15 Best Hotel CRM (2024)

Last Updated:Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Quick Summary:

Hotel CRM systems enhance guest experiences and streamline operations, from booking to customer service. These tools also provide insights into guest preferences and behavior, enabling hotels to personalize services and marketing efforts, fostering loyalty, and enhancing overall business performance.

Basic hotel CRM unifies the three central departments: marketing, sales, and service -- and for most point-of-sale businesses, there's not too much going on beyond the exchange of money for goods or services.

Hotels, however, must add a fourth term: operations (between sales and service). After the initial sales process, as a customer becomes the welcomed guest, a hotel must attend to a whole bunch of special needs and concerns before, during, and even after the stay. CRMs for hotels cover those specific tasks.

Moreover, the hospitality industry is simultaneously booming and getting more competitive (think of rival platforms like AirBnB disrupting traditional hotel businesses). 

CRMs give hotels—franchises or boutiques—next-level marketing advantages beyond wide-net advertising. By leveraging data, automation, and intelligent segmentation, marketing excels at personalization from the first touch-point of the customer journey. 

This way, when guests arrive, they can count on that personalized touch, which is the foundation of delivering five-star customer satisfaction.

Top 10 Hotel CRM Summary

  • Revinate – Best for hotels prioritizing personalized guest experiences
  • Thryv – Best for small and medium-sized businesses
  • Experience Hotel – Best for hotels focused on customer loyalty
  • Freshsales – Best for businesses seeking versatile CRM solutions
  • NetSuite – Best for large hotel enterprises globally
  • Salesforce – Best for businesses scaling in various directions
  • Copper – Best for hotels using G Suite efficiently
  • Guestfolio (by Cendyn) – Best for B&Bs and boutique hotels
  • For-Sight (by Forth) – Best for data-driven marketing for insights
  • Guestware – Best for hotels aiming for guest satisfaction

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Benefits of Using a Hotel CRM 

A hotel doesn't merely "rent" a room for a night or two, it doesn't just "sell goods" like food or souvenirs, and it isn't only about "providing services" like tours and activities. The totality of the hotel's dedication to each guest's experience is way more than the sum of these parts.

Similarly, CRM tools are designed to be an all-encompassing solution that can handle a hotel's myriad needs and help hotel brands go above and beyond satisfying room, meal, and entertainment needs. 

Hospitality CRM, with its industry-specific suite of tools, offers next-level advantages to all sorts of businesses in the hospitality industry, from major international hotel chains to boutique hotels and independent BnBs. 

Between B2B sales activities to help land corporate contracts and book major events and B2C marketing features that attract potential guests and ensure they have a stellar experience before, during, and after their stay, hotel CRM is a critical aspect of good hospitality business and a solid boost to revenue.

Customer Relationship Management 

The relationship between a customer and a hotel begins well before check-in. CRMs help manage that customer journey from the moment a guest has visited your site, contacted your team, enjoyed their stay, and after they've gone. It's all about delivering personalized experiences.

Centralized Database 

From the sales staff to the front desk, from the kitchen to housekeeping to the lifeguards, from customer service to post-stay feedback, Many people in different departments gather and use guest information. And with multiple hotel locations, a centralized CRM is a must.   

Analysis of Customer Information 

Some people need an exceptional mattress, while others have food allergies. Some travel with kids and use nanny services, while others travel alone and always sign up for group activities. Customer relationship management software analyzes guest data and uses it to upsell with personalization or create marketing campaigns for potential customers with similar preferences.

Build Customer Loyalty 

Every guest can potentially bring repeat business, especially when you're a large hotel franchise. Hotel CRMs often have tools dedicated to loyalty programs, targeting guests with special offers. Post-stay surveys also gauge the experience, showing your customers your dedication to constant improvement. 

Track Sales 

There is no single PoS protocol or sales process with hotels. There are multiple channels and even third-party bookers. Whether prepaid on a credit card or with the balance due upon check-in, there's much to keep track of. CRMs also monitor the success of your sales activities to help your reps crush their targets and drive revenue.


Key Features of Hotel CRM

Here's a breakdown of the most essential features of hotel CRMs:

Track Inventories & Rooms Cccupancy

Hotel CRMs work closely with or even incorporate tools from operations management (OM) and property management systems (PMS). This covers a range of features from high-level stuff like reputation management to on-the-ground details like room service, housekeeping, and supply management. Everything generates data, which a CRM unifies and analyzes.

