Teamwork and productivity for the digital era. Thoughts and tools on how to collaborate, execute, and work smarter.

The all-in-one workspace platform, Notion, offers a modular productivity tool for non-coders.

Miro, the visual project management app provides a space to cooperate and build things in real-time. Share multimedia and make remote work better.

By following a century-old productivity system, Ivy sets itself apart from basic to-do lists or task management apps.

Filtr and Shortwhale—two apps from mind guru Dan Ariely—make the act of managing email way less stressful.

All-in-one interface productivity tool Taskade keeps upgrading its platform without becoming over-complicated.

Canva does design without the learning curve, and without breaking the bank. It’s a favorite of enterprise-level corporations—and elementary school kids too.


Project management software beynd keeps you on point with customers as they task through implementation.

Like a personal assistant, Tika helps you stay on top of meetings, tasks, and collaborative note sharing.