Teamwork Review: A Comprehensive Project Management CRM

Last Updated:Wednesday, January 24, 2024

If you and your team are in the market for a collaboration and task management solution, then you’ve landed on the right review of Teamwork project management CRM. This Teamwork review is a synthesis of all the great software review wisdom existing on the internet and in the minds of SaaS users. No need to search and open up tabs for a handful of other Teamwork reviews, because we’ve done the work.

Teamwork lays out their values quite clearly with these basic concepts: efficiency, organization, profitability and happiness. These are the benefits Teamwork offers to bring to your operations, whether you have a small team, a small business, or a company poised to grow. 

The platform uses workflows to make your operations run in a more streamlined efficient way. The task and project management features, with roles and tags and sub-teams, is crucial for staying organized. With efficiency and organization, your team can spend more time and energy in their core tasks of completing projects and satisfying clients, leading to bigger and better paydays. Finally, when you have all of that, you and your team will be happier in a workplace that gets things done and makes bank.



Teamwork review 2022: Is Teamwork CRM any good?

The short version of our Teamwork project management review is: it’s a good platform for task management, project management and team management. It’s incredibly useful for startups and small businesses because there is a free version with many core project management features. Teamwork is a competitor to platforms like Asana, Trello and Basecamp, among others.

On that note, you can always compare and find the best Teamwork alternatives. Also, if you’re wondering, is Teamwork a CRM? No, not exactly, and we’ll go into more detail below. While there is an add-on called Teamwork CRM, the basic platform is a solution mainly for you and your team members, as well as clients you’ll need to be working closely with, particularly on long projects with many moving parts. Regardless of labels and titles, good SaaS is Good SaaS, and Teamwork delivers on its promises. 


Teamwork pricing plans

First of all, how much does Teamwork cost? Let’s first review Teamwork prices:


Monthly Pricing

Annual Pricing


Free Forever





$12.50 /user/month

$10 /user/month



$22.50 /user/month

$18 /user/month



Contact vendor

Contact vendor


How much is the Teamwork platform for nonprofits?

Not all companies using business SaaS are out there with profitability first and foremost on their minds. For this reason, Teamwork does offer a discount to nonprofits, charities or other similar platforms. To find out the details, you’ll have to contact their sales department via the website.


Are there any Teamwork coupon codes or promo discount vouchers?

We’ve looked far and wide, but, as is mostly the case these days, there are no vouchers for Teamwork to be found, neither are there discount coupons or any other promotions. Check for yourself, perhaps you’ll find something from a third-party site, but please, be careful out there, and do your due diligence by checking with


Teamwork overview: What is Teamwork & What is Teamwork software used for?

Teamwork is a combination of many great business SaaS: a team collaboration tool, a project management tool, a client-relationship management platform and a resource management solution. In other words, this is one serious SaaS for getting things done, like tasks and projects.

Teamwork makes it easy for you and your team to see everything that’s important from nice clean dashboards. This could be a drilling down on daily tasks, an overview of many projects in progress, or a team or company milestone vision board. Typical here are kanban views and Gantt charts. When multiple users, like team members, clients or outside parties participate or edit the data related to tasks and projects, everyone involved gets to stay up to date, especially with Teamwork’s mobile app.

When it comes to talking dollars and cents, Teamwork has many great features on offer. You can do budgeting and plan fixed or floating budgets. You have good expense planning and expense tracking. There are other resource management tools to make sure you stay on target. From there you can create dynamic invoices with billable hours and other expenses.

Teamwork can be used for many things and by many important sectors of societies. It’s great for boutique agencies planning creative campaigns for clients. It is also useful for things like the healthcare industry, ecommerce, event planning, and for software startup companies.

Thanks to a Teamwork project management mobile app, Teamwork is very useful for people who need to work on the go and in the field. Whether for going to meetings, visiting events, or just staying in the loop with project progress, Teamwork is a task management solution as much from your tablet or phone as your office.

While Teamwork isn’t exactly a CRM, its many uses are still very important for businesses. However, if you are looking for more CRM functionality, then there are Teamwork options. First of all, there is a custom Teamwork add-on called Teamwork CRM for networking and selling. You can also get Teamwork-made integrations for great CRMs like HubSpot.

Speaking of integrations, Teamwork is not so competitive that it doesn’t integrate with other project management alternatives, like Basecamp, Trello and Asana. Is Teamwork better? That usually comes down to individual needs and tastes, but we can say that one should definitely consider it a contender for one of the best project and team management solutions today.


Teamwork free vs paid: what’s the difference?

