Best CRM for Financial Advisors Services (Wealth Management Software)

Michael Scheiner

There are many tools used by financial advisors. Some are old school and some are new. Having the best CRM for financial advisors has become very important. Customer relationship management is key for getting new clients. Finance CRM helps advisors know their clients better. Financial services CRM streamlines much of the customer relationship work. This gives wealth management teams more freedom to better serve their clients.

You see lots of good CRM software for financial advisors. Some are more affordable and simple to use. These are good options for independent advisors or small businesses. Other wealth management CRMs can be more expensive. These platforms might have more features. Bigger businesses might prefer these.

How do you pick the right financial advisor client management software? An internet search gives you so many options. Don’t worry. We tried a number of CRMs for finance. This article breaks down the benefits of CRM for financial advisors. It lists key features. Finally, we go over the top 10 financial CRM software. Some are best for large businesses. Others for small ones. Some are great but pricey. Others are affordable but limited. Check out the rest of this piece to learn all about them.



Benefits of using a CRM for wealth management

A financial advisor’s success depends on two things. The first is expanding your client list. The second is developing longer-lasting relationships with each individual client. This is profitable in both the short and long term. That’s why a CRM system is necessary for your day-to-day operations. It helps you keep track of all your contacts and clients. It ensures you always have all relevant information and communication history at hand. Contact management platforms help you uncover new connections through referrals. These work from common demographic, industry, and interest networks.

The best finance CRM for advisors covers more than the basics. These include follow-ups and reminders. It also helps you plan your client’s economic future. Among these things are savings and retirement goals. CRMs make it easy to tailor your strategy for each particular client’s specific means. The best CRM solutions will scale up as your wealth management business grows. 

Here is a list of the main benefits of CRM for financial advisors.

Manage leads 

It's all about getting more leads and knowing your contacts. CRM software helps you keep track of all your networking activities. This way, every new person you meet can be nurtured from a prospective lead into a loyal client. Features like engagement history and personal note taking help remind you of when and how you first made contact. CRM keeps you on top of every client's needs and goals. It suggests ways to gently move leads through your sales funnel. Even after contracts are signed, a CRM keeps working. It gives you sales pipeline management to help plan your client's long-term loyalty.

Get business insights 

Business analytics are often part of CRMs for the financial services industry. A large number of relationships means lots of invaluable data. Financial CRM platforms let you aggregate the data on past trading and planning activity. You can do this not only within your own network but through getting access to wider financial information as well. Leveraging such community data and intelligence translates into actionable insights. These are key benefits to offer your current clients. They'll also help you attract new clients. 

Boost revenue 

Bottom lines are still the name of the game. As a professional financial advisor you know your success is tied to your client's. The upwards growth of your client's financial portfolio is your main goal. CRM solutions for advisory firms help increase business revenue by automating task management. This means less time wasted on dull tasks. It frees you up to focus on the important stuff: financial research and client relationships. Financial advisor CRMs are great organizational tools for planning and scheduling. It helps you stay on top of your affairs so you never miss an opportunity.

Improve sales & marketing 

Businesses are made up of different moving parts. Sales and marketing are key parts. Finance professionals need to stay close to marketing and sales when it comes to running a small business or a large firm. Growth requires getting your name out there through campaigns like email marketing or even on social media. It's important to have sales teams to meet the incoming prospects after marketing does its job. CRMs help keep these sales teams ready and well-informed. These major functionalities are some of what the best CRMs offer.

Great customer experience 

A financial advisor doesn't just sell some stock tip once to make a commission. These are enduring relationships. Follow-ups are essential. CRM software solutions are there to make sure each customer has quick access to customer support. This means in good times and troubling ones. There are many kinds of issues to deal with. It could be technical support or sometimes the clients have new needs. You need to make a commitment. Even if things do not always go as planned, customers should be able to count on great support from their financial advisors. 


Financial services CRM comparison chart (top 10 highest rated systems)



Best for


(/user /month)

Free version


Salesforce Financial Services

Best CRM for financial advisors overall




Wealthbox CRM

Top wealth management CRM if you have a budget




Junxure (Advisor Engine)

Great finance management CRM for small business





Good finance CRM software that’s easy to learn




Envestnet Tamarac CRM

Best finance management CRM for independent advisors

Contact vendor for pricing



Zoho CRM for Financial Services

Top user experience for financial services CRM


Yes, for 3 users



Great finance CRM for debt and credit management

Contact vendor for pricing




Top wealth management CRM for insurance and investment portfolios




NexJ Systems

Top financial advisor CRM for medium to large businesses

Contact vendor for pricing



Ugru CRM

Great CRM for financial advisors for sales and marketing automation

$59 per month for 3 users





How does financial advisor client management software help clients?

Read on to find out about the major tools you get with a CRM for wealth management.

