Dreamforce 18: Salesforce Rounds Up the Best of the Best

Tuesday, September 25, 2018
Jenni Stablein

Starting Tuesday, September 25th, Salesforce, the mega-giant of the CRM world, hosts its annual Dreamforce conference for the entire Salesforce community– customers, partners, employees, key stakeholders, and the motley crew of businesses, startups, and other industry fans that were lucky enough to get their hands a hold of tickets.

According to Business Insider, Dreamforce 2017 pulled in a crowd of 170,000– that’s the entire population of Fort Lauderdale, all congregating to swap stories and get inspired in one very large San Francisco convention center.

This year, Dreamforce offers an impressive lineup of eclectic proportion. Keynote speakers, ranging from Al Gore to will.i.am, gather to share insight and “live solutions from the world’s largest cloud ecosystem.” Dreamforce curates a dreamy collection of content valuable for every industry, role, and company size.

Some amazing speakers to watch out for:

-Al Gore, Chairman, Generation Investment Management

-Jewel, CEO of Jewel, Inc. & Jewel Never Broken Foundation

-Marc Benioff, Chairman & co-CEO, Salesforce

-Arianna Huffington, Founder of the Huffington Post

-will.i.am, Founder and CEO, i.am+

-Drew Houston, Co-founder & CEO, Dropbox

-Timnit Gebru, Google AI

The conference will be held in San Francisco, and streamed live, from September 24th until September 28th.

Visit Dreamforce for the entire list of speakers and full schedule.