Schedule Follow-Ups for Employees 

Every business has employees, but hotels have significant numbers of staff, all trained in a wide variety of roles. And hotel chains need to manage a workforce across the globe. A good hotel CRM can help HR handle the complex tasks of scheduling interviews, follow-ups, hiring, and training recruits.

Automate Invoices & Quotations 

CRMs have taken on basic accounting features that every hotel business can benefit from, especially regarding larger corporate contracts or dealing with vendors. Tools exist to create quotes with your hotel's custom branding, automate them to invoices, and get notifications when they're due or paid.

Manage Your Inquiries 

These days, major hotel brands and individual hotel operators need the most comprehensive communication channels to handle inquiries. CRM platforms unify phone, email, SMS, live chatting, and social media accounts into an omnichannel dashboard, where fewer reps can manage incoming customer interactions 24/7 and even do it from a mobile app. 

Outreach & Engagement 

Marketing CRM makes it easy to create email campaigns, plan, and pre-schedule social media ads, leverage marketing automation to send personalized messages to segmented audiences and fill in the guest data of whoever engages with your ads or letters. This primes the sales process with the necessary information to land more bookings.


Best Hotel CRM Comparison (Top 10 Highest Rated)


Best for

Pricing Starts at



Hotels prioritize personalized guest experiences

Contact Revinate

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Small and medium-sized businesses

Contact Thryv

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Experience Hotel

Hotels focused on customer loyalty


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Companies seeking versatile CRM solutions


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Large hotel enterprises globally

Contact NetSuite

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Companies scaling in various directions


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Hotels using G Suite efficiently

$19/3 users/annually

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Guestfolio (by Cendyn)

B&Bs and boutique hotels

Contact Guestfolio

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For-Sight (by Forth)

Data-driven marketing for insights

Contact For-Sight

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Hotels aiming for guest satisfaction

$112/50 rooms/month/annually

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Top 15 CRMs for the Hotel Industry


1. Revinate

Revinate Hotel CRM

Why We Chose It:

Revinate is our top pick for hotel CRM due to its exceptional ability to create detailed guest profiles, enabling you to offer highly personalized experiences. Understanding your guests' behaviors and preferences is crucial, and Revinate makes this easy, enhancing guest satisfaction and loyalty.

Furthermore, Revinate's robust reputation management tools help you consolidate and leverage guest reviews to maintain a positive online presence, which is crucial in today's digital world.

Revinate doesn't just stop at engagement; it also offers powerful marketing modules and performance tracking, ensuring you have a comprehensive view of your operations.

This unified approach is invaluable for effectively handling lead scoring and phone inquiries, making it a versatile tool in your arsenal for improving guest relations and driving business growth


  • Revinate's rich guest profiles include booking methods, total number of stays, total number of nights, total money spent, time since the last visit, upsell requests, unique preferences, as well as guest information from other CRMs and PMSs

  • Does reputation management culling reviews from Google, TripAdvisor, social media, and hundreds of other sites

  • Offers guest feedback  and survey forms for more detailed accounts of the customer experience

  • Marketing campaign modules help create, send, and manage campaigns for multiple hotel locations and a unified brand messaging 

  • Performance tracking lets you compare the booking rates and customer satisfaction data between multiple hotel branches and locations


  • It could use more robust lead scoring to track prospective customers who have entered the pipeline but are not yet ready to book a stay

  • There is no actual service module that can handle customer inquiries and tickets over the phone


  • Contact Revinate to request pricing

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2. Thryv 

Thryv Hotel CRM

Why We Chose It:

Thryv is ideal for independent hotels seeking a streamlined approach to managing reservations and customer interactions. Its standout feature is an online appointment booker, which simplifies the reservation process and enhances guest convenience.

Furthermore, Thryv's omnichannel dashboard offers a unified platform for managing various aspects of hotel operations, from customer inquiries to booking confirmations.

