Best Things 3 Alternative 2024 (Top 10 Similar Competitors)

Last Updated:Monday, February 5, 2024

Quick Summary:

Things 3 enhances business productivity through streamlined task management, offering features like categorization and project timelines.

However, Things 3 alternatives like Todoist, Trello, and Asana, among many others, provide similar functionalities, allowing businesses to choose a solution that aligns best with their needs. Let’s explore these substitutes further!

Looking for the best Things 3 alternatives? You're in the right spot. This post offers a deep dive into the top Things 3 competitors in 2024. Although Things 3 is a popular choice for task management, it might not be the perfect solution for everyone. Some of its shortcomings include the lack of a free plan and being Apple-exclusive. 

Don’t worry because, by the end of this post, you'll have a clear understanding of which Things 3 alternative is the best fit for you.

Let's dive in!


Top 10 Things 3 Competitors With Similar Products

Here are the apps like Things 3 that we think are the best Things 3 alternatives. Although they are all fairly similar, some Things 3 competitors will be better suited to your circumstances than others, so read more about the Things 3 competition below.


Best for



Things 3

Baseline tool

$9.99 – $49.99 

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Best overall 

Free plan; $4/month

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Google Tasks 

Best free 


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OmniFocus 3

Most similar 


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Best if you need a full-featured app 

Free plan; $3.99/month

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Cheaper option 

Free plan; $2.40/month

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Microsoft To-Do

Best Windows alternative 

Free plan; $6/user/month

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Best for Android users

Free plan; $3/month

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Visual project management 


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Remember the Milk

List-based task management 

Free plan; $39.99/year

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Starting at $49.99

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Here’s Our Full List of the Best Things 3 Alternatives 2024:

Welcome to our curated selection of the best Things 3 alternatives for 2024. We've compiled the top apps that offer a great alternative to Things 3, each with its unique strengths and features. Whether you're searching for a free alternative or a premium upgrade, we've got you covered. 

Before we delve into details, you might want to check out our Things 3 review for a deeper understanding of its features. Now, let's dive into the list and find the perfect fit for you!

Here are 10 good alternatives to Things 3:

1. Todoist (Best Things 3 Alternative Overall)

Todoist best Things 3 alternative

Why We Chose It:

Todoist wins as the best alternative to Things 3, thanks to its user-friendly interface and highly efficient task management system. In fact, it surpasses Things 3 in several areas, making it the preferred choice for many users. 

With features like fast task addition, priority settings, and workload sharing, Todoist facilitates a smooth workflow. Plus, its customizable views and seamless integration with email, calendar, and other apps make it even better than Things 3. 

Todoist is best for:

  • Students

  • Freelancers

  • Solopreneurs

  • Small teams


  • Reminders

  • Due dates

  • Priorities

  • Comments

  • Labels

  • Integrations

  • Completed tasks archive

  • Add tasks via email

  • Calendar sync

  • Templates

  • Productivity trends

  • Themes

  • Automatic backups

  • Collaboration


  • Free

  • Pro, $4/month, billed annually 

  • Business, $6/month, billed annually  

Read our Todoist review

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2. Google Tasks (Best Free Things 3 Alternative)

best free Things 3 alternative Google Tasks

Why We Chose It:

Google Tasks is one of the best free Things 3 alternatives. It’s an entirely free option that lets you manage tasks seamlessly across all devices. With Google Tasks, you can create subtasks, add detailed notes, and link tasks back to source emails. 

The tool also integrates flawlessly with Gmail and Google Calendar to boost your productivity. Key features such as setting due dates, prioritizing tasks, and getting due date reminders to improve your task management experience. 

Google Tasks is best for:

  • Freelancers 

  • Students 

  • Teams 

  • Startups

  • Google Workspace users


  • Seamless syncing across all devices

  • Integration with Gmail and Google Calendar

  • Task creation from emails

  • Subtask creation for detailed task breakdown

  • Due date and notification reminders

  • Drag-and-drop task prioritization

  • Integration with Google Workspace apps


  • Free 

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3. Omnifocus 3 (Most Similar to Things 3)

Omnifocus 3

Why We Chose It:

OmniFocus 3 shines as the app most similar to Things 3, primarily as both are tailored for Apple users. It offers comparable features, such as project organization, task management, and a clean interface that aligns with Apple's design ethos. 

