Kayako Review 2023: Help Desk Pricing, Features, Pros & Cons

Date:Friday, September 22, 2023

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed by customer support requests?

In this Kayako review, we’ll discuss a powerful solution that can transform how you handle customer inquiries. Whether you’re a small business owner or part of a large support team, Kayako has something to offer.

So, let’s dive in and discover how it can improve your customer service experience.


Kayako Review 2023: Is Kayako Help Desk Any Good?

In this Kayako review, you’ll find that Kayako is a pretty solid help desk tool. It offers a bunch of handy features like ticketing, live chat, knowledge base support, and more. It’s the perfect solution for smaller to mid-sized businesses because it’s user-friendly and customizable.

However, if your team has more complex needs, consider other options. So, determine your team’s needs before paying for this help desk system.

Overall, how much you’ll love Kayako really depends on what you’re looking for.


Kayako Pricing Plans

First of all, how much does Kayako cost? Let’s first review Kayako prices:

Kayako Plans

Monthly Price

Annual Price

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Kayako Cloud

Contact Kayako

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Classic On-Prem

Contact Kayako

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How Much Does Kayako Cost for Nonprofits?

We did extensive research, but unfortunately, we couldn’t find pricing for Kayako’s nonprofit offerings. It’s possible that Kayako doesn’t have a dedicated pricing plan for nonprofits or that they handle nonprofit pricing inquiries on a case-by-case basis.

We recommend visiting their official website or contacting their sales team for the most accurate and up-to-date information on Kayako’s nonprofit pricing.

They might have special discounts or tailored solutions for nonprofit organizations that can be discussed based on your unique needs.

Software pricing can change over time, so we suggest bookmarking our article for future updates or checking directly with Kayako for the latest information.

Are There Any Kayako Coupon Codes or Promo Discount Vouchers?

We’ve scoured the internet, but unfortunately, we couldn’t find any specific Kayako coupon codes or promo discount vouchers during our research. However, that doesn’t mean we won’t find any in the future. So, save our article or check Kayako’s website for the most accurate information.

We also recommend subscribing to their newsletter. Many software companies offer promotions and special offers directly to their subscribers. Additionally, watch out for any seasonal or holiday sales events. Software pricing can vary, so stay alert!


Kayako Free vs Paid: What’s the Difference?

Unfortunately, Kayako no longer offers a free plan. However, they provide a free trial period for potential customers to sign up and test their services. Now, let’s dive into the details of their available plans:

1. Kayako Cloud

The Kayako Cloud is ideal for small and growing teams; you need at least 5 seats (agents) to subscribe.

It offers a range of customer service solutions, including live chat, social media integration with Facebook and Twitter, email support, and basic performance reporting.

It also includes SingleView™ for a unified customer view, agent login with Google credentials, standard support, workflow automation, and more.

It supports multiple brands and languages, integrates with Slack, and offers 700+ Zapier integrations.

Additionally, it provides custom security policies, roles, permissions, Salesforce integration, custom performance reports, and advanced layout and design options for the help center.

2. Classic On-Prem

The Classic On-Premise is suited for larger teams and businesses, and to subscribe to this plan, you’ll need at least 10 seats (agents).

Classic On-Prem offers many features available in Kayako Cloud but is designed for larger teams and businesses. It’s a great on-premises solution, meaning it’s installed and run on your organization’s servers or infrastructure.

3. Kayako + Engine Yard (Preferred On-Prem Partner)

This plan provides a large set of features for customer support.

It offers a conversational experience for customers, including live chat, social media integration (Facebook, Twitter), email support, a help center, and basic performance reporting.

Key features include SingleView™, agent login with Google, standard support, advanced workflow automation, advanced reporting, support for multiple brands and languages, time-saving macro responses, custom fields, and Slack integration.

You will also get 700+ Zapier integrations, Organization Profiles for Agents, agent collision prevention, and advanced workflow customization.

