Agile CRM Review 2024: Pros & Cons, Features, Pricing & More

Last Updated:Tuesday, January 9, 2024

In the market for some CRM software? Perhaps you’ve heard of Agile CRM. If not, pop over to their site at Or better yet, read this article to get the full Agile breakdown. We include our own summary of Agile’s customer relationship management platform. There is also a summary of Agile CRM reviews from its users.

So get comfy because we're going to take a deep dive through all things Agile CRM. Because your contacts won't manage themselves. Let's do this. 


Agile CRM review 2024: Is Agile CRM any good?

Before we get into the details of all that Agile CRM can and cannot do, we know you are probably impatient to get to that pressing question. Is Agile CRM good?

Firstly, you need to ask yourself, what do you mean by "good"? In other words, what are your aims and expectations from a CRM system? Do you just want to manage your contacts, expand your network and get more sales?

If your answer is Yes, to that question, then our answer is: Yes, right back at you. Agile CRM is good for basic marketing and sales. In line with the agile project management methodology it’s named after, the app is targeted at small and medium sized businesses trying to work iteratively with minimal waste. Agile CRM reviews testify to its effectiveness in this role, and we'll look at more user reviews further down the article. 

Now, is it as good as other big CRM vendors, like Salesforce or Pipedrive? That answer depends on a lot of factors, among them how big your operation is. The general verdict, though, is that Agile CRM is one of the best CRM software for small business, small teams, and startups.

What else is Agile CRM good at? To learn more, go ahead and keep reading. We'll break down the pricing plans, talk a bit about the free CRM version, go through the main features, and check out what the Agile CRM reviews have to say. 


Agile CRM pricing plans

First of all, how much does Agile CRM cost? Let’s take a look at Agile CRM prices:


Agile CRM plan  

Monthly price  

Annual price (per month)   

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Are there any Agile CRM coupon codes or promo discount vouchers?

Agile CRM rarely offers discount codes. The best way to get information on Agile CRM offers is to sign up for a free account. This way, you can be subscribed to Agile CRM's mailing list, where you might get information about promotions. You can sign up for the free version without a credit card.


Agile CRM free vs. paid: what's the difference?

The free version of Agile CRM is good for up to 10 users. You pay per user with the paid versions, so there is no limit. The free version gets you a max of 1,000 contacts or company profiles. There are no features like marketing automation or social media monitoring in the free version. You do get almost all the customer service features with the free version. You don't even need a credit card for the free version.


Agile CRM features list

The main features of Agile CRM are

  • Contact management

  • Project management

  • Lead management

  • Email marketing

  • Web Engagement

  • Social media marketing

  • Customer support

1. Contact management 

Contact management software is the most important tool for the sales team. Agile CRM brings together customer data from many sources. It stays up to date with their social profile information. It'll update in real-time if, say, a contact changes their status on LinkedIn. You get interaction histories across all channels, including telephony. You can easily tag and group your contacts or create company-wide profiles.  

2. Project management

Agile's project tools have an easy drag and drop functionality. The visual dashboard helps give instant overviews of the ongoing workflow. You can filter by status, deadline, owner, or priority. Managers can view all their team's tasks while individuals can focus only on their own. You can also add notes to tasks. It's a good system for everything from the sales process to support team tickets.

3. Lead management

Every business needs leads. You can find leads with Agile CRM by searching social media. It prospects and automates lead generation from sites like LinkedIn. Then you get lead scoring based on triggers you get to set up. Then automation tools do the rest. This hands-off the best leads to the sales pipeline. Sales reps can also use follow up reminders to nurture leads.

4. Email marketing

You get a lot of templates and good customization. Attribute fields let you personalize the messages in large email campaigns. There is built-in email lead scoring, which can find leads ready for sales teams. There are other email marketing tools, like email tracking. It does audience segmentation. Finally, you get good email campaign analytics, like good data on open and click rates.

5. Web engagement

There are many web engagement tools with Agile CRM. You can create pop-ups for new visitors to your website. Return visitors will also be recognized with personal messaging. Pop-ups can make targeted recommendations. You can get data on anonymous visitors, like which site they came from. Other web analytics can get you data on your website activity or other online trends.

