Best Healthcare CRM Software 2024: HIPAA Compliant CRM Solutions

Last Updated:Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Quick Summary:

Enhance patient care and HIPAA compliance with the right CRM software. Tailored for the healthcare industry, these solutions streamline patient management, ensure data security, and simplify adherence to regulations, empowering healthcare providers to focus on delivering top-notch care. Discover how your healthcare professionals can provide superior patient care and increase patient satisfaction with the right tool by their side.

Managing patient relationships and data efficiently is a significant challenge in healthcare. CRM platforms can bridge the gap by centralizing patient records, streamlining appointment scheduling, and facilitating seamless communication between patients and healthcare providers. 

With the right CRM, your staff can ensure the accuracy of medical data and the personalization of patient care. The best healthcare CRM can offer tailored solutions for complex needs, from large hospitals to small clinics. 

For larger institutions, CRM can efficiently handle high volumes of patient interactions and diverse administrative tasks. For smaller practices, these tools provide more straightforward yet effective tools for managing patient relationships and resources, ensuring every patient receives attentive and organized care.

Join us as we guide you through the world of the top 15 healthcare CRMs, helping you find a solution that meets industry standards and elevates the quality of care and service in your healthcare business.


Healthcare CRM Comparison Chart (10 Highest Rated Medical CRMs)

Software Company

Best for



Salesforce Health Cloud

Salesforce Health Cloud (Best


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Zendesk for Healthcare

Best healthcare CRM solution software for customer service


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Onpipeline Healthcare CRM

Top medical CRM software for patient acquisition


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Leadsquared Healthcare CRM

Best HIPAA-compliant CRM software


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IMS by Meditab

Good doctor CRM tools for EHR management

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Top CRM program for dentists


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Good healthcare CRM solution for email automation

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Good cloud-based healthcare CRM for HIPAA compliance


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Mercury Healthcare

Top healthcare CRM contact center solution

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Top healthcare CRM for business intelligence

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What is Healthcare CRM?

So, what exactly is CRM for healthcare? Like any good CRM software solution, it helps you manage your contacts. 

CRM is defined as a technology used to manage a company's relationships and interactions with customers and potential customers. In the healthcare scenario, it is primarily patients.

You might instead call it PRM for patient relationship management. Anyways, this software will keep track of their medical and prescription data and all their appointment and communication histories. 

However, it is not only patients that count as contacts. Healthcare CRM can manage contacts like doctors and other medical professionals. It's also good for keeping track of referral networks.

Healthcare CRM goes beyond managing current patients and contacts. There is a strong emphasis on marketing and sales, too. This means helping clinics or other medical professionals find new patients and expand their practices. 

Healthcare CRM can also help with things like customer support. It can help build online resource centers, create tickets, and track issues. It also offers a unified dashboard for all communication from potential and recurrent patients.

Finally, some of the best CRMs for the healthcare industry do online reputation management. It can track engagement with your clinic across social media and other review sites. This lets you address criticisms and bump your positive reviews to the top.


What is HIPAA-Compliant Software?

HIPAA compliance refers to the protection of patient data and communications. It is meant to help streamline the flow of medical information. It makes it secure for different healthcare companies and institutions to exchange records. HIPAA-compliant software protects patient data from fraud or theft. It also regulates the limitations of healthcare insurance. 

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act was passed by the United States Congress in 1996. It consists of five areas. 1) Health insurance in case of job loss. 2) Standards for healthcare transactions. 3) Guidelines for medical spending. 4) Regulations for group health plans. 5) Regulations for governing company life insurance policies.


What Are the Different Types of Healthcare CRM Software?

  • Patient relationship management

  • Medical data management

  • Patient engagement

  • New patient acquisition

  • Referral management

  • Payer management

  • Treatment sales pipelines

  • Appointment scheduling tools

  • Clinic reputation management


What is the Best Healthcare CRM Software? Here's Our Top 15 List:

best healthcare CRM software

From big names like Salesforce to niche names like HIPAA CRM, we've got a great list of the best healthcare CRM software. We break down the top CRM healthcare systems by scale, niche, and best features. Many of these CRM solutions are also among the best HIPAA-compliant software.


