Vtiger CRM Review 2024: Features, Pricing, Uses, Pros & Cons

Last Updated:Wednesday, January 10, 2024

The proliferation of CRM software has been pretty remarkable for businesses around the world. These platforms have revolutionized data and project management for businesses while incorporating stellar collaboration and marketing tools as part of their exciting packages. 

Our Vtiger CRM review examines one of the leading CRM solutions on the market right now. We’ll explore the features, uses, reviews, and pricing of the Vtiger CRM in great detail. That way, you’re armed with enough information to determine whether or not it's a great fit for your business. Sounds good? Let's get started! 


Vtiger CRM Review 2024: Is Vtiger CRM Any Good?

The Vtiger CRM is a top-notch CRM software with myriads of helpful features that would impact and improve the productivity of any business. These features include marketing automation, customer support tools, and sales automation, all of which are explained in our well-detailed Vtiger CRM review. 

It also boasts responsive customer support and affordable pricing plans, which has earned it a 300,000+ strong customer base. While it’s not perfect by any means, the Vtiger CRM certainly holds its own and can be mentioned in the same breath as some of the best CRM platforms on the market right now. 


Vtiger CRM Pricing Plans

Before we get into any more details, let's find out how much Vtiger costs. Below is a review of the multi-tiered pricing plans:

Vtiger Plan

Monthly Price 

Annual Price 

Check Current Price

One Pilot 




One Growth


$144 ($12 monthly)


One Professional 


$360 ($30 monthly)


One Enterprise 


$504 ($42 monthly)



How Much Does Vtiger CRM Cost for Non-Profits?

Vtiger CRM does not have a special pricing plan for non-profit organizations and advocacy groups. 

However, non-profits can take advantage of the One Pilot Plan, which also comprises an impressive range of features, including contact management and internal collaboration tools. This is a great deal for non-profits who are just getting started on their CRM journey. 


Are There Any Vtiger CRM Coupon Codes Or Promo Discount Vouchers?

Vtiger regularly offers promo codes that allow users to save up to 25% on the One Professional and One Enterprise pricing plans. If you don't find any coupon codes at the time of your search, you can mail the Vtiger sales and support team and ask about any potential discounts. 

You can also mail or call them to confirm the integrity of promo codes offered by third-party websites. 

Users can also take advantage of massive discounts by choosing to pay annually. That way, you’ll get to save a ton of money. For instance, paying annually for the One Professional plan will save you more than a hundred dollars. 


Vtiger Free vs. Paid: What's The Difference?

The free edition of the Vtiger software is known as the One Pilots Edition. It’s completely free, and there’s no catch. 

It provides a variety of features, including email integration, document management, campaign reports, autoresponders, comment sections, profile scoring, and many others. Interestingly, the free edition also allows users to handpick certain features they would like to pay for through a package known as Booster packs. 

However, One Pilot users will miss out on other stellar features like email tracking alerts, sales forecasting, support insights, Twitter integration, etc. These features are exclusive to One Growth, One Professional, and One Enterprise users. 

In addition, these paid plans also have a 15-day free trial that allows users to see if the software is a great fit for their companies. 


Vtiger CRM Overview: What Is Vtiger & What Is Vtiger CRM Used For?

Vtiger CRM software is a cloud-based customer relationship management solution designed to help businesses improve sales and marketing while streamlining their data management. It helps businesses with sales management, customer support, marketing campaigns, insights, and analytics. 

It also offers mobile accessibility and a famously responsive customer support team, making the user experience a mostly thrilling one. 


Vtiger CRM Features List

The main features of Vtiger CRM are:

  • Sales Automation

  • Documents

  • Templates

  • Appointment Management 

  • Deals Management

  • Forecast & Quota

  • Calculus AI

  • Performance Insights

  • Internal Collaboration

  • Schedule Management

  • Help Desk Automation

  • Marketing Automation

  • Projects Management

  • Inventory

  • Workflow Automation 

  • Learning Management Portal

  • Mobile App

1. Sales Automation

Vtiger CRM offers various sales automation tools, including lead management, playbooks, and sales funnels. These tools enable businesses to track, acquire, and nurture leads using landing pages, email campaigns, and web forms. 

The Playbooks feature comprises a list of tasks that sales reps are to complete in each sales stage. This will bolster productivity, increase the client base, and drive up sales. 


2. Documents Management

The software allows you to easily create, store, and share vital documents, including quotes and email. You also get to view document engagement in real time and collaborate internally to improve documents. Not to mention the seamless integration with Google Drive and DropBox, which means unlimited storage and easy sharing.


