Things 3 Review: Is Things 3 Mac, iPhone & iPad App Good?

Last Updated:Thursday, January 11, 2024

Are you a GTD enthusiast juggling different aspects of your life? 

Are you considering using the Things app to bring it all together? You’ve arrived at the right place! 

In our Things 3 review, we'll dissect this task manager's features, pros and cons, to help you decide if it's the right investment for your productivity needs. 

By the end of this review, you’ll know if the Things 3 app is really the taskmaster you've been searching for. 

Let's dive in!


Things 3 review 2024: Is the Things app any good?

Based on our Things 3 review, we confidently say: yes, the Things app is one of the best GTD apps for personal use! It’s an intuitive tool that integrates your tasks and schedules effortlessly. Its simplicity and efficiency make it an outstanding choice for those seeking a reliable task manager.

At first glance, Things 3 looks deceptively simple. However, beneath its clean, minimalistic surface lies a powerhouse of functionality. It takes the best elements from its predecessors and adds a whole new layer of sophistication, making it an even more formidable tool and one of, if not the best GTD app you can find online.

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Things 3 pricing plans

First of all, how much does Things 3 cost? Let’s first review Things app prices: 

Things 3 plans

Price per device

Check current Things 3 price

Things for Mac

$49.99 one-time purchase


Things for iOS and iWatch

$9.99 one-time purchase


Things for iPad

$19.99 one-time purchase



How much does Things 3 cost for nonprofits?

Unfortunately, the platform doesn't offer discounts for nonprofits as it operates on an up-front, one-time purchase model through the Apple App Store.

Are there any Things 3 coupon codes or promo discount vouchers?

Things 3 operates on a single, up-front payment model and, unfortunately, Apple's App Store policies don't allow for promo codes or discount vouchers for apps sold this way. If you're a student, you might want to check if your institution is part of Apple's Education Program, which could potentially offer discounts.

For businesses, there's the Apple Volume Purchase Program that's worth exploring. 

A notable exception to this is the upgrade policy. If you purchased Things 2 between March 1 and May 17, 2017, you're eligible for a free upgrade to Things 3. You must contact the support team with your proof of purchase (preferably the original receipt). But, if you purchased Things 2 before March 1, 2017, you won't qualify for a free upgrade.


Things 3 free vs paid: what’s the difference?

Things 3 is a straightforward app that doesn't have a free option. Instead, you can buy it once and own it for a lifetime. However, you need a separate license for each device (Things 3 Mac, Things iOS, and Things iPad) you want to use it on.

The good news is that Things 3 can be shared with family members through Apple's Family Sharing without any extra cost. If you're unsure about the app, you can try the Mac version for free to see if it suits your needs. If you're not happy with your purchase, you can request a refund from Apple.

Once you buy the apps, they are yours forever. There are no premium services, pro plans, or subscriptions to deal with. However, there might be additional costs if a new version or major update is released in the future. For now, the company has stated that there are no immediate plans for a "Things 4" release.


Things 3 app overview: what is Things 3 & what is Things software used for?

Things 3 is a popular task management software developed by Cultured Code. It stands out for its simple and clean interface, which helps users enhance their productivity. With Things 3, you can easily handle tasks, projects, goals, and daily organization all within a single platform. The software offers features like tagging, calendar integration, and reminders to keep you on schedule. Essentially, It's a digital tool that uses the GTD method to help you organize personal tasks, work projects, and household chores into a well-structured system.


Things 3 features list

The main features of Things 3 are: 

  • Things task management features 

  • Today, This Evening, and Upcoming 

  • Headings

  • Magic Plus

  • Quick Find

  • Jump Start

  • Reminders

  • Slim Mode

  • Multiple Windows

  • Things 3 collaboration features

1. Things task management features 

Things 3 offers a robust task management system that lets you convert your day-to-day chores, projects, or grand ideas into manageable tasks. Each To-Do can have notes, tags, a checklist, a start date, and a deadline, or it can be broken down into bite-sized steps for simplicity.

Projects within Things 3 are your milestones – big goals you wish to achieve. For each project, you can add the necessary to-dos, structure your list with headings for clarity, include additional notes for reference, and set a deadline to stay on track.

Areas, on the other hand, are categories for different aspects of your life, such as Work, Family, or Finance. Creating areas helps you segregate tasks according to their context to make your workflow neat and organized. 

