Strides App Review 2023: App Features, Pricing, Pros & Cons

Date:Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Strides is all about helping you reach your goals, and it claims to be super easy to use. In this Strides app review, we’ll take a closer look at what it can do, what’s good about it, and where it might have some hiccups.

So, stick around, and by the end of this review, you’ll know if Strides is your partner in building better habits and achieving your goals.



Strides App Review 2023: Is Strides Goal Tracker Any Good?

Yes! As you’ll learn in our comprehensive Strides review, Strides Goal Tracker is good for helping you track and achieve your goals, whether personal or work-related. It’s user-friendly and offers various helpful features. However, like many other apps, it has a limited free plan. Let’s dive into more details:

The Strides Goal Tracker is helpful because it assists you in setting, keeping track of, and accomplishing your goals. It has a simple and good-looking layout, making it easy to enter and watch your goals. But, keep in mind, this is not a plain and basic goal tracking app.

You can create personal or work-related goals and adjust them to match your desires. The Strides app also provides helpful pictures and graphs to show your progress, which can inspire you.

One downside is that it costs money. While there’s a free version of Strides, it has some limits, and certain advanced features require a subscription, which can be costly.

Lastly, some users might find the app too complicated, especially if they’re searching for a straightforward goal-tracking tool.

So, consider Strides if you’re looking for the best goal and habit tracker app that’s easy to use and that will help you build your habits. But, consider that, to make the most out of the app, you’ll probably need to spend a few dollars every month.

In conclusion, the Strides Goal Tracker can be useful for setting and tracking goals, but not everyone may like it due to its cost and complexity. Therefore, consider your needs and preferences when deciding if it’s the right choice for you.


Strides App Pricing Plans

First of all, how much does Strides app cost? Let’s first review Strides app prices:

Strides App Plans

Monthly Price

Yearly Plans

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How Much Does Strides App Cost for Nonprofits?

Unfortunately, the Strides App doesn’t have a special price for nonprofits. However, they offer a free version of their goal tracker. This free version has basic features and can be a decent option for smaller organizations with limited budgets.

For those looking for more advanced features and capabilities, Strides offers a paid plan that starts at $4.99 per user per month.

While this cost isn’t specifically discounted for nonprofits, it can still be a reasonable investment for organizations that require robust goal-tracking and progress-monitoring tools to support their mission and objectives.

Therefore, you should evaluate whether the features provided in the paid plan align with your nonprofit’s needs and budget constraints.

Are There Any Strides App Coupon Codes or Promo Discount Vouchers?

After extensive research, we found no specific Strides App coupon codes or promo discount vouchers. However, it’s a good idea to periodically check the official Strides website or bookmark our article for updates.

They may occasionally offer promotions or discounts, and staying informed will help you take advantage of any future deals that may become available.

Strides Free vs Paid: What’s the Difference?

The free and paid version of the Strides app offers different experiences regarding habit tracking. Let’s explore the key differences between the two:

The free version of Strides boasts a simple and intuitive interface, making it easy for users to navigate and understand.

Moreover, unlike some apps, the free Strides version doesn’t continuously nag users to upgrade to the premium version.

However, the free version has a few downsides. The most significant limitation of the free version is that it can only track up to 3 habits. This may be insufficient for users who want to monitor more aspects of their daily routines.

Additionally, the free version offers fewer features and functionalities than the premium version, which may limit the app’s usability for those seeking comprehensive habit tracking.

Overall, the free version is great for tracking a few essential habits. While the user interface is appealing and easy to use, it’s essential to consider the habit limit and feature restrictions when deciding if it meets your needs.

Advantages of the Free Version:

At first, the free version might seem unattractive because it’s limited, but continued usage reveals some valuable aspects of the free version, such as the following:

User-Friendly Interface

The app’s overall interface is clean and powerful. You can find important buttons for habit tracking, such as the “Today View,” “Create a New Habit,” and “Reports” at the bottom of the screen.

This layout keeps essential functions within easy reach while placing less critical options at the top. All necessary information for monitoring your habits is available clearly on the homepage.

Green signifies success, red indicates tracking a bad habit or a goal failure, and a 7-day view at the top offers a quick overview of overall progress.

Easy Habit Creation

Creating new habits or goals on Strides is straightforward. The app provides 10 categories of habit/goal templates, allowing users to explore various areas of their lives for tracking.

So, even if a suitable template isn’t available, crafting a custom tracker is simple, thanks to clear wording and explanations for technical terms.

The Strides app also offers diverse ways to track habits, encouraging users to rethink and improve their tracking methods.

Log Notes Feature

In the free version, you can make log notes for when you complete a habit. But if you want to create notes directly linked to the habit, you’ll need the premium version. This difference lets free users keep track of their habit-related actions.

