Zoho Bigin Review 2024: Features, Pricing, Pros and Cons

Last Updated:Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Zoho Bigin is a CRM solution designed particularly for small businesses and organizations. 

It's a cost-friendly yet versatile software that allows small businesses to manage their leads, improve customer relationships, and boost sales operations. It also offers a variety of excellent features and integrations. 

In this Zoho Bigin Review, we'll delve into some of its important features whilst highlighting its strengths and weaknesses alike. This will help you determine whether or not it suitably aligns with the unique needs of your business. Let's get into it!


Zoho Bigin Review 2024: Is Zoho Bigin Any Good?

Zoho Bigin is a very efficient customer relationship management solution for small businesses. It is endowed with several features such as reports and analytics, mobile access, and email integration among others. It's no surprise the system gets a ton of plaudits from Bigin Review articles.

The software also boasts efficient automation tools that can help you save time while boosting productivity. Not to mention its intuitive user interface, collaboration features, and multichannel communication options. 

The Zoho Begin CRM, as it's often (incorrectly) called, is without a doubt, one of the best CRM tools you'll find out there. 


Zoho Bigin Pricing Plans

Before we go any further, how about a review of Zoho Bigin's prices? Below is a tabular breakdown. 

Bigin Plans

Monthly Plans 

Annual Plans

Check Current Price 














How Much Does Bigin Cost For Non-Profits?

Zoho Bigin offers no special discounted plans for non-profit organizations and advocacy groups, at least not officially. 

This is likely because Bigin already is a cost-friendly software with some of the most competitive prices in the CRM market. It also ranks as one of the best free CRM tools on the market. 

However, NGOs who are still looking to get discounts can reach out to Bigin agents by email to make inquiries. 


Are There Any Bigin Coupon Codes Or Discount Vouchers?

We looked online and found a number of Zoho Bigin promo codes offered by third-party platforms. 

Some of these coupons can save Bigin users up to $100 in subscription costs. You may also reach out to Bigin customer agents for information on the latest discount vouchers and promo codes, if any. 


Bigin Free Vs Paid: What's The Difference?

As we mentioned before, Bigin offers a totally free plan, which is also known as the "Free Forever" plan. 

It literally costs nothing and gives users access to a single pipeline, 500 records, three instant workflows, developer APIs, standard dashboard. 

Free users also get Android, iOS, and MacOS apps, as well as integration with Zapier, Zoho Forms, Zoho Desk, and Zoho Campaigns. 

Express users get 50,000 records, automation with ten instant workflows, mass emails with insights, WhatsApp business integration, and no-code forms for contacts/pipelines.

The plan also allows integration with Zoho CRM, Zoho Meeting, Zoho Books, MailChimp, Twitter, Microsoft 365, and Zoom meetings. 

Premier users get all free and express features PLUS phone, email, and live chat support, basic product training, 30-day onboarding services, and access to fortnightly seminars. 

While the free plan may be enough to do some light work initially and get a feel of the features, you'll need to get a paid plan to maximize the system properly. 

For instance, with the Express plan, you get 50,000 records, which will certainly get a lot more work done than the free plan's paltry 500. 


Bigin Overview: What Is Zoho Bigin and What Is Bigin CRM Used For?

Zoho Bigin is a CRM software that offers extensive features and capabilities at relatively affordable prices. It was conceived as an escape for small businesses that struggle with the very high prices of the leading CRM solutions on the market. 

It offers stellar collaboration features, incredible team pipelines, workflow automation, and plenty of other features. Bigin is a perfect fit for small to medium-sized businesses looking for budget-friendly CRM software that doesn't compromise on quality. 

We should also mention that it is more or less the small business version of the renowned Zoho CRM. You can check out our Bigin Vs Zoho CRM review to see how they differ. 


Bigin Features List 

The main features of Bigin are:

  • Contact Management

  • Pipeline Management

  • Task Management

  • Workflow Automation 

  • Data Import And Migration

  • Customized Forms

  • Email Integration

  • In-built Telephony

  • Multichannel Communication

  • Analytics 

  • Mobile Applications 

  • GDPR And HIPAA Compliance


1.Contact Management

Zoho Bigin allows users to organize and manage customers, leads, and contacts in one place. This will assist in boosting customer engagement, customer retention, and lead conversion. 

The availability of workflow automation makes the process even more efficient and time-saving. 

2. Pipeline Management

The system also affords users the chance to create a sales pipeline. This will help with managing your business operations and tracking the progress of deals, strategies, and opportunities. 

Bigin pipelines also allow you to conflate all of your customer-centric operations. Everything from marketing to sales to onboarding is merged into your Bigin account. This makes access to customer information super easy for your sales team. 

3. Task Management

With Bigin, you can manage and schedule tasks and activities for your small business. The system allows you to set reminders and keep track of how close you are to reaching your sales goals.

4. Workflow Automation

As with every other CRM solution, Bigin offers workflow automation and helps businesses automate repetitive tasks. The workflow can handle everything from email alerts to follow-ups. 

It can also help with assigning contacts and leads to you. To top it off, Bigin workflows are customizable and pretty easy to create. 

5. Data Import And Migration

The system allows you to import data from your regular spreadsheets into your account automatically. You can also export data to a CSV file to share information or for future reference. 

In addition, you get access to an explicit history of all your imports as well as a chance to undo pointless ones. 

6. Customized Forms

Bigin allows you to build customized forms in less than an hour. These forms can be shared across any channel, including emails, WhatsApp, and unique QR codes among others. You also get a preview of the forms before publishing them. 

Paid users can create up to 50,000 forms, and there is an option to enable CAPTCHA so as to bolster security and discourage spam entries. 