1. Salesforce Health Cloud (Best Healthcare CRM Software Overall)

Salesforce Health Cloud as the best healthcare CRM software

Why we chose it:

Salesforce Health Cloud is the best overall healthcare CRM with comprehensive solutions. It excels in managing patient data and interactions, making it a top choice for healthcare providers. The platform's user-friendly design ensures ease of use for medical professionals.

In the sales CRM realm, Salesforce Health Cloud's seamless integration capabilities create a unified hub for customer data. Salesforce's holistic approach to patient care is a standout feature, making it the best choice for overall healthcare and sales CRM needs.

Salesforce Health Cloud is best for:

  • Private clinics

  • Hospitals

  • Patient management

  • Patient outreach

  • Payments and insurance

  • Sales and marketing

Is Salesforce Health Cloud HIPAA compliant?

Yes, Salesforce Health Cloud can be compliant with HIPAA standards. Customers can build applications to run on Salesforce. These can meet all the standards of HIPAA compliance. HIPAA protects the integrity of patient records. Salesforce Health Cloud is a good CRM platform for managing patient data.

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2. Zendesk for Healthcare (Best healthcare CRM solution software for customer service)

Zendesk for Healthcare Chat feature showing a conversation with the client as well as all the people assigned to the person and task

Why we chose it:

Zendesk is a top choice for healthcare CRM in customer service, offering efficient issue resolution and secure communication. Zendesk's adaptability makes it suitable for sales CRM by seamlessly integrating customer data.

Zendesk's Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) score is a unique feature that provides valuable insights for improving healthcare services and sales strategies.

Zendesk is best for:

  • Private clinics

  • Patient satisfaction

  • Patient acquisition

  • Patient customer support

  • Daily tasks

Is Zendesk HIPAA compliant?

Zendesk can be made HIPAA compliant. Zendesk subscribers must comply with HIPAA configurations. They must do this before being able to use protected health information (PHI). Zendesk also has an advanced security add-on to help with HIPAA compliance. For more information, users can contact an account executive at Zendesk.

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3. Onpipeline Healthcare CRM (Top medical CRM software for patient acquisition)

Onpipeline Healthcare CRM individual contact overview

Why we chose it:

Onpipeline Healthcare CRM stands out as a leading choice for patient acquisition due to its focused solutions tailored to the medical field. The streamlined processes enhance efficiency in acquiring and managing patient leads.

The platform's user-friendly interface ensures ease of use for medical professionals. In the realm of sales CRM, Onpipeline's seamless integration capabilities create a centralized hub for comprehensive customer data.

Notably, the robust lead-tracking feature uniquely contributes to the system's effectiveness in healthcare and sales.

Onpipeline is best for:

  • Private clinics

  • Patient acquisition

  • Marketing campaigns

  • Sales management

Is Onpipeline HIPAA compliant?

Onpipeline Healthcare CRM is now HIPAA compliant, whereas earlier, it wasn't entirely so. The platform meets the security standards set by HIPAA. This does not include, however, data encryption for storage. This should not discourage you because storage encryption is not a requirement of HIPAA.

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4. Leadsquared Healthcare CRM (Best HIPAA-compliant CRM software)

Leadsquared Healthcare CRM logo

Why we chose it:

Leadsquared Healthcare CRM is the best for maintaining patient privacy with robust HIPAA compliance. It's user-friendly and efficient, making it a solid choice for managing healthcare leads. The system's simplicity makes it easy for medical professionals to navigate.

In the sales CRM arena, Leadsquared excels by providing a centralized hub for comprehensive customer data. A standout feature is the robust HIPAA compliance, ensuring secure handling of sensitive patient information in healthcare and sales contexts.

Leadsquared is best for:

  • Specialty hospitals

  • Private clinics

  • Marketing automation

  • Patient satisfaction

Is Leadsquared HIPAA compliant?

Leadsquared is entirely HIPAA compliant. Through the Business Associate Agreement, it maintains patient health information. This is done at very secure standards. Leadsquared boasts that they meet all regulatory requirements. This is best to safeguard sensitive patient data and other medical history information.

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5. IMS by Meditab (Good doctor CRM tools for EHR management)

IMS by Meditab logo

Why we chose it:

IMS by Meditab is one of the best doctor CRM tools for efficient EHR management. It's user-friendly and tailored to the needs of healthcare professionals. The platform's simplicity makes it practical for managing electronic health records.

