Claritysoft CRM: Scaling Up to Big-Time Business

Tuesday, April 28, 2020
Michael Zunenshine


It’s common to come across a customer relationship management (CRM) company marketing their software to SMEs; rarer is the case for an app to insist it’s ready for large enterprises.

Maybe it’s on the advice of some market research, maybe it’s a matter of scaling, or maybe it’s because nobody in the contact management game wants to take on the Microsofts, Oracles and SalesForces of the world...

Ready for the bigger time


Claritysoft doesn’t need to go and spell out what size a company ought to be to use their great product, Clarity CRM. A quick glance at their feature list — and aesthetic — gives you the impression of software that is up-scale pro, one that takes on the total ins-n-outs of a company or organization of even epic dimensions.

Not medium-sized companies and smaller aren’t already using their software. But with Claritysoft’s razor-sharp focus on helping businesses grow and boost ROI, and with Clarity CRM’s impressive stack of features and ease of use, this is an attractive piece of the app, for everyone from hip new startups to megafirms.

At a glance

One way to imagine the Clarity process is that marketing grabs a lead, hands it over as a contact to sales. Then, all the sale info gets passed along to project management or “deliveries.” Finally, the customer service help desk has access to that data to make sure of customer satisfaction.

Now, all businesses operate differently, and many don’t even have the clear departmental structure laid out in the simple description above. That’s where Clarity CRM can make a difference: It’s the pro tool for standardizing — and in effect streamlining — any business, structuring existing business operations with the organizational capacity of a powerful CRM system and project management system.

Clarity CRM features

Clarity CRM centers the user experience around a general accounts overview dashboard. Here you can customize which key information you want to see based on activities and events, contacts and leads, sales stats, forecasts, and other key metrics.

People to meet

Contacts are the building blocks of both CRM and database management is how Claritysoft CRM uses those blocks to build a thriving business.

Claritysoft’s CRM lets you sort through all your contacts and drill down on them individually for all their most relevant social info, as well as your personal (or company) activity history with them and notes about them. It also makes it simple to share contact info among colleagues and build more in-depth profiles through collaboration.

When it comes to lead management, you can peruse a contact list filtered down to the ones considered primed leads, for when you want to focus on pure sales and conversions. Here you get more specific details like which lead campaign they came in on, and through which source; the quality of the lead; and what stage the lead is in.

Things to do

The biggest boon CRM gives to people is the ability to do more in less time, and a big part of this is because of better task management tools.

Clarity CRM shows you everything to-do on your plate as a list for easy sorting based on factors like due date, priority, what kind of task (make a call, read a report), or for which contact or client.

For the less list-y and more visual types, you can get the whole layout in a calendar view, where team leaders and managers can see their whole team’s scheduled events. Viewing and sharing permissions can be set up among teams too.

You can task add reminders, which play a nice role in sales automation; as well as creating, editing, sharing and cancelling events, in either list or calendar view.


A CRM shouldn’t solely help manage customers, it should help you get new ones. For that, you get Clarity CRM’s email marketing campaign builder, served up with a good side of marketing automation.

It’s an easy drag-n-drop system that lets you create great-looking emails from scratch that you can save, edit and reuse; there are also templates you can start with. These emails get sent out with their own unique timestamps (not bulked), so they’re not detected as spam.

You can track the responses you get from these emails right back in the contact’s activity history, while other aggregate factors get stored as useful data, like email delivery, open and bounce rates, read status, and the number of unsubscribes each email gets.

One more note regarding email: You can integrate Clarity CRM with Microsoft Outlook for a 2-way synced experience no matter which platform you are using.


Great sales teams know that there are two sides to every sale: before and after. Clarity CRM has got both pipeline management tools for going into a sale, and sales management tools to make sure everything goes smoothly for customer support teams after the deal has been arranged.

The opportunity dashboard gives you both an idea of what’s going on in the pipeline, and an idea of what to expect thanks to forecast abilities. All the columns of the pipeline are customizable, and when leads land in certain columns, they can auto-generate documents for the next stage, like with quotes and sales orders.

Sales process management shows you current open orders, to make sure the rest of your operation goes smoothly from warehouse to truck to delivery (for example, if it’s a goods shipment), or from scheduling to location to agency booking (say, it’s a human service).

It’s also a snap to import data from other sources (like old spreadsheets) and export all the results as sales reports, for which there are templates, or you can create your own.


Claritysoft CRM comes in three well-spaced packages for al user types without any monumental differences between them. The cheapest price point goes for $39 per user/per month, billed annually, and with a three-user minimum. That gets you either 50%, 75% or 100% of all their tools depending on the solution.

The next two tiers are priced at $49 and $69. The “accelerator” ($49) gets you either 75%, 90%, or 100% of each solution’s tool. For those unsure which package fits their company size, visit to go over the options in more detail. 

Claritysoft signs out

When checking out new CRM software and reviewing various apps, some vendors make it seem easy to pinpoint what makes them special: a niche, a singular unique feature, an industry they’re angling to corner… even something like aesthetics, branding, an in-your-face tone, or a supposed world-disrupting ideology. (with offices in the United States and India) isn’t messing around with angles or slogans or trying to be the first ones on the block to do some hyper-specific (and likely uncommon) task. Add Claritysoft Live, robust tech support and other training webinars, and it’s clear this to help users get started contact management and marketing automation platform puts its users above its own attempt to stand out.

This is a user-friendly CRM solution that puts all its efforts into being a great, productive, organizational, efficiency-boosting business tool.

Claritysoft CRM looks, feels and acts like the top of its class. It’s a model that each business using the platform can aspire to for themselves.