Capsule CRM Launches New Pipeline View

Wednesday, July 4, 2018
Catherine Morin

Software company  Capsule recently introduced a new Pipeline view to its CRM platform to help businesses better keep track of their sales opportunities.

Capsule is a web-based CRM tool designed to help small businesses stay organized, know more about their customers and maximize sales. It allows users to store contact information, view interactions with clients, create and manage tasks that need to be done and track sales.

The sales pipeline refers to the stages, or milestones, that a business goes through to convert a prospect into a customer. It is a visual representation of all steps of the sales process. An opportunity moves from stage to stage of the pipeline based on concrete actions, like presenting a proposal or negotiating.

This enables sales managers to forecast the number of deals that will close in a given period of time.

Previously, seeing a complete view of the sales pipeline required using various pages in Capsule, and keeping track of opportunities could get tedious.   

The new Pipeline layout gives businesses a complete overview of their open sales opportunities. It organizes all prospects  under their current stage on a single page.

Capsule CRM Sales Pipeline

When a sales opportunity progresses, users can move it across stages by dragging and dropping it into the next milestone column. The further an opportunity gets to the end of the Pipeline, the closer the business is to closing a deal.  

When the sales cycle is completed, users can drag and drop a closed deal into a “Won” drop area at the bottom of the page. If they lose an opportunity, they can drag it into a “Lost” drop area.

On its website, Capsule describes the Pipeline view as vital to selling success. Users can access this feature instantly with the new Sales Pipeline icon.

Capsule's  Sales Dashboard can still be reached with the Dashboard button. This tool gives a quick summary of opportunities that are linked with a success factor, which helps users forecast potential sales revenues. It offers a free CRM tools version for up to 2 users. 

Capsule is based in Manchester, United Kingdom, and currently works with thousands of businesses in over 150 countries.