IMS by Meditab stands out in the sales CRM arena by seamlessly integrating customer data. A notable feature is IMS's specialized tools for EHR management, making it a solid choice for doctors' CRM needs in both healthcare and sales contexts.

IMS is best for:

  • Private clinics

  • Hospitals

  • Referral management

  • Electronic health records

  • Practice management

Is IMS HIPAA compliant?

IMS is HIPAA-compliant. All electronic health records are very secure with IMS. IMS has a tool called FaxCloud. This streamlines sending and receiving electronic faxes. All faxes go directly to and from protected databases. This feature complies with HIPAA regulations.

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6. OperaDDS (Top CRM program for dentists)

OperaDDS CRM for dentists logo

Why we chose it:

OperaDDS takes the lead as the top CRM program for dentists with specialized solutions. Tailored for dental professionals, it excels in patient management and communication. The platform's user-friendly design is geared towards the specific needs of dental practices.

OperaDDS shines with seamless integration capabilities for comprehensive customer data in the sales CRM domain. A distinctive feature is the system's focus on dental-specific CRM tools, making it the top choice for dentists in healthcare and sales.

OperaDDS is best for:

  • Dental clinics

  • Reminders and follow-ups

  • Paperless forms

  • Secure email

  • Reputation management

Is OperaDDS HIPAA compliant?

There are add-ons for OperaDDS. This includes a HIPAA secure email add-on. It is recommended for dental clinics not to use Gmail or Outlook. This may violate HIPAA rules. The OperaDDS fast email tool is fully HIPAA compliant. It also blocks spam and lets you retract messages.

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7. PatientPop (Good healthcare CRM solution for email automation)

PatientPop healthcare CRM logo

Why we chose it:

PatientPop is a good healthcare CRM solution, particularly for email automation. The system's specialized tools make patient communication seamless and efficient. The platform's user-friendly interface is tailored to the needs of healthcare providers.

In the sales CRM sphere, PatientPop stands out for its streamlined integration, creating a centralized hub for customer data. A unique feature is the system's emphasis on effective email automation, making it a solid choice for healthcare CRM needs, especially in managing patient communication and sales contexts.

PatientPop is best for:

  • Private clinics

  • Landing pages

  • Email marketing campaigns

  • Workflow automation

  • Automated emails

Is PatientPop HIPAA compliant?

PatientPop is 100% HIPAA compliant. All patient data is securely managed according to HIPAA standards. You can safely manage your PatientPop platform from on-premise or in the cloud. PatientPop's HIPAA compliance is in line with the Business Associate Agreement. All patient health information is protected.

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8. HIPAA CRM (Good cloud-based healthcare CRM for HIPAA compliance)

HIPAA healthcare CRM logo

Why we chose it:

HIPAA CRM is a cloud-based software CRM solution. As the name suggests, this healthcare CRM system takes HIPAA seriously.

Patient management gives you a 360-degree view of all patients. It lets clinics track the sales pipeline for new patient acquisition. Sales pipelines are also used to track new procedure opportunities.

There is a marketing automation tool that works with email and direct mail. You get task management tools, too. HIPAA CRM has phone call features that are secure.

HIPAA CRM is best for:

  • Private clinics

  • Marketing campaigns

  • Workflow automation

  • HIPAA compliance

Is HIPAA CRM compliant?

HIPAA compliance is a significant part of HIPAA CRM's platform. Patient medical records are managed according to HIPAA standards. This is a cloud-based platform that follows the Business Associate Agreement. Patient health information is safe and secure with HIPAA CRM for all communications.

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9. Mercury Healthcare (Top healthcare CRM contact center solution)

Mercury Healthcare CRM logo

Why we chose it:

Mercury Healthcare (formerly Healthgrades) is an intelligent platform for health systems and the healthcare industry. Tools to improve patient engagement include contact centers and appointment bookers.

Mercury helps clinics understand their markets for email marketing campaigns. It does intelligent audience segmentation. Mercury platform streamlines referrals and health system partnerships.

Mercury Healthcare is best for:

  • Private clinics

  • Contact center

  • Marketing campaigns

  • Patient acquisition

  • Patient engagement

Is Mercury Healthcare HIPAA compliant?