6. Social media marketing

Agile CRMs helps plan content for social media. It organizes publishing schedules and keeps track of engagements. It tracks and analyzes social behavior of influencers, prospects, and customers. Social media listening catches when people mention your brand. You can also use social listening for trend spotting and forecasting. 

7. Customer support

Agile CRM for customer service starts with a ticketing helpdesk. Customers can reach out from many platforms while reps get to use a single unified communication dashboard. You can create helpdesk groups of customers with similar issues. For simple problems, there are customer support workflows. Setting up knowledge bases is also easy.

8. Landing pages

The Agile CRM landing page builder scores points for ease of use. It's a simple drag and drop tool. The landing pages you make are responsive to mobile device screens. There are a lot of free templates. You can also create web forms that can trigger marketing automations like welcome emails.

9. Appointment scheduling

Agile CRM gives sales reps a calendar and time slot tool where customers can make appointments and do the scheduling. It gathers all the customer data and updates the CRM data with appointments. There are Microsoft Outlook and Google calendar integrations. When you make calendar events, it can automatically send invites. 

10. Gamification

Gamification is a fun tool for sales teams. You can gamify sales stats to encourage friendly competition among your team. Sales teams also learn to collaborate in new ways with gamification. You can even make customizable leaderboards. Gamification has been known to boost sales stats.

11. Mobile CRM platform

There are good Agile CRM mobile apps for Android and iOS. The user interface is intuitive. It puts lots of your recent and most used CRM tools up top where you can easily reuse them. You get all the contact information as you'd get with the best CRM software but on a mobile app.

12. Telephony

There are a lot of tools for sales reps who use the telephone a lot. You get one-click outbound calling from the CRM platform. Incoming calls also come in through the system. You can add call notes, even mid-conversation. There is good call recording. Playbacks are stored in your customer profile. This has got all the features of Skype and more.

13. Mobile marketing platform

You can include mobile messaging as part of your marketing campaigns. Using templates, you can create personalized messages. These can be triggered based on customer actions or user metrics. You can set up canned responses with a drag and drop workflow. It's also good for drip marketing and lifecycle marketing.

14. Knowledge base

This set of tools lets customers solve their issues faster. It frees up support reps to work on harder issues. There is good customization for setting up categories. Users can rate the content to continually improve it. Searching with keywords is user friendly but also powerful.

15. Real estate CRM

Agile CRM has a solution dedicated to the real estate industry. It's very user friendly for agents who are not familiar with CRM software. It lets you search properties with map integrations. It can match listings with inquiries. There's automated appointment scheduling to show houses as well.

16. Integrations

Agile CRM integrates with many other SaaS, and it has one of the best WordPress CRM plugins available. Setting up plugins is done with one click.

There's Google Plus to 2-way sync with Gmail and other email integrations. Zendesk integration allows you to connect with its more robust ticketing system. For live chats, there is ClickDesk. Shopify integrates with e-commerce sites. Stripe syncs contacts with payment histories. 

With Zapier, you can create workflows between Agile Cloud CRM and many other apps like HubSpot, Pipedrive, Salesforce, or Zoho. They also offer their API for developers.


Agile CRM pros and cons

Everyone likes a good pro vs. con list to make a decision. Of course, before you add up both points for and against Agile CRM, it's always good to know what your needs are. How big is your operation, and what kinds of tools you want are the main questions. 

Once you've figured that out, now you can start comparing the advantages and disadvantages of Agile CRM:

Agile CRM advantages

One of the first pros goes to sales teams. Agile is still, first and foremost, a customer relationship management tool. It really excels in its role as a CRM system. The contact information is robust and easy to access and share. The contact timelines, which show you all interactions, are very clear. On top of contact management, the calendar and appointment scheduling features work very well.  

The next advantage of Agile CRM is its various marketing features. The templates for emails, landing pages, and web forms are useful and customizable. These tools are good for engaging the public and capturing leads. Another plus is that companies can easily use their own branding for marketing campaigns.

Agile CRM has advantages beyond its toolset. One of them regards onboarding the software and teaching it to your team. Agile CRM has a YouTube channel full of training videos to help speed up the learning curve. The company also offers tutorials and training webinars.

