Best RMM Software Solutions Comparison (10 Tools & Platforms)

Last Updated:Friday, January 12, 2024

If you are part of an IT team and you are in the market for one of the best RMM software for MSP, then this article will surely dish out all the goods and solutions. We run down the top 10 RMM tools and rank them based on a number of metrics.

In case you are not sure what you need, an RMM system allows IT support professionals to stay on top of their client’s hardware, software and network infrastructure remotely, helping them spot and patch vulnerabilities or perform checks and updates.

So, let’s get it on!


RMM software comparison chart (top 10 highest rated RMM platforms)

Let us have a quick look at this table that shows our leading top 10 RMM MSP SaaS solutions. You will see here what each product is best for, what the pricing starts at, and get a quick link to their websites where you can often request a demo, request a quote or otherwise chat with sales reps. 

You will notice that most of these RMM vendors sadly do not list their prices, save for a few names on this list.



Best for



Atera RMM

Best RMM software for MSP overall

$99 per user per month billed annually 


NinjaOne (FKA NinjaRMM)

Top RMM tool for automation

Contact vendor


ManageEngine RMM 

Great RMM systems for remote control troubleshooting

Contact vendor



Good RMM platform for asset management

Contact vendor


Connectwise Automate

Best RMM solution for proactive client network management

Contact vendor


N-Able RMM

Great RMM provider if you need security

$99 per month 


Kaseya VSA

Best RMM tool if you’re on a budget

Contact vendor



Top multi-device RMM system for most operating systems

$40 per month for 25 computers billed annually


Barracuda RMM

Good RMM platform for PSA ticketing tools

Contact vendor



Best mobile RMM app 

$22 per month for 20 devices



What are the different types of RMM tools for MSP?

Some of you might be asking yourselves, what is RMM? There are many kinds of RMM for MSPs, as well as many different tools and features included in RMM packages. What they all have in common is that these products help IT support professionals access the workstations, devices, servers and networks of a large range of endpoints all from a single user interface. 

This makes for much more in-depth data analysis and reporting, so that the clients of MSPs can cut down on support costs and resolution times, making their work more efficient, and ultimately helping to lower costs and drive up revenue. Here are some types of RMM tools:

  • Remote monitoring and management

  • SNMP, or server network management protocols

  • NOC, or network operations center 

  • MSP backup

  • Ticketing systems

  • Endpoint security

  • Remote control

  • IT help desk software

  • Documentation management

  • Disaster recovery

  • Discovery engines

  • Patch management

  • RMM automation

  • Topology mapping

  • Server management

  • Real-time alerting and notifications

  • IT asset management

  • Mobile device management

Additionally, many RMM systems for MSPs can be either cloud-based tools, which have lower costs and easy setups, or on-premise solutions, which offer way more control over your data and IT infrastructure. 


What is the best RMM software 2024? Here’s our list of top RMM tools:

Now it is finally time to unpack the best RMM software and give more detailed descriptions of their pros, cons and features. The top RMM tools listed here are not 100% exhaustive but we’ve done the work to ensure that they are the best tools currently available.

We do have to point out that our list doesn’t include free RMM software. Even though there are free RMM tools available on the market, they often lack many of the features that come with the paid options. So, in order to correctly present the truly best software of this year, we will stick to the paid options only.

1. Atera RMM (Best RMM software for MSP overall)

Number one on our remote monitoring and management software list is Atera RMM, considered by many to be one of the best RMM software for MSP on the market today. Atera has solutions for both MSPs and IT departments.

We have a detailed Atera review, so make sure to check it out for more information about the tool’s features.


Atera’s RMM package is an all-in-one solution for managed service providers to offer remote control and network management for their clients.

There are real-time monitoring and alerts to avoid any escalating problems with the end users hardware or network devices.

You get patch management which allows MSPs to fix vulnerabilities remotely and deploy those patches to assets like computers, mobile devices or network infrastructure.

IT automation is another benefit to Atera RMM, giving you the power to set up workflows which can create system restore points, delete temporary files, check for new updates and run full system scans.


As the number one remote access IT management tool, Atera’s remote monitoring & management software solutions gets spared any criticism for the sake of this list.


  • Pro plan is $99 per user per month billed annually 

  • Growth plan is $129 per user per month billed annually 

  • Power plan is $169 per user per month billed annually 

Visit Atera RMM

2. NinjaOne, FKA NinjaRMM (Top RMM tool for automation)

NinjaRMM is today called NinjaOne because it is part of a package of many other tools, like RMM, patch management, MSP backup, ticketing and endpoint management. For our list of the best RMM systems, NinjaOne is a top tool if you need workflows and automations.

What’s even better, this tool has the “try before you buy” option. You can try out Ninja RMM software free of charge


You can leverage automation to deploy patches in many operating systems, like MacOS, Linux and Windows, as well as for more than 200 3rd-party app integrations.

Endpoint task workflows can take care of repeated actions, like app installs, device setups, and other regular maintenance on many of your IT assets.

There is also automated remediation which detects and resolves some endpoint issues like stopped services, missed reboots and missing applications using scripting deployments.

Aside from being an automation machine, NinjaOne has basic tools for things like helpdesk management, ticketing and endpoint security.


NinjaOne is a fully cloud-based RMM solution, like many of its competitors, and while this is usually a benefit, some companies might want the on-premise option.


  • Visit NinjaOne’s website to request a quote

Visit NinjaOne

3. ManageEngine RMM (Great RMM systems for remote control troubleshooting)

ManageEngine is all about making remote IT infrastructure management much simpler for MSPs than alternative remote management platforms. It is also a leading RMM system if you want to do remote troubleshooting.


RMM Central is ManageEngine’s main set of customer support tools for all things remote monitoring and management. 

You’ll get started very quickly with the platform’s quick network discovery of your IT assets like devices, servers, routers, storage, virtual machines, mobile devices and laptops.

As for remote control when it comes to troubleshooting for purposes like antivirus or vulnerability patching, you get file transfer tools, multi-user collaboration, and video recording.

IT professionals get advanced server management features including OS compatibility with Windows, Solaris, Linux, Unix, VMware and more. 


As a remote control management solution, there are few drawbacks to ManageEngine’s remote IT support system. One issue is that since there are many products, some key features like topology mapping or audits might not be in the main package you want.


  • Reach out to ManageEngine for a quote for their remote support products

Visit ManageEngine 

4. SolarWinds (Good RMM platform for asset management)

SolarWinds is a robust IT operations management package. It offers cloud-based and on-premise solutions. It is among the top RMM platforms if you need asset management.


Asset management with SolarWinds comprises network management, system management, database management, application management and IT service desk management.

There is hybrid cloud visibility, which means you get simple transparency over your entire network performance monitoring that is also easily scalable as you add new assets or processes.

There is powerful AI and machine learning applied to network monitoring with SolarWinds that gets you both big-picture and granular data insights.

On top of rapid asset discovery and other useful remote device management features, SolarWinds has great integrations with hosting apps like AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and more.


IT teams looking to implement SolarWinds should be a bit prepared to mount a learning curve, as there are so many products and customizable monitoring tools available that there will be some hardly negligible onboarding time.


  • SolarWinds does not list their pricing model but you can contact them for a quote

Visit SolarWinds

5. ConnectWise Automate (Best RMM solution for proactive client network management)

ConnectWise is a huge brand name in all things related to remote IT environment monitoring and management. They have products for PSA, for RMM, and for automation, which we will focus on here.


ConnectWise Automate is the name of their product for MSPs who want to employ workflows to take a more proactive approach to running IT systems with minimal redundant tasks.

You can automate things like asset discovery, endpoint fixes, patch testing, patch deployment and things like notifications.

ConnectWise also has a great user interface that allows MSPs and IT pros to handle the network topology of multiple remote workstations all from a single dashboard.

Other stellar ConnectWise features include NOC services, which stand for network operations center services. 

Finally, ConnectWise offers a decent mobile app for iOS and Android.


It is often considered a small con when a company like ConnectWise does not advertise their pricing plan, although as we’ve seen, many RMM competitors do not. Another disadvantage is that while ConnectWise does have a marketplace for integrations and add-ons, some MSP users feel it lacks certain SaaS options. 


  • Visit their website for details about ConnectWise Automate, ConnectWise RMM or other products

Visit ConnectWise

6. N-Able RMM (Great RMM provider if you need security)

N-Able is a known name when it comes to IT management SaaS and other MSP solutions for RMM, backups and IT security. It is one of the best RMM providers, if your focus is on security. There are two N-Able RMM products: the basic N-Sight RMM and the more advanced N-Central RMM. 


First off, N-Able has very tight security protocols for their MSPs running their software. We cannot say it is the very best, but this is a leading RMM if security is a big deal for you, and it should be.

If you get N-Able’s N-Sight RMM, you can count on a very fast onboarding process as well as a smart and speedy network discovery and asset discovery system.

Basic RMM key features include patch management, drag and drop workflow builders, and inventory tracking.

There are a slew of ticketing and billing features which get you customizable portals, automation for scheduling and tracking, and a cool mobile app for technicians.

The advanced N-Central comes with almost 700 pre-built automation scripts. There are also many great integrations with PSA SaaS, or professional service management software solutions, and simple network management protocols, or SNMP tools.


The N-Able tools work on the operating systems of Windows or VMware. Sadly, there does not seem to be any compatibility with Mac when it comes to both N-Central or N-Sight.


  • N-Able N-Sight RMM starts at $99 per month

  • For N-Central pricing plans contact N-Able

Visit N-Able

7. Kaseya VSA (Best RMM tool if you’re on a budget)

Kaseya is a very well-regarded complete IT management SaaS solution that offers many products. Kaseya VSA is their version of a RMM, and it is known to be on average 30% less expensive than many leading RMM competitors, so says their website. It is one of the best RMM tools you can get for a cheaper price.


As mentioned above, if you need an RMM platform but are intimidated by the average price tag of most other systems, Kaseya VSM has a very simple pricing model and has a cost that is on average below the alternatives.

Great Kaseya VSM features include a range of automation options, patch management with vulnerability remediation, application deployment, multi device remote control and even a live connect tool.

Kaseya offers a range of add-on options as well, for example, there is a unified backup add-on, antivirus and anti-malware add-ons, IT documentation, and a Office 365 backup feature.

MSPs who decide to subscribe to Kaseya can access a wealth of extra resources that can help with everything from the internet of things, or IoT, which will eventually make most PSAs obsolete.


Kaseya has several products and VSA is just one of them. For PSAs you’ll need Kaseya BMS, and for NOCs there is still a different software product. This is not so uncommon, but some MSPs find this a bit unnecessarily complicated. 


  • There is no public pricing information but you can request a demo and take it from there

Visit Kaseya

8. Splashtop (Top multi-device RMM system for most operating systems)

Splashtop is the umbrella brand name for many IT network management tools. They range from an incredibly simple SOS break-fix app, a business access suite of features, an enterprise IT solution and even an on-premise software. 


The first advantage of Splashtop is that it works with one of the widest variety of operating systems and devices available in the RMM scene. These include Windows workstations and servers, Mac, Linux endpoints, Android and Chrome devices, VDIs or virtual desktop infrastructures and VMware. 

Splashtop offers MSPs a unified system for offering remote access in a single pane interface. This applies to both hardware and virtual machines.

There are many options to set up customizable alerts and other notifications along with workflows to take care of some simple repetitive tasks.

You can offer end-user remote access for up to 50 different accounts. 


The pricing system for Splashtop across all its various products and premium packages can make one a bit dizzy from time to time, and there is always the possibility that the ultimate cost will be higher than expected.


  • Splashtop Remote Support starts at $40 per month for 25 computers billed annually

  • For further pricing information visit Splashtop’s website

Visit Splashtop Remote Support

9. Barracuda RMM (Good RMM platform for PSA ticketing tools)

Barracuda RMM is the remote service management system from Barracuda which also makes tools for network security, email security, data protection and other partnering services. This is a great RMM tool for activity tracking with PSA tools.


Barracuda RMM is a fast and easy way to turn customer issues into IT support tickets. From there you can use a PSA in tandem with Barracuda for optimized ticketing activity tracking.

There is a solid amount of automation with Barracuda, including a library of over 200 workflow templates or scripts.

Barracuda RMM benefits greatly from the product’s proximity to other Barracuda SaaS, particularly all their advanced security tools, making this among the most secure RMM platforms.

You got your standard real-time monitoring and reporting along with patch management, and it's all done through a centralized single pane user interface.

There is a decent integrations library, including connection for apps like Office 365, VMware, and Hyper-V.


It is always a bit disconcerting when a brand directs you to their pricing and plans page only for it to actually be a quote-request page, though obviously Barracuda is not the only one guilty of this. Otherwise, the design and look and feel are OK, but nothing to get excited about.


  • You can request a quote directly from the Barracuda website

Visit Barracuda RMM

10. Pulseway (Best mobile RMM app)

For IT professionals in support and other MSP teams, you don’t need to look much further than Pulseway RMM if you care about handling your remote service management with a mobile phone app for iOS or Android.


Pulseway scores points for having a nice design and a quite intuitive user interface. There is a good automated discovery tool and plenty of automation scripts right out of the box.

The hardcore RMM key features get you all the good stuff like automated reminders, automated remediation, advanced analytics and reporting, and powerful patch management.

You got some good integrations with everything from Slack for better internal communication, to Zendesk for added helpdesk and ticketing features.

The Pulseway mobile app is dedicated for the small screen and not merely adaptive. This makes it easy to use with little interfacer clutter. You can use the mobile app to monitor endpoints and workstations in Mac, Windows or Linux.


The pricing model is one that makes you pay for the number of endpoint devices you will be monitoring. This in itself is OK but it gets tricky with add-ons. For example, the best security add-ons are only available as paid options, which include 3rd-party patches, ransomware detector and antivirus tools.


  • Pulseway starts at $22 per month for up to 20 endpoint workstations or other devices

  • Add-ons cost extra, visit the website to review the per-add-on cost

Visit Pulseway


Which of these RMM solutions is best for me? Our key takeaways

Whenever discussing MSP RMM software, there are many factors to keep in mind. If you need to pick one app over the others, you should be aware of several considerations, like the price, the number of devices or endpoints you will monitor, how big your IT department is, and whether or not you will need a MSP package that can do things like get around firewalls, or whether they include other more standard helpdesk or service desk tools.

In the end, Atera RWW, NinjaOne and ManageEngine are our top 3 MSP RMMs. However, we strongly recommend you check out most of these top 10 RMMs because maybe the right one for you is not the best option for everybody else. SolarWinds, ConnectWise and N-Able are often considered by some people to be top 3 MSP RMM contenders as well.

And that brings us to the end of this comparative article about the best remote monitoring and management software solutions for managed service providers. Thank you for bearing with us.