TickTick Review 2024: App Pricing, Features, Pros & Cons

Last Updated:Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Overwhelmed with too many tasks? 

Thinking about using the TickTick app to get things in order? 

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In our detailed TickTick review, we'll explore all the ins and outs of this popular app – its functionalities, cost structure, benefits, and drawbacks.

By the end of this post, you'll be armed with enough knowledge to decide if TickTick can be the productivity champion you've been looking for.

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TickTick review 2024: Is TickTick any good?

In our TickTick review, we've found that TickTick is a good task management solution. It wins you over with its tidy layout and intuitive interface, making task management a breeze. Its standout features, including intelligent reminders, task prioritization, and a handy Pomodoro timer, cater to your every productivity need. 

With cross-platform compatibility, you can manage your tasks effortlessly, no matter the device you're using, whether that’s an iPhone, iPad, macOS, or Android.

TickTick isn't just about to-do lists. It steps up to offer you a complete suite of productivity tools. You can immerse yourself in 'Focus Mode' or plan your week ahead with the 'Calendar View.' 

TickTick even invites you to take care of your mental health with its 'Habit' feature that can help you build healthier habits. This versatility is what makes TickTick more than just a to-do list app.

With all this in mind, TickTick will definitely rank high on plenty of best to do list app articles. Read on for more details!


TickTick pricing plans

First of all, how much does TickTick cost? Let’s first review TickTick prices:

TickTick plans

Monthly price

Annual price

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Free plan




Premium plan





How much does TickTick premium cost for nonprofits?

Unfortunately, you can’t get TickTick Premium at a discount if you’re a non-profit organization. The price is the same for any type of company, which is $2.80 per month or $27.99 per year. 

Are there any TickTick coupon codes or promo discount vouchers?

We did the research, and it seems there are no TickTick coupon codes or discount vouchers at this time.


TickTick free vs premium: what’s the difference?

The free version of TickTick lets you create up to 9 lists, and each list can have up to 99 tasks and 19 subtasks. 

You can invite one person per list to collaborate, but the ability to mix plain text with checklists in subtasks, set multiple reminders, view a calendar, and create custom smart lists remains out of reach. Your options for customizing the app's look are also somewhat limited.

If you upgrade to the Premium plan, your list count jumps to 299, and each list can hold up to 999 tasks and 199 subtasks. You can share each list with up to 29 people and attach as many as 99 files per day across your account. 

You also get full calendar functionality, the power to customize filters, and the chance to monitor your task progress. Additional great features include reminders, a Pomo Timer, premium themes, and premium white noise options, all designed to elevate your productivity game.


TickTick overview: what is TickTick & what is TickTick used for?

TickTick is a to-do list app for freelancers or small businesses that want to stay on top of tasks without being bogged down by a steep learning curve. The app offers advanced features such as a versatile calendar and a Kanban board, so if your needs are lightweight, you can even use it as a project management system.

The app is designed for individuals juggling different kinds of tasks. Its unique selling point is its capability to track multiple task lists on a single screen—a highly convenient feature. So, if your workday is filled with many different tasks, TickTick may just be the solution you're looking for.


TickTick features list

The main features of TickTick are:

  • Task management 

  • Calendar view

  • Habits

  • Collaboration 

  • Pomo Timer

  • Smart lists 

  • Inbox 

  • Kanban view

1. Task management 

The app comes with flexible and extensive task management features. You can assign due dates, add assignees, apply tags, and set priority levels to each task. Want to replicate a task or set it to recur? TickTick has you covered.

TickTick's intelligent design allows it to understand natural language dates. This means if you enter "today," "tomorrow," or any specific day of the week into a task, the app smartly deciphers the intended due date.

Using the # symbol, you can transform any word into a tag. Alternatively, you can manually input tags into the dedicated tag field of any task. The tagging feature is valuable for anyone using the GTD (Getting Things Done) productivity method.

You also have the freedom to create your own custom tags, and each task can be assigned multiple tags for comprehensive and efficient task management.

2. Calendar view

TickTick stands out from the crowd with its unique Calendar View feature, reserved exclusively for Premium users. This tool enables you to visualize your tasks in a calendar layout so that you can easly track each task and ensure nothing slips through the cracks. 

The calendar uses different colors to separate tasks, so you can tell them apart easily. You can also add tasks directly to it. Plus, it has a handy feature that shows tasks without dates, so you can put them on the calendar whenever you're ready. 

All these parts work together to make the Calendar View in TickTick a super helpful tool for keeping your schedule in check. The app also supports integration with Google Calendar. 

3. Habits

TickTick offers a handy 'habits' feature, too. This lets you keep tabs on regular activities you want to track, like exercise, reading, or meditation. You treat these habits just like tasks, ticking them off as you complete them. You can also see your progress over a month in the calendar view. 

4. Collaboration 

TickTick excels in its collaboration capabilities. You can easily share lists with other users, like for example, work projects or shopping lists. Tasks within these lists can be assigned to specific team members to ensure clear responsibility. 

TickTick also lets you view task activities, giving you insights into the creation and completion dates. And here's the kicker - once a list is shared, anyone involved can add new tasks to it.