Disadvantages of the Free Version:

As we already mentioned, the free version of Strides has drawbacks, mainly because app creators aim to encourage users to upgrade to premium versions.

The primary disadvantages include:

Habit Limitation

The most significant limitation of the free version is the restriction to track up to 3 habits. While this constraint may force users to prioritize their most important habits, it can be limiting for those who require more extensive tracking.

Historical Data

The historical habit data available in the free version is somewhat limited compared to the premium version.

While the free version provides enough data for evaluating and improving habits, some additional features, like Habit Trends and Calendar, aren’t available.

In conclusion, the free version of this app offers a user-friendly interface and helpful features for those who need to track a limited number of key habits.

It can be particularly suitable for individuals who prefer a straightforward and minimalist approach to habit tracking.

While it has limitations, it remains a valuable tool for those looking to make positive changes in their daily routines without extensive tracking or advanced features.

If you need more capabilities and habit-tracking options, consider upgrading.


Strides App Overview: What is Strides App & What is Strides Used for?

Strides App is a mobile application designed to help individuals set, track, and achieve their goals and habits. It serves as a digital tool for personal development and productivity. The Strides app is used for various purposes, including:

Goal Setting

Users can define specific goals they want to achieve, whether related to health, finance, career, personal development, or any other area of life.

Habit Tracking

The Strides app tracks daily, weekly, or monthly habits. This is particularly helpful for individuals who want to establish or break habits.

Progress Monitoring

The app provides visual aids such as charts and graphs to help users monitor their progress over time. This can be motivating and provide insights into their performance.

Task Management

Strides can also function as a task manager, helping users stay organized by keeping track of important to-dos and deadlines.

Data Analysis

Users can analyze their historical data to identify trends, patterns, and areas for improvement in their habits and goals.


The Strides app is flexible, allowing users to customize their goals and habits to suit their needs and preferences.

Overall, the Strides App is a versatile tool for personal growth and goal achievement, helping users stay focused, accountable, and motivated in their pursuit of a better life.


Strides App Features List

The main features of Strides app include the following:

  • 150+ Templates or Create Your Tracker

  • Apple Health Integration for iPhone, Syncs to Mac

  • Progress Reports with Everything in One Place

  • Green/Red Pace Line System to Stay on Track

  • Charts with History, Streak, Success Rate, and More

  • Motivational Reminders: Daily, Weekly, Weekdays, etc.

  • Unlimited Reminders to Set Yourself Up for Success

  • Add Extra Notes to Your Logs to Give More Context

  • Tags to Help You Categorize Multiple Habits

Now, let’s look closely at each feature of this popular app.

1. 150+ Templates or Create Your Tracker

Strides offers over 150 templates to start tracking your goals and habits immediately. They’re like ready-made plans to help you reach your goals.

Or, if you prefer, you can create your custom tracker from scratch to fit what you want to track.

2. Apple Health Integration for iPhone, Syncs to Mac

The Strides app connects smoothly with Apple Health on your Apple Watch, iPhone, and iPad. This means it can grab information about your exercise, sleep, and other health without you doing extra work.

Strides also works on your Mac so that you can track anything on your smartphones and computers.

3. Progress Reports with Everything in One Place

Strides puts all your information in one spot, so you don’t have to look everywhere. You can see your goals, habits, and how well you’re doing in one glance. It’s like having all your important stuff in a notebook instead of many different ones.

4. Green/Red Pace Line System to Stay on Track

The Strides app uses colors like green and red to show if you’re doing well or need to catch up. Green means you’re on the right track, like a “go” signal. Red warns you if you’re falling behind, like a “stop” signal. It’s a bit like a traffic light for your goals.

5. Charts with History, Streak, Success Rate, and More

The Strides app makes graphs that show how you’re doing over time. These graphs help you see your progress, like how many days in a row you’ve been successful or how often you’re hitting your goals.

6. Motivational Reminders: Daily, Weekly, Weekdays, etc.

Strides can remind you to work on your goals and habits. You can choose how often you want to be reminded: every day or once a week. For example, it can tell you to drink water every day or exercise on certain weekdays.

7. Unlimited Reminders to Set Yourself Up for Success

Unlike some apps, Strides doesn’t limit the number of reminders you can set. You can create as many as you need. Therefore, Strides will keep you on track whether you have one or many habits.

8. Add Extra Notes to Your Logs to Give More Context

Sometimes, it helps explain things a bit more. The Strides app lets you add extra notes to your habit logs. These notes can give more details about how you’re doing.

For example, you can write down what you ate for a meal or how you felt on a particular day. These notes help you understand what’s going on better.

9. Tags to Help You Categorize Multiple Habits

The Strides app makes it easier if you’re tracking many habits simultaneously. You can use tags to sort your habits into groups.

For instance, you can label some habits as “health,” others as “finances,” and so on. This way, you can quickly organize things and find what you want.

