Keap CRM Review: Keap Software Prices, Features, Pros & Cons

Last Updated:Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Whether intentionally or by happy accident, you’ve stumbled on this thorough Keap review, and now is the time to figure out, what is Keap FKA Infusionsoft, is Keap good? Is Keap right for me and my business? Well, you’ve come to the right place where we’ll review Keap’s pricing plans, Keap’s tools, and Keap’s online user reviews.


Keap review 2024: Is Keap CRM any good?

The short answer to the question of whether Keap is any good is a solid: Yes it is. This may not apply for all manners of business needs or business sizes. But for startups, small businesses and entrepreneurs needing a user-friendly CRM, Keap is great.

Keap used to be called Infusionsoft, and before that it was called eNovasys. Over two decades the platform has been getting better at satisfying the needs of marketers and salespeople. It is one of the best CRM software out there and often makes the top tier lists for specific categories like small business CRM and sales CRM.


Keap pricing plans

First of all, how much does Keap cost? Let’s first review Keap prices:


Monthly Pricing*

Annual Pricing*



$79 /month/one user

$59 /month/one user 



$169 /month/two users

$129 /month/two users



$240 /month/three users

$199 /month/three users


Max Classic

Contact vendor

Contact vendor


*Price starts at


Are there any Keap coupon codes or promo discount vouchers?

We did the research and it seems there are no Keap coupon codes or discount vouchers at this time. While one may be able to find some promotions, discounts, coupons or vouchers with third party sites, check with Keap to make sure they are legitimate.


Keap overview: What is Keap & What is Keap used for?

Keap is used for customer relationship management, marketing and sales. In other words, this is a CRM system which helps you generate new contacts and leads and makes it more streamlined to nurture leads down the sales pipeline.

Keap gives marketers and sales reps many useful workflow automations to take over the easier repetitive tasks and activities so that people can spend more time on high-level things like building marketing campaigns and fostering better relationships with customers.

As for specific industries, Keap is useful for many entrepreneurs and businesses working in e-commerce as well as sectors like real estate, hospitality, food services and medical services.


Keap free vs paid: what’s the difference?

There is no free version of Keap. However, Keap does offer free trials of its platform. You can sign up for a free trial without inputting your credit card information. The free trial is good for 14 days. If you're looking for a good alternative to Keap with a free version, consider HubSpot, but read our Keap vs HubSpot comparison to make a smart choice.


Keap features list 

The main features of Keap are:

  • Contact management

  • Advanced contact organization

  • Account and company management

  • Webforms and landing pages

  • Lead scoring

  • Quotes and appointments

  • Sales pipeline management

  • Email marketing

  • Text message marketing

  • Advanced automation for sales and marketing

  • A/B testing

  • E-commerce features

  • Roles and permissions

  • Analytics and reporting

  • Keap mobile app

  • Integrations and API

1. Contact management

All customer relationship management software needs a database of contacts and potential leads to truly be useful. Keap lets you organize all your contact information in one place, where you can see their data, their activity, and your communication history with each contact across multiple channels. You can also create custom fields, up to 100 with the Lite and Pro plans and 150 on the Max.

2. Advanced contact organization

With Keap, you can tag contacts according to various metrics or data points, and this lets you create contact segmentation which is useful for outreach based on specific data: demographics, activity, channel, and even which follow-up tasks are required for each contact. From there you can create contact lists and also use filters and save your previous searches.

3. Account and company management

As a CRM software, Keap is great for both B2C (business to customer or end-user) as well as B2B (business to business). For B2B, You can organize your contacts based on your larger company accounts to see who works together and which contacts are related by similar role, company or industry.

4. Webforms and landing pages

Webforms are a great way to do new lead capture for your CRM database. You can use Keap to build great forms using templates which will capture important lead information and add it to your CRM. It can also use automation triggers when someone fills out a webform to do things like notify a sales rep or send a follow-up email. Likewise you can do lead generation using website landing pages, where Keap offers more templates to build pages which capture visitor data.

5. Lead scoring

Keap’s sales process features use predictive functionality to let you know the likelihood a lead will eventually turn into a sale. For this, Keap includes lead scoring among their key CRM tools. It will prioritize your best leads and can even trigger automation features when key events happen which changes the possibility of a lead entering the sales pipeline and coming out a happy customer.

6. Quotes and appointments

Keap offers templates to build custom quotes for potential leads when planning bigger sales especially for B2B. Quotes can be set up very quickly and can always include personalized information for your customer. Keap also offers an appointment booking feature where you can send an online link to your lead who can then choose a date and time from your dynamic appointment calendar.

7. Sales pipeline management

This is the sales team’s most important dashboard: the sales pipeline or sales funnel. With Keap, sales reps can get a bird’s eye view of all their leads in the pipeline, as well as zoom in on specific leads or stages to see if anything needs special attention. Track and manage the movement from initial interest to post-sale follow-ups with this CRM feature.

8. Email marketing

Email marketing is quickly becoming one of the main forms of marketing campaigns and so Keap has got its users covered here. It begins with email campaign templates. From there you can use your contact segmentations to get the right audience. Email marketing software tools also track open and click rates.

9. Text message marketing

Marketing features should not be limited to email campaigns and so Keap has some tools for text message and SMS marketing. Automated text messaging sends personalized texts based on triggers. There are also text message broadcast features, which use workflows to target some of your prospects who appear most ready to become leads and customers.

