While live chat applications can promote teamwork, their real-time nature often discourages deep, thoughtful conversations.

Get sh*t done with Todoist app, a task management app for the individual or team that helps organize life’s simple (and not so simple) tasks in one user-friendly platform. 

PandaDoc's impressive list of integrations and team-based collaboration features moves past the facelifts and shiny car updates of legacy document management software. 

A one-person operation set out to design a visually appealing and hyper-functional inbox to simplify emailing for all. The result? KanbanMail. A kanban board for email that received overnight approval from Hacker News, Product Hunt, and probably your own inbox. 



Feel the satisfying thrill of hiking uphill and gliding downhill with Basecamp 3 new feature the Hill Chart, a visual tool for solving problems and executing projects with confidence and certainty.

On first glance, Milanote comes off as something like a cross between a mood board and a project management tool. Visually oriented and crazy flexible, it’s very much made with creatives in the crosshairs.