Best Airtable Alternatives 2024 (15 Similar Competitors)

Last Updated:Thursday, February 15, 2024

Airtable has undoubtedly made a name for itself as a remarkable tool for creating databases and spreadsheets. However, it may not cater to everyone's needs.

If you've been searching for the best Airtable alternatives but feel overwhelmed by the options, fear not – we're here to help.

Join us as we dive into an in-depth analysis of the top 15 Airtable competitors, where we'll examine their unique strengths and features with clarity and precision.

By the end of this post, we're confident that you'll discover the ideal Airtable alternative that meets your specific requirements and can elevate your productivity to new heights.


Top 10 Airtable competitors with similar products

Here are the apps like Airtable that we think are the best Airtable alternatives. Although they are all fairly similar, some Airtable competitors will be better suited to your circumstances than others, so read more about the Airtable competition below.


Best for




Baseline tool 

Free plan; $10/user/month



Best overall 

Free plan; $8/user/month


Google Sheets 

Best free option

Free plan; $6/user/month



Most similar 

Free plan; $7/user/month


Microsoft Excel

Robust data organization

Free plan; $6.99/month


Zoho Projects 

Businesses with limited budgets

Free plan; $4/user/month



Remote collaboration 

Free plan; $10.99/user/month



Customizable PM tool

Free plan; $5/person/month



Creative projects 




Kanban-style PM

Free plan; $5/user/month




Free plan; $5.99/user/month



Here’s our full list of the best Airtable alternatives 2024:

In the upcoming section, we'll examine the best Airtable alternatives, highlighting their features and pricing plans. You'll find out which of these top rated tools offer a free plan, which ones closely resemble Airtable, and which ones make for excellent budget-friendly options.

But before jumping into the Airtable alternatives listed below, it's a good idea to check out our detailed Airtable review. It breaks down the software's pros and cons in an easy-to-understand way so that you get a clear picture of what Airtable offers before exploring its alternatives.

With that out of the way, here are 15 good alternatives to Airtable:

1. Notion (best Airtable alternative overall)

Notion review

Notion has made it onto our list as a top business collaboration tool and many users consider it better than Airtable. This flexible all-in-one workspace is great for many needs, including task management, project management, CRM, and database management. 

What makes Notion special is that it can handle many different tasks for a business, like documentation, project management, and planning. It's also the best alternative to Airtable for personal use, as it can help you with school-related tasks, personal projects, and journaling. 

The platform's key feature is its blocks, which can be anything from a to-do item to an image or a document. These blocks are added to pages, like a project or planner, and can be easily shared with team members for better collaboration.

See a more in-depth comparison in our Airtable vs Notion comparison post.

Notion is best for:

  • Startups and SMBs

  • Creative agencies

  • Project management

  • Note-taking

  • Knowledge base management


  • Pages and blocks

  • Collaborative workspace

  • Teamspaces

  • Guest collaborators

  • API and integrations

  • Advanced page analytics 


  • Free

  • Plus, $8/user/month, billed annually 

  • Business, $15/user/month, billed annually

  • Enterprise, custom quote

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Visit Notion 


2. Google Sheets (best free Airtable alternative)

Google Sheets Airtable alternative

Google Sheets is one of the best free Airtable alternatives that boasts an array of features like functions, data visualizations, and integrations. Its collaboration capabilities allow multiple users to work on the same file simultaneously across devices, making it suitable for individuals and businesses alike. 

With a user-friendly interface and easy onboarding, beginners can quickly adapt to the platform without additional training. As a web-based SaaS application, Google Sheets is accessible from any device, including laptops, tablets, or mobile devices, and is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux systems.

See a more in-depth comparison in our Airtable vs Google Sheets comparison post. 