In a nutshell, the Strides app is your personal goal and habit tracker. It’s here to help you keep an eye on your progress and stay motivated, whether you want to get fit, save money, or build better habits in your daily life.


Strides App Pros and Cons

Here’s a summary of the main advantages and disadvantages of Strides app:

Strides Advantages

  • Easy Goal and Habit Tracking: The Strides App simplifies tracking your goals and habits. The app’s user-friendly interface and templates make it easy to get started.

  • Seamless Apple Integration: If you’re an iPhone user, Strides seamlessly syncs with Apple Health, making tracking health-related goals like exercise and sleep effortless.

  • Detailed Progress Reports: Strides gathers all your data in one place, allowing you to see your goals and habits’ progress in a single view. This helps you stay organized and informed.

  • Visual Motivation: The green/red pace line system is a motivator. Green signals success, while red prompts you to catch up, like a traffic light guiding your progress.

  • Informative Charts: Strides gives informative charts visually displaying your progress, including streaks and success rates. These charts offer insights into your habits and goals.

  • Flexible Reminders: Strides offers a robust reminder system with various frequency options, ensuring you receive timely reminders to stay on track with your goals and habits. Moreover, you can make unlimited reminders.

  • Detailed Notes: You can add extra notes to your habit logs, offering context and a better understanding of your progress.

  • Effective Tagging: Strides allows you to use tags to categorize and organize your habits, simplifying tracking, especially when managing numerous goals and habits.

Strides Disadvantages

  • Habit Limit (Free Version): The free version of Strides has a habit tracking limit of 3, which may be insufficient for users with many habits to monitor.

  • Limited Historical Data (Free Version): The historical habit data available in the free version is somewhat limited compared to the premium version.

  • No Android Version: Strides App is currently only available for iOS devices, so Android users can’t use this app.


Strides Complaints & Praise (Strides App Reviews From Real Customers)

Now, let’s look at reviews of Strides app and see what others say about it. Below, we’ll include positive and negative Strides app reviews, so take a look.


Many folks who’ve tried Strides App have nice things to say about it. They find it easy to use, especially if they’re new to tracking habits and goals.

The colors help them stay motivated. They also like the charts and graphs because they show how they’re doing and whether they’re achieving their goals.

People like that the reminders are flexible and don’t let them forget their habits. They also appreciate that they can make Strides work just as they want.


But it’s not all positive. Some folks have had a few complaints about the Strides App. One common issue is that the free version only lets you track 3 habits, which doesn’t work for everyone.

Others wish there were more historical data available in the free version. Additionally, Android users aren’t happy there’s no Strides App.

And if you want to use Strides with a team, it might not be the best choice because it’s mostly designed for individuals.

Review of Strides App Support

Strides has a Help Center. It’s like a one-stop shop for all your questions about using Strides. Here’s what you can find there:

  • Setup: If you’re starting, you can learn how to set up Strides. They also have a tutorial to guide you through the process. You’ll find information on editing and reordering your tracker’s settings to suit your needs.

  • Tracking: Strides helps you track both good and bad habits. They explain how to track bad habits and why it’s useful. You can also find details on logging “No” to fight bad habits, adding notes to your logs, editing or deleting logs, and more. They even tell you how to get a perfect day with weekly/monthly habits.

  • Reminders: Strides can send you reminders to stay on track. The Help Center covers setting reminders for specific days, changing the alert sound, and troubleshooting if reminders aren’t working as expected.

  • Data & Sync: Learn about the devices Strides supports and how your data is kept safe and private. They also guide you if you encounter various issues.

  • Billing: If you’re curious about the cost, they explain if it’s free, how they make money, and what you get with the Plus plan. You can also find information on subscription terms, canceling, and using Plus on multiple devices.

  • Other Questions: If you encounter an issue or bug, Strides encourages you to report it. You can contact the support team through the Send Feedback view in the app and explain the issue.

So, if you ever need answers or help with Strides, their Help Center is a valuable resource to explore. But here’s the real kicker. The Strides app also has a Goal Setting Course to help users accomplish their goals.

Lastly, the app has a separate website where you can suggest features, improvements, etc.


Is Strides App Worth it? Final Points

So, is Strides app worth it? Well, before you decide, let’s break it down. The Strides App is good for keeping track of all goals and habits in one place.

The app comes with many features for setting habits. You can also set goals and track your progress at all times. So, it’s not your average goal tracking app.

The best part? It’s easy to use and has colorful visuals to keep you motivated. However, there’s a catch – it’s only for iPhone users and not built for teamwork.

When considering using this free app, check out Strides alternatives. It’s like comparing different flavors of ice cream to find your favorite.

So, pick the goal tracking app that fits your goals and habits best.

Our Final Strides App Rating

We would give the Strides app a 4.7 out of 5.