2. Today, This Evening, and Upcoming 

The Today and This Evening features in Things 3 serve as personal assistants, helping you plan and organize your day. Your Today list becomes the central hub for tasks and events, seamlessly integrating your Personal, Family, or Work calendars. It combines your to-dos and calendar events into a single, well-structured list. 

The This Evening function provides a separate space for tasks that need to be done later in the day. This feature keeps your Today list clean and manageable while ensuring you can handle all your responsibilities.

The Upcoming section displays all your upcoming tasks, including scheduled and recurring to-dos, deadlines, and calendar events. You can stay on top of your schedule by taking a quick look at this list. If your plans change, you can simply drag and drop to reschedule your tasks.

3. Headings

With Headings, you can create categories or milestones according to your needs. Just label each heading and nest the related to-dos beneath it. This process instantly structures your list, offering a clear, visually appealing plan for your projects. Once you've accomplished a set of tasks under a heading, you can archive it for future reference. 

4. Magic Plus

Magic Plus is another gerat feature of the app. It lets you tap the plus button to create a new to-do instantly. With a quick lift of your finger, you can command the Magic Plus button, drag it to your desired location and let go. It could be at a specific spot in your Today list, under a particular heading in a project, or on a selected day in the Upcoming list. 

You can even send a new to-do directly to your Inbox, with a consistent, simple gesture. This intuitive feature makes task management a breeze.

5. Quick Find

With the Quick Find feature, you’ll be able to search and navigate between your tasks faster and with greater ease. You can use it to locate to-dos, projects, or tags quickly. Results appear instantly so that you can swiftly locate the desired section.

6. Jump Start

The Jump Start feature in Things 3 offers a smart way to set dates and schedule your tasks. This feature streamlines the scheduling process by providing all necessary tools in one place.

A simple swipe brings up the Jump Start popover that lets you quickly add tasks to your Today or This Evening lists. You can easily set a reminder, schedule a task for a future date, or categorize tasks under the 'Someday' label for items you wish to tackle later.

What makes Jump Start particularly handy is its Natural Language Recognition. The feature is intuitive enough to understand what you're typing - be it "tomorrow," "Saturday," "in four days," or "August 1." It smartly interprets your input to make the scheduling process quicker and more efficient.

7. Reminders

Things 3 also comes with time-based reminders. This feature ensures you don't miss your crucial to-dos by giving you three easy ways to set a time reminder. You can click to add a reminder in Jump Start, type in your preferred time (like "Wed 8pm"), or use Siri on your iPhone to create a verbal reminder. 

8. Slim Mode

Slim Mode in Things 3 offers a focused, streamlined workspace. With a simple two-finger swipe, you can collapse the sidebar to eliminate distractions and concentrate on the task at hand. This option is perfect for split-view working or when screen space is at a premium. Plus, on iPad, you can collapse the sidebar in both portrait and landscape views.

9. Multiple Windows

Multiple Windows is another notable feature of Things 3. This flexibility allows you to open different projects in individual panes, easily dragging tasks between them. It also caters to users with multiple displays, providing the ability to have unique lists on each screen. It's ideal for diverse personal setups, including desktop spaces and split views.

10. Things 3 collaboration features

On the collaboration front, Things 3 lets you share the app with family members at no additional cost. It's a handy feature for households juggling multiple schedules. However, beyond this, Things 3 currently doesn't offer any other collaboration features. So, while it works well for individual task management and organization, it may not be the ideal choice for team-based project management.


Things 3 pros and cons

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of Things 3:

Things 3 advantages

  • Elegant design: Things 3 sports a minimalist and intuitive interface. It makes navigating through the app a breeze and brings a sense of calm to your busy schedule.

  • Comprehensive organization: The app lets you organize all facets of your life with Areas and Projects. You can segregate tasks for work, personal life, fitness, finance, and more, maintaining a balanced overview of your entire life.

  • Project breakdown: Large projects become manageable in Things 3. With the use of headings, you can divide big tasks into smaller, actionable items, making your project less overwhelming and more achievable.

  • Timely reminders: Things 3 allows you to set time-based reminders for each task. This feature ensures that important tasks are never forgotten and helps you stay on top of your to-do list.

  • Meeting deadlines: The app aids you in meeting deadlines by smartly scheduling tasks using the Jump Start feature. By inputting dates using natural language, you can ensure that you complete tasks on time.

  • Focused work: Things 3 provides features like Slim Mode that cut out distractions, helping you to concentrate on the task at hand. This can significantly improve your productivity and make task management less stressful.