It also offers an internal help center and knowledge base, custom forms for the help center, customer access to all their tickets, custom security policies, custom roles and permissions, Salesforce integration, custom performance reports, and advanced layout and design options for the help center.

In conclusion, while Kayako no longer offers a free plan, they provide a 14-day free trial.

The plan choice depends on your organization’s size, needs, and whether you prefer a cloud-based solution (Kayako Cloud) or an on-premises option (Classic On-Prem and Kayako + Engine Yard).

Each plan offers a different set of features, catering to various customer service requirements.


Kayako Overview: What is Kayako Software & What is Kayako Help Desk Used for?

kayako overview

Kayako is a professional software solution designed to improve customer support for businesses. It helps companies talk to and assist their existing customers more easily and effectively.

What is the Kayako Help Desk Used For?

Kayako Help Desk is a part of Kayako software that helps businesses manage customer questions and problems really well. Here’s a closer look at what it does:

Handling Customer Questions: The Kayako Help Desk is a super-organized inbox for customer questions and requests. It makes sure nothing gets lost, and all customer messages get answered.

Ticket System: It uses a ticket system to keep track of all the customer questions. Each question or issue becomes a ticket, like a to-do list item for support agents. This way, they can see who needs help and what needs to be done.

Communication Hub: Kayako allows businesses to talk to customers through email, live chat, and social media. This makes it easy for customers to reach out in their favorite way and for companies to respond quickly.

Helpful Information: It helps companies create a place where customers can find answers to common questions independently. It’s like an online library of information that customers can use whenever they need help.

Automation: Kayako can do repetitive tasks automatically. For example, it can decide who should answer a question or send a quick reply. This makes things faster and less work for support agents.

Reports and Insights: It provides reports and data that show how well customer service is doing. Companies can see if they’re fast at answering questions and if customers are happy with the help they get.

Many Ways to Get Help: Customers use different ways to ask for help, like email or social media. Kayako can handle all these ways in one place, so teams don’t miss anything while supporting customers.

Customization: Businesses can make their help desk look and work how they want. They can add special fields, forms, and rules that fit their needs.

Teamwork: For bigger support teams, Kayako lets support agents work together to solve tricky problems. This way, they can make sure customers get the best help.

Security and Rules: Kayako helps protect customer information and ensures only the right people can see it.

In conclusion, the Kayako Help Desk makes it easy for companies to give great customer service. It keeps track of questions, helps support agents work faster, and lets customers find answers.

It’s all about making customers happy and keeping things organized for businesses.


Kayako Features List

This customer service and helpdesk software offers many features to help businesses provide excellent customer support and manage customer interactions effectively.

The main features of Kayako include:

  • Multi-Channel Support

  • Ticketing System

  • Knowledge Base

  • Live Chat

  • Automation and Workflows

  • Customer Self-Service

  • Collaboration Tools

  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys

  • Reporting and Analytics

  • Integration Capabilities

  • Customization and Branding

  • Multi-Language Support

  • Security and Compliance

  • Mobile Accessibility

  • SLA (Service Level Agreement) Management

  • Ticket Merging and Linking

  • Customer Profiles

  • Customer Segmentation

  • APIs and Developer Tools

  • Multi-Brand Support

  • Social Media Integration

  • Voice and Phone Support (depending on the plan)

Now, let’s look closely at each key feature of Kayako.

1. Multi-Channel Support

Kayako allows you to manage customer inquiries from various channels, including email, live chat, social media, and web forms, in one unified dashboard.

2. Ticketing System

Create, manage, and track customer support tickets promptly to address all customer issues.

3. Knowledge Base

Build a comprehensive knowledge base with articles, FAQs, and self-help resources to empower customers to find answers to common questions independently.

4. Live Chat

Offer real-time chat support to customers visiting your website, enabling immediate assistance and engagement.

5. Automation and Workflows

Create automated rules and workflows to streamline repetitive tasks, such as assigning tickets, sending automated responses, and prioritizing requests.

6. Customer Self-Service

Customers can submit and track their support requests, access their support history, and update their account information through a self-service portal.