10. Advanced automation for sales and marketing

Marketing automation tools are core to Keap’s marketing module and they offer some pretty advanced features. Set up easy workflows based on ‘when-then’ builders and drag-and-drop sales journey design. More advanced workflow automations are also not that difficult for marketing and sales automation. You can even use internal forms to automate your company’s internal sales processes. 

11. A/B testing

Email campaigns benefit greatly when you have the flexibility to try out slightly different marketing campaigns on similar audience groups to see which gets the most engagement. This A/B testing campaign builder for email marketing is easy to use, but not available in the Lite plan.

12. E-commerce features

If your business needs e-commerce tools, Keap is an all-in-one good option. Create and send invoices right from Keap and its mobile app, and also do checkout forms. Do one-time payment processing with apps like PayPal, Venmo and Stripe. You can also set up recurring payments and manage subscriptions. Create your own promo codes and track them. There are referral, up-sell and cross-sell tools. There is also a Shopify integration for e-commerce needs.

13. Roles and permissions

This is great for business owners and managers who need to assign different administrative roles and permissions to employees, partners and outside parties who are collaborating on deals. 

14. Analytics and reporting

You get a fully customizable analytics dashboard which is great for monitoring your data and activity in real-time. From there you can set up reports which can compare campaign success and track your ROI, which will help you see areas of great success and where you need to focus more effort.

15. Keap mobile app

Keap has a mobile app for use only in ​​ the US, Australia, Canada, UK and New Zealand. It is available from the Apple App store or the Google Play store. It's a great contact management tool and helps you organize your tasks, appointments, and all your communications. You can also send links for things like invoicing with the Keap mobile app.  

16. Integrations and API

Keap Marketplace has a decent integrations library for anything from more advanced platforms for lead generation to e-commerce apps like Quickbooks. You can even use a connector like Zapier for more integrations with other CRM solutions like Zoho, HubSpot or Salesforce. The Keap API is also kept public to connect more tools and have more advanced automations with your CRM system.   


Keap pros and cons

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of Keap:

Keap advantages

Keap scores good points in this review for its ease of use. As a highly user friendly platform, you don’t need to waste a lot of time on things like onboarding and mastering the features.

Keap has many advantages for startups and small businesses, especially ones on a budget as their Lite plan is highly affordable and includes most of the main tools.

Keap’s marketing tools are another pro, specifically their email marketing, campaign builder and their A/B testing. Text message marketing is also a great benefit for Keap users.

Keap disadvantages

Keap does not include any tools for running your customer service department and this can be one drawback to this system, meaning it isn’t exactly an all-in-one business SaaS.

Keap also lacks telephony tools which some more old school salespeople might still prefer, but this does not mean one cannot use the phone and then create logs and notes of each call to input into the CRM database of communication histories.


Keap CRM complaints & praise (from real Keap customer reviews)

The many online Keap reviews clock in as mostly on the positive side. Some user reviews of Keap praise its simplicity and user friendliness. 

Other glowing reviews of Keap talk about the Keap mobile app, and how most of a salesperson’s tools and tasks can be easily managed through their mobile phones.

There have been some slight negative Keap reviews to mention. At times, it’s been said that the Keap system can be a bit slow or buggy when processing too much heavy data. However, hardly any user reviews mention that it crashes, which is good.

Next, there have been complaints that the native integrations are limited. Finally, as is often the case, reviewers mention how some of the better tools are unavailable unless you are willing to pay for the more expensive packages.


Review of Keap support

Regarding customer support, Keap has a few options. You can always call a customer support rep for help during the buying process to get information on which package is best for you, as well as get online support.

There is 24/7 live chat support from Keap, and Keap has social media accounts on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook where you might be able to reach them via direct message. Finally, there are video tutorials and webinars available for you to use.


Is Keap worth it? Our conclusion

Time to conclude this Keap CRM review of all its marketing automation and sales functionalities. So, is it better than other CRM solutions like Zoho and Salesforce? That depends on your business needs and the level of technical know-how of your sales team. 

In the end, you want to know, is Infusionsoft by Keap worth it for you? Should you still be exploring Keap alternatives? If this article has still not answered those questions, perhaps you should give the 14-day free trial a go.

Our final Keap software rating

Keap gets a solid 4.6 out of 5. It could have been higher if there were basic helpdesk or customer service tools.



Is Keap easy to use?

Keap is a very easy to use customer relationship management system. The platform is intuitive and many of the features are self explanatory in their functionalities. Many user reviews praise Keap for its ease of use and its speedy onboarding process, which saves businesses time and money.

What does Keap integrate with?

Keap by Infusionsoft has an integration marketplace to connect Keap with other business SaaS like Quickbooks, Gmail, Shopify, Xero, Instapage, Wordpress, Webinarjam and more. With app connectors like Zapier or you can integrate Keap with other tools like Salesforce or Zoho.

When did Infusionsoft become Keap?

The Keap founders started their company in 2000 and adopted the name Infusionsoft in 2003. In 2018, Infusionsoft launched their sales and marketing platform called Keap. One year later in 2019, the company name officially changed from Infusionsoft to Keap. Today they have over 100,000 users.