Teamwork and productivity for the digital era. Thoughts and tools on how to collaborate, execute, and work smarter.

Has managing information scattered across multiple channels become overwhelming? Don't fret, Clariti is here to clear things up.

Spike enhances the traditional inbox with the immediacy and ease of use of chat messaging, making workplace communications more natural and efficient.

When it comes to video conferencing platforms, Zoom is a no-brainer choice as the clear front runner.

Combining simple design and functionality, to-do list maker and reminder app MinimaList organizes life’s daily tasks.

Still organizing spreadsheets with more spreadsheets? CoSchedule crushes time-wasting with their all-in-one marketing calendar and project management platform.

Redbooth takes teamwork to the next level by combining sophisticated live video collaboration tools, predictive task management, and timeline overview features for a user-friendly (and affordable) project management experience.

While live chat applications can promote teamwork, their real-time nature often discourages deep, thoughtful conversations.

Get sh*t done with Todoist app, a user-friendly task management app for the individual or teams that helps organize life’s simple (and not so simple) tasks.