The Free Forever plan for Teamwork includes basic task management and project management tools. Among these tools are the milestones planner and the messages app. This is great for individual entrepreneurs or small business owners. There is a maximum limit of 5 users which can be on this free plan together. 

The first tier on the paid plans for Teamwork is called Deliver. After all the free features, you start getting a much more serious toolkit. This offers project templates, document management, time tracking, and invoicing. It also has more advanced tools for teams and workflows.

For the super tools like project portfolio workflows, workload resource management, resource scheduling and project time budgeting, you’ll have to check out the pricier Grow plan. There is a Scale plan too, which offers unlimited projects, unlimited templates, and 500GB of storage, among other things, making this one of the top 10 CRM software currently available. 


Teamwork features list

The main features of Teamwork are

  • Task and project management

  • Teams

  • Milestones

  • Messages

  • Project risk management

  • Templates

  • Time tracking

  • Invoicing

  • Resource management

  • Document editor

  • Board views

  • Tags

  • Workflow automations

  • Integrations

  • Teamwork add-ons

  • Google integrations

  • Mobile app


Task and project management

The overall team collaboration experience sees the benefits of Teamwork first and foremost as a project management tool and task tracker. Break down tasks into subtasks, and create clear task lists to check off. Get notifications when a task is done or a project gets stalled. Task and project progress get tracked in real time for up to date reporting. You can even assign followers to projects who can watch over the progress or stay in the loop without having any tasks of their own.


Creating teams and sub-teams is one way to get the most out of using Teamwork in your business. Teams can be based on department, like HR or creative, or based on project or client. You then get great communication tools inside of, and in between teams for cross-functional efficiency. 


Like task management, the milestones feature comes as part of the free version of Teamwork. This gives you and your team more of a bird’s eye view set of dashboards to measure your planned due dates against your actual results, as well as track the evolution of your business growth. 


Messages is the Teamwork chat feature and it’s also included in the free version of Teamwork. It makes it easy to sort your conversations based on project, and you can keep track of team members, partners, clients or freelancers who are also in the conversation. 

Project risk management

With Teamwork’s advanced project planning tools, you can see your risk probabilities right at the beginning of your planning periods and project budgeting. This is part of a tool called Workload and is in the more premium Teamwork.


The Teamwork project template library is where this software really shines. Some great examples are the cross-functional task management template, and a product launch plan template. There are marketing templates for content planning and advertising campaign management, there’s an event planning template, and templates for IT like website project plans and software implementation plans.

Time tracking

The Teamwork project management tool has a built in time tracker. This is a great motivational tool for your team as well as a valuable generator of business data and intelligence. It’s also useful for clients who demand greater transparency over billable hours. 


You could easily add logged time to exportable invoices with Teamwork. Invoices also get auto-updated with other changing expenses. Then create custom invoicing using many currencies with a fixed price or relative to changing costs.

Resource management

Whether material resources or human resources, with Teamwork you can get good hands on control over day-to-day management of resources. You can also use this SaaS for long-term future-thinking forecasting. You get real-time data and it’s easy to shift around priorities as your business needs change.

Document editor

Your team members can create and edit docs then upload them to shared folders for better content management and collaboration. Permissions can be given based on the user’s status or relation to a project. It also does file versioning to never lose old material that may have been edited-over.

Board views

Like many of the best project management software, you get a variety of dashboards and views to run your projects and collaborate with clients. These include the kanban board with its easy to see stages, the Gantt chart with its scale for duration of workflows, as well as Tableview.


Tags are a great way to stay organized. By creating tags and affixing them to things like contacts, tasks, projects or documents, you really advance your ability to search and filter down for quicker retrievals. 

Workflow automations

Workflow automations are key these days for improving employee efficiency. Those who use Teamwork won’t miss out on the power of automation, and it’s quite a user-friendly experience to create these workflows with when-then logic. There are also automation workflow templates like sending notifications when a task’s due date is near. 


There are many native integrations for Teamwork including for some of the most important and popular SaaS. HubSpot gets you great CRM, sales and marketing, there are also Slack and MS Teams integrations. There is an integration for Trello, QuickBooks Online, Xero, Basecamp, and Asana for team communication and project management. If you need more storage, integrate with Dropbox. There is also the connector Zapier for Teamwork which can connect this platform to over 1,000 more SaaS, like for syncing info between Teamwork and LinkedIn.

Teamwork add-ons

Teamwork lets you do integrations with a few of their very own add-on apps. These include Teamwork Spaces for advanced planning, Teamwork Desk for creating tasks from tickets, Teamwork CRM for growing your network and closing more sales, and Teamwork Chat for advanced communication.

