Top 12 Best Spreadsheet Software Application Programs 2024

Last Updated:Thursday, January 11, 2024

With the age of computers came a host of productivity software to create texts, videos, track time, and more. Different types of programs were made to aid users in carrying out tasks. A popular one was spreadsheet applications. 

There was no need for the best spreadsheet software applications back then since choices were minimal. However, with the growth of the internet and the explosion in tools for taking care of day-to-day activities, there’s been an increase in the number of spreadsheet apps available for use.

This article looks at the best of these apps available on the market.


Spreadsheet applications comparison chart (top 10 highest rated computer spreadsheet programs)

Depending on your background, you’re most likely familiar with Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. This is because they are associated with Microsoft and Google, two of the biggest  companies around. However, there are other spreadsheet apps that can vie for a seat amongst the best spreadsheet apps.


Best for




Best spreadsheets software



Microsoft Excel

Top most popular spreadsheet program for the average user.

Microsoft 365 Personal $69.99/year


Apache OpenOffice

Best free spreadsheet software



Zoho Sheet

Great collaborative spreadsheet online

Standard $3/month



Top Windows 10 spreadsheet app




Best free online spreadsheet tools



Google sheets

Top business spreadsheet app 



Apple Numbers

Best spreadsheet software for Mac




Great Basic spreadsheet program

Quip Starter - $10/month


WPS Spreadsheet

Top choice for mobile spreadsheet app.

WPS Standard - Free



What are the different types of spreadsheet software?

While all spreadsheet software shares the basic features of rows, columns, and simple formulas, they’re usually divided into categories. 

Although most spreadsheet software also includes basic data management features, some go further and integrate with other add-ons to include full suites for CRM management. Some can even be considered amongst the best project management software on the market. 

There are different types of spreadsheet software programs in use today, but they broadly fall under two categories. 

The two major categories for dividing spreadsheet apps are:

  1. Function 

  2. Form 

Here is a list of spreadsheet types by function:

  • Financial 

  • Statistical

  • Project Management

  • Presentation

  • Future Planning

Here is a list of spreadsheet types by form:

  • Open Source Software

  • Applications Within Commercial Suites

  • Mobile Apps

  • Standalone Applications 


What is the best spreadsheet software? Here’s our top 12 spreadsheet software list:

When it comes to choosing a spreadsheet app for personal or business use, there are a lot of top choices worthy of being considered amongst the best spreadsheet software examples on the internet. From this array, we‘ve selected 12 of our top picks that are just right for you!

1. Airtable (best spreadsheet software overall)

Without going too much into semantics, Airtable is what business owners would consider a hybrid system. It combines the capabilities of a spreadsheet and a database. It gives users the power to transform their data however they wish while providing high-functioning features. 

Airtable takes data visualization to another level allowing small businesses to view their data from various points of view, including calendars, graphs and charts, gallery format, Kanban, and more. One of its better standout features is its customization level and clean user interface, 

Airtable also allows for collaboration and gives the original document owner the power to control access levels. Another notable feature is its integration factor, as users can integrate with third-party apps to further the functionality of Airtable. 


Can be easily customized to fit the needs of each user.

Has amazing templates that can be easily used.

Allows for easy collaboration.

Gives users more data visualization options.


Formulas may be a little more complex than more common spreadsheet options.


There are 4 pricing plans available with Airtable. 

The first tier is free to use.

The Plus plan costs $10 per seat per month.

The Pro plan costs $20 per seat per month.

You will have to contact the sales plan for an arrangement for its enterprise plan.

Airtable review

Visit Airtable

2. Microsoft Excel (Top most popular spreadsheet program for the average user.)

For many that grew up with the Windows OS this is the image of how a spreadsheet should look like. Some even knew what Excel was before they knew what spreadsheets were. Microsoft Excel is, without a doubt, the most popular spreadsheet software on the planet. 

Microsoft Excel is not only a popular spreadsheet program for sorting out basic finances, it is also the gold spreadsheet standard. It has basic features like mathematical formulas and more advanced features like complex automation. Early versions of Excel lacked collaboration features, but as time passed, collaboration tools were added to improve its ease of use.

Onedrive plays a key role in Excel's online presence, allowing users to store their data online to access it via another device or in another location.

Excel is a part of the Microsoft Office suite. As a part of the Office suite, collaboration with other software within the suite is made easy, and Excel files can be transferred across the suite.


