Collaborative digital tools for teamwork, leadership, and organization. Gain clarity of communication and make your business smarter.

Digital workspace, MURAL is a compelling entry into the “digital whiteboard” genre, placing a strong emphasis on human-centered design.

With Gmelius, you can share inboxes, manage projects, send email campaigns, and handle support tickets all within Gmail.

Inefficient knowledge sharing costs businesses millions. Zenkit’s new Wiki View for co-content creation seeks to resolve this pain point.

Project management software beynd keeps you on point with customers as they task through implementation.

There are many ways to plan and track your ongoing work but why choose just one when Zenkit’s platform gets you all the best views?

Created by trend-casting designers, is a cultural media platform for idea-sharing and knowledge-building without wasteful social network features.

Combining project and communication management doesn’t have to be twice as complicated. HeySpace makes it doubly useful and super simple.

When it comes to video conferencing platforms, Zoom is a no-brainer choice as the clear front runner.