Google integrations

There is a Google Chrome extension for Teamwork that functions quite well. You can handle projects, milestones and messages. There is also a decent add-on for Gmail for Teamwork.

Mobile app

There is a Teamwork mobile project management app for iOS and Android which gets good grades for ease of use. You can get all the core tools to track and manage your daily tasks, stay on top of projects, keep up with your team and clients, and more.


Teamwork pros and cons

If you’d like to know about the advantages and disadvantages of Teamwork, here they are:

Teamwork advantages

The first benefit of the Teamwork application is ease of use and learning curve. That’s to say, it’s not steep at all. The platform and dashboards are intuitive and simple. On top of that, Teamwork has many great resources.

Teamwork is a powerful tool for basic task management at the individual level. On top of that, since there is a free version, this is a winner.

Another Teamwork advantage is the way it lets you work directly and intimately with your clients on projects. You can set them as followers, so they can track progress without interfering, or give them more access permission.

Teamwork’s many tools for budgeting, billable hours, expense tracking and invoicing is yet another key pro to Teamwork. Invoices can be based on fixed prices or change automatically with expenses, materials, labor or other costs.

Finally, we have got to give a shout out to the Teamwork project template library. Bravo!

Teamwork disadvantages

It’s hard to speak negatively about a solution like Teamwork. But we feel we owe it to our readers to be straight. So here are some of the Teamwork disadvantages.

Aside from the Teamwork CRM add-on, there’s not much in the way of customer relationship management here. Though there are decent integrations for that.

The free plan is a nice thing to offer, but without Teamwork’s many great templates, you’ll be missing out. Same goes for time tracking and invoicing.


Teamwork complaints & praise (from real Teamwork customer reviews)

There are a lot of people who use Teamwork out there, and according to their website, many from such great companies as Spotify, Netflix, Disney, PayPal and Panasonic. Well, when possible we confer with these Teamwork users, we also scan the online Teamwork project manager reviews (many from verified LinkedIn users) and read the in-depth software review articles. Here’s what we found:

People praise the simplicity of setting up when-then workflow automations, saying it's been a great time-saver and makes working more smooth. Next, the ability to add custom fields and stages to tasks and projects, along with tagging, makes managing one’s day-to-day life less complicated with this team collaboration software. People also love the kanban and Gantt charts.

Overall, however, it’s the team collaboration and communication features that make Teamwork so popular with its users.

As for negative Teamwork reviews, here it goes: The way one’s tasks are reorganized after you edit the status of one has been known to be tricky. Some have said that making heads or tails of the message board can be daunting at first. Others have requested an aesthetic makeover regarding the look and feel of the reports.

Overall, we must emphasize, Teamwork reviews are generally on the amazing side.  

Review of Teamwork support

Teamwork program reviews trend positive, and our take is no exception. Teamwork offers some pretty great customer support. There are many resources on the page like video tutorials, webinars, and a detailed Teamwork guide. The Teamwork support team is also available by email, live chat and telephone. 


Is Teamwork worth it? Our conclusion

When you come to think of it, any company or business is really just a team of people working together, pooling their various skills and backgrounds, and striving to meet milestones, crush goals and see that sweet ROI on all their sweat equity. But not only that, when you work together with a customer or client, that is also teamwork in a sort of way, right? Because if we are all working in isolation, unaware of the social dynamic of all our individual labor, as well as the markets where we’ll meet buyers with demand for the products we supply and vice versa, if we forget all that, then the whole system will crash down. Value is not created in isolation, but through teamwork.

And that finally brings us down to the big question that’s on everyone’s mind: Is Teamwork worth it? Should I and my team really go for it and try out this wonderful task and project management solution? Is it among the best project management software out there? A hearty Yes is our answer. And if you are a tiny team or even a solo business operator, then you have less of an excuse not at least to give the free Teamwork version a go. Scaling up from there is easy!

We thank you for bearing with us through this lengthy but robust Teamwork task management review. Surely you’ve found it useful for determining if Teamwork is right for you. There are always free plans and free trials of the paid plans as well, if you want to check out this project management software yourself or with your team members (or you can reach out to Teamwork sales). Also, if you are interested, there are Teamwork vs. Asana and Teamwork vs. Trello comparative charts on

So, enough blabbing around this conclusion. Go out there and get your team the project management tools they need. Give them the power of organized communication, streamlined task management, excellent resource planning, and a fabulous way to keep your clients happy.


Our final Teamwork rating

When it comes to team collaboration and project management, we bestow upon Teamwork an impressive 4.8 out of 5. We would have given it the full 5 out of 5, but the truth is, very few reviews are so bold. But if any task and project management solution deserves it, then maybe, just maybe, that platform is Teamwork.