Offers Pitch-Perfect Workflow

Thursday, December 13, 2018
Jenni Stablein

Thousands of hours a year go into sales conversations that are largely forgotten by organizations. Rather than letting them sit in the online equivalent of a neglected, half-flooded basement library, the conversation intelligence platform wants you to abstract the utmost value from each conversation.

While there are many competitors on the market, Chorus is the first platform built for capturing customer facing conversations to seamlessly search, share, and analyze critical moments.

The company combines AI, NLP, and data analytics to open up the “black box of sales calls.”

There’s really no more excuse for neglectful data handling once you get AI involved. Chorus’ AI-powered insights are trained on the collective learnings of the top B2B revenue teams and your team’s best practices to help “shorten ramp times, increase close rates, and maintain performance at scale.”

As customers of can testify, data collection is helpful for onboarding new employees, as well as managing existing ones. Having access to each sales call means instilling confidence in each and every rep to take the development of closing a deal into their own hands.

Perfecting conversation alignment across teams

Chorus enters a conference call in the same manner as its human counterpart would, except that it completes the tedious task of recording and transcribing the conversation in real-time.

The company has invested in smart algorithms and keyword matching that flag actionable items and topics which are of most importance.

Their call recording Conversation Cloud™ solution serves more than one purpose. First and foremost, it’s smart recording capabilities serve as a valuable knowledge data collector for reps to reference when completing follow-ups.

However, the platform also adds extra enterprise value acting as a training ground for reps to share their best practices and training strategies, in addition to flagging and tracking items that may be of use to team members in other departments.

For example, where Noam Horenczyk, Head of Sales Engineering at, abstracts the most value in the platform is in its ability to create trackers for keywords and phrases. This means its easy to find specific data you’re searching for in any recorded conversation or transcription.

In the case of Horenczyk, setting up a tracker for “sales engineering” helps him quickly search any conversation where his expertise may be required.

Because uses semantic networks of keywords, many variations on the original tracker keyword will be searched. And since the transcription technology at Chorus was developed in-house, companies have the ability to control their dictionaries to include custom language models, such as non-English names that you know will come up over and over again.

As soon as a tracker is set up, the system automatically starts analyzing mentions in future calls, in addition to indexing all past calls.

This is incredibly valuable, for example, in situations where a rep would like to search when a particular competitor’s name is mentioned in calls.

Not only does give the ability to set up trackers, but it also allows for you to set up email alerts for said trackers. This is particularly useful for someone in Horenczyk’s role. Rather than bugging a rep to clearly explain what a prospect was looking for, Horenczyk receives email notifications whenever his position or name is mentioned in calls, giving him the ability to listen in firsthand.

The tracker feature sheds light on the call recording platform’s ability to help members of sales engineering, product marketing or management all collaborate with reps more efficiently for the benefit of quicker and clearer response time for prospects.

Ultimately, everyone is aligned on the same message.

Who doesn’t like a quick synopsis?

Where stands out from competitors is in the platform’s ability to capture data and summarize calls.

This past summer, Chorus launched Smart Themes, the AI-powered process that proactively identifies patterns and themes within conversations while organizing and summarizing the data so that sales reps have easier access to insights.

I think we can all agree on how useful this function would be even for life outside of sales?

Whether it was forgetting your mother’s carefully dictated recipe instructions, reviewing a networking opportunity, or simply revisiting that thing you were supposed to bring home for dinner, there are countless scenarios where a conversation tracking platform could help resolve IRL situations.

But alas, the consumer market will have to wait its turn as this smart technology focuses on enterprise-grade engagement—for now.

Made possible by natural language activity and opportunity enrichment, the smart summaries capability opens up a whole new arena in the CRM stadium.

By automatically identifying themes and patterns, Smart Themes saves companies time and money by eliminating the act of manually tagging.

Basically, goes one step further with conversation recording. Because sometimes having all the information is great, but to go back and know immediately what to look for is even better.

A pitch-perfect workflow

By capturing, summarizing, and automatically entering data from customer conversations directly into a CRM—the Conversation Cloud™ service churns conversations into revenue and enables reps to focus on what they do best; building strong relationships.

Currently, runs conference calls through a broad selection of online meeting platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet, UberConference, GoToMeeting, BlueJeans and more.

From there it integrates with several engagement and communication platforms, ultimately entering all this data into a CRM. The company integrates with Salesforce currently.

According to Chorus, only 5% of the information on customer-facing calls ever make it into the CRM. That’s nuts. Knock that statistic out of the ballpark with The company promises a 30% increase in team productivity alone.

In a world where everything is already connected to the Cloud, might as well connect your conversations to the Conversation Cloud™, no? At the very least, the technology represents an exciting new prospect for the future of sales.