Mercury Healthcare is HIPAA-compliant, making it one of the healthcare industry's best customer relationship management tools. When health information is shared from a core provider, it remains protected and secure. This data could be name, age, treatment information, and more. Mercury Healthcare is also a Salesforce AppExchange partner.

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10. PlayMaker Health (Top healthcare CRM for business intelligence)

PlayMaker Health logo

Why we chose it:

PlayMaker Health does data analytics and BI for healthcare. It's meant to help with marketing and sales for private clinics. PlayMaker has a CRM that has mobile apps.

You get 360-degree referral profiles. It helps you identify prospective patients and use segmentation. There are also geo-location referrals. PlayMakerHealth also offers market insights for getting new patients. It does cross-selling and up-selling with recurrent patients.

PlayMaker Health is best for:

  • Private clinics

  • Marketing and sales

  • Referral profiles

  • Market Insights

Is PlayMaker Health HIPAA compliant?

PlayMaker Health protects private health information according to HIPAA standards. Playmaker Health is a product for the healthcare industry. This includes hospice, private clinics, and long-term care.

PlayMaker Health offers HIPAA compliance. It also has other built-in features to ensure data security.

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11. Caspio

Caspio CRM logo

Why we chose it:

Caspio is an all-in-one customer relationship management tool. It's suitable for building databases without knowing how to code. Caspio has many features for helping healthcare professionals.

You can get online patient portals. There are health scorecards and patient feedback tools. Caspio manages patient engagement programs. It also monitors staff productivity. There is medical equipment inventory tracking, too. 

Caspio is best for:

  • Private clinics

  • Hospitals

  • Patient satisfaction

  • Medical device tracking

Is Caspio HIPAA compliant?

Caspio has a HIPAA edition. It protects patient data according to rigorous HIPAA regulations. Caspio has Business Associate Agreements (BAA) with many vendors. It also offers BAA for users of Caspio's healthcare CRM platform. Overall, Caspio is a secure platform for the healthcare industry.

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12. Happy Charting 

Happy Charting healthcare CRM logo

Why we chose it:

Happy Charting is a specific CRM for healthcare. It mainly does electronic medical records (EMR) for the acupuncture industry. It aims to save people time doing charting tasks. 

This is a straightforward CRM platform. It stores patient information about things like where they experience pain. You also get patient history records. Finally, Happy Charting has a scheduling tool.

Happy Charting is best for:

  • Acupuncturists

  • Chart making

  • Scheduling

Is Happy Charting HIPAA compliant?

Happy Charting makes its best effort to have HIPAA standards. The company hires HIPAA consultant advisors. It even offers HIPAA training videos to Happy Chart subscribers. Happy Charting urges its users to learn about HIPAA regulations. This decreases the possibility of liability.

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13. Pega

Pega Healthcare CRM with AI logo

Why we chose it:

Pega is a tool for customer engagement. It uses AI functionality in the platform.

Pega has a solution for healthcare and life sciences. For healthcare organizations, it can help with better-personalized patient engagement. You get patient 360-degree views, which include demographics.

AI marketing is helpful for outreach. You get tools for pharmaceutical management. Pega offers tools for customer service for hospitals and clinics.

Pega is best for:

  • Private clinics

  • Hospitals

  • Patient outreach

  • Patient retention

  • Email marketing

Is Pega HIPAA compliant?

Pega is not officially HIPAA compliant. It does have HIPAA compliance attestation. But you can use Pega to do customer service at HIPAA standards levels. Patient information is very secure with Pega. You can have your Pega running on-premise for some more added security.

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14. Kea-CRM 

Kea-CRM logo

Why we chose it:

Kea is made by VMS, which is a total business solution. Kea-CRM is meant for hospitals and pharma industries. This is a sales and marketing CRM solution. It helps track your engagement with patients, doctors, and medical and insurance companies.

You can easily manage all data in one place. Kea-CRM also helps with patient outreach. There are marketing campaign tools. There are also tools for managing referrals.

For pharma, this is a great database. But, if you need something more advanced, remember that we have a separate list of the best pharma CRM software.

