Chorus.ai, a conversation intelligence platform, opens up “the black box of sales calls,” capturing an intelligent synopsis of each and every customer conversation.

Conversation tracking platform, Fireflies.ai, works to synchronize any organization’s ability to capture and shed light on valuable conversations.


Like a sommelier suggesting the optimal cheese pairing for wine, Guru’s new AI Voice Suggest serves up relevant knowledge to sales reps in real-time call conversations to provide the most palatable customer service. 

It's not crazy to talk to your computer, or at least Microsoft doesn't think so. Going one step beyond their Garage project, Dictate, Microsoft releases Office Dictate for all Office 365 users. 

Day 2 of Dreamforce 18 conference was all about the impact of AI on the future of work. will.i.am's Omega, is an exciting new, conversation-driven AI assistant that just might bring Sci-Fi one step closer to reality. 

Some of the biggest news from Dreamforce 18 is the announcement of a strategic partnership between Apple and Salesforce, which promises an iOS-powered AI assistant coming to enterprise workers soon. 

As it reaches new levels of sophistication, voice recognition software redefines the expectations that users have of their devices.

Voice is rapidly becoming the next user interface.