Method CRM Review 2023: Is Method Software Pricing Worth It?

Last Updated:Tuesday, November 28, 2023

In the ever-evolving realm of CRM software, Method CRM has emerged as a powerful contender that offers a range of strengths to businesses of all sizes. 

With its robust features and functionalities, Method CRM promises to streamline operations, enhance customer interactions, and drive business growth. In this Method CRM review, we will closely examine the strengths and weaknesses of Method CRM, evaluating its pricing structure to determine if it truly delivers the worth your business seeks.

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Whether you're a small startup or an established enterprise, let’s explore Method CRM's ability to empower your business with efficient CRM solutions!


Method CRM review 2023: Is Method software any good?

Method CRM is a well-respected software solution for contact management, especially if you want to use this platform with Quickbooks. Our Method CRM review highlights the interoperability between this CRM and other accounting tools and explores the tool’s functionalities that can streamline operations, enhance customer interactions, and drive business growth.

You should know that you might not find Method CRM in every article that covers the best CRM apps. However, as time goes on, Method will surely climb the ranks.


Method CRM pricing plans 

First of all, how much does Method CRM cost? Let’s first review Method:CRM pricing:

Method CRM plan

Monthly price

Annual price

Check current price

Contact Management

Not available

$25 per user per month billed annually 



Not available

$44 per user per month billed annually 


CRM Enterprise

Not available

$74 per user per month billed annually 



How much is Method CRM for nonprofits?

Method CRM has a plan called Method Donor for nonprofits. Visit their website to learn more.

Are there any Method CRM coupon codes or promo discount vouchers?

After spending some time doing the legwork, it appears there are no Method CRM coupon codes or discount vouchers right now.


Method CRM overview: What is Method CRM & What is Method CRM used for?

Method CRM is a customer relationship management tool for startups and small businesses. It helps organize contacts, leads and the sales pipeline and offers some basic email marketing features. Method is also famous for integrating with accounting tools that need more CRM capabilities, like Intuit Quickbooks and Xero. 


Method CRM free vs paid: what’s the difference?

There is sadly no free Method CRM plan. However, you can try out for free, with the free trial including every single feature.


Method CRM features list 

The main features of Method CRM are:

  • Contact management

  • Lead management

  • Pipeline management

  • Financial management

  • Email marketing

  • Online portals

  • Time tracking

  • Reporting

  • Quickbooks integration

  • Other integrations

  • Workflows


1. Contact management

Customer relationship management begins with your contact list. Method CRM software does a fine job helping keep track of all your customer information as well as interaction history across multiple communication channels. 

This is a highly customizable CRM system that includes a DIY setup of your favorite tools and features. You can group contacts by account or other custom categories.


Method:CRM dashboard 

2. Lead management

Lead management is a set of tools that work closely with contact management. Businesses can use Method to create new leads directly from web forms or other email campaigns. Method also ranks as the tool with the best Outlook CRM and best Gmail CRM integrations.

Such data-rich leads are then automatically primed for the sales process, though sales reps can add personalized information too. Sales reps doing lead management also get activity tracking which helps with things like follow-ups.

3. Pipeline management

Once a lead seems ready to enter into the sales pipeline process with the hopes of becoming a paid and loyal customer, Method gives its users many advantages to ensure a smooth ride toward the completion of a sale. 

The system is designed to produce a simple overview that can be monitored in real-time. It also makes comparing choke points or drop rates for different parts of the overall sales funnel easier.  

4. Financial management

Method CRM has a lot of excellent features for managing your finances and other aspects of the business balance sheet. There is a transaction template with plenty of custom fields, calculations, and conditions. 

You get a commission tracker that is useful for sales reps to keep track of their percentages. Online document approval helps streamline things like orders, estimates, purchases, invoices, product sales, and online payments. 

5. Email marketing

Method integrates well with MailChimp, and leveraging the two tools together is a good way to attract new leads and contacts. 

You can create great email marketing campaigns with Method's library of templates, all of which have options to customize them aesthetically and with personalized customer data.  

Method email campaigns

6. Online portals

Being able to offer your customers access to online portals gives CRM software an edge. This allows customers to help themselves, as well as sometimes do things like view orders, review and approve quotes, and make online payments. 

Using Method CRM's payment gateway, you can let customers pay with credit cards or Paypal, Stripe, or Quickbooks Payments. Online payments through the portal are incredibly safe and secure. Each customer page on the portal can also be very personalized. 

7. Time tracking

Taking care of timesheets, using punch cards, and similar daily tasks can be a drag on your team. With Method, a lot of the time tracking and monitoring of work for each account is automated thanks to the Quickbooks integration. 

The work of submitting, approving, and managing timesheet data doesn't need to be laborious thanks to the simple click of a time button, which is also found on the mobile app.