Intuitive and easy to use.

Excel's features can be easily accessed from other software in the Microsoft Office suite.

Multiple formulas and functions are available for use.


Images must be scaled down precisely for each cell.


Microsoft Excel does not have a single pricing plan on its own; rather, it is priced alongside other Microsoft Office suite plans. These plans are broadly divided into two.

For Home:

  • Microsoft 365 Family $99.99/year and
  • Microsoft 365 Personal $69.99/year

For Business:

  • Microsoft 365 Business Basic $6/month
  • Microsoft 365 Business Standard $12.50/month
  • Microsoft 365 Business Premium $22.00/month
  • Microsoft 365 Apps for business $8.25/month

Microsoft Excel review 

Visit Microsoft Excel website

3. Apache OpenOffice (Best free spreadsheet software)

With its open-source, cost-free productivity suite, Apache OpenOffice provides a straightforward spreadsheet program. It supports various file types, including Visio, Corel Draw, and Microsoft Publisher. ODS files may also be imported into Google Sheets.

Apache OpenOffice Calc was developed as an open-source alternative to Microsoft Excel. In 2011, gave it to the Apache Software Foundation. So, in other words, with Apache you’ll be getting free office software!


Easy learning curve

Access to add-ons to improve its capabilities.

Free to use


Outdated interface.



Visit Apache OpenOffice

4. Zoho Sheet (Great collaborative spreadsheet online)

Zoho Sheet is a web-based spreadsheet tool that allows you to organize data, share summaries with your team, and analyze data from anywhere. Because Zoho Sheet is entirely web-based, allowing shared spreadsheets online, collaboration is straightforward, with real-time co-authoring, chat, distinct cell versions, and sharing rights making it one of the best online spreadsheet collaboration tools. 

It's comparable to Google Sheets in this way, but it's also a competent spreadsheet database software, with over 350 distinct functions, giving even Excel a run for its money.

Pivot tables, conditional formatting, and data validation are other capabilities. With a single click, you may easily include data from external sources.


Can be used in multiple languages.

Quite competent at handling big data set


Not enough design and customization 


Standard $3/month

Professional $6/month

Mail only plan $1/month

Visit Zoho Sheet

5. LibreOffice Calc (Top Windows 10 spreadsheet app)

Have you been searching for a top free web spreadsheet? You might have to make your choice here, as LibreOffice or LibreOffice calc is amongst the best online spreadsheets you can use for free. 

LibreOffice Calc is a part of the LibreOffice suite that handles its spreadsheet function like Excel is for the Microsoft Office suite. While LibreOffice calc excels in a lot of areas, it is lacking in its collaborative functions. 

It also has limited cloud support and generally seems to fall behind when it comes to specific online services. It’s great for handling tables, calculations, and formulas and is, in fact, more stacked with useful functions than Excel, but it might not be your first option as a team software. On the whole, though, its open-source feature makes it one of the best spreadsheet software for Windows.


Totally free and open source.

Easy to use graphs.


Limited cloud support.


Totally free.

Visit Libreoffice Calc

6. Smartsheet (Best free online spreadsheet tools)

Smartsheet is an impressive online spreadsheet tool offering various powerful features. It combines the flexibility of a spreadsheet with collaborative project management capabilities, making it a standout choice for teams and businesses. 

Smartsheet excels in enabling real-time collaboration, making it one of the top collaborative spreadsheets. It’s easily one of the best free online spreadsheet tools, allowing multiple users to work simultaneously on a sheet, track changes, and communicate effectively. Like typical web spreadsheets, its best features include intuitive project management templates, Gantt charts for visualizing timelines, automated workflows, and robust data integration options. 

With its user-friendly interface and collaborative prowess, Smartsheet is a top contender for teams seeking efficient project management and collaboration in a cloud-based environment. It’s no doubt one of the best spreadsheet software you’ll find out there.

However, if you’re looking for a good alternative, consider SharePoint. In our SharePoint vs Smartsheet comparison, we reveal which tool performs better in different areas to help you make a wise choice.


It has a robust data integration system

It has a free version with many capabilities 


You could face an initial learning curve.



Pro $7/month

Business $25/month

Enterprise sales department.

Smartsheet Review

Visit Smartsheet's website

7. Google Sheets (Top business spreadsheet app)

This is the second most popular spreadsheet software behind Microsoft Excel. If you want to learn more about the differences and similarities between these tools, read our detailed Google Sheets vs Excel comparison.