Track activity

Never turn your back on what's going on. CRM software helps you keep track of every interaction you've had. This means with your contacts across every communication channel: phone calls, emails, texts, meetings, even social media. You get a chronological picture of each recorded event. You also get notes, tags/labels, or uploaded attachments. Financial CRM displays client's transaction records. This makes it easier to track investment progress. You can measure this data against desired targets. It's also good for helping you adjust client strategy as time goes on. People's needs always change. 

Automate tasks 

Let the machines do the easy work. The best CRMs include workflows. These are to automate business processes. This is useful to free up time from more repetitive tasks. You can focus more on things like researching investment opportunities and financial strategies. Workflow automation works by leveraging AI. This uses machine learning and other algorithmic step-by-step instructions. It streamlines tasks such as onboarding a new client, also sending out email reminders and follow-ups. It's good for confirming quotes and invoicing. They can also assist in sales processes, such as fulfilling buy and sell orders.

Keep documents organized

Don't misplace your docs. CRM spells out contact management but document management is also an important function of a CRM solution. It can even be more useful than email for this, so attachments don’t get buried in staggered threads. Document management is not limited to documents and spreadsheets. CRMs store and organize any sort of file. These could be textual or rich media, like video or audio transcriptions. You can add notes, tags or labels for good searching and faster retrieval. Share and collaborate on documents among colleagues with different permissions attributed to each. Any document anywhere anytime.  

Stay on schedule 

Remember to keep the date. All kinds of pros use CRM systems to manage time. CRMs are great for keeping records of all that's gone on in the past. They also help plan what's coming up in the future. You can schedule an event directly through your communication. When a client asks you to call them on a certain day, CRM will schedule that call on your calendar. You get a reminder before the call. It includes all the necessary info about the client and the meeting. CRMs also include scheduler CTAs. An email is sent out to a contact with time options for a meeting. You get a variety of calendar views and options. These are good for team bird's eye views of everything going on. 

Analyze and report

Data is the lifeblood of businesses, especially in the business of financial services. This is a world of numbers and patterns. Finance CRM helps track and analyze the success rates of your outreach campaigns. Keep track of how you're making new contacts and converting them to clients. It shows you the progress of each client's case as they move through the pipeline. It can help your sales team and support staff work with maximum efficiency. Analytical wisdom can be exported to customizable reports. You share these internally among your firm and with your valuable clients.


What is the best CRM for financial advisors? Here’s our top 10 list:

Time to check out the list of financial CRMs. These ten vendors cover a range of needs and budgets. Finding the right CRM for financial advisors shouldn’t be too hard after reading this list. At the end we give our final takeaways. Enjoy the breakdown.  


Salesforce Financial Services (Best CRM for financial advisors overall)

Salesforce is one of the biggest CRM solutions. They have been in the game a long time and are experts in all manners of customer relationship management. They offer specific packages for financial planning and wealth management. They have custom features for personal wealth management as well as for banking, insurance and mortgage lending. Salesforce users have access to their massive data bank for extra customer insights. Finally there is AI-driven client data. Workflow automation lets you streamline many easy tasks and save time. Overall this CRM system is a great choice for the financial services industry.

Salesforce Financial Services is best for:

  • Overall

  • Financial advisors

  • Independent advisors

  • Customer relationships


Wealthbox CRM (Top wealth management CRM if you have a budget)

Wealthbox CRM is made by Starburst Labs. They run out of New York City and Providence. Wealthbox is a CRM platform that runs on desktop, web and mobile versions. It’s easy to use and requires little training. This is a great tool for solo financial advisors as well as client relationship management advisory firms. Some key features include good customizable workflow templates. Wealthbox has good tools for pipeline management and opportunity management. These help financial advisors with their sales process to get new clients. This platform includes CRM features like task management tools and document management. The ability to scale up makes this a top CRM tool for financial advisors. Wealthbox has a free trial.    

Wealthbox CRM is best for:

  • Financial advisors

  • Contact management

  • Personal use


Junxure (Advisor Engine) (Good finance management CRM for small business)

Junxure is made by Advisor Engine. This is a software solution for doing CRM with business process automations. It’s great for creating better client relationships. Junxure helps capture financial data and does activity tracking. It automates real-time tips for financial advisors. These help with things like doing follow-ups. It’s also great for reminders and task management. There are many customization options with Junxure to help CRM companies get more clients. You can customize templates for things like email marketing and social media posts. Client data segmentation is good for advanced searching and filtering. With this you get the client information you need quickly. There is a free trial from Junxure. It’s good for 30 days.    

Junxure is best for:

  • Financial advisory firms

  • CRM with financial data

  • Small businesses


Redtail Technology CRM (Good finance CRM software that’s easy to learn)

Redtail started in 2003. The idea was to give advisors a web-based CRM platform. Redtail focuses on making client data accessible anywhere and anytime. This CRM has deep ties to the financial services industry. This platform integrates with other important tools for financial advisors. To help with onboarding, they offer many kinds of support. These include phone, email, webinars and video tutorials. This makes it easy to learn. Redtail covers the basic CRM features. You get automated workflows. There is solid reporting and pipeline management. A Redtail mobile app is really easy to use. Redtail does pricing differently than other CRMs. You pay by database. Each subscription is good for 15 users. You can try Redtail for free. 