While it primarily focuses on operational efficiency rather than extensive scaling or upsells and loyalty programs, Thryv's intuitive design and user-friendly interface make it a valuable asset for smaller hotels aiming to maintain smooth operations and offer a seamless booking experience to their guests


  • Thryv isn't hotel CRM specific, but its focus on SMBs makes it a handy tool for independent and boutique hotels and B&B establishments

  • There is an online appointment booker that could be used for making reservations, which lets guests add notes, make payments, and send reminders

  • A unified omnichannel communication dashboard allows hotel reps to handle reservation requests and customer support issues

  • A reputation management module includes review forms, notifications from social media mentions, and in-depth analytics


  • More a platform for a hotel business looking to maintain operations rather than scaling up significantly 

  • It doesn't offer hotel-specific tools like upsells or loyalty program features


  • Contact Thryv to request pricing

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3. Experience Hotel

Experience Hotel - CRM for Hotels

Why We Chose It:

Experience Hotel is a top choice for enhancing customer loyalty in the hotel industry. This platform offers specialized concierge tools that enable targeted upselling and segmentation features, allowing you to craft personalized marketing campaigns.

These tools are invaluable for fostering strong customer relationships and increasing repeat bookings. Additionally, Experience Hotel includes re-booking tools that help reduce reliance on third-party commission-based platforms.

While PMS integration and marketing automation can be improved, Experience Hotel's cost-effective approach makes it a go-to solution for hotels focused on building and maintaining guest loyalty. 


  • Experience Hotel is a hotel CRM software that focuses on strengthening customer loyalty by helping hotel staff ensure a top-quality experience before, during, and after post-stay

  • Special concierge tools to help with upsell campaigns for a range of offers, including restaurant deals, spa treatments, and room upgrades

  • Minimal and unobtrusive surveys can be peppered throughout a guest stay to anticipate any issues before they become a complaint

  • Comprehensive segmentation features let you build campaigns for targeted prospective guests based on things like nationality, age, interests, or how familiar they are with the hotel's regional location 

  • Easy re-booking tools that are in-house with your hotel brand to avoid third-party commissions for returning guests


  • Lacks more robust integration with PMS interfaces

  • While there is good automation regarding notifications, it could use more marketing automation in their email campaigns.  


  • The guest Satisfaction plan is roughly $1.65 to $3.25 per room/per month

  • Guest Satisfaction + Marketing plan is approximately $3.25 to $6.50 per room/per month

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4. Freshsales 

Freshsales can be used as hotel CRM

Why We Chose It:

Freshsales stands out as a versatile CRM solution suitable for various businesses, including those in the hospitality sector. Its built-in telephony and email modules centralize potential guests' communications into a single dashboard, simplifying interactions and ensuring no opportunity is missed.

A key feature is its ability to track web interactions, providing insights into guest engagement levels and potential conversion.

While not explicitly designed for hotels, Freshsales' broad toolset and scalability make it an excellent choice, especially for businesses seeking a comprehensive CRM solution that adapts to diverse needs.

If you're looking for a CRM that offers a wide range of functionalities and can grow with your business, Freshsales could be the perfect fit


  • Freshsales is not mainly designed for the hospitality industry, but as far as CRMs go, it is a broad favorite among many businesses for its range of tools and scalability

  • It has built-in telephony and email modules to bring central communication from potential guests into one simple dashboard

  • Sees what web pages leads have clicked on to give context regarding their engagement level and score their conversion potentiality

  • Incredibly versatile analytics and robust reporting by sales team or rep, territory, or specified duration

  • Integrates with the larger Freshworks ecosystem as well as other beneficial SaaS like Zapier, MailChimp, HubSpot Marketing, and Google Calendar 


  • Again, there is no hotel industry-specific focus here

  • There are no project management tools that could be useful for event planning

  • There are lots of features, and learning them all takes some time


  • Free plan is free forever for up to three users   

  • Growth plan is $9/user/month, billed annually

  • Pro plan is $39/user/month, billed annually

  • Enterprise plan is $59/user/month, billed annually

Freshsales CRM offers a 21-day free trial.

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5. NetSuite 

NetSuite Hotel CRM

Why We Chose It:

NetSuite is an exceptional choice for large hotel enterprises. It offers a CRM solution that seamlessly integrates within its extensive SaaS suite. This integration provides an all-in-one solution, coordinating crucial aspects like accounting, inventory management, marketing, and loyalty programs.

This unified approach is particularly beneficial for more extensive operations seeking to streamline processes and enhance guest services. While NetSuite's comprehensive features offer extensive benefits, they also require time to navigate effectively.

If your hotel enterprise needs a CRM that can integrate with multiple business functions and scale to your needs, NetSuite presents a powerful option.