Google Sheets' unique alliance with Google makes it available on Chrome browsers and other Chrome devices. This also qualifies it to be one of the most ideal business spreadsheet applications around. 

The biggest advantage is that Google Sheets are web-based and can be viewed from any browser without needing any applications. This gives Google an advantage over Microsoft. This also makes it one of the best spreadsheet options for collaboration, a huge plus for business use.


Easy for collaboration

No software needed for use

No raw data entry restrictions 

Data saved in real-time


It has slightly fewer functions than Excel.


It free up to 15 gigs.

Business standard $12/month

Google Sheets review 

Visit Google Sheets

8. Apple Numbers (Best spreadsheet software for Mac)

When it comes to Apple Numbers vs Google Sheets vs Excel, Numbers is not as popular but it has a level of notoriety about it. It comes preinstalled on MacBooks and offers a lot of cool features. Its simplicity and flexibility make it a first choice for a lot of users, and it delivers on the template front.

On entry, Apple Numbers does not overwhelm users with an endless array of rows and columns; rather, it presents a clean sheet and gives users a lot of power to manipulate their raw data as they deem fit.


Easy and appealing user interface.

Zero set-up fee for IOS users

More customization options for users.


Incapable of working on large data sets.



Visit Apple Numbers

9. Quip (Great Basic spreadsheet program)

Quip is like most basic spreadsheet programs, with many basic functional features. It stands out because of how it combines chat with spreadsheet functions. This contributes to the improvement of communication between team members. 

Additionally, Quip has over 400 built-in features and provides keyboard shortcuts for most menu options, including choosing a row, column, or data range. Some users even claim it’s their best spreadsheet program.


Improves collaboration options.

Easily adaptable



Limited formatting powers


Quip has three pricing plans.

Quip Starter - $10/month

Quip Plusn - $25/month

Quip Advanced - $100/month

Visit Quip Website

10. WPS Spreadsheet (Top choice for mobile spreadsheet app.)

For fans of mobile spreadsheet apps, WPS Spreadsheet is a fantastic pick. It is a standout choice for managing data on the road since it provides full functionality and a user-friendly interface. 

The finest aspects of WPS Spreadsheet are its seamless compatibility with Microsoft Excel files, its extensive formatting choices, its support for sophisticated formulae and functions, and its ease of use when working with huge datasets. 

Not only that, but it also provides user-friendly collaboration capabilities that make it simple for users to share and modify files with others. WPS Spreadsheet is a dependable companion for anybody needing spreadsheet capability on their mobile devices because of its robust features and mobile-friendly design.


Mobile friendly.

Easy compatibility



Ads on the free mobile version could be overwhelming


WPS Standard - Free

WPS Premium - 35.99/year

WPS Business - Contact the sales team.

Visit WPS Spreadsheet

11. EtherCalc (Great basic spreadsheet software option)

EtherCalc presents a spreadsheet option at its most basic, providing users with usage access without an account. Simply go to the EtherCalc website and create a new sheet with a unique URL that you can copy, paste, and share for revisions and ideation sessions.


Simple to use

Easy to access

Easy to collaborate.


Outdated user interface

Not as stacked with features as other spreadsheet options.



Visit EtherCalc

12. Jotform tables (Top Nonprofit spreadsheet software option)

Jotform Tables is a spreadsheet-database solution that captures, organizes, and shares data from a single location. 

You may synchronize replies from linked web forms, import existing data (such as from a CSV file or Excel file), or manually enter new information into Jotform Tables. It also has collaboration tools that allow users to assign tasks and work with team members in real-time across distances.


No code edit capability

Can be easily customized


Free mode has a couple of restrictions compared to other free versions of other spreadsheet apps.


Jotform has 5 pricing plans

  • Starter - Free
  • Bronze - $34/month
  • Silver - $39/month
  • Gold - $99/month
  • Enterprise - Contact sales team

Nonprofits also get a 50% discount. 

Visit Jotform website


What is spreadsheet software & what does spreadsheet software do?

Simply put, spreadsheet software is a program that allows users to capture, display, manipulate, analyze, and present data in a tabular form. Spreadsheet software helps users organize numbers in their businesses and handle basic and complex accounting needs.

