Boosting Productivity With Bpm'Online

Friday, July 27, 2018
Catherine Morin

Looking for ways to make your business more productive and successful? Leading CRM software provider Bpm'online just launched six solutions to help companies save time and enhance their performance.  

Bpm' online's products are powered by a strong Business Process Management (BPM) system. This technological solution uses artificial intelligence to automate sequences of events or tasks that must be performed for a business to operate. It enables companies to accelerate processes of any complexity and to build applications for their specific needs.

Bpm'online's CRM solution merges marketing, sales and service on a single interface to help enterprises manage every stage of customer interaction.

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Users can find and order applications that extend the capabilities of Bpm'online's base products on the Bpm'online Marketplace. This unified ecosystem is a point of contact between users and developers for browsing and purchasing Bpm'online extensions and custom tools.

In order to help users accelerate productivity, the company recently added six new applications to the Marketplace.

A new Questionnaire Management app facilitates storing and managing information about surveys, polls and questionnaires in Bpm'online. Users can create polls using different options to assess customer satisfaction level, carry out internal surveys and evaluate the performance of their employees.

Users can manage the question order and customize the display of different surveys according to specific criteria, like qualifications of employees or covered territory. 

Image Credit: Bpm'online Marketplace

A new Connector to Google Forms helps users create multiple types of surveys, events registration and online tests. The form responses are automatically transferred to the Bpm' online interface.

Businesses can automatically create leads in Bpm'online from Google Form responses, collect additional information about existing contacts to enrich their profiles in Bpm'online, conduct internal and external surveys and track registrations for events.

The Marketplace also features a new Slack Connector. Slack is an instant messenger for internal corporate communications. With this comprehensive integration, users can assign tasks to team members, plan activities and work with Bpm'online components directly from the Slack chat.

Companies use this new feature to plan working hours and tasks in the Bpm'online schedule, view information about contacts and accounts, set up automatic notifications for the business process and organize team work.

slack6_0.pngImage Credit: Bpm'online Marketplace

The new Bpm'online Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) tool helps businesses provide effective customer support. With this application, users can manage incidents and service requests more easily and identify problems faster.

The application categorizes problems and automatically assigns responsible employees to each category. It helps users identify the root cause of a problem and define its priority level. The tool monitors important issues and automatically establishes deadlines for resolution.

The Records Color Highlighting tool facilitates navigation through records in Bpm'online by focusing users' attention on entries that are highlighted according to preconfigured rules.

The program provides additional signifiers of important entries selected upon certain criteria. For example, it can mark all employees associated with a specific account, or it can focus sales managers' attention on potential customers from a determined region or industry.

This application is available in all Bpm'online's sections. It offers a wide color palette, allowing users to assign certain colors to specific entries

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The Send Printable as Attachment application enables users to send emails generated from templates and to attach printable versions in PDF format.

An email template is a preformatted or prewritten email that users can generate and edit with their own content.

This process is particularly useful when applied to recurring events that require emails and printable versions to be sent out, as users do not have to start from scratch each time. For example, a company that needs to send monthly invoices or weekly reports can save a lot of time by automating the routine.

Using templates also ensures that emails and printable versions always have the same look and that users do not make mistakes with the formatting. This can significantly help develop brand consistency and awareness.

All these new applications can be purchased from the Bpm'online Marketplace.