it. It's ready to work for your unique workflow right out of the box.

The security of the system is another perk. The company places extreme importance on the security of its users and their data. You'll find security features like first-class backup management and data resiliency systems. These security systems are regularly tested by third parties to ensure they follow industry standards. 

Another advantage of the software is the seamless onboarding it offers. Copper CRM is a great choice if this is the first time your sales team is using a CRM system or if you're switching from another. The onboarding is a painless experience, considering the system is based on simplicity and ease of use. If you know how to use Google products, you already know Copper! Getting your team up to speed will take a few days or less, and not weeks as you might think. There are hundreds of videos, guides, blogs, webinars, and tutorials to ease your team into how the system works. And yes, there's customer support to help you at all times. 

To sweeten the deal, there are three pricing plans, something which is ideal for scaling teams. The plans range from $25 per user per month to up to $119 per user per month.


Copper CRM disadvantages

Firstly, some people might be confused by the way Copper handles workflow automation. Copper uses rule-based workflow automation instead of letting users create visual task flows for automation tasks and interactions. With that said, it might be more time-consuming than what you're used to. 

Another disadvantage for some teams is the lack of flexibility outside Google Workspace. In other words, it's designed to work with Google-driven businesses. Businesses that use a different email hosting service like Yahoo, Office 365, or Microsoft Outlook can't work with Copper. 

One last disadvantage is the basic plan that comes with limited functionality and supports only three users. The three-user cap on the basic plan seems unnecessary. Many other CRM tools don't enforce a user cap.


Copper CRM complaints & praise (info from real Copper CRM customer reviews)

Using Copper CRM for Gmail

There are thousands of Copper CRM reviews online that explain the good sides and downsides of the system. We looked at the major review sites – like G2 and Capterra – and summed up what most people are praising or complaining about when it comes to Copper. 

What people like about Copper

  • The Gmail extension simplifies the process of data entry, making data management a simple and streamlined process.

  • I appreciate how it keeps track of my phone conversations, texts, and emails to my clients and updates their Copper profiles.

  • I appreciate the ability to create our own pipeline. As our company grows, we have had to adjust our pipeline accordingly, and with Copper, that's been easy.

  • I also love that as an administrator, you can keep track of what your team is doing throughout the day with the activity log - you can see how many phone calls or emails users send to clients a day.

  • The fluidity, seamless integrations, and also amazing workflows just keep us on top of the game.

  • Amazing design and easy interface, got all our Sales Reps ramped up, and the onboarding and migration was a breeze.

  • The number of integrations available to download — from MailChimp to Slack — makes organizing the massive amount of information that we keep on hand every day easy to find and share.

  • I love that there's a mobile app that works smoothly on my iPhone and iPad. This makes us super easy to work on the go or to be able to access info when away from the office.

What people dislike about Copper

  • The Reporting Suite can be a little 'clunky,' and it's sometimes difficult to extract the data you may need via filters.

  • The notifications on the iOS app can be a bit sluggish sometimes.

  • Plenty of bugs pop up from time to time, from simple loading time lags to more aggressive search errors.

  • I'd like to see better native integration with email automation software.

  • If you accidentally delete records, they cannot be recovered.

Review of Copper support

Many users praise Copper's customer support, saying how responsive and attentive it is. They say customer support helped them solve each incident and in the most cordial way. 

Some Copper CRM reviews say the customer support folks made a difference in their decision to buy, which helps Copper definitely rank on our top 10 CRM for small business list. They were helpful and answered all questions and concerns the customer had about the CRM via email the same day. 

Only few people seem to complain about the speed with which customer support deals with issues. They're saying that customer support sometimes needs days to respond. 

Several customers say customer support sounds too robotic and not personable. 


Is Copper CRM worth it? Our conclusion

That would depend on your CRM needs.

Do you primarily communicate via Gmail with your clients? If yes, then Copper can be a suitable solution. 

Are you a Google-driven business that's looking for a simple, automation-driven CRM tool? If yes, Copper is the right fit.

Are you after full email integration, lead management, and workflow automation packed into a simple UI at a reasonable price? If yes, Copper is one of the best customer relationship management software for your needs.

But if you're using an email hosting service other than Gmail and don't care about the Google Workspace apps and tools, Copper is not what you need. 

There's a 14-day free trial that gives you access to all the features in the Professional plan. Consider taking the software for a spin before deciding whether it's the right tool for you. 

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