7. Collaboration Tools

Enable internal collaboration among support agents with features like internal notes, mentions, and shared views to improve problem-solving.

8. Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Gather customer feedback through a post-interaction survey system to gauge their satisfaction and identify areas for improvement.

9. Reporting and Analytics

Generate reports and analyze data to gain insights into support team performance, customer satisfaction, and ticket trends.

10. Integration Capabilities

Integrate Kayako with tools and platforms like CRM systems, email marketing, and e-commerce platforms to streamline processes and data sharing.

11. Customization and Branding

Customize the appearance and branding of your helpdesk portal to align with your company’s identity.

12. Multi-Language Support

Serve customers globally by providing support in multiple languages.

13. Security and Compliance

Ensure the security of customer data and compliance with data protection regulations through features like data encryption and access controls.

14. Mobile Accessibility

Access Kayako’s features and manage customer support on the go through mobile apps.

15. SLA (Service Level Agreement) Management

Set and track SLAs to ensure timely resolution of customer issues.

16. Ticket Merging and Linking

Merge related tickets and link them to maintain a clear view of customer interactions.

17. Customer Profiles

Create and maintain customer profiles with relevant information to personalize interactions.

18. Customer Segmentation

Segment your customer base to provide tailored support and communication.

19. APIs and Developer Tools

Leverage APIs and developer tools to extend or integrate Kayako’s functionality with custom applications.

20. Multi-Brand Support

Manage support for multiple brands or products within a single Kayako instance.

21. Social Media Integration

Monitor and respond to customer inquiries on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

22. Voice and Phone Support (depending on the plan)

Offer phone support and integrate with voice communication systems.

Note: The availability of these features may vary depending on the specific Kayako plan you choose, as they offer different levels of functionality.


Kayako Pros and Cons

Here’s a list of the main advantages and disadvantages of Kayako:

Kayako Advantages

  • Unified Customer Support: Teams appreciate the ability to manage customer inquiries from multiple channels in one platform, making it easier to provide consistent and efficient support.

  • Efficient Ticketing System: The ticketing system helps teams organize and prioritize support requests, improving response times and accountability.

  • Self-Service Options: The knowledge base and self-service portal empower customers to find answers independently, reducing the volume of repetitive inquiries and freeing up support agents’ time.

  • Customization: Teams appreciate the ability to customize the platform to match their branding and specific workflow requirements.

  • Automation and Workflow Tools: Kayako’s automation features really help teams streamline support processes, automate repetitive tasks, and ensure that support requests are routed efficiently.

  • Insightful Analytics: Teams can gain valuable insights from the platform’s reporting and analytics tools, helping them make data-driven decisions and improve support quality.

  • Effective Knowledge Sharing: Kayako promotes knowledge sharing among support teams, facilitating collaboration and ensuring everyone can access critical information.

  • Customer Feedback Integration: The platform offers features to collect and integrate customer feedback, helping teams gather insights for continuous improvement.

  • Scalability: Kayako can accommodate the needs of growing businesses, making it a long-term solution for expanding support operations.

  • Global Support: With multilingual support capabilities, Kayako allows businesses to assist customers worldwide, breaking down language barriers.

  • Responsive Customer Support: Users often commend Kayako’s responsive customer support team for quick assistance and issue resolution.

  • Custom Reporting: Teams can create custom reports tailored to their specific performance metrics and goals, enhancing data-driven decision-making.

  • AI-Powered Insights: The platform leverages AI and machine learning to provide deeper insights into customer behavior and support trends, helping organizations make more informed decisions.

Kayako Disadvantages

  • Not Cost-Effective: Depending on the organization’s size and budget constraints, the cost of Kayako can be a concern, especially if teams feel they’re not fully utilizing all the features they’re paying for.

  • Notification Overload: Users may experience notification overload, as the platform sends numerous alerts, which can become overwhelming if not managed effectively.

  • Mobile App Limitations: Users may experience limitations with the mobile app, such as performance issues and missing features, which can impact their ability to provide support on the go.

