Discover Who's Who in Your Organization With Rimeto

Last Updated:Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Rimeto is an upgrade to the standard enterprise directory system. It does more than list everyone's basic details. Rimeto is for helping everyone in the company know each other are. To know who knows what and who knows whom and who to always turn to.

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This is the Rimeto idea. Database tools should be "people-centric." They make sharing everyone's collective knowledge, and skill sets fast and easy. Rimeto calls it the Enterprise Graph. An insightful look into the connections between people, companies, and knowledge.

The knowledge economy

Today we live in a knowledge economy. This means we are using our minds, skills, and experiences when we work and create things. All that, as well as our interpersonal connections. Rimeto is the database that uses this valuable information.

There’s an impressive stat on their homepage: One-fourth of knowledge workers are new to their company. 

Making sure everyone is up to speed and on the same page is no easy task. Time and money go into clearing away communication obstacles. Every colleague in a company needs the best way to know to whom to turn. No matter what they need: help, instructions, networking introductions, approvals, expertise, etc.

Rimeto bundles together a set of tools found in other platforms. Like CRMs, project management, and team collaboration SaaS. It's an interactive and intelligent business directory. 

First, you improve communication and have the best access to "people knowledge." Then productivity increases, and innovation blossoms. Rimeto lets you create a better team, which translates to greater customer experience and a boost in ROI.

Using Rimeto

Rimeto can take your data from a variety of sources. These include enterprise systems like HRIS, ATS, and CRM. Among those platforms are Google Drive, Dropbox, Slack, Skype, ADP, and Oracle Cloud.

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In the end you get a unified view of all the people involved in your organization. To keep the whole thing up-to-date, you can assign administrators to edit the database.

Then, you need to imagine Rimeto like a much smarter and creative database. It doesn't limit profiles to names, roles, and contact data. It opens up new connections based on knowledge, skills, experience, and affiliations. There is powerful searching and filtering to help you network in this cross-functional world.


There is also a native Rimeto mobile app. Companies who sign up for Rimeto can have their employees download it free. It's at the Google Play or Apple App stores. 

As far as mobile applications look and feel, Rimeto gets good points. It's very easy to pick up and start using. You get 360 views on all your contacts, as well as useful tools to handle projects and teams.


People and profiles

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Everyone on the team gets a Rimeto profile. This is as comprehensive as can be. It's as thorough as any good CRM profile. You can even contact a colleague by text, phone, or email through their profile with one click.

Networking is important. Rimeto lets you see who is affiliated with your contacts. For added context, you can create labels and tags. It's great for creating groups based on specific labels. This is also good for making new connections. 

Profiles can also go deep to show you resumes. Here you learn background information, which could always be useful. There's even a fun social element to profiles where people can share hobbies or interests.

The office

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Rimeto sort of has a vertical structure. Profiles are for individuals. Offices are one step up the ladder. This does not mean it only works well for vertical organizations. In fact, this kind of organization in Rimeto's platform saves lots of confusion in horizontal setups.

With offices, you see the key people who work there. You also see other profiles and people who are affiliated with that office. It has great geolocation services. You can search any office. It'll get you the address and map directions. Rimeto also shows pictures of the building too. 

You can store files and documents associated with an office on Rimeto. Finally, you can get info on the facilities of the office, like conference rooms.

The team

Teams are groupings of your contacts. Departments, projects, or companies can make up groups. You can also make groups based on shared skills, experience, or interests.

Rimeto lets you assign roles to teams. These have your typical admin permission levels. It's great for managers, especially when people work from home. Project leaders can also initiate group chats with one click through the platform.

The projects

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Even though profiles don't compose projects, you can still give projects their own file at Rimeto. It gives you instant visibility controls. These include due date and priority of current projects. 

It also shows you everyone involved in a project and their roles. From there, with one click, you can reach out to any team member working on a project.

The Slack event

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Rimeto was founded in 2016 in San Francisco. The founders were a trio of tech product people who'd all worked at Facebook. None of the co-founders we're software engineers. Ted Zagat studied business. Neville Bowers did physics. Maxwell Hayman studied political science. 

The trio got things going by summer 2019. That's when a sweet Series A round of funding came washing in. Among the investors, we're Ray Dalio, founder of Bridgewater Associates. Other firms investing in the Series A were Floodgate, USVP and Bow Capital.

Recently in July 2020, Zagat, Bowers and Hayman dropped a news bomb. Slack, the most popular team communication and collaboration tool, was buying Rimeto. The next day on the New York Stock Exchange, Slack's stock got a huge show of confidence for the move. Investors and users were in agreement: This is going to be a great move.

Both platforms are going to benefit from this. Slack users will now have the perks of an incredible set of tools. They get the Rimeto stack of enterprise software and database tools. Detailed profiles, holistic searching, and affiliation discovery.

In turn, Rimeto will be able to vastly expand its network. Over 750,000 organizations use Slack, many of them very large companies. In other words, users of Rimeto just got a whole lot more database.