Like Things 3, OmniFocus 3 provides seamless integration across all your Apple devices. So if you're an Apple user who needs an alternative that's similar to Things 3, OmniFocus 3 is a strong contender to consider.

OmniFocus 3 is best for:


  • Inbox

  • Quick entry

  • Projects

  • Tags

  • Notes

  • Forecast

  • Siri

  • Notifications 


  • OmniFocus Subscription, $9.99/month, billed monthly 

  • Standard License, $49.99 one-off payment

OmniFocus review

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4. Toodledo (Good Things 3 Alternative if You Need a Full-Featured App)

Toodledo good Things 3 alternative

Why We Chose It:

Toodledo earns its place as a good Things 3 alternative by packing a punch with a full-featured suite tailored to various needs. 

This isn't your run-of-the-mill task manager. It’s a powerhouse productivity platform that lets you manage tasks, notes, and habits all in one convenient location. Its key strength lies in its adaptability. 

Whether you're juggling a professional project, student tasks, or managing household chores, Toodledo adjusts to your individual requirements. 

Toodledo is best for:

  • GTD enthusiast

  • Students

  • Freelancers

  • Solopreneurs

  • Small teams 


  • Folders

  • Subtasks

  • Locations

  • Repeating Tasks

  • Tags

  • Alarms / Reminders

  • Hotlist

  • Attachments

  • Goals

  • Scheduler

  • Statistics

  • Calendar

  • Time Tracking

  • Sharing Tasks


  • Free

  • Standard, $2.99/month, billed annually 

  • Plus, $4.99/month, billed annually 

  • Business, custom quote

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5. TickTick (Cheaper Alternative to Things 3 if You’re on a Budget)

TickTick - cheaper alternative to Things 3

Why We Chose It:

TickTick landed on our list as the best cheap alternative to Things 3. It's a budget-friendly option with a generous free plan that comes with a comprehensive suite of tools. Key features like voice input, Siri integration, and email-to-task options make task creation a breeze. 

Recurring tasks, prioritized smart lists, and thorough search functions enhance its utility. Additional perks include a Pomodoro Timer, soothing white noise sounds, and efficient list-sharing and task assignment features. 

If you're in search of a cheaper alternative to Things 3 without compromising on functionality, TickTick is the way to go.

TickTick is best for:

  • Productivity enthusiasts

  • Teams


  • Task Management

  • Smart Lists

  • Prioritization

  • Folder Organization

  • Pomodoro Timer

  • White Noise Sounds

  • List Sharing and Task Assignment

  • Recurring Tasks

  • Search Function

  • Multi-Platform Compatibility

  • Integration with Calendar Apps

  • Habit Tracking


  • Free

  • Premium, $2.40/month, billed yearly

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6. Microsoft To-Do (Best Things 3 Windows Alternative)

best Things 3 Windows alternative - Microsoft To Do

Why We Chose It:

As the best Things 3 Windows alternative, Microsoft To-Do is the best option if you’re deeply embedded in the Microsoft ecosystem. The free app simplifies task management with comprehensive checklists and the ability to break tasks into manageable steps. 

The tool’s seamless integration with Microsoft's suite, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, boosts productivity. Additional features like sharing and collaborating on lists, plus the ability to create tasks directly from Outlook, fortify its position as a leading, budget-friendly alternative to Things 3 for Windows users.

Microsoft To-Do is best for:

  • Individuals and teams already using Microsoft's tools

  • Users that need a free option


  • Tasks

  • Task reminders

  • Integration with Microsoft products

  • Task creation directly from Outlook

  • Collaboration on shared projects


  • Free to use with your personal Microsoft Account

  • Microsoft 365 Personal, $69.99/year

  • Microsoft 365 Family, $99.99/year

  • Microsoft 365 Business Basic, $6/user/month

  • Microsoft 365 Business Standard, $12.50/user/month

  • Microsoft 365 Business Premium, $22/user/month

  • Microsoft 365 Apps for business, $8.25/user/month

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7. (Best Things 3 Android Alternative) - best Things 3 Android alternative

Why We Chose It: shines as the best Things 3 Android alternative not only for its features but also for its exceptional mobile app. The app is well-optimized for Android devices, offering a seamless and intuitive user experience. 