Kea-CRM is best for:

  • Private clinics

  • Hospitals

  • Pharma

  • Marketing campaigns

Is Kea-CRM HIPAA compliant?

Kea-CRM is a CRM for hospitals and pharma businesses. However, it is not HIPAA compliant. HIPAA compliance ensures that patient data is secure on a platform. This includes medical history as well as patient communications. HIPAA helps with things like sharing X-rays or prescription histories.

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15. Influx MD  

Influx MD healthcare CRM logo

Why we chose it:

Influx MD is a sales and marketing platform for the healthcare industry. It starts with good contact management. It lets clinics looking for new patients capture and score leads.

You get customizable demographic information. The status of leads is updated in real-time. Influx brings you a total communication history. Marketing workflows let you automate email marketing campaigns. You can also integrate EMR and scheduling features.

Influx MD is best for:

  • Private clinics

  • Contact management

  • Lead capture

  • Marketing campaigns

  • Marketing automation

Is Influx MD HIPAA compliant?

Influx MD is HIPAA compliant. Influx uses a 3rd party to audit Influx to ensure data privacy. The Influx hosting environment is secured. The hosting environment includes a firewall, encryption, and offsite backups. All Influx users can get a signed BAA. This attests to HIPAA compliance for Influx users.

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What is the best CRM for the healthcare industry? Our key takeaways

Selecting the right healthcare CRM is crucial for any medical practice, whether a large hospital, a network of clinics, or a small independent practice. Integrating a robust CRM system elevates patient experiences at every interaction, mirroring the importance of patient care in the healthcare industry.

A CRM is not just about managing patient data; it's about enhancing patient engagement. This software acts as a bridge connecting various facets of patient care. This includes streamlining communication, optimizing appointment scheduling, offering tailored health solutions, and creating a more integrated, patient-centric healthcare experience.

Our exploration of the best  CRM tools, tailored for small businesses and large practices in the healthcare industry, highlights options like Salesforce and Zendesk, which, while not traditionally linked to healthcare, offer adaptable and efficient solutions. However, if your primary concern is HIPAA compliance and healthcare-specific functionalities, the other CRM solutions we've discussed provide a targeted approach to patient management and data security.


Healthcare CRM solutions FAQs

What is a CRM system in healthcare?

A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system in healthcare is a specialized software tool designed to manage and improve patient relationships. It centralizes patient data, streamlines scheduling, and enables effective communication between healthcare providers and patients. 

CRMs aid in organizing patient information, tracking health services, managing appointments, and enhancing patient engagement. This software is tailored to cater to the unique needs of healthcare settings, aiming to improve the overall efficiency of care delivery and patient satisfaction.


What CRM is used in healthcare?

Various CRM systems are utilized in healthcare. Popular options include Salesforce Health Cloud, Microsoft Dynamics for Healthcare, and Zoho for Healthcare. These CRMs are designed to handle patient information, manage appointments, and facilitate communication between healthcare providers and patients. 


What is the CRM strategy for healthcare?

The CRM strategy for healthcare involves using CRM systems to enhance patient care and operational efficiency. This strategy focuses on personalizing patient interactions, improving communication, and managing patient data effectively. It includes tracking patient history, preferences, and feedback to offer tailored care. 

The strategy also uses CRM data for targeted marketing, patient education, and outreach programs. The goal is to build stronger relationships with patients, increase engagement, and ultimately improve health outcomes.


What is a CRM in a hospital?

A CRM in a hospital is software that manages interactions with current and potential patients. It centralizes patient data, streamlines appointment scheduling, and aids in organizing patient data. The CRM in a hospital is crucial for maintaining patient relationships, tracking patient journeys, providing personalized care, and improving overall patient satisfaction.


Is an EMR a CRM?

An EMR (Electronic Medical Record) is not a CRM. An EMR is a digital version of a patient's medical history maintained by a healthcare provider, focusing on medical and treatment histories. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software manages patient relationships and interactions, focusing on personalized services, communication, and patient engagement.


How big is the healthcare CRM market?

The global healthcare CRM market was valued at US$14.25 billion in 2022 and is expected to hit US$ 36.79 billion by 2032. This growth is fueled by the rising need for personalized healthcare services, the growing adoption of digital health solutions, and the emphasis on patient-centric care models.