  • Integration Dependence: While integrations offer flexibility, some teams may prefer a more comprehensive set of native features within the platform, reducing their reliance on external tools.

  • Resource Demands: In larger organizations with high ticket volumes, teams may encounter occasional performance issues that delay support response times.

  • Customization Complexity: Although customization is available, some teams may find it complex and time-consuming, preferring a simpler, out-of-the-box solution.

  • Limited Native Features: Depending on specific use cases, teams may feel that Kayako lacks certain native features they desire and have to rely on third-party apps to fill those gaps.

  • User Interface Consistency: The interface across different modules of Kayako may not always feel consistent, potentially causing minor navigation challenges for users.

  • Training Overhead: Organizations might need to invest time in training new staff to ensure they effectively utilize Kayako’s full range of features.

  • Email Processing Challenges: Users may occasionally face difficulties with email processing, such as incorrectly categorizing emails.


Kayako Complaints & Praise (Kayako Reviews From Real Customers)

After reading hundreds of reviews of Kayako, we noticed both positive and negative Kayako reviews. Here’s a summary of those reviews:


People seem to like Kayako’s new version and ease of use. It’s modern, faster, and a pleasure to use. They also like that there’s support available if they have questions or run into problems, which isn’t something all similar tools offer.


However, some folks wish Kayako had more features. They want a way for customers to give feedback and vote on ideas for improving the product. They’ve been asking for this for a long time.

People also say that working with Kayako can be tricky initially, as it’s not very intuitive. They also mention that Kayako doesn’t always work well with the latest technology, like newer versions of PHP. And it sometimes has trouble with email formatting.

Some users found Kayako outdated. They think the company should focus more on fixing basic issues instead of adding new features. They suggest that customers should have a say in what gets worked on.

In a nutshell, people who have used Kayako like the software’s modern interface, ease of use, and support. However, they want more features, better compatibility, and a focus on fixing existing problems.

Review of Kayako Support

kayako review

Kayako offers different ways to help you when you need support. You can visit their Help Center or chat with their agents in real-time. Just sign in or create an account and click the “Chat” feature at the bottom right of the screen.

They also have a Knowledge Base with articles to help you find answers to common questions independently. It’s like a DIY guide.

Besides chat and the Knowledge Base, you can also get help by sending them a message via email or customer request form. You write your questions and issues and they’ll get back to you with answers.

You can also check out their social media pages for more info and updates.

In a nutshell, Kayako offers different ways to get help, including chatting with their agents, using the Knowledge Base, sending emails, and visiting their Facebook page for additional information.

They want to ensure you can get the support you need in the easiest way for you.


Is Kayako Worth it? Final Points

Deciding if Kayako is a good choice for your team is like picking the right tool for a job. Some people like Kayako because it looks nice, is easy to understand, and has helpful support when needed.

But there are some things to think about. Some people find it difficult to figure out, especially if they’re new to it. And sometimes, it doesn’t work perfectly with the latest technology, which can cause problems.

To choose if it’s right for your team, consider their needs and how much you can spend.

Kayako has some good things, like talking to customers differently and keeping the customer journeys in one place. However, it might not be the perfect fit for everyone.

Kayako is designed for businesses and organizations that want to improve their customer support in a more organized and efficient way.

It’s good for those who need help managing customer inquiries from different places, like emails and social media and want to provide a consistent and personalized experience.

Kayako might not be a good fit for small businesses with limited budgets because it can be expensive.

It’s also not for those who prefer a ready-to-use solution without much customization. It might not be necessary if you don’t deal with many customer inquiries or don’t need advanced features.

So, is Kayako worth it? Well, it depends on what you need. It could be worth it if you like a tool that’s easy to use and gives good support.

But if you need something specific, like a way for customers to share their ideas or if you use the latest tech, you might want to check out other Kayako alternatives, such as Zendesk, that could be a better match.

Ultimately, it’s about finding the right tool for your team.

Our Final Kayako Rating

We would give Kayako a 4.7 out of 5.