Capsule Updates Zendesk Integration

Tuesday, July 3, 2018
Catherine Morin

On May 11, CRM software provider Capsule launched a new version of its Capsule-Zendesk application to help users increase sales efficiency.

Capsule is a web-based CRM tool designed to help small businesses stay organized, know more about their customers and maximize sales opportunities. It allows users to store contact information, view communications across all channels, create and manage tasks that need to be done and track sales.

Image Credit: FreshBooks

The software integrates with customer service and engagement platform Zendesk. Users can access related contact data from Capsule directly inside Zendesk, and can have a complete view of interactions that customers have had with their business across sales and support activity.

Zendesk recently launched a new version of its platform, and Capsule CRM took the opportunity to revamp the Capsule-Zendesk application.

The tool looks more modern and “feels much more integrated within Zendesk's interface,” according to Capsule's website.

Image Credit: Zendesk

Users can now match contacts more effectively. If the automated initial search in Capsule does not provide an exact match with a Zendesk customer, users can access a matching page and create a match themselves. The client can be added as a new contact in Capsule. If users know that this person is already registered in Capsule, but under a slightly different name, they can look for them in existing contacts and create a match.

Image Credit: Capsule

This new feature improves the accuracy of the automated search and ensures users get matched with the correct contact.

Previously, search results only presented contacts' names. It was sometimes hard to identify the right person if multiple results had the same name, because there was no way to differentiate them.

Users will now be able to see contacts' profile pictures directly in the search results. Since each contact is linked to their corresponding Capsule page, users can simply click on their names to view all the details.

As Zendesk now supports interactions with customers via Twitter, the Capsule-Zendesk app can match contacts in Capsule based on consumers' Twitter handles. When users create a match, the Twitter handle is instantly added to the contact.

Capsule-Zendesk's users have been upgraded automatically to the new version, but need to configure the settings by entering a new Personal  Access Token ─ a password to their account that can be used by other applications to access their Capsule data.

Founded in 2009, Capsule is based in Manchester, United Kingdom, and is currently used by thousands of businesses around the world.