Organizational Tools

Organizational tools help you boost productivity and stay focused. Get full visibility for project, communication, and task management.

The all-in-one workspace platform, Notion, offers a modular productivity tool for non-coders.

Living inside your email, Clara is the digital assistant helping you schedule interviews so you can focus on the human connection side of the recruiting process.

All-in-one interface productivity tool Taskade keeps upgrading its platform without becoming over-complicated.

Snapboard, delivered through Calum Moore’s 1ProductaWeek challenge, provides a customizable and hackable dashboard solution for all of your metrics and statistics.

Like a personal assistant, Tika helps you stay on top of meetings, tasks, and collaborative note sharing.

Created by trend-casting designers, is a cultural media platform for idea-sharing and knowledge-building without wasteful social network features.

Gamified task management app, Habitica elegantly combines a nuanced, feature-packed habit tracker and to-do list with engaging retro gaming elements.

Combining project and communication management doesn’t have to be twice as complicated. HeySpace makes it doubly useful and super simple.