Apptivo Is Accessible: Small Business CRM With Options

Thursday, May 14, 2020
Christopher Sirk

Over the last decade, CRM has become accessible—all thanks to shrinking costs, better UX, and better tech.

Apptivo is one prime example. Apptivo’s CRM targets smaller teams who don’t necessarily see the value or practicality of legacy platforms. It’s diversely featured, yet affordable and easy to use.

Apptivo CRM, literally made for small business

Apptivo was founded in 2009 by Bastin Gerald. Gerald had previously built financial software at CashEdge. And business management tools at Oracle.

At that time, he identified a real lack of affordable CRM solutions that fit small businesses. Given the tight financial conditions of the economic downturn, the gap presented a big opportunity.

So he endeavoured to build a digital tool that would provide ease of use and good value for money. For authenticity’s sake, the primary marketing would take place through word of mouth.

This strategy worked like a charm. The San Francisco Bay Area-based company now services 150,000+ businesses worldwide.

Apptivo chalks up consistent high ratings on Capterra and other user review websites. It’s seen as one of the best CRM choices for small businesses and freelancers.

The Apptivo app ecosystem, meanwhile, has grown. It now includes CRM, project management, invoicing, and a wide range of other business processes.

Still, at its core, the company’s product offering is built around customer relationship management.

All-in-one CRM

Lead management and contact management

Apptivo’s CRM allows you to build a rational, repeatable sales pipeline from lead to deal closed.

Increase the amount of leads by building web-to-lead forms in-app and embedding them on your site. Set up lead-to-email to get leads from your inbox and route them to the right sales team member.

You can also import leads in bulk via .CSV files and use manual entry forms for import of complex account records. As well as for updating lead information on the fly.

Lead scoring lets you assign scores to sales prospects, so you can prioritize high-value leads most likely to convert. 

Manage lead, contact, and customer data with an integrated contact record.

Apptivo’s contact management system provides in-depth information. On location, industry type, and email marketing campaigns received. Products and services purchased, and current status as well.

Social media integration allows you to real-time sync contact and lead profile information. It works with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. You can generate call logs and link voice calls to specific records, deals, and employees.

Customizable views for leads let you put the details most important to your business front-and-centre. Quickly generate your own custom page structure and populate it with unlimited custom fields. You can also do advanced search in order to finely filter leads.

Leads can be converted into sales opportunities with a single click, which will in turn transfer all their contact record over to sales. Customization and automation options let you tweak and refine your lead-to-sale process over time.

Workflow tools for sales

Sales teams can take advantage of target lists, scheduled follow-ups, and loyalty programs to nurture sales. An activity tracker keeps a record of tasks, events, and followups within an auto-updated calendar view.

Sales planning tools let you set sales quotas and allocate work between teams and team members in a balanced way. Quota management capabilities help your business scale. Measure sales performance and sales team revenue, build your bottom line, and see where new hires may be needed to keep growing.

Use territory management tools to divide geographical zones of operation. Then set assignment rules to distribute leads to the most relevant team members.

Sales forecasting and revenue tools help you estimate conversions and plan sales activities. Do deep dive analysis on closed deals won and lost.

View win/loss percentage, sales performance, and team member performances. And performance by pipeline stage too.

For on-the-go selling, there’s also a full-featured mobile app, available for iPhone and Android.

CRM software integrations and add-on Apptivo apps

You can bulk up your business management with Apptivo’s Field Service app. It helps you manage work orders, customers, locations, GPS map navigation, and tracking of time and materials.

Supply chain apps provide vendor management (supplier contact information, contracts, notes, and more). They do order billing and fulfilment and purchase order and payment record. And product and inventory management.

The Timesheets app manages team member availability and tracks task hours. There’s a customizable approval flow for checking submitted timesheets. You can also do all your invoicing in-app, generating accurate, trackable invoices quickly based on your time logs.

Apptivo Campaigns provide all-in-one campaign management for email marketing. Apptivo lets you save and re-launch campaigns you’ll be running long-term, rather than re-building the same one over and over. Emails sent from Apptivo are also designed to avoid spam filters, so they actually get to their destination.

For improving your customer service and support, there’s also the Apptivo Help Desk app with SLA reporting.

Apptivo’s usefulness can be extended beyond the vendor app ecosystem. Their platform integrates with 40+ third party apps.

That includes G Suite Google apps, Office 365, PayPal, Quickbooks, Slack, and Wordpress.

Integration with PieSync allows you to two-way sync Apptivo contacts. It works with Google Contacts, Mailchimp, HubSpot, and 200+ other apps.

Accessible customer relationship management

Apptivo’s focus on all-in-one, UX-friendly CRM at a low price point has paid dividends. Their success with SMBs shows how smaller companies can take on giants like Zoho CRM and Salesforce. With unique, targeted value propositions, they can carve a niche.

A quick spin around the pricing section of will show you how affordable their CRM is relative to the competition. Their entry-level Starter plan is free for up to three users, and their first paid plan—called the Premium plan—starts at $8 per user/per month. There’s also a 30-day free trial for the Premium plan, as well as the next one up the feature ladder (the Ultimate plan).

Another thing users consistently cite as a big selling point is Apptivo’s 24/7 customer support. If support staff aren’t immediately available, it’s possible to send offline messages to them. Or email for a prompt response.

Accessible in price and features, accessible in person—yes sir, a pretty good combo for small businesses.