8. Reporting

Analytics and reporting are today some of the most important activities that businesses need to undertake to stay ahead of the competition. With Method CRM, you get real-time data analytics to show you how things are going with contacts converting into paying customers, time spent on certain accounts, employee productivity, and overall profitability rates.

9. Quickbooks integration

As should be obvious by now, Method CRM has an intimate software connection to Intuit Quickbooks. If Quickbooks is your main accounting software solution, then Method is a top CRM integration. 

You get two-way real-time syncing of all data, and this includes contact data, invoices, and payments. What's more, Method integrates smoothly with all the Quickbooks versions, including the desktop version.

Method:CRM QuickBooks integration

10. Other integrations

Quickbooks is not the only accounting system that Method offers a solid CRM for. If you use Xero instead of Quickbooks, you are still in luck. But it needs not to stop with accounting tools. 

There are native Method CRM integrations with Gmail, Google Calendar, Outlook, MailChimp, PayPal, and more. Additionally, you can use Zapier to connect Method to more SaaS, like Salesforce. 

11. Workflows

Automation workflows are basic steps that you can train your Method CRM platform to do on its own based on rules and triggers. The creation of workflows is straightforward and will help your team gain time and energy to focus on customer relationships and selling. 

Some useful automations can send customers follow-up emails, create invoices, collect payments, and help with other lead and pipeline management.


Method CRM pros and cons

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of Method CRM:

Method CRM advantages

The first benefit to Method:CRM is the integration with Quickbooks, and to a lesser extent, Xero. If you use any of these accounting tools, Method can provide the CRM backbone.

Another pro to Method is the cost. This is neither the cheapest nor most expensive platform, but you do get a lot of great value at all three levels of pricing tiers. In other words, you can always find the right plan and price for your business needs.

Method CRM disadvantages

One of the drawbacks of Method CRM is the lack of more robust marketing tools. There are some basic email marketing campaign features, but some people would like to see more.

One more Method con is that it is not the ideal CRM for larger companies and enterprise-level organizations.


Method CRM complaints & praise (from real Method CRM customer reviews)

Method CRM reviews are positive on about a four out of five scale. When you come across the online software reviews of Method, a lot of users are very pleased with the platform, highlighting among other things the customization.

Negative reviews of Method CRM are occasionally outspoken about certain things like the lack of a free version or the limited tools in the cheapest plan. However, such user reviews should not deter anybody from considering this software.

Review of Method CRM support

There are many avenues to seek out Method CRM help. For example, you get Method CRM tutorials in the style of blogs, guides and videos. There Is also a knowledge base and FAQ. 

You can also contact Method through an online form or chat window.


Is Method CRM worth it? Our final points

Finally we ask, is Method CRM worth it? Perhaps you still want to read about some Method CRM alternatives? Well, the short answer is that, yes, Method: CRM is very worthwhile.

Method CRM offers a range of strengths, including robust features such as contact management, lead management, pipeline management, financial management, email marketing, online portals, time tracking, reporting, and seamless integration with QuickBooks and other accounting tools.

While Method CRM excels in customization and provides flexible pricing options, it may lack the marketing tools desired by some users and may not be suitable for larger companies or enterprises with extensive CRM needs.

Customer reviews generally lean toward the positive side, with users appreciating the customization capabilities and value for money. However, concerns have been raised about the absence of a free version and limitations in lower-priced plans.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for an adaptable CRM for small business or a startup that integrates well with QuickBooks or similar accounting tools, Method CRM is worth considering. 

However, businesses with extensive marketing needs or larger-scale operations may want to explore alternative CRM options better suited to their requirements.

Ultimately, it is crucial to assess your specific business needs and conduct further research to make an informed decision about the suitability of Method CRM for your organization.

Our final Method CRM Conclusion

Method CRM gets 3.5/5


Method CRM FAQs

Can you use Method:CRM without QuickBooks?

You can indeed use Method:CRM with Quickbooks. Method is a customer relationship management software solution. It has a special native integration with the accounting platform Quickbooks by Intuit. You can link up these two systems to streamline your customer activity like quotes, invoices, and payments.

Where is Method:CRM located?

The company Method:CRM is a Canadian company and they are located in the city of Toronto. Toronto is Canada’s largest city and the center of a lot of its tech industry, making this the perfect location for Method:CRM’s main operations. It is located near old downtown Toronto.

Does Method CRM work with QuickBooks desktop?

Method CRM works with every version of Quickbooks by Intuit, including the desktop version. Using Method’s automations means running your accounting needs through Quickbooks in a much more streamlined manner, with fewer tasks delegated to human reps. There is live two-way syncing between Methods and Quickbooks Desktop.