Google Sheets is best for:

  • Startups and SMBs

  • Businesses with limited budgets

  • Remote teams 


  • Data analysis and visualization 

  • Functions

  • Integrations and add-ons

  • Templates

  • Automation

  • Sharing and collaboration

  • Explore


  • Free 

  • Business Starter, $6/user/month

  • Business Standard, $12/user/month

  • Business Plus, $18/user/month

  • Enterprise

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3. Smartsheet (most similar to Airtable)

Smartsheet Airtable alternative

Smartsheet is a versatile spreadsheet-style project management software that is very similar to Airtable. However, these two also have their differences, so make sure you read our Smartsheet vs Airtable comparison for more details.

It offers advanced collaboration features and can be customized for various industries and departments, like project planning, budgeting, resource management, and CRM. 

Smartsheet comes with robust workflow tracking tools, numerous integration options, and communication and collaboration features, which makes it a good option for businesses that need to manage multiple projects simultaneously. Its drag-and-drop automation builder allows you to create automated workflows with ease, either from scratch or using premade templates. 

For businesses with advanced automation needs, Smartsheet offers a paid add-on for creating intelligent, multi-step, cross-platform workflows.

Smartsheet is best for:

  • Users acquainted with spreadsheet-based PM tools

  • Businesses that need a modern alternative to Excel and Google Sheets

  • Mid-sized to large organizations that need a robust solution 


  • Integrations 

  • Templates

  • Workflows

  • Dashboards

  • Views

  • Project management

  • Collaboration tools and sharing

  • Reports

  • Forms

  • Mobile app 

  • Resource management 

  • Connectors


  • Free 

  • Pro, $7/user/month, billed yearly

  • Business, $25/user/month, billed yearly

  • Enterprise, custom quote 

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Visit Smartsheet 


4. Microsoft Excel (good Airtable alternative if you need robust features for data organization)

Microsoft Excel Airtable alternative

Excel serves as a good Airtable alternative if you need a powerful software for organizing data. As a spreadsheet tool, Excel is suitable for both small and large companies and comes with capabilities like data management, accounting, financial analysis, task management, and customer relationship management. 

Its key features include functions, formulas, data analysis, charting, data filtering, and document templates. For small teams with basic needs, Excel can be employed as a project management system to map out project scope, manage finances, and handle day-to-day tasks. The co-authoring feature allows team members to work on files simultaneously and see real-time changes.

Since Excel and Airtable are very similar, you may want to dig deeper into our Airtable vs Excel article to find out more about the differences between the two.

Microsoft Excel is best for:

  • Individuals, small teams, and businesses of all sizes

  • Accounting, data management, and project planning

  • Companies using Microsoft Office products


  • Spreadsheets and tables

  • Shortcuts and Macros

  • Charts and graphs

  • Templates

  • Forecasting

  • Collaboration

  • Analog to digital conversion

  • Power BI integration


  • Excel for Windows and Mac, one-time fee of $159

  • Microsoft 365, starting at $6.99/month for up to 6 people

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Visit Microsoft Excel 


5. Zoho Projects (cheaper alternative to Airtable if you’re on a budget)

Zoho Projects is a cloud-based project management and collaboration software that offers a range of tools to help teams plan, track, and collaborate on projects. Its best features include task management, Gantt charts, time tracking, and reporting. 

Zoho Projects also integrates seamlessly with other Zoho apps and popular third-party tools. As a cheap alternative to Airtable, it caters to budget-conscious users without sacrificing functionality, making it an excellent choice for businesses seeking an affordable yet feature-rich project management solution.

Zoho Projects is best for:

  • Startups and SMBs

  • Project planning, tracking, and collaboration

  • Companies that are using other Zoho apps

  • Businesses that need a budget-friendly solution


  • Task management

  • Task dependencies

  • Gantt charts, Kanban boards, and views

  • Issue tracking and bug tracking

  • Time management

  • Collaboration tools

  • Automations and workflows

  • Human resource management

  • Roles and permissions

  • Analytics and reporting

  • Integrations and add-ons


  • Free

  • Premium, $4/user/month, billed annually 

  • Enterprise, $9/user/month, billed annually 

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Visit Zoho Projects 


6. Asana (great software for remote collaboration)