The outlook of spreadsheet apps provides a grid of cells organized into rows and columns, where users can enter numbers, text, and formulas to perform calculations, manage data, and create various charts and graphs. You can generate data visualizations for your information using most spreadsheet programs. 

The kind of visual components you can utilize depends on your software, but charts and graphs are the most popular.

When choosing the best option for your needs, consider the operating system you’re using. For instance, if you're using Windows, you might be better off with Excel, whereas iOS users typically prefer Numbers. You can learn more about the differences between these two in our Excel vs Numbers comparison.

Additionally, you should consider key features, such as the following:


Spreadsheet features you might need

When choosing a spreadsheet app, some basic features of spreadsheet software should be available, even for the most stripped-down spreadsheet program. This could determine how spreadsheets are used in business or how you use them for personal data entry.

Here is a list of key spreadsheet features.

  • Data Entry 

  • Formulas and functions

  • Rows and Columns

  • Data Visualizations

  • Cells

  • Cell references

  • Formatting 

Data Entry

The main purpose of a spreadsheet is to ensure proper data entry, and if there is no data entry feature in your spreadsheet option, you should not bother getting it. 

Formulas and functions 

One of the most common uses of spreadsheet programs are formulas and functions. formulas and functions. They are essential features that allow a spreadsheet to carry out mathematical tasks.

Rows and Columns

Spreadsheets are arranged vertically and horizontally into rows and columns. To organize and change the size of columns and rows, users can insert, remove, and modify them.

Data Visualizations

With tables and graphs, spreadsheet apps provide users with the ability to visualize data. Rather than leave it as numbers on the spreadsheet.


Spreadsheets are made up of cells that are organized in a grid arrangement. Each cell can store data in the form of numbers, text, dates, or formulas.

Cells Referencing

Cells can be identified by their unique references, such as A1, B5, or C10. Users can use these references to do computations based on the values in other cells.


Spreadsheet programs offer formatting options to customize the appearance of cells, such as font style, size, and color.


Which spreadsheet application software is best for me? Our conclusion.

Now that you’ve gone through our recommendations for spreadsheet tools and seen the spreadsheet companies behind them, you might feel the weight of a definite choice staring at you; you might even have questions still surfacing as you decide.

Well, for your second problem, we have a couple of FAQs below to attend to some of those puzzling questions. Do jump over there when you are done here. 

Now to your first question. Gone are the days when you only had one spreadsheet software option. Now you have many spreadsheet apps that offer many useful features, from real-time collaboration to advanced functions such as presenting data through a Gantt chart to having apps that can help modify data sets. The opportunities are endless. 

In concluding our spotlight on the best spreadsheet software, it's clear that both Airtable and Microsoft Excel stand out in the field, but for very different reasons.

Airtable is a modern twist on traditional spreadsheet software, offering a blend of database functionalities and a user-friendly interface that caters especially well to business owners who crave customization and varied data visualization options.

Meanwhile, Microsoft Excel remains the titan of the spreadsheet world, with its intuitive design and robust features that have set the standard for what spreadsheet software can do, especially for those familiar with the Windows operating system and the broader Microsoft Office suite.

For those looking to dive deeper into the nuances that set these two apart, we have a dedicated comparison article on Airtable vs Excel that explores their functionalities, ease of use, pricing, and more to give you a comprehensive understanding of what each platform has to offer.

Rather than restricting yourself and your team members to one spreadsheet software, you can use the information above to test various spreadsheet apps to find the one that best works for you and your business.


Why are advanced features helpful when businesses use spreadsheets?

Ever discovered a function in a game that gave you an edge over other competitors? Advanced features in spreadsheet programs are like that, just more for businesses. They elevate the basic spreadsheet from a mere data organizer to a powerful data manipulation and analysis tool. 

With advanced features, businesses can crunch numbers, uncover insights, and make data-driven decisions with the efficiency of a superhero on steroids. From complex calculations and conditional formatting to data sorting and filtering, these features help businesses unleash the full potential of their data.

What is the easiest spreadsheet program?

This question pops up for every first-time user or for those who bite too fast into the pie of spreadsheet programs available. The easiest spreadsheet to use, in our opinion, is Microsoft Excel.  Excel has a simple learning curve thanks to its easy interface and extensive usage.

These features enable users to master the fundamentals of creating and managing spreadsheets rapidly. For a lot of people and companies seeking a user-friendly spreadsheet solution, it’s the first option they turn to because of its well-known features and numerous online resources.