New Possibilities with Prosperworks - Gravity Forms Integration

Tuesday, May 22, 2018
Catherine Morin

New Possibilities With ProsperWorks - Gravity Forms Integration

ProsperWorks CRM now integrates with Gravity Form plugin, making it easier for businesses to send Gravity Forms documents directly to ProsperWorks.

ProsperWorks is a professional online CRM platform that gives users complete views of their customers. It is so far the only CRM designed for, used and recommended by Google. This software helps users enhance the effects of their digital activity and improve interactions with customers.

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Its features include lead tracking, opportunity management and email integration. It can help businesses sell faster by identifying and tracking sales opportunities and contacts directly into Gmail. This program is applicable to any industry, including real-estate, advertising and distribution.  

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Gravity Forms is a WordPress plugin that allows website owners to create forms to collect information. It is mainly used for contact forms, but it also allows users to build surveys and reader polls with open-ended text fields, multiple-choice questions, checkboxes or drop-down menus.

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Many companies also employ the plugin to create guest post submission pages that allow regular guest writers to post articles outside of WordPress admin area. Gravity Forms uses the same database as WordPress, but stores all forms and entries in its own tables.

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Businesses that create contact forms with this tool probably want to store valuable customer  information in a CRM so they can follow up with those people. With the ProsperWorks - Gravity form integration, it is possible to automatically add new data from a Gravity document into the CRM platform.

The integration brings valuable customer information directly into the CRM software. This saves time by  significantly reducing the need to copy information from one tool to another.

Automated integration between Gravity Forms and ProsperWorks is seamless and in real time, which means businesses can always have instant access to the latest data. Employees do not have to question the accuracy of the information or wonder if yesterday's WordPress entries have been added to the CRM yet.

This can significantly improve interactions with consumers and optimize productivity. Having instant access to all the details of a customer's most recent purchase, for example, allows employees to offer a much more personalized service, which leads to improved customer satisfaction and increased sales.