Voice commands or transcriptions for powering up work? Discover the power of the human voice as a productivity tool. Explore CRM tools for tracking customer sentiment, deep analytics, and retaining customers with informed empathy.

Voiceflow lets anyone build a voice command app with Google Skills or Alexa Actions, no coding required.

Snips, an open source, decentralized, Privacy by Design voice interface sets out to create the world’s first “ethical voice assistant.”


Otter.ai: Elevating speech-to-text transcription with accuracy, efficiency, and user-friendly features, making every word in business and academia count.

Boost sales productivity with Chorus.ai: AI-powered platform capturing, analyzing, and summarizing customer conversations.

Conversation tracking platform, Fireflies.ai, works to synchronize any organization’s ability to capture and shed light on valuable conversations.


Discover Guru, the innovative knowledge management platform that unifies, verifies, and empowers your company's collective knowledge with AI and integrations.

Microsoft Office Dictate elevates document creation in Office 365, offering voice command and speech recognition for efficient, hands-free typing.

Discover Omega, the AI assistant backed by will.i.am, with personality, cross-domain ability, and natural language understanding.