Redbooth Review 2024: Is Redbooth Project Management Good?

Last Updated:Tuesday, January 9, 2024

In today's Redbooth review, we'll try to entice new teams and project managers to check out this Redbooth project management app. We will explore the pricing options, compare the free plan to the paid plans, and go over the main tools and features.

So roll up those sleeves, adjust your reading glasses, and let’s learn about Redbooth.


Redbooth review 2024: Is Redbooth project management any good?

According to this Redbooth review and many others, Redbooth is a pretty decent software solution for basic task management and larger project management business needs, giving you such great tools as Kanban boards, Gantt charts, workspace templates and real-time reporting.

It’s not alone in the PM scene, so maybe check out another project management software comparison article if you are curious. If not, then let’s keep things moving.


Redbooth pricing plans

First of all, how much does Redbooth cost? Let’s first review Redbooth prices:

Redbooth plans

Monthly price

Annual price

Check current Redbooth price

Redbooth Pro plan

$ 12 per user per month 

$ 9 per user per month billed annually 


Redbooth Business plan

$ 18.75 per user per month 

$ 15 per user per month billed annually 


Redbooth Enterprise plan

Contact Redbooth 

Contact Redbooth



How much does Redbooth cost for nonprofits?

Yes, Redbooth does indeed offer special discounts to nonprofits, students, teachers, and educational institutions. Discounts can be anywhere between 25% and 50%. Visit Redbooth's pricing page and go to the FAQ section for more details.

Are there any Redbooth coupon codes or promo discount vouchers?

After conducting enough legwork on this question, it seems there aren't any Redbooth discount vouchers or coupons right now. If you think you've found one from a third party, do check with Redbooth directly to make sure it is valid.


Redbooth free vs paid: what’s the difference?

Redbooth's free plan comes with only 2 GB of file storage, two workspaces, and is only good for up to 2 users. Meanwhile, on the cheapest Pro plan, you get 5 GB of storage, unlimited workspaces, and you can pay for as many users as you like with no limits.

What's more, there are plenty of tools and features that are not available on the free plan, including time tracking, assignable subtasks, task dependencies, trend reports, and the ability for admin to add external guest users to a project or workspace.


Redbooth overview: what is Redbooth & what is Redbooth used for?

Teams and project managers use Redbooth to create projects, break them into tasks and subtasks, delegate and assign those tasks, and track task activity and project progress. It is also used for team communication and collaboration, file sharing, and project analytics.


Redbooth features list 

The main features of Redbooth are:

  • Redbooth workspaces

  • Task management

  • Dashboards

  • Timeline views

  • Reporting

  • Templates

  • File storage

  • Communication and collaboration

  • Redbooth Predict (tm)

  • Redbooth integrations

  • Redbooth app for mobile devices

1. Redbooth workspaces

What are workspaces? There is the highest level of organization for tasks and projects, meaning one workspace can contain several related projects, just as a single project contains many tasks and subtasks. 

Redbooth works by offering users great workspace tools. These include Kanban boards, where tasks are laid out on cards and separated by column based on their status, for example: to be done, in process, in review, completed. 

Workspaces are also where the team can see all their active conversations related to tasks and projects, as well as notes. Finally, with the workspace users can easily view and manage files that are attached to projects.

2. Task management

Redbooth is ideal for handling task management features, whether or not they are part of larger projects or workspaces. Project managers can use Redbooth to assign and delegate tasks to specific team members and set the date ranges for when tasks should be initiated and completed. 

You can also set task statuses as well as task priority levels. Finally, Redbooth lets you add tags to tasks, including custom tags, which is excellent for searching and filtering. 

3. Dashboards

There is an important difference between Redbooth dashboards and workspaces, the latter being related to the coordination of a project or group of projects. The dashboard is more for the individual team member to get a glance of their daily workload update. 

The dashboard gives you a great overview of all your upcoming tasks, which can be used as a daily to-do planner. It also shows you upcoming deadlines, as well as if you have any urgent or specific tasks or messages to see. 

Finally, the dashboard is where you will see if a team member has mentioned you or if there are any updates, for example, if a team member changes the details or the status of a task or project. 

4. Timeline views

The Kanban board is great for simple task management and organization. However, Redbooth also offers excellent timeline views or Gantt charts, which have their own special functionality. Timelines are superior for seeing task due dates or deadlines. 