Its focus on design and productivity makes it easy to navigate to ensure task management is a breeze even on the go. Other features that make it stand out include real-time chat, integration with popular tools, and the capability to centralize all tasks. is best for:

  • Personal use

  • Teams 


  • Tasks & lists

  • Reminders

  • Calendar

  • Daily planner

  • Sync across devices

  • Recurring tasks

  • Whatsapp reminders

  • Color tags

  • App integrations

  • Location reminders


  • Personal, $0/month

  • Premium, $3/month, billed annually 

  • Teams, $5/user/month, billed annually

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8. Trello (Great Things 3 Replacement for Visual Project Management)

Trello - great Things 3 replacement

Why We Chose It:

Trello is a great Things 3 replacement if you prefer a visually-oriented project management solution. With its intuitive and user-friendly Kanban boards, even those without much technical expertise can easily manage tasks and projects. 

Trello offers a mix of practical features, including file management, time tracking, and analytics. It's fully mobile-responsive and offers a generous free plan. 

Trello is best for:

  • Freelancers

  • One-person businesses

  • Startups

  • Small businesses


  • Kanban boards

  • Advanced checklists

  • Custom fields

  • Automation

  • Board guests

  • Saved searches

  • Views: Calendar, Timeline, Table, Dashboard, and Map

  • Workspace-level templates


  • Free

  • Standard, $5/user/month, billed yearly

  • Premium, $10/user/month, billed yearly

  • Enterprise, $17.50/user/month, billed yearly

Read our Trello review 

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9. Remember the Milk (Top Things 3 Substitute if You Prefer Traditional, List-Based Task Management)

Remember the Milk - top Things 3 substitute

Why We Chose It:

Remember the Milk is the best choice if you prefer traditional, list-based task management. With its focus on easy-to-navigate lists, it keeps task management uncomplicated and efficient. 

Whether you're juggling work tasks or personal to-dos, Remember the Milk provides a user-friendly platform that will help keep your responsibilities clear and well-structured. 

Remember the Milk is best for:

  • Personal use 


  • Smart 

  • Task prioritization

  • Subtasks 

  • Task sharing and delegation

  • Comprehensive search wizard

  • Reminders

  • Smart lists 


  • Free

  • Pro, $39.99/year

Remember the Milk review

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10. 2Do (Best Alternative if You Want Customization)

2Do task management tool

Why We Chose It:

If you want a task management tool that offers a high degree of customization, 2Do stands out as the best alternative. This app offers a wide range of options to tailor your task management experience to your individual needs. 

Whether it's creating your own task categories, defining unique filters, or designing your workflow layout, 2Do offers an incredible level of control and personalization.

This high customization level allows you to manage your tasks in a way that best suits your style, making 2Do a superior alternative to Things 3 for those who love to customize their tools.

2Do is best for:

  • Apple users

  • Teams

  • Users that need a high degree of customization


  • Lists

  • Smart lists

  • Projects

  • Tags

  • Focus

  • Nearly

  • Quick entry

  • Batch editing

  • Search 


  • Single-user license for Mac for $49.99 

  • Multi-user license for $149.99 

  • A one-time cost of $9.99 for iOS and Android

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Which of the Alternatives to Things 3 is a Good Choice for You?

Choosing the best Things 3 alternative depends on your unique requirements, budget, and personal taste. While we crowned Todoist as the best alternative overall for its comprehensive features, user-friendly interface, and affordable price point, it's not a one-size-fits-all solution.

If you’re a fan of Google's ecosystem, Google Tasks can be a suitable option for you, while OmniFocus 3 is best if you’re an Apple user. If visual task management is your priority, Trello is a sure winner. 

TickTick is the go-to option if you’re searching for a budget-friendly choice, and Microsoft To-Do shines as an impressive Windows alternative. If you're an Android user, you'll find that offers a seamless and highly-rated mobile experience.

Before you make a final decision, try out the free plans or trials of these Things 3 alternatives and experience first-hand which one syncs best with your needs. Finally, be sure to take advantage of our detailed guide on the best checklist app and software for 2024.

Best wishes on your productivity journey!