3. Preloaded Templates

Vtiger also features over 80 preloaded templates, all of which can be used to create and manage email campaigns, including personalized emails. 

The template designer optimizes your emails for mobile phones. It also features a drag-and-drop editor that allows users to create custom blocks and cells and ornament the templates with CSS styles. 


4. Appointment Management

With just a couple of clicks, Vtiger allows you to schedule a meeting with clients and leads. The appointment scheduling feature also allows users to create appointment pages for contacts to arrange meetings. Email notifications are sent to the scheduler as well as the invitees prior to the meeting. You can also reschedule or cancel meetings using the confirmation email. 


5. Deal Tracking And Management

Vtiger also offers a great deal management tool that helps you create deal parameters and execute workflows. There is a clever One View option that helps you spot deals with the biggest odds of closure. 

You also get to link quotes to deals and seamlessly convert deals to projects by differentiating the attributes. 


6. Forecast And Quota

The Quota management feature allows you to manage your objectives and plan your sales cycle. You also get to set up and leverage deeply intuitive forecasts that can help predict sales revenue over a period. 

That way, you know how close you are to hitting your sales goals, and you can make necessary adjustments in your Salesforce. 


7. Calculus AI

Vtiger features Calculus, an AI tool capable of suggesting and recommending next actions after intuitive conversation analysis. The Calculus AI also provides suggestions for email subject lines and assists live agents in coming up with the very best response messages. 

Other Calculus features include deal scoring, accurate forecasts, call quality analysis, and sentiment analysis. 


8. Performance Insights And Reports 

Vtiger has an insights dashboard that allows you to monitor sales team performances, deals, backlogs, etc. You can use this to track the progress of your sales pipeline, motivate your team, and facilitate optimal business decisions. 

The platform also lets you build reports using data and specify how often you want to receive the reports. You also get to export the report using CSV or Excel for some offline analysis. 


9. Internal Collaboration

Vtiger offers various internal collaboration tools, including comment sections, @mentions, inbox features, and video conferencing integrations. Teammates also get to highlight comments using a sticky notes feature. 

This is designed to improve bonds and camaraderie while boosting productivity. 


10. Helpdesk Automation 

The system features viable helpdesk automation tools that can create cases from web forms and assign cases to customer agents. They also allow you to set up email alerts to notify you of case deadlines and avoid SLA violations. 


11. Marketing Automation

You can leverage Vtiger's marketing automation to craft and send highly effective emails to specific audiences. These emails are designed to engage with your audience and have the potential to drive conversions.

You also get to create super responsive landing pages with a simple drag and drag-and-drop feature.

Other features include a URL shortener, SMS campaigns, and a social module that allows you to engage your customers/clients on popular social media platforms. 


12. Task Management

With this CRM solution, you also get to create, manage, and assign projects and tasks alongside due dates and milestones. You also get to track and monitor the status of tasks and projects while automatically enabling notifications about impending deadlines via emails or manually notifying them with @mentions. 


13. Inventory Management

You can experience improved inventory management with Vtiger by creating and streamlining the stocks, vendors, payments, price books, and invoices. You can also build and customize quotes, invoices, purchases, and sales orders using the template builder. 

The payment module allows you to send online payment requests to customers who are yet to pay up. A private customer portal lets customers log in to see quotes and invoices. 


14. Workflow Automation

Like most other software, Vtiger has a workflow feature that can intuitively automate repetitive tasks, thereby saving time and increasing productivity. All you have to do is specify the trigger conditions, and the system will handle the rest. 


15. Learning Management System

Vtiger has a learning management system portal where businesses and organizations get to author and publish learning courses. You can create certification courses for your sales reps and teams to ensure they are properly acquainted with new products and features. 

Businesses may also replicate this for customers and external users to boost user experience and customer engagement. 


16. Mobile App

Vtiger is available on Android and iOS, making it easy for users to manage deals, get updates, make decisions, and access data on the go. 


Vtiger CRM Pros And Cons

Below are the advantages and disadvantages of Vtiger CRM:

Vtiger CRM Advantages

Responsive Customer Support

One of the foremost advantages of Vtiger CRM is its super-responsive customer support. Users can get help and lodge complaints using their emails or direct telephone lines as provided on the site. 

It's no surprise that the software itself offers extensive customer support tools that help users manage inquiries and complaints while delivering timely responses to their customers. 