7. Email Integration

Users get to send and receive emails within the system thanks to its seamless integration with G-mails. It also allows you to send mass emails and gives you access to email insights including open rates, click rates, and bounce rates. 

You also get email templates to boost productivity and client engagement. 

8. Multi-channel Communication

Bigin offers multi-channel Communication by integrating mediums like Gmail, Twitter, and WhatsApp. You can stay connected with your customers on these channels from the confines of your account. 

The software's integration with video-conferencing apps like Zoom, Zoho Meeting, and Microsoft Teams allows you to host meetings with customers and internal teams. 

9. In-built Telephony

Bigin boasts an impressive telephony functionality that allows you to make and receive calls within the CRM system. The system also lets users buy local and toll-free numbers and an option for call recording and personalized interactive voice response (IVR). 

It also provides automatic call logging, thereby supplying your team with relevant customer/prospect info.

10. Analytics And Reporting

The system allows you to assess the performance of your sales and marketing thanks to its integration with Zoho Analytics. Users get access to practical insights based on customer data. 

You can measure your team's performance and create cross-functional reports by blending data from different sources. 

You also get access to over 100 visualizations as well as a smart AI assistant known fondly as Zia. 

11. Mobile Applications

The system also allows you to perform your tasks on the go, thanks to its mobile app. The mobile app is available on the AppStore and Google Play. You can use the app to make calls, schedule activities, and navigate your pipelines with ease. 

12. Security and Data Policy Compliance

The system provides a security infrastructure to protect your data with multi-factor authentication. This allows you to add extra layers of verification using touch ID, OTP, and biometric face capture, among others. 

Bigin also fosters compliance with GDPR privacy standards by ensuring the process of collecting and processing contact data is consensual. It does this by sending personalized forms to help you get consent from clients and customers. 

The tool can also respond to security concerns and questions from users on your behalf.


Bigin Pros And Cons

Below are the advantages and disadvantages of Bigin:

Bigin Advantages

1. Very Cost-Effective

The Zoho Bugin software provides affordable pricing plans making it a suitable option for small to medium-sized businesses. There is also a completely free version for users who have just begun their entrepreneurial journey and would like to get acquainted with the system. 

2. Simple Interface

The system has a simple and intuitive user interface which makes for a shallow learning curve. There is a plethora of information, guides, and pop-ups that ensure users do not get confused or lost. 

3. Easy Customization

It allows you to customize many features including pipelines, fields, and forms to tally with your business needs and peculiarities. 

4. Workflow Automation

The system incorporates workflow automation into several processes to help you achieve more in less time. This will boost productivity and improve results in the long run. 

5. Integrations

Bigin also offers a plethora of integrations that help make the software even better. Integrations include social media platforms, video conferencing apps, emails, and even CRM platforms like Zoho. 

It also allows users to maximize these integrations within the confines of their accounts. 

Bigin Disadvantages

1. Limited Functionality

While Bigin provides users access to a lot of features, it lacks some advanced features making it largely unsuitable for big enterprises. This calls the scalability of the system into question. 

Hence, if your business auspiciously experiences speedy growth, it will inevitably outgrow the software and you may need to resort to other CRM solutions. 

2. Absence of Offline Support

Since it's entirely cloud-based, you need a fast and stable internet connection to use the app. This means users cannot realistically get work done whilst offline. 


Bigin Complaints and Praise (Bigin Reviews from Real Customers)

We found a ton of mostly positive Zoho Bigin reviews across the internet. Many users, most of whom are small business owners, have praised its competitive pricing plans as well as the availability of a free plan. 

The system also gets a ton of praise for its simple user interface and relatively quick learning curve. Some users commended the Bigin mobile app for its impressive adaptability to Android and iOS updates. 

A section of users also consider it a lifesaver for small businesses because of the variety of tools it provides for cheap. The social media integrations and sales pipelines are some of its most praised features. 

However, there were a few negative Bigin reviews as well. Some users bemoaned the absence of advanced customization options for fields and workflows, making it difficult to cater to their specific needs. 

Many users also found the system's automation tools underwhelming and unimpressive. One particular user expressed their disappointment with the lack of integration with a leading app like LinkedIn. 

On the whole, the majority of Bigin users find the system affordable, intuitive, and incredibly efficient. 

Review Of Bigin Support

Bigin provides users and prospects access to a handbook of some sort. This handbook comprises helpful explanations of how some of the most important features work with pictorial guides. There is also a short video curated to help users set up Bigin and get to work in no time. 

There are customer support channels, including an email where users can send complaints, questions, and inquiries. 

You can also speak to a live agent by calling any of the toll-free numbers available to your country, region, or continent. The system even allows you to raise a ticket if there are no numbers available for your region. 

However, getting across to live agents may take a while so you may want to avail yourself of the knowledgebase on the Bigin blog. 

You may also subscribe to the Premier pricing plan for access to better and faster customer service.


Is Bigin Worth It? Our Conclusion

Overall, Bigin is a pretty efficient software that can satisfactorily meet the needs of small businesses. It boasts transparent and competitive pricing plans without necessarily compromising on quality, and that explains why it's considered one of the best small business CRM tools.

However, scalability is a concern as it does not possess nearly enough features to meet the needs of big businesses and enterprises. One might then ask "Is Bigin Worth it?" Our reply to that is a resounding "Yes."

Bigin is a steal for burgeoning businesses that cannot afford the exorbitant prices of other CRM solutions. It provides all the basic features a small business needs to succeed at relatively affordable rates. Its capabilities are further improved with an array of integrations.

The software is absolutely worth your consideration, especially if you are running a small business. You may also check out other Bigin alternatives to broaden your options. 

Our Final Bigin Rating

Per our assessment, Bigin merits a rating of 4.5 out of 5.0