CRM prepares for the cold call future in their inside sales CRM for hustlers.

Your business isn’t the center of the universe. That’s Zendesk’s philosophy. Harsh truth? Yes. But it’s working for Zendesk; it can work for you too.

Today marks the second day of Zendesk’s annual Relate conference and a pretty major milestone for the company, the unveiling of Zendesk Sunshine, the customer service company’s very own CRM.

A new customer service powerhouse is born in Zendesk's acquisition of Base CRM.


No longer procrastinate or “forget” to send a follow-up email with FollowUp Personal CRM, a contact relationship management tool that helps you build the best relationships. 

For a long time, performance evaluation in customer experience has facilitated a race to the bottom. For both industry and customers, the results haven’t been pretty.

In need of a little sales pipeline or lead generation love? Look no further than Streak, a lightweight CRM available in the comfort of your own Gmail inbox. 

Project management tool and rival to Asana and Trello, promises cooler, easier and more efficient work (now brought to you in CRM format).