Easy Collaboration

The software allows users to collaborate easily with other team members. Available features include inbox, @mention, comment sections, and video conferencing (integrated with Google Meet, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams). 

Excellent Email Marketing Tools

Vtiger takes email marketing to incredible heights with tons of preloaded templates for personalized emails. Mails sent through the software can be specially customized in a way that makes customers feel loved and valued. Not only that, you get to automate superb follow-up emails to help with onboarding and customer retention. 

Data-Backed Insights

The system also grants users access to Data-Backed insights and analytics. That way, you can keep track of activities within the pipeline, do some lead scoring, and study customer data and behavior for better and more informed sales decisions. 

Broad Range Of Features

Vtiger boasts a deep repository of sophisticated features, some of which are also available to One Pilot(free) users. Users get access to incredible tools like the Calculus AI and the Learning Management Portal at competitive prices. 


Vtiger CRM Disadvantages

Complex Learning Curve

Newbies may find the software pretty complex at first and may experience some hitches while trying to navigate the interface. 

The design is pretty minimalist but it doesn't feel very user-friendly or welcoming. It does get better with time as users grow more acquainted with the features and interface. 

Absence Of Document Preview

Another major demerit of VTiger CRM is the apparent lack of document preview functionality. What this means is that users cannot view content directly from the CRM interface without having to download the documents first. 

The addition of a preview functionality would greatly improve user experience and document management within the system.

Mediocre Mobile App Experience

While VTiger offers mobile app accessibility, the experience could be a lot better. Besides the many bugs and "Something went wrong" error messages, the mobile app needs more features. 


Vtiger CRM Complaints And Praise (Vtiger CRM Reviews From Real Customers)

Our Vtiger all-in-one CRM reviews will highlight positive and negative reviews about the software around the web. 

Positive Reviews

Vtiger enjoys overwhelmingly positive reviews from regular users and pundits alike. Many have praised its intuitive automation tools which cut across marketing, workflow, and helpdesk. One user called automation "the most valuable feature of Vtiger CRM.”

The system also gets a lot of praise for its comprehensive email marketing system. Many users believe it's better equipped than other alternatives like MailChimp. Some of its most lauded features include myriads of templates for personalized email and drag-and-drop editors that allow for customization. 

Many users have also lauded Vtiger CRM's support team for their coordination and swift responses. 

They have grown a reputation among users for their responsiveness and unalloyed dedication to ensuring all issues are resolved. Some users have compared the team to Hubspot's customer support team, with some saying they are on the same level. 

Our research shows that the majority of paying users were very pleased with the value they get for their money. Not only do they find it affordable, but they also find Vtiger pricing plans commensurate to the features and services they get out of it. 

Negative Reviews

We also found a few negative Vtiger CRM reviews, mostly from users who think some of the features could be better. 

The software caught a lot of flak for its lackluster mobile app. Many find the mobile Vtiger "not enough" when it comes to the feature equivalence with the web versions. Some users also feel the software administrations do not place nearly enough premium on improving the user experience. 

Many users have also knocked the software for the complexity that comes with workflow automation. While the feature itself is considered excellent and immensely helpful, users think it could do with some simplicity. 

On the whole, Vtiger is overwhelmingly favored and is considered one of the best open source CRM systems. 

Review Of Vtiger CRM Support

The Vtiger CRM support is pretty excellent and comprehensive. Users and prospective users have access to customer support through emails and phone calls. The customer support agents are reputably polite, helpful, and responsive. 

There is also a Vtiger CRM blog where Vtiger features are explained in detail and readers are treated to informative and well-researched articles. Overall, the system's customer support is simply A+. 


Is Vtiger CRM Worth It? Our Conclusion

The answer to the question, "Is Vtiger CRM worth it?" is an unequivocal “yes.” 

This customer relationship management system comes loaded with a truckload of intuitive features that would immediately upgrade the data and sales process of any business. Its internal collaboration tools are very robust and help teams cultivate effortless work chemistry and much-needed camaraderie. 

There aren't many Vtiger CRM alternatives that offer this level of quality and efficiency at competitive prices. To top it all off, there is a super responsive customer support team ready to provide answers and solutions to any questions/issues you might have. 

While it has a few faults of its own, the perks far outweigh the cons, making Vtiger one of the best CRM systems out there.

Our Final Vtiger CRM Rating

Based on our research and analysis, we would give the Vtiger CRM a superb rating of 4.5 out of 5.0