The pricing plans of Agile CRM are a pro if you are a small enough company. It's great to start with the free version. The Starter plan is also well-priced to get going with more tools and contacts. As your company or operations expand, Agile CRM's tiered plans make it easy to scale up.

Finally, we'd say that it is small businesses and startups who are best suited to take advantage of Agile CRMs. It's also a real benefit to sales teams and marketing teams.

Agile CRM disadvantages

There are not too many disadvantages to Agile CRM if you take the time to learn it properly. However, there are a few little things that could be a drawback to some people or companies.

The first disadvantage is that you cannot get Agile CRM in separate modules. This means that there is no package just for marketing, sales, or service. The plans range in terms of more features, more storage, and better customer service. Individual departments or specialized teams cannot just get the tools they need.

Another con of Agile CRM is that the cheaper plans lack some of the help you get with the more expensive plans. While it's great that Agile CRM has training videos on YouTube, it might not be enough. Only the enterprise plan, which starts at $79.99 per month (or $69.99 when billed annually), gets you an onboarding coach as well as a dedicated support rep.

One final disadvantage of Agile CRM has to do with integrations and plugins. You get very few integrations and plugins with the free and starter plan.

If you think you will need to integrate your Agile CRM with a lot of other SaaS, you will need to subscribe to at least the regular plan, which starts at $49.99 per month (or $39.99 when billed annually). 


Agile CRM complaints & praise (info from Agile CRM customer reviews)

Aside from our own assessment of the pros and cons of Agile CRM, there are many Agile CRM reviews online, which are very informative. Here's a taste of what people are saying:

Praise for Agile CRM

  • Creating new contacts is easy. It's great the way it creates new contacts for you when users fill out web forms.

  • It's easy and useful to create custom fields in contact management, as well as tags.

  • Great email analytics and reporting, especially with open and click-through rates.

  • The pipeline management and sales funnel overviews are intuitive and easy to use.

  • Set up and onboarding is relatively easy.

  • Followups and other automatic emails to users and customers run smoothly and are good for not forgetting important tasks.

  • Many praises for the lead generation and lead scoring.

  • Most integrations work well without any problems.

  • A lot of people like web analytics, especially intelligent click tracking.

  • Overall, for those getting started with a CRM and need a little of everything, Agile CRM gets a lot of good reviews.

Complaints about Agile CRM

  • Contact management gets a bit too much when you have more than 1,000 contacts.

  • The email builder lacks an HTML editing option. This would allow for more customization for those who know a little code.

  • Reports can be a bit overcrowded looking or not that aesthetically pleasing. Could benefit from more minimal design.

  • Some have complained that the UI is not that intuitive, and therefore the UX is weak.

  • As a customer service helpdesk, people rate this lower than Zendesk or Zoho desk.

  • Sometimes it takes a lead out of an email list of the system believes it is a "hard bounce."

  • Creating marketing automation workflows is not the simplest task, and the tutorials so far don't do a great job.

  • Managing updates from Agile CRM is a bit tricky.

  • There have been complaints about a lack of support when you are on the lower plans.

  • Agile CRM's bad reviews are generally individual cases and do not reflect widespread complaints.


Is Agile CRM worth it? Our conclusion

So, after making it through this whole article, you are still asking: Is Agile CRM right for me?

To be blunt, if you are a startup or small business, and you aren't using any CRM yet, then Agile CRM is a great option. And, of course, few businesses aim to stay small forever. Agile CRM is worth it for companies who need a CRM which can scale up as they grow. Agile CRM's tiered pricing plans make this a snap.

Agile CRM has got all the major functionalities for marketing, sales, and customer support. However, if you have a bigger operation, you might need some ERP tools. In this case, Agile CRM is probably not for you.

In conclusion. Agile CRM is one of the best customer relationship management platforms out there. That's saying a lot, as this is a very competitive field of software. And if you are still unsure if Agile CRM is right for you, you can always give it a try with their free version. Or better yet, invest a bit of money in the Starter plan. You can always upgrade, downgrade, or cancel at any time directly within your Agile CRM online dashboard.

So there you have it, the ultimate Agile CRM reviews summary. Now get out there and go manage some contact relationships like a champ!