Freshsales CRM by Freshworks: Acquire, Engage, Close & Nurture

Tuesday, April 14, 2020
Michael Scheiner

Freshsales CRM Review

If you’re shopping for a CRM, it’s no surprise to hear that there are a lot of them out there, each serving a different solution for a multitude of needs. The hunt for a top CRM can be expensive and feature-limited or feature-excessive, which occasionally leads to a software company creating its own unified and intuitive solution. 

Such is the case with the mega business suite platform, Freshworks. When the company couldn’t find the best CRM software to sell their products, they decided to build their own. Enter, Freshsales CRM. 

The “Inside story”

Freshworks was founded in 2010 originally under the moniker Freshdesk, the helpdesk software for customer service and support which launched the company on to the SaaS scene.

By 2011, Freshdesk was hard at work selling their product. Most of their leads were inbound generated from website signup forms. So, they needed to purchase a CRM subscription and it wasn’t cheap (estimated at about $125 per agent, per month). 

In addition to high cost, Freshworks found CRMs on the market to be pretty limited in their capabilities. To get everything they needed, Freshdesk had to buy other tools for two-way email syncing, email tracking, and event analytics. 

Even after acquiring all these new and separate tools, founder and CEO Girish Mathrubootham observed their CRM was becoming a “manual dumping ground” as each sales rep rushed to manually enter details of a phone call into the system after every conversation. This wasn’t sustainable and certainly not efficient. 

So by 2016, the Freshdesk team came up with a solution, Freshsales CRM, and just one year later the company rebranded as Freshworks to accommodate the new platform and the several other products to follow. 

The Freshsales solution

With Freshsales, the Freshworks team made sure to solve all the pain points from their previous CRM experience. 

First things first: Email integration. With Freshales, reps can write, send and read emails from within the CRM itself. It also offers two-way syncing, so any activity in Freshsales inbox will be copied in the original email platform, and vice versa. 

Next: Telephony, the ability to conduct and easily log calls from within the CRM powered by Freshcaller. But it doesn’t stop there, Freshsales also offers advanced event analytics, sales force automation, pipeline management, and AI-powered insights. 

Freshworks also offers several other products, all of which can be used separately or easily integrate with each other for the perfect bespoke business solution.

The Freshsales experience 

Freshsales enables sales teams to follow a simple step-by-step formula for selling: acquire, engage, close, and nurture. 

In other words, generate more leads, move leads through the pipeline, convert them to customers, and continue to satisfy them after the sale.


There are many ways to get new leads. One of which is having a signup form on your site. The Freshsales Smartforms feature automatically creates a new lead in the CRM whenever a visitor fills out basic info on the form. The Smartforms feature then fills in as much supporting info as possible by scanning social and company profiles online, as well as recording all other user activity on your site.

From there, with marketing automation capabilities you can start sending welcome emails or offer discounts, all of which lead to the next stage of the sales process.   


Keeping your leads engaged and moving through the pipeline depends on a CRM that gives you the most complete and up-to-date knowledge of your contacts.

One of Freshsales’s more unique benefits is their lead scoring tool. Using AI, it ranks each lead based on a number of factors, like their engagement level with your company, or a customizable points-based system that classifies buyer personas.


To close a deal, you need to see the big picture. Freshsales has a visual deal pipeline dashboard that gives you a clear kanban-style overview of all the deals in the works.

For example, it shows you which deals have been stagnating, which ones have no activity planned, or which ones have tasks with fast-approaching due-dates or even overdue tasks. You can also view deals in a list view, re-order them, or filter and group deals based on specific details.

Additionally, Freshsales is powered by Freddy AI, which offers insights into promising deals and helps you chase the right deals. The CRM’s intelligent workflow automations help you to be more productive by automating sales tasks.


With Freshsales, there is an emphasis on nurturing leads even after the deal’s been won. The idea is to turn one-time customers into loyal brand fans. Sales teams can continue to nurture personal relationships using sales sequences to set up a cadence of follow-up activities. 

With complete insight into customer conversations and activities, upsell and cross-sell opportunities are almost never missed. Furthermore, queries post-sale can be handled right from the CRM. This is done through the seamless integration of Freshsales with Freshdesk helpdesk software. 

In-house integrations work seamlessly with Freshsales to nurture each customer: Freshchat allows reps to chat on websites with leads; Freshmarketer unifies the efforts of marketing and sales for more sophisticated and targeted campaigns, and Freshconnect completes the fleet as the ultimate team collaboration tool. 

The company is even rolling out a Freshsuccess product, making Freshsales among the first CRM vendors to include customer success features on their platform. 


Freshsales CRM offers several different pricing plans, making it affordable for small businesses and enterprises alike. 

A major plus is the company’s Sprout plan (great for startups), which is one of the best free CRM forever for an unlimited number of users and contacts. Freshsales’s four paid plans to go from $12, $25, $49, and $79 per user/per month, billed annually. 

The company offers a 21-day free trial without the need for a credit card.

Built for salespeople by salespeople

Freshsales is a product built by sales reps for sales reps. The company’s previous experience with CRM means they have an insider tip on the pros and cons of pre-existing platforms and have thus tailored everything about Freshsales—from conception to design to integration—to be a very intuitive CRM solution. Surely the 18,000+ companies using Freshsales CRM would eagerly agree.