  • NetSuite CRM is part of the more prominent NetSuite SaaS family, which highlights the hospitality and restaurant industries as one of their intended verticals

  • The CRM tools integrate nicely with other useful NetSuite products for handling accounting, inventory, marketing, and loyalty programs

  • Can support larger hotel enterprises spawning multiple brands, locations across the globe, and employee management systems from part-time staff to hotel managers and corporate executives

  • Salesforce automation works on both the B2B level for large corporate accounts, as well as on the B2C for individual guest booking and upsells 

  • Complete guest 360 profiles make for customer service issue resolution in a personalized and timely fashion


  • It's a heavy-duty platform, which means be prepared to put in the hours figuring everything out

  • Likewise, related to its size and capabilities, there have been some complaints that it behaves sluggishly or even goes down for a period.

  • Advanced reporting and searching get complicated. 


  • Contact NetSuite to request pricing

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6. Salesforce

Salesforce Hotel CRM

Why We Chose It:

Salesforce is a stellar choice for hotels seeking advanced CRM capabilities, especially in real-time social listening and case management. Its ability to gather detailed data for upsells and rebooking is invaluable, and the custom-branded mobile apps enhance guest engagement.

While Salesforce caters to various industries with its expansive app line, it shines in creating a tailored experience for guests, enabling hotels to offer personalized services.

Although it may not have specific tools exclusively for hotels, its versatility, and robust data management make it a top contender for hotels aiming to upgrade their customer relationship strategies and operational efficiency.


  • One significant advantage of any product here is how it fits in with the all-encompassing Salesforce line of apps to help any business scale up in a multitude of directions

  • Hotel CRM features include active real-time social listening so hotel owners and managers can read current and past guest online reviews about their experience

  • Case management features allow hotel support representatives to receive, respond and solve any issue for travelers and guests with minimal delay

  • Full data-gathering opportunities that track the customer experience through the sales lifecycle and the guest experience during stays, all of which help with upsells and rebooking

  • You can build custom-branded mobile apps for guests to use for booking, check-ins, requests, or to receive special offers


  • There are so many plans with separate tools for various industries that picking the right one with everything you want (minus the features you don't need) is quite the challenge

  • While the site emphasizes hotels and the hospitality industry as a vertical, no genuinely hotel-specific CRM tools exist.

  • Lots to learn, and customer support is not as responsive as it could be to help you along.


  • The essentials plan with all-in-one sales and support is $25 per user/month, billed annually.

  • A professional plan with complete CRM for any team of any size is $100 per user/month, billed annually.

  • Enterprise plan with customizable sales CRM is $175 per user/per month, billed annually.

  • The unlimited plan for "unlimited CRM power and support" is $325 per user/month, billed annually. 

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7. Copper  

Copper for Hotel CRM

Why We Chose It:

Copper is an excellent CRM choice for hoteliers, particularly for its seamless integration with G Suite, a popular toolset in the hotel industry. Its straightforward design and effective pipeline management make lead monitoring effortless.

While Copper may not offer extensive customization options, its real-time notifications and efficient mobile apps significantly streamline CRM processes. This makes Copper particularly effective for on-the-go hotel management.

Its pricing structure is well-suited for hoteliers looking for a CRM solution that's easy to use yet powerful enough to manage day-to-day guest interactions and operational workflows effectively.


  • Copper CRM is fully integrated into G Suite, and while not explicitly tailored for the hotel businesses, is quite popular with the industry

  • Includes a simple yet fully comprehensive customer data dashboard, which is accessible for whole teams across various hotel branches and locations

  • The pipeline management allows for visual drag-n-drop automatic workflows to monitor and nudge leads as they shop for hotel bookings

  • Notifications about contacts are updated in real time to help keep track of new sales and booking opportunities

  • It has a dedicated mobile app for iOS and Android, which is excellent for independent hoteliers to offer speedy responses  


  • Some might be turned off that this isn't specifically designed for hotels and the hospitality industry

  • There are but a few customization options

  • The reporting tool is a bit on the lightweight side 


  • The basic plan is $19 per month for up to 3 users, billed annually, and $24 per user/per month, billed monthly.

  • The professional plan is $49 per user/month and $60 per user/per month, billed monthly.

  • The business plan is $119 per user/month, billed annually only

Copper offers a 14-day free trial.