5. Pomo Timer

TickTick stands out with a handy Pomodoro Technique timer. You get to decide how long to work before taking a break. You can also play calming white noise while you work, although more options come with the paid plan. 

Paying members can also estimate how long tasks will take and compare it to the actual time used.

6. Smart lists 

TickTick's Smart List feature embraces concepts from the GTD method. It lets you curate your task view based on specific filters. Let’s say you want to view all your high-priority tasks due today. 

Simply set up a Smart List that aligns with these criteria, and voila - you have a personalized task view at your fingertips. Whenever you access this Smart View, only the tasks meeting your defined criteria will be displayed.

7. Inbox 

TickTick comes with an Inbox that’s designed with GTD methodology in mind. The Inbox is the perfect place to jot down new tasks that pop into your head. 

Later on, you can sift through your tasks and add additional details or categorize them into appropriate task lists. It's a simple yet powerful feature that helps you capture your ideas promptly and organize them efficiently.

8. Kanban view

TickTick offers a Kanban view feature, but only for premium users. This feature is useful for visualizing your tasks and workflow. It allows you to create boards and move tasks between different columns. 

Creating a Kanban board in TickTick is simple. You just need to create a new list and then switch its view to "Kanban." 

Afterward, you can customize the columns to match your workflow, like "Ideas," "In Progress," "Review," and "Complete." Each of these columns will then hold the cards, or tasks, in each stage of the process.


TickTick pros and cons

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of TickTick:

TickTick advantages

  • Multi-platform support: One of the best things about TickTick is that it’s available across multiple platforms. Whether you're using mac OS, Windows, iOS, or Android, TickTick has an app for you. Even if you're constantly on the go, TickTick keeps up with its support for Apple Watch and Android Wear. There are also web apps, Chrome apps, and browser extensions for both Chrome and Firefox.

  • Generous free plan: TickTick’s free account is quite robust, allowing you to create up to 9 lists, with each list supporting up to 99 tasks and 19 subtasks. You can invite a collaborator per list, turn emails into tasks, add tags to tasks, and more.

  • Affordable Premium plan: TickTick’s Premium plan is competitively priced at $27.99 per year or $2.80 per month, considerably cheaper than other popular apps like Todoist, Any.do, and Omnifocus.

  • Wide array of features: TickTick boasts a rich feature set that caters to various productivity needs. From comprehensive task management and interactive calendar views to unique tools like a built-in Pomo Timer and a Habit Tracker, TickTick has you covered. Add to this collaborative capabilities, white noise sounds, and smart lists, and you've got a versatile productivity hub at your fingertips.

  • User-friendly interface: A great app is not just about functionality but also usability. TickTick scores high in ease of use with its clear, intuitive user interface that ensures navigating through tasks, lists, and features is a breeze.

TickTick disadvantages

  • Not enough advanced features: TickTick works great for individuals or small businesses. But for larger teams, it falls short. It doesn't have all the features found in more complex tools like Asana.

  • Web vs mobile version: TickTick can be used on different platforms. But the web version is better than the mobile version. It has more features and is easier to use.

  • Limited Kanban view: TickTick has a Kanban view, but it's not that useful. You can only use it for one list at a time. Plus, it's tucked away in a side menu, which feels odd. Its layout could also be more exciting.


TickTick complaints & praise (TickTick reviews from real customers)

Users love TickTick for its neat design and easy-to-use layout. Its organizing features, like folders, tasks, tags, and lists, are users’ favorites because they make managing work, family, and personal tasks simpler.

People enjoy how they can mark tasks important, add labels, and adjust lists to keep track of their day. The customizing choices, attractive design, and color options are also well-liked.

More than one TickTick app review calls TickTick the best task-list app as the app is incredibly easy to handle on phones and computers. Users like its habit tracker and adjustable repeat settings too. One person said TickTick helps them keep track of tasks, meetings, and bills easily.

Some people have faced issues, though. Some negative TickTick reviews say the app freezes on their phones sometimes. A few people had trouble using it with Google Assistant, and some said it has bugs. A few users were disappointed that they had to pay to use some features.

Review of TickTick support

TickTick offers satisfactory customer support. A comprehensive user guide is provided that introduces you to the app's functions, both basic and advanced. Armed with this guide and a bit of intuition, you should be able to navigate the app with ease.

If you encounter a problem that the user guide doesn't cover, TickTick has a support portal, although it could be improved. It features several advanced guides and FAQs for additional assistance. However, a downside is that the portal lacks a direct way to reach out to the company for help.


Is TickTick worth it? Our conclusion

Upon analyzing TickTick in detail, we're left with the key question, "Is TickTick worth it?" The answer depends on your personal or team requirements.

TickTick is the right choice for you if you:

  • Need a tool to manage your own tasks or those of a small team.

  • Like clear, easy-to-use apps.

  • Want a range of tools like timers, habits tracking, and smart lists.

  • Have a tight budget but need a good task management app.

However, TickTick might not be for you if you:

  • Work in a large team that needs more advanced sharing tools.

  • Prefer an app with a more detailed Kanban view.

Before you make a decision, consider trying out the free version. This will let you see if you like the app and if it helps you manage your tasks better. And, if the free version seems not to cater to your needs, you can always check out TickTick alternatives.

Good luck! 

Our final TickTick rating