Redtail is best for:

  • Customer relationship management

  • Onboarding

  • Small businesses

  • Financial tool integrations

Redtail review:


Envestnet Tamarac CRM (Best finance management CRM for independent advisors)

Tamarac CRM comes from Envestnet. They also have platforms for wealth solutions and data analytics. Tamarac wants to help you improve your bottom line. This is done through good portfolio management. This platform works well for independent advisors and wealth management firms. This is very simple to use. The interface is clean. Tamarac is built on the Microsoft Dynamics platform. It has the look and feel of Outlook. There is functionality with other Tamarac tools. These include reporting and trading. You get business intelligence reports. These help manage pipelines and referrals. There are lots of pre-planned workflows and you can customize these too. You can use this on a mobile device or even iPad.    

Envestnet Tamarac CRM is best for:

  • Independent financial advisors

  • Small businesses

  • Startups


Zoho CRM for Financial Services (Top user experience for financial services CRM)

Zoho is a CRM suite of tools that cover everything. They have a great CRM for financial services. This gathers together basic CRM data. It combines that with information like financial documents, policy info and insurance records. When you use CRM from Zoho you get a unified view of all contacts. This makes for a better user experience. There are AUMs. These are for assets under management. You track transactions across different institutions. For follow-ups they give you decent AI automation reminders. The dashboards are clean. You can customize them too. Zoho CRM for finance is good for doing customer support. There is also a more professional platform called Zoho Finance Plus. This costs a lot more. 

Zoho CRM for Financial Services is best for:

  • Startups 

  • Small businesses

  • Independent advisors

  • AI assistance


DebtPayPro (Great finance CRM for debt and credit management)

DebtPayPro goes back to 2009. It started as a debt settlement tool. Today it is a complete package for financial services. As a CRM there are many feature sets. Among them are contact tools and document management tools. It also includes features for doing payments. You get a range of analytics and insights. With these there is decent reporting. DebtPayPro can help individuals and small firms. Other services include student loan consolidations and credit repair tools. There is marketing automation and sales automation. The interface is designed to be simple: Fewer clicks mean faster work. You could also scale up DebtPaytPro as your company grows. 

DebtPayPro is best for:

  • Debt settlement

  • Credit repair

  • Marketing automation

  • Lead management


Equisoft/connect (Top wealth management CRM for insurance and investment portfolios)

Equisoft is a big name in business applications. The company started in 1994. They have over 250 global clients. There are many Equisoft products. For financial advisor services there is Equisoft/connect. This is a CRM system for doing wealth management. It is useful for independent advisors and up to large enterprises. They streamline your CRM data into their platform. You get very comprehensive views on your contacts. This includes data on their insurance portfolios, also there are investment portfolios. You can integrate this with Google or Microsoft tools. Equisoft/connect works on mobile devices. There are advanced analytics tools. These help advisors make long-term plans for their clients.

Equisoft/connect is best for:

  • CRM for advisors

  • Data integration

  • Insurance portfolios

  • Investment portfolios


NexJ Systems (Top financial advisor CRM for medium to large businesses)

NexJ Systems is based in Toronto. They are a big player in CRMs for the financial industries. Clients of theirs come from over 60 countries. This is really an all-in-one CRM solution. NexJ uses what they call intelligent customer management. This includes AI assistance and data-driven tools. The platform is great for both private banking and commercial banking needs, and corporate banking as well. There are many features to get new clients and boost revenue. Overall this is a bottom-line application. You also get access to experts who assist in things like integration or customer support. NexJ Systems is a useful tool for large teams who collaborate a lot.   

NexJ Systems is best for:

  • Enterprise

  • Large business

  • Banking


Ugru CRM (Great CRM for financial advisors for sales and marketing automation)

Like the name implies, Ugru CRM is about growth. This is a customer relationship tool designed for financial planning. You can integrate it with sales force automation and sales forecasting. It also does good pipeline management. Ugru can help with email marketing automation to get more customers. The contact management has good searching and filters. Importing data is easy and can be done in bulk. There are features for getting new leads. These include lead capture and lead referral routing. There is reporting on pipeline activity and campaign performances. Ugru goes on to add more tools. They offer workflow builders and automation triggers. You also get full accounting suites. As for financial planning, there are many features to help with planning and calculations. Ugru has a free trial.  

Ugru CRM is best for:

  • Financial practice management

  • Email marketing automation

  • Sales force automation


What is the best financial advisor CRM on the market? Our final points

Well that’s it. Maybe it’s no surprise Salesforce takes top position. They are pioneers in CRM software. Wealthbox is a great cheaper option. Junxure is good for small businesses and NexJ is tops for bigger ones. RedTail and Zoho get points for ease of use and great user experiences. But the truth is, every customer relationship platform that made the list is all excellent CRMs for wealth management and financial advisors.