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8. Guestfolio (by Cendyn)

Guestfolio by Cendyn Hotel CRM

Why We Chose It:

If you manage a B&B or boutique hotel, Guestfolio is an ideal CRM choice. Its email automation tool is not just a feature; it's a game-changer for increasing brand awareness.

Imagine sending ideally timed, personalized emails without lifting a finger. The trip planner is a valuable asset for your concierge service, enabling you to provide memorable, customized guest experiences.

Moreover, Guestfolio's seamless integration elevates your marketing and sales strategies. While it may take some time to utilize all its features fully, the investment is worthwhile. For boutique hotels aiming to personalize guest engagement, Guestfolio's pricing and capabilities are tailored just for you.


  • Guestfolio specializes in helping B&Bs, boutique, and independent hotels 

  • Email automation tools maintain brand awareness for prospective, booked, and checked-in guests, as well as post-stay customers, for gathering valuable feedback

  • There's a trip planner feature to assist concierges in suggesting local activities as well as showcasing special in-hotel services and amenities

  • A Mobile Concierge app allows guests to browse and book activities before and during their stay

  • Guestfolio integrates with a suite of other Cendyn platforms for sales, marketing, and revenue management services


  • Some tools require a bit of getting used to, like customer segmentation, labeling, and note-adding

  • Email designing, while at first a simple drag-n-drop interface, can get glitchy 


  • Contact Guestfolio to request pricing

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9. For-Sight (by Forth) 

For-Sight (by Forth) Hotel CRM

Why We Chose It:

With its data-driven Marketing CRM, For-Sight is a powerful tool for hoteliers who value deep customer insights. Imagine having a CRM that captures and intelligently analyzes data from various sources to inform your marketing strategies.

This level of insight is crucial for personalizing guest experiences. While it may not offer extensive support tools, its omnichannel marketing capabilities, especially the visual editing feature, are a significant asset.

For-Sight could be a valuable addition to your toolkit if you want to elevate your marketing efforts with a CRM that offers advanced data utilization and professional services.


  • For-Sight is a data-driven Marketing CRM system that uncovers deeper customer insights for improved guest experiences, more upsells, and intelligent marketing

  • The CRM module captures customer information from a variety of sources, including PMS tools, Wi-Fi registration, and Reputation Management platforms

  • Query Engine performs deep data searches on your complete database and saves the criteria and results for future or collaborative purposes

  • Omnichannel marketing starts with a simple visual editor to create campaigns, then leverages intelligent segmenting to distribute them, followed by transparent analytical reporting from the engagements

  • They offer professional services to help with setup, onboarding, and training sessions for a variety of things like campaign building, marketing automation, data management, and creative best practice planning


  • Doesn't have tools to handle customer support issues

  • Lacks loyalty program features

  • Email campaign builder could be more flexible


  • Contact For-Sight to request pricing 

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10. Guestware 

Guestware Hotel CRM

Why We Chose It:

Guestware is designed to elevate the guest experience in your hotel. Its guest experience management tools are tailored for swift response times, ensuring your guests' needs are met promptly and efficiently.

With essential PMS tools included, managing your hotel's daily operations becomes more streamlined. The addition of recognition software takes your service to the next level by enabling personalized guest interactions.

While it might not have every CRM tool, Guestware's pricing and features make it an excellent choice for hotels focused on boosting guest satisfaction and building lasting loyalty.


  • Guestware is a guest experience management multi-plan solution that helps with seamless upscaling as a hotel business grows in size and scope

  • Allows for super fast guest responses to requests and issues based on automated task assignments using data analytics

  • Incorporates essential PMS tools to help manage maintenance, room cleaning, and inspections

  • Guest recognition software prepares all front desk staff for new and returning guests with highly personalized data from sign-up info, social media, and past visits

  • Point-based and tiered scoring systems for returning customers are built into the loyalty program, which feeds back to 1:1 remarketing efforts


  • This primary platform lacks more basic CRM tools like lead management and marketing outreach tools unless one goes for the pricier packages

  • The dashboard is crowded and visually unappealing


  • The Guestware Select plan starts at $112 per 50 rooms/month, is billed annually, and gets cheaper with more rooms added.

  • The Guestware Suite plan starts at $200 per 50 rooms/month, is billed annually, and gets cheaper with more rooms added.