Gantt charts are also very effective in organizing task dependencies, like which tasks must reach completion before others can be started. Finally, you can use REdbooth's sophisticated task filtering tool on your timeline Gantt views. 

5. Reporting

Redbooth is ideal for tracking tasks and projects, analyzing your team's activity, and creating visually appealing reports. You can get specific task analytics, or more wide-range analytics on whole projects or entire project workspaces. 

There is also reporting on the performance of individual users and team members, which can help plan workloads. Other reporting options include calendar reporting and timeline reporting. Finally, as an added bonus, Redbooth provides trend reports for deeper insights.

6. Templates

Templates are a fantastic way to save time and be more organized. With Redbooth, you get project templates and workspace templates. Redbooth splits up their template into categories, often based on departments. 

For example, marketing templates include SWOT analysis; IT templates are good for scrum planning, help desk, and design; and project management templates have the Kanban board, weekly meeting planner, project status, and strategy templates.

7. File storage

Any good task and project management software solution worthwhile must offer file sharing and tools for teams to store, share and organize their assets and content. Depending on the plan you subscribe to, there are different tiers of file storage space. It ranges from 2 GB of file storage space on the free plan to 500 GB on the enterprise-level plan.

8. Communication and collaboration

Project management is there to help a team collaborate and communicate, and Redbooth has got you covered in these areas. You can start and organize conversations between yourself and another team member or chat with the entire team. 

There are also comments, which you can use to alert team members to things related to individual tasks, files, or projects. Finally, Redbooth has an amazing feature that lets teams use video to have HD meetings with Zoom or, alternatively, through Apple TV. 

9. Redbooth Predict

Redbooth leverages the power of AI to help your project manager and team make more informed decisions regarding predictions and recommendations. Redbooth Predict currently analyzes the data to offer user recommendations to help balance task workload across your team, as well as due date suggestions. 

The platform is also getting ready to roll out more AI help in the form of project status tips and Redbooth Predict reporting.

10. Redbooth integrations

There are some native integrations and add-ons with Redbooth, beginning with a Microsoft OneDrive Business integration for more file storage capacity. There is also an Outlook add-in for added email functionality. Other examples include Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, Okta, Slack, and Gmail. The Redbooth API is also open to the public.

11. Redbooth app for mobile devices

Aside from the web browser version or the desktop version for Mac or Windows, Redbooth offers mobile apps for iOS and Android devices. These enable your team to keep up with tasks and projects while out of the office or on the go. The mobile Redbooth app has a nice layout and design. You can use it for updates and to chat with the team as well. 


Redbooth pros and cons

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of Redbooth:

Redbooth advantages

  • The free plan is a nice bonus for those on a budget

  • Kanban and Gantt views are really simple, clean, and effective

  • Great for coordinating teamwork

  • Overall, everything is simple to use

Redbooth disadvantages

  • Lacking in customer service

  • No time tracking in the free plan

  • Not many automation or workflow features


Redbooth complaints & praise (Redbooth reviews from real customers)

Positive reviews of Redbooth are generally more numerous than negative Redbooth reviews. User reviews tend to praise the overall management and collaboration tools as well as the workspaces and dashboards that provide a centralized platform for running tasks and overseeing teamwork. 

Negative online reviews of Redbooth tend to point out some usability issues when it comes to things like creating personalized reports or importing data from other platforms and spreadsheets. However, plenty of other users argue this complaint is unwarranted or lacks accuracy.

Review of Redbooth support

On every single Redbooth plan, even the free one, you get customer support in the form of self-service resources like community forums. You also get free email support on all the plans. Only at the enterprise level is there more premium customer service, like phone support and free training.


Is Redbooth worth it? Our final points

In conclusion, Redbooth offers a versatile project management solution with a range of valuable features like Kanban boards, Gantt charts, and robust workspaces. Its pricing options cater to various needs, with special discounts for nonprofits and educational institutions.

While the free plan is a budget-friendly option, the paid plans unlock advanced tools like time tracking, task dependencies, and trend reports. Redbooth's intuitive interface and mobile apps facilitate effective teamwork and communication. However, some users have noted limited customer support and automation features.

Overall, whether Redbooth is worth it depends on your specific project management requirements, making it a solid choice for many teams and project managers. You can always check out Redbooth alternatives to compare this product to other ones on the market and make a well-informed decision.


Our final Redbooth rating

3.8 / 5 stars.