Things 3 disadvantages

  • Lack of collaboration: Unfortunately, Things 3 doesn’t have collaboration features. While you can share the app with family members through Apple's Family Sharing, there's no direct way to collaborate with colleagues or friends within the app itself.

  • No web app: Things 3 is missing a web version. This restricts access to your tasks and projects solely to your Apple devices, and you can't access them from other platforms or computers.

  • No free version: Unlike many other task management tools, Things 3 doesn’t offer a free version. You need to make an upfront, one-time purchase which can be a barrier for some users, especially those who want to try the service before fully committing. But there’s a free trial for the Mac version. 

  • Apple exclusive: The app is only available on Apple devices. This lack of cross-platform compatibility makes Things 3 less versatile compared to its competitors, and not suitable for those using Android or Windows devices.


Things 3 complaints & praise (Things 3 reviews from real customers)

In many reviews, users express their love for the software's clear and intuitive visual design. They appreciate how effortlessly it integrates with their calendars and syncs across Apple devices, which streamlines the process of managing tasks and projects.

The app's ability to break down large projects, attach notes to tasks, and schedule repeating tasks is also highly praised. Users find the scheduling and deadline setting functionalities particularly useful, especially when managing both individual tasks and larger projects.

In more than one Things review by real users, people seem particularly impressed by the organization features, such as the use of areas, headers, and projects, which make it easy to manage multiple ongoing projects across different areas of life.

Some common complaints in negative Things 3 reviews is the lack of collaboration features.  The inability to share specific lists, tasks, or projects with others, or assign tasks within a project is a major limitation. The lack of a teamwork function is a deal-breaker for those looking to collaborate on tasks.

The fact that the app needs to be purchased separately for each platform is another downside that some users mention. However, some users believe that it's a worthwhile long-term investment compared to subscription-based products.

Review of Things 3 support

If you run into problems, you can reach out to the customer support team directly. They have a form on their official website you can fill out, and then wait for an email back. But they don't have live chat or phone support, which is a bit of a drawback.

Customer support is only available during normal business hours, Monday to Friday, based on German time.

Also, there’s an official support page packed with tutorials and step-by-step guides for the Things 3 app. 


Is Things 3 worth it? Our conclusion

After thoroughly evaluating Things 3, the question at hand is, "Is Things 3 worth it?" The answer depends on your individual or team needs.

Consider using Things 3 if you:

  • Are seeking a task management tool for personal use, rather than for a team.

  • Value simplicity and a minimalistic design in your digital tools.

  • Don't need collaborative features for sharing tasks and projects.

  • Wish to streamline multiple aspects of your life within a single app.

On the other hand, you might want to explore Things 3 alternatives if you:

  • Need an app that provides team collaboration tools.

  • Use Windows or Android devices, as Things 3 is exclusively for Apple users.

  • Prefer a monthly subscription pricing model over a one-time purchase.

If you're not sure if Things 3 is the best task management software for you, you should try their free trial. This lets you check out the app's features and see if it helps you manage your tasks better. Use the trial to see if Things 3 works well for you before you decide to buy it.

Our final Things 3 rating



Things 3 FAQs

When will Things 4 be released?

As of now, there's no official information about the release of Things 4. Cultured Code, the developer, hasn't made any announcements yet. Keep an eye on their official website or social media channels for updates.

Does Things 3 for iPad work on iPhone?

Things 3 for iPad and Things iPhone are separate apps. You'll need to purchase them individually to use on each device. The good news is that they sync together smoothly, so your tasks are always updated, regardless of the Apple device you plan to use.

Does Things 3 have a calendar?

No, Things 3 does not have a built-in calendar feature. It focuses primarily on task and project management. However, it does integrate with the device's native calendar app, allowing users to sync deadlines and reminders between Things 3 and their calendar for better scheduling and organization.

Does Things 3 sync with Reminders on iOS?

Yes, Things 3 can sync with the Reminders app on iOS and you can import reminders into Things 3 and manage everything in one place. This integration allows for seamless synchronization of tasks and reminders between Things 3 and Reminders app, allowing users to manage their tasks across both platforms.

Is there a Things 3 Windows version?

No, there is no official Windows version of Things 3. Cultured Code, the developer of Things, has focused primarily on the Apple ecosystem, and as a result, Things 3 is only available for macOS, iOS, and watchOS. It is not compatible with Windows operating systems.

Is there a Things 3 Android version?

No, there is no official Android version of Things 3. Things 3 is developed by Cultured Code and is exclusively available for Apple devices, including macOS, iOS, and watchOS. Also, it is still not known whether there will be an Android version in the near future.