  • For the Guestware Plus plan, contact the vendor

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11. TRACK Hospitality CRM 

TRACK Hospitality CRM dashobard

Why We Chose It:

TRACK Hospitality CRM, part of TRACK Travelnet Solutions, aids collaboration with unified communication. Automated messaging and 1:1 texting enhance customer engagement. While the campaign builder could improve, it offers comprehensive solutions.

We suggest this CRM software for small and big hotels because it works with other tools to make bookings smooth. And smooth booking experiences result in happy guests!

Moreover, it sends personalized messages to turn lookers into bookers. It even lets guests text for help. Overall, it’s a secret weapon for satisfied customers who keep coming back.


  • This CRM software is a subset of the total TRACK Travelnet Solutions stack of hotel and hospitality apps, which also include PMS and ERP systems for hotels, vacation rentals, and contact centers for large chains or affiliate hotel families

  • A unified omnichannel communication tool helps hoteliers work together with marketers to identify prospects, convert leads, and retain customer loyalty

  • Automated messaging via email and text responds to segmentation and customer engagement behavior and delivers increasingly personalized communications throughout the booking and hotel-stay lifecycle

  • Direct 1:1 texting tools for individual customers to manage their bookings, which get saved as data in their contact profile in the CRM database  


  • The campaign builder could use better integrations with Google or Facebook Ad platforms

  • There is a mobile app for guests to use, but it could be a bit more intuitive in terms of its design


  • Contact TRACK to request pricing

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12. TravelClick GMS (by Amadeus) 

TravelClick GMS - CRM dashboard

Why We Chose It:

TravelClick GMS focuses on booking, upsells, and loyalty in the hotel industry. Hotelligence360® offers robust reporting. Despite a less intuitive interface, it's valuable for optimizing booking, engagement, and commitment. Pricing caters to holistic guest management.

Plus, it gives you real-time info on how well your marketing is doing. And the best part? You can chat with guests through text, Facebook, and WeChat. After their stay, use surveys and loyalty programs to keep them coming back. It’s like a one-stop shop for hotel success.


  • TravelClick is a guest management solutions platform (GMS) that focuses on booking, upsells, and loyalty programs to increase repeat business

  • The Hotelligence360® feature does solid business intelligence reporting to identify leads and gain a better understanding of guests

  • Performance reporting offers real-time data on the success rates of marketing campaigns

  • It lets you communicate with guests via mobile texting, Facebook Messenger, and WeChat

  • Post-stay tools include surveys, remarketing efforts, and loyalty programs


  • The overall graphic interface is not as intuitive as other platforms and could be challenging to navigate

  • The email marketing campaign designer is limited


  • Contact TravelClick to request pricing

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13. Quore 

Quore hotel CRM dashboard

Why We Chose It:

Quore is like a powerhouse for hotels and events, offering a ton of tools to make everything smoother. Its top-notch CRM tools are for sales and keeping things in order. If you’re into corporate events, their B2B sales tools handle everything from contacts to menu planning.

At the front desk, you get cool features like SMS concierge services and automatic guest request fulfillment. There’s even a tool for managing outside vendors, like the ones providing food and cleaning supplies.

And if you’re into numbers, Quore has you covered with detailed analytics to help you plan for the future. It’s like having a Swiss Army knife for hotel management.


  • Quore is a massive platform loaded with tools for all things hotel and event planning related, including CRM tools for sales and pipeline management

  • B2B sales tools for corporate events handle contact management, contracts, multi-room arrangements, menu planning, and more

  • A suite of front desk features include SMS concierge services, automatic guest request fulfillment, a complaint manager, and satisfaction callbacks

  • There's a vendor management tool similar to a CRM that databases outside vendors for things like food, linens, cleaning materials, as well as hotel staff

  • Very comprehensive data analytics of historical trends and reporting to guide future planning   


  • The sales features only come with the premium version

  • The web browser version is not so intuitive and is slow with load times

  • Tagging and setting priority statuses is a bit on the sloppy side, which hinders advanced searching


  • Contact Quore to request pricing

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14. Clairvoyix 

Clairvoyix CRM for Hotels dashboard

Why We Chose It:

Choose Clairvoyix if you run a big hotel chain and want to dominate B2B marketing. It’s not a full CRM, but it’s super-efficient with contact data.

The database is excellent for cleaning up info, getting rid of duplicates, and flagging old or inactive stuff. For landing corporate clients and booking events, Clairvoyix has a bunch of top-notch sales tools. Plus, it’s got special help for rocking social media and creating killer posts and ads.

And if you’re into numbers, the email campaign editor comes with detailed reports on opens, shares, subscriptions, and even a heat map.


  • Clairvoyix is an ROI-focused collection of marketing and sales tools for major hotel chains that sync with basic CRM data

  • The database sorts and cleans contact data from campaign engagements; it also identifies duplicates, de-dupes them, and flags old or inactive info

  • There's a slew of sales tools for B2B marketing to help hotel chains land corporate clients, book conferences and events via highly qualified leads

  • Offers specialist assistance in creating and managing social media posts for Facebook Ads and other sites

  • There's an email campaign editor that feeds into analytics with statistical reporting on opens, shares, subscriptions, and even a heat map


  • While there is a guest profile database that serves essential CRM functions of contact management, it is not exactly a full-on CRM

  • Many users have reported that the platform's disparate dashboards make logging in and switching modules feel like excessive steps and clicks.  


  • Contact Clairvoyix to request pricing

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15. Navis 

Navis Hotel CRM Dashboard

Why We Chose It:

Navis is your go-to CRM if you want everything in one place for your hotel or hospitality business. With reservation sales modules, it’s not just about making reservations; it’s a coach for your sales team, offering virtual telephony and chat support.

After the sale, it scores and analyzes to keep getting better. The marketing suites offer segmentation, automation, surveys, and recognition of what your customers really like.

And the analytics? They combine sales and marketing data to measure success and plan for the future. It’s like having a three-in-one solution tailored just for you.


  • Navis is a dedicated CRM solution for hotels and hospitality businesses that unifies the efforts of sales teams, marketing departments, and analytical feedback

  • Reservation sales modules help sales reps with coaching over virtual telephony and chatting and post-sale scoring and analysis for further improvement

  • Marketing suites include segmentation, automation, surveys, and behavioral preference recognition

  • Analytics combine data from sales and marketing to help measure ROI and KPI, as well as inform future marketing strategies to find potential customers


  • Limited integrations with other SaaS, including third-party booking sites

  • While the price is not listed on the site, some users have mentioned it is costly compared to similar platforms


  • Contact Navis to request pricing

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Customer experience is the number one thing that modern businesses need to master. And no company is more about "the experience" than the hospitality business. 

So hotel franchise owners, hoteliers, and independent hotel managers everywhere can be grateful that some of the most effective digital tools for improving CX have finally booked a permanent place within their industry: Hotel CRM goes beyond automating marketing, boosting sales, and streamlining customer service; it offers a total front-to-back solution for the entire hotel operation, from property management to personalizing every guest's experience.

The traveler and tourist put much effort into their plans, more than just money and time. It's about an escape from the everyday, a chance to adventure or dial down the pressures of work and domestic life—to be somebody else for that particular time away from home. And those who travel for work also rely on a smooth stay to help them stay productive.

With everything your guests invest in their plans, your decision to invest in the best hotel CRM solution should be crystal clear. We hope this guide points you in the right direction when choosing the ideal platform for your hotel business.


Hotel CRM FAQs

What is Hotel CRM?

Hotel CRM is a strategy and set of tools designed to manage and enhance the relationships between hotels and guests. It involves collecting and analyzing guest data, improving customer satisfaction, and fostering guest loyalty. Hotel CRM includes guest profile management, reservation tracking, feedback collection, and loyalty program integration.

By using CRM, hotels can provide personalized experiences, anticipate guest needs, and build long-term relationships.


What is Hilton CRM?

Hilton CRM refers to the Customer Relationship Management practices implemented by Hilton Hotels and Resorts. While specific details of Hilton’s CRM strategy aren’t publicly disclosed, it generally involves utilizing CRM tools and techniques to understand guest preferences, enhance the guest experience, and build lasting relationships.


What Are the 3 Essential Components of Hotel CRM?

Hotel CRM involves three essential parts: guest profile management (1), which personalizes service based on guest preferences. Reservation and booking tracking (2), ensuring a smooth stay from booking to check-out. Feedback and reviews (3), gathering guest opinions to improve services. Together, they can improve guest experience and operational efficiency.


Does Marriott Use CRM?

Yes, Marriott uses a smart mobile app as a CRM system for reservations, payments, rewards, and even social media interactions. It helps Marriott understand and improve how customers engage with their brand. This strategy boosts customer loyalty and engagement by making services convenient and personalized through the mobile app.