Best Complaint Management Software (2022): Reviews & Pricing

Monday, November 29, 2021
Michael Scheiner

From real startups out of garages launching their first ecommerce operation, to large businesses and enterprise corporations, having top complaint management software is a cornerstone of the customer-company bond.

The best complaint management systems can either come as their own platforms or be part of a larger suite of SaaS like CRM. They let agents communicate with customers and users across all channels and devices, even with live chats. These platforms help organize complaints and tickets, automate easy steps, and help resolve issues faster.

Smaller companies can make sure they deliver top customer experience right at that crucial point where they need to grow their networks. In this case, every successful complaint resolution can turn the customer into a happy brand ambassador.

For larger companies, complaint management systems can track and organize large volumes of issues. It can route them to the correct offices, departments or agents. It can provide overviews of all issues in progress and give insights through analytics and reports.Complaint management software is also crucial for IT. It helps them track bugs and identify root causes of bad code. It can also manage the workflows of IT agents and allow them to collaborate on tickets.

This article will go through the ins and outs of complaint management systems. Then we’ll look at 23 of the best complaint management software.



Benefits of Complaint Management Software

There are many benefits of using complaint management software. First and foremost is to deliver a great customer experience. This is done in many ways. 

It lets your customers or users reach out to you any time and from any device or channel. It can route a complaint to the agent best suited to help, and automate other similar tasks. This means faster resolution times and overall better service.

Complaint management software also acts as a database and archive. It organizes customer data and keeps track of all issues related to each. It can also combine the data across multiple factors like problem type or customer type. This will give you an edge in catching problems and spotting areas which need improvement.

Common features to expect are omnichannel communication dashboards, workflow automations, self service portals, social listening tools, analytics and reporting. 

Enhance Quality Control

Different industries need different kinds of reports. Whether it's software engineering or managing an ecommerce store, the technical data varies. Good complaint management CRM can be customized to help drill down to the root causes of problems. It can collate many reports for good aggregate data. 

Enhance Customer Service

Great customer service means being there 24/7 to help. Complaint management tools give you real time updates whenever someone is reaching out. It lets your customers use any device or any communication channel. This enhanced access makes solving tickets quicker and higher customer satisfaction. 

Manage Complaint & Prohibited Lawsuit

Complaint management can be quite serious if you're getting a lot of complaints. Especially if you're not resolving them quick enough. Companies are liable for negligence. CRM software with complaint management features let you monitor complaints and help you stay compliant.

Enhance IT Support 

IT support is one of the most important solutions for complaint management. It helps route tickets in every office to the best suited rep. This way they can troubleshoot the problem locally, giving them access to local networks and hardware. It also helps IT reps collaborate or pass on tickets.

Keep Customer Information Private & Safe 

CRMs store sensitive customer data. It’s part of the trusting relationship one has with a brand. The best complaint management CRMs use top-grade encryption. Some have third party auditing tools for regular security checkups. This means not only is your data safe from breach but it’s always backed up too.


Key Features of Complaint Management Software 

Complaint Tracking 

In today’s brand-built environment, customer loyalty is more important than one sale. And no industry is free from worrying about complaints. Complaint management software makes sure complaints don’t become churns and bad press. It makes it easy for users to log complaints, have them tracked and solved. 

Follow-up Reminders

There are a lot of great ways to automate tasks. Follow Ups and reminders are very important when it comes to complaint management. Sometimes your team can be busy or there could be a huge dump of tickets. Complaints slip through the cracks. You can get follow up reminders to the right agents to avoid this happening.

Analytics and Reporting

Like all operations activities, it creates data. Whether tracking your relationship with one customer, one product, or one nature of complaint, there are useful insights in that data. The best complaint management software can give you analytics dashboards that are updated in real time. You can slo automate regular reports which are customizable.

Integrate with Existing Softwares

The best complaint management system integrates with many other SaaS. Integration is more streamlined than using several platforms as separate apps. Through programs like Zapier you can create workflows between your complaint management system and other software. These include sales and marketing tools or ERPs. 

Mobile App

Being always available to help out customers is a big part of the complaint management toolkit. And since many customers will reach out using their mobile devices, customer support reps should also have that flexibility. Complaint management mobile apps could be used for communication and task management.


What are the best email clients? Here’s our top 23 list:


  • Web-based and user-friendly complaint management system

  • Easy to build drag and drop reports

  • Investigation reports give you more robust reporting on total issue lifecycle

  • Case assignment can be done manually or automatically

  • Smart workflows capture all complaint data and records it for further use


  • So many features can make this case management software complicated

  • Prices might be a bit high 


i-Sight does not advertise pricing and plans on their homepage. To get prices, contact i-Sight through their website.





  • Cloud-based ticketing and helpdesk SaaS that’s easy to use

  • Helps speed up response times for new support tickets with canned actions

  • Knowledge base tools including FAQ page builders

  • Good help desk reporting on customer support issues

  • Decent task management for helpdesk software users


  • Many of the better complaint handling tools are only in premium


HappyFox has four pricing buckets: Mighty, fantastic, Enterprise, and Enterprise Plus. Prices are based on the number of agents. Contact HappyFix for actual prices.



Zoho Desk 


  • A complaints management software from Zoho, one of the best software suites

  • Multichannel ticketing system includes email, social media, phone calls, chat, and web forms

  • Zoho Zia is an AI assistant to help resolve issues quicker using past complaint data

  • Customizable self service portal with knowledge base and community forum


  • Zia, live chat and other customization options are only in the premium versions


There’s a free version of Zoho Desk for 3 agents. Standard price is $12, professional is $20, and enterprise is $35, all per user per month billed annually. 

Zoho Desk 


Zendesk Support 


  • Offers multichannel, multilingual and even multibrand customer service software

  • Social listening helps for proactive customer complaint management

  • Self service portal uses AI-powered answers

  • Full ticket lifecycle overview


  • Lots of pricing might make it hard to choose best package


Zendesk has many packages. For support only they begin at $5 per agent per month billed annually and can go up to $199. There are also more robust packages for fuller customer satisfaction suites.

Zendesk also offers free trials





  • Part of the larger Freshdesk and Freshworks package of business SaaS

  • Simple to use, no-code customer support software

  • Great tool for IT ticketing and other technical issues

  • Lots of AI tools to automate repetitive tasks like repeat tickets

  • Can easily scale up from startups to enterprise operations


  • “Freddy” the AI assistant only available with the most expensive plan


There are four plans for Freshservice. The are: $19, $49, $89, and $109 per agent per month billed annually. There is also a 21-day free trial for Freshservice





  • This is a popular free helpdesk software solution with a multichannel contact center 

  • Live support chat tools can be embedded in your site

  • Most social media included for customers to reach out with complaints

  • Integrates with CRM for more advanced automated features

  • Good desktop and mobile versions


  • Bitrix24 has a lot of features but this can mean slower learning curves


Bitrix24 offers a free version. Paid plans for the cloud start at $19 and go up to $159 per month. There are also prices for on-premise use.





  • Bug and crash management process for IT teams and mobile apps

  • IT support reps can deploy code to apps remotely

  • There’s performance monitoring and analytics for mobile apps

  • Customer feedback and survey tools help improve the customer experience


  • This is a specific tool for mobile apps and not usable for other touchpoints in the customer relationship

  • Mostly for IT specialists, not so user friendly


The basic Instabug plan is $124 per month, and the pro plan starts at $208 per month. For premium plans contact their sales team. Instabug also offers a free version for “indie” developers.



NABD System 


  • Agile customer service software for speedy issue resolution

  • Customer portal lets them submit their own tickets

  • Auto notifications for ticket status

  • Online chat channel tools included in multichannel communication

  • Service level agreement (SLA) helps keep track of deadlines


  • The look and feel are not too modern

  • Lots of good tools only with the enterprise edition


NABD Systems has a free version. The professional plan is $30 per month. You can get add-ons like live chat separately. For enterprise plans contact their sales teams.

NABD Systems 




  • Omnichannel digital customer service platform that runs on web, social media and messaging apps

  • AI and machine learning analyzes messages and routes them to best support rep

  • Good customer support analytics and reporting

  • Easy to use chatbot builder

  • Outbound customer outreach tools also available


  • Best device status reporting tools only with the most expensive plan


RingCentral has 4 pricing buckets. They start at: $19.00, $24.99, $34.99, and $49.99.



Complaints Pro 


  • Good collaboration platform for customer support agents

  • Has industry-specific packs: education, financial services, etc.

  • Quality management system helps find root causes to problems

  • Tools to create CAPA plans to reduce repeat issues

  • Very easy to customize this complaints management software


  • The only drawback for Complaints Pro is the price.


Complaints Pro by causia has 3 plans. Startre starts at $500, professional at $1,500, and enterprise at $3,000, all per month. Extra agents cost more.

There is a 30-day free trial with Complaints Pro.

Complaints Pro 


Quantivate Complaint Management 

Features / Benefits

  • Complaint management system by Quantitative automates total complaint lifecycle

  • Real time notifications as complaints move through the lifecycle

  • Good reporting highlights pain points and employee training gaps

  • Much regulatory compliance with agencies such as the CFPB and the FDIC


  • A bit complicated to learn all the features

  • Prices might be high for smaller businesses


For a complete and up to date list of prices and plans, get in touch with Quantitative to through their website.



Cirrus Complaints Handling System 


  • Easy to use, and cloud-based so accessible from anywhere on any device

  • Highly affordable complaint handling platform

  • Built-in customizable reporting

  • Good for customer support team collaboration


  • Slightly limiting in terms of tools and features

  • Not ideal for larger operations


The current list of prices is not available on Cirrus’s website. Contact them for prices. 

Cirrus Complaints Handling System does offer a 30-day free trial.

Cirrus Complaints Handling System 


Equiniti Charter Enterprise Complaints Management 


  • Robust complaint management tools for large business and enterprise

  • Customizable workflows to automate easier ticket resolution

  • Streamlined user experience that reduces the training time required

  • Real time dashboard analytics and reporting


  • Prices can be a little restrictive for smaller businesses

  • The design of the interface is a bit dull and old fashioned


You’ll have to get in touch with the sales department over at Equiniti to get the full list of prices for Charter Enterprise Complaints Management software.

Charter Enterprise Complaints Management  


Everest 7 Complaint Management Software 


  • This is a customer-first complaint handling system

  • Set of corrective action/preventive action (CAPA) tools

  • Easy to set up custom web portals with knowledge base

  • Tools to manage call center complaints

  • Other QMS features include corrective action tools which quickly solve simple deviations


  • Loads of tools make it a bit overwhelming at first

  • Very outdated look and feel


Everest 7 by Lynksoftware does not advertise prices on their website. Contact their sales reps for prices and plans.

Everest 7 


MasterControl Customer Complaints 


  • A versatile complaint management tool which is part of MasterControl’s larger QMS suite

  • Automation helps streamline complaints and ticket resolution

  • Simple three-step process for more organized and faster ticket processing

  • Advanced analytics and auditing trail


  • The cost of MasterControl might be too high for some smaller businesses


Prices and plans are not listed on MasterControl’s website. Contact them through their website to request pricing information.



Sparta Systems TrackWise


  • TrackWise is an on-premise QMS system for larger businesses and enterprise

  • It has full sets of tools for audit, CAPA and complaint management

  • This QMS system integrates with CRMs and ERPs

  • Sister product QualityWise leverages AI insights


  • Not enough customization for some features


There are no prices listed on the Sparta Systems website. For a list of prices and plans contact them through their website.

Sparta Systems 




  • Total visibility of all customer complaints in your workflow

  • Detailed analytics helps find issue root causes

  • Can be a SaaS on the cloud or used on-premise


  • It can require a bit of a learning curve


Workpro does not advertise pricing and plans on their homepage. To get prices, contact Workpro through their website.



  • Simple to learn and fun to use

  • Feedback button makes logging bugs instantaneous

  • You can annotate with notes to track the user story of bugs


  • Limited mostly to bugs and not enough for non-tech customer complaints


The starter plan for is $49, the team plan is $79, and the organization plan is $159, all per month billed annually. offers a 15-day free trial. 


FCS Recovery


  • Good basic tracking of customer complaints

  • Can use it with mobile and web apps

  • You can trigger follow ups based on guest type or incident

  • Archive of incident histories


  • It’s part of a larger suite of tools and could be complicated


To find out about FCS REcovery prices, contact them through their website.

FCS REcovery 




  • AI- driven all in one customer experience platform

  • Streamlines recording and tracking service requests

  • Lets you get service requests from multiple platforms

  • Automation takes over repetitive tasks

  • Nice analytics and reporting dashboards


  • Lot’s of pricing packages might make it hard to choose the right one


Wowdesk has many prices and plans. They go from $5 to $60 per user per month. There is a free version of Wowdesk. 

Wowdesk offers a free trial.



ConSol CM/Complaint Software


  • Incoming requests converted automatically to tickets

  • Good overviews of all open tickets at a glance

  • Prioritization tools for important clients or tickets

  • There are SLA enabled controls

  • Customizable analytics and reporting


  • This can be a bit pricey for some operations on a budget


ConSol CM/Complaint Software has two plans listed in Euros. For exact US prices, contact them through their website.





  • The helpdesk is omnichannel including live chat, call center and social media

  • Ticketing system is automated with communication tools

  • SLA notifications and other followup notifications

  • Canned messages and other macro automations

  • Merge tickets and split tickets to help reps


  • Loads of features means it could take time to learn them all

  • Many great tools available only with premium versions


LiveAgent has several pricing plans. They go for $15, $29 and $39 per agent per month. There is also a free version of Live Agent.

There is a 14-day free trial for LiveAgent.

Live Agent 




  • Complaint management tools part of a larger customer service CRM solution

  • Create tickets, assign them to reps or groups, and track them all in one place

  • Customer satisfaction and frustration levels categorization with color codes

  • Customer support rep workload management makes sure nobody is overburdened

  • Self service and knowledge base features


  • Has got a lot of complaint management tools but it’s not a dedicated to this solution

  • Pricing could be on the upper end


Workbooks does not display its prices and plans on its website. Visit their site to get in touch with their sales team for more details.




As far back as transactions go in the history of human civilization, there have been complaints. Those who have tended to their customers’ concerns built loyalty and prospered. Others who ignored the cries for help perished into the dustbin of commerce history.

Of course, today, complaint management technology does more than smooth out the wrinkles in the interface between company and customer. It’s also an invaluable tool for internal purposes. The biggest example is for managing issues in software development.

Whether the calls for complaints are coming from inside or outside the house, you need the right tools to manage and solve them. The best complaint management software will help your agents be best prepared to deliver optimal customer service. 

From bugs in the code, to a wrong item shipped, it’s best to have the right tools. We